JEC Seminars 07.04.21

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Dear KUSA Judge,

Please find attached an invitation to join the KUSA Judges Education Council's Breed Webinars being held during April and May 2021.

All the necessary details are reflected on the attached invitation and we reiterate that all judges, regardless of level of study or qualifications are welcome and encouraged to attend.

To book for the all or any specific webinars, please make payment of R50.00 per webinar into the nominated account and email your contact details and which seminar/s you would like to attend to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together with your proof of payment.

The first webinar, being held this Thursday, 8th April 2021 at 19h00 via Zoom is a presentation on the German Shepherd Dog by world-renowned GSD Specialist Judge, Breeder and Exhibitor, Mr. Imran Husain from Pakistan.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on this e-mail address or Louis Kruger on 061 503 4686 or Sally Young on 082 490 6961.

We look forward to having you join us!


ANNOUNCEMENT – Appointment to the Federal Council 25.03.21

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In accordance with the Minutes of the Northern Areas Provincial Council Meeting held on 18 February 2021, the Chairman and Members of the Federal Council of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) take great pleasure in welcoming Brig Gen Nico du Preez as a member of the Federal Council.

KUSA extends its congratulations to Clr Du Preez on his appointment.


TRIBUTE TO GREGORY RICHARD PATRICK EVA (17.03.1936 – 17.03.2021) - 19.03.21

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Gregory Richard Patrick (Greg) Eva was born on 17 March 1936 in Falmouth, Cornwall, England, into a family who owned Cocker Spaniels and Great Danes. In 1948, when Greg was 12, the family emigrated to South Africa, taking his mother’s Cocker Spaniel on board the ship for the voyage to Cape Town.

The Evas settled in Cape Town, where Greg attended school at Bishops and, in 1954, joined the Safmarine Group in Cape Town. During his early years with Safmarine, Greg married Gill and soon found himself transferred to Johannesburg and, four years later, to Durban. A son and daughter were born to Greg and Gill while in Durban and they both became heavily involved in the local dog scene and ended up on the executive of Natal Coast Kennel Club.

Announcement: Sad News - Mr Greg Eva - 17.03.21

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It is with great sadness and deep regret that we report the death, on the morning of his 85th birthday, of Mr Greg Eva, former President of KUSA.

Mr Eva has been in hospital since mid-February and passed away peacefully in St Luke’s Hospice this morning. At this difficult time, the Members and Staff of the Kennel Union share in the painful bereavement suffered by Mr Eva’s family and, in particular, our thoughts are with his wife, Gill, and their children, Susan (who lives in Australia), Andrew and Margaret, and their families.

A tribute to Mr Eva, who has served the Kennel Union with distinction since his election as President in 1989, will be posted in due course.

In the interim, we respectfully request that, while holding the family members in your thoughts and prayers, you observe their privacy during this time of grieving and coming to terms with their devastating loss.


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After reaching three year of operation during the latter half of 2020, the JEC embarked on a process of reassessment with a view to improving its service andefficiency and structured a proposal to the Federal Council to reassign Key Functions to align more closely with the hitherto identified strengths of the current members of the JEC. During this undertaking, it became evident that a further appointment to the JEC would be advisable and this recommendation was included in the proposal.

At the Special Meeting of the Federal Council held on 26 October 2020 & 2 November 2020, the following positions under the re-structured JEC were approved by the Federal Council, as well as the Key Functions assigned to them:

Chairman (Fedco Member) - Gérard Robinson – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vice-Chairman (Fedco Member) – Jenny Hubbard – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Admin, Development & Examination Officer – Joy McFarlane – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Assessment Officer – Tania Edwards – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Resources Officer – Nikki Redtenbacher

Support Officer – Gael Morison This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

COVID-19: KUSA Events under Adjusted Level 3 Lockdown as at 5 February 2021

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The KUSA COVID-19 Events Task Team is pleased to announce that, based on the re-adjusted COVID-19 Alert Level 3 announced on 1 February 2021, and informed by the encouraging reduction in the COVID-19 infection rate across South Africa, KUSA has taken the decision to once again permit dog shows and events, provided they are managed in such a way that all possible precautions are taken and preventative measures instituted to protect participants from exposure to the virus.

In particular, and without exception, the following protocols MUST be put in place:

· Access to the venue MUST be strictly controlled for the entire duration of the event.

· Clubs MUST ensure that no more than 100 people are present at the event at any time if held outdoors, or 50 people if held indoors.

· Spectators may not attend, only organisers, owners, exhibitors, handlers and their assistants may be present.

· The KUSA-provided register must be completed by ALL attendees, including organisers and workers.

Important Notice - KUSA Official Show Entry Forms

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The official KUSA Show Entry Forms have been updated to make provision for the inclusion of new Working Disciplines and to amend the Declaration to be signed by the Registered Owner or Authorised Agent of a dog entering a Show/Event.

Revision 01.01.2021 has been posted on the KUSA website and copies have also been distributed to all Provincial Council Secretaries.

Click here>> https://bit.ly/3rdGvFk to download the latest version.

In terms of Schedule 3 Regulation 7 - Entry for Exhibition – please note that “All entries shall be submitted on an official KUSA entry form, fully completed and signed. Any alteration or amendment to the Declaration thereon shall invalidate the entry. The current Form shall be that appended to this Schedule as Appendix 3.”

Exhibitors are requested to only use the 01.01.2021 Show Entry Forms for the 2021 Show season.

The Kennel Union of Southern Africa - Chairman's Report 2020

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In the dying days of 2019, a virus mutated and transmitted to humans in the Huahan market in Wuhan, China. It spread with pandemic speed. Two months into the new year of 2020 it had already established footholds in many countries across the planet. It was not long before it hit our shores and led to shut down with serious economic consequences. Industries closed and large numbers of people were confined to their homes. Others lost their jobs. The dog world was caught up in this maelstrom. KUSA’s office at 68 Bree Street was closed and office personnel operated from their homes. Management and staff put in a major effort to “work from home’” as seamlessly as possible limiting the impact on workflow. It is gratifying to report that KUSA’s staff have done a sterling job and that this has been achieved without sacrificing the quality of service to KUSA members.

Meetings of FEDCO and EXCO where held on teleconferences. This medium proved successful and resulted in significant savings in travel and accommodation. Dog shows were cancelled and have only recently started to emerge from a state of enforced inactivity.

Federal Council – Election of Office Bearers

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At the Federal Council meeting held on 4 & 5 December 2020, the following persons were elected:

Election of Chairman of the Federal Council and Election of President – Article

Nomination received for Chairman of the Federal Council:

Mrs JM Hubbard

Clr Hubbard was elected for four years from 01.01.2021 until 31.12.2024.

Nomination received for President:

Mrs DE Powell

Clr Powell was elected as President for four years from 01.01.2021 until 31.12.2024.


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The Judges’ Education Council is delighted to announce that, in the recent breed Judges’ examinations, the pass rate was 100%! Warm congratulations to all these Candidates who may now celebrate the success of their perseverance and thorough preparation. Particularly encouraging for the future, were the Level 1 Candidates, almost all of whom scored Distinctions (90%+). Well done to all – may the path ahead open many more successes that acknowledge your hard work and may your continued studies in the field of cynology reward you handsomely.

Gérard Robinson: Chairman: Judges’ Education Council of KUSA

IMPORTANT NOTICE for KUSA Licensed Judges When Officiating at FCI and Non-FCI Events

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Earlier this year, KUSA reported on the judgement handed down by the District Court in Dortmund, Germany, which concluded that the Verband für das Deusche Hundewesen (VDH) had violated German and European antitrust laws by seeking to restrain the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) from releasing its German Shepherd Dog Specialist Judges to member organisations of the Weltunion der Vereine für Deutsche Schäferhunde (WUSV) that are not members of the FCI’s National Canine Organisations (NCOs) in various countries of the world. This decision came about as the result of a legal challenge mounted by three WUSV-affiliated Clubs in various countries against an earlier directive issued by the VDH.

The VDH appealed the Dortmund finding to the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf and, on 7 September 2020, the Higher Court ruled in favour of the VDH, causing the three claimants to lose their case.

UPDATE: GSDFSA Vs Registrar DALRRD and Others Statement

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Members may recall that, in the Fedco update posted mid-May 2020, it was reported that the German Shepherd Federation of South Africa (GSDFSA) had applied for a Judicial Review under the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA) to have certain actions of the Registrar of Animal Improvement in the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) (since renamed Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development – DALRRD) set aside. The impugned actions were the Registrar’s decision to register KUSA as the Breeders’ Society for 218 canine breeds (including German Shepherd Dogs) and as a Registering Authority for canines.

The above application was heard on 9 March 2020 and on 11 May 2020, the Honourable Shanaaz C Mia, Judge of the High Court, Gauteng Local Division, Johannesburg, dismissed the application with costs.

Important Notice – Bidair Cargo Petlounge

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Please be aware that when using Bidair Cargo Petlounge’s services you must have all relevant documentation available for presentation to the Bidair Cargo staff as proof that you are a current member of KUSA and qualify for the discount offered.

Kindly present hard copies of all documents upon request to ensure a smooth experience. Bidair Cargo Petlounge reserves the right to withhold any discount offered, should you not have the required documents on hand.

Should you require further special arrangements, please ensure to arrange this in advance with the Bidair Cargo Petlounge team.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Important Club Notice - Show Disclaimer

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We refer all those involved in the organisation and management of KUSA-licensed Shows and Events to the Minutes of Fedco 06-2020, in particular to Items 3.12.2 (Clubs’ Disclaimer Notice) and 3.12.3 (Clubs’ Right of Admission Reserved Notice). These Minutes were distributed to all interested parties in July 2020 by the KUSA Office and the respective Provincial Councils and are also available of the KUSA website.

At its meeting held in June 2020, the Federal Council resolved that, for the reasons set out in detail in the Minutes, it would be mandatory for Clubs and other Show and Event organisers to display the following Notices at all KUSA-licensed Shows and Events:

Re-Starting Dog Shows and Dogsport Events

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The KUSA COVID-19 Events Task Team is pleased to announce that based on South Africa’s move to the coronavirus COVID-19 Alert Level 2, the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development (DALRRD) has informed us that KUSA may go ahead with shows and events, provided all COVID-19 lockdown regulations are followed.

The KUSA office is therefore in a position to accept licence applications for dog show and dogsport events under certain conditions. Club officials are urged to please take careful note of the following requirements and guidelines when considering holding events and before submitting any licence applications.

· Irrespective of the discipline or type of show, Government Disaster Management Act Regulations for Alert Level 2 must be adhered to. These include, but are not limited to:

o Everybody at the event wearing a mask. Those not doing so must be turned away.

Dog Shows, Dogsport and Level 2 Lockdown

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Shortly after the declaration of a State of Disaster in South Africa in April, the Federal Council of KUSA established a Task Team to consider the allocation of “new” dates for shows and events that had been postponed due to COVID-19. As time progressed, the introduction of further stringent lockdown measures, coupled with a soaring COVID-19 infection rate, made it increasingly evident that we were a long way from resuming dog shows in South Africa.

The Task Team was then mandated to consider what measures would be introduced when dog shows and dogsport were able to restart. Additional members joined the Task Team and a great deal of research has since been done on the protocols that need to be followed for the various branches of dogsport under KUSA’s jurisdiction. The Task Team received, and is extremely grateful for, the many submissions and suggestions from members of KUSA, Clubs and Sub-Committees, all of which are taken into consideration.

Now, as South Africa moves to Level 2 lockdown, the prospect of dog shows and dogsport events commencing again is becoming more likely. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding the reality of what is required in order for KUSA-licensed events to restart and therefore the Task Team deemed it prudent to highlight the following:

· KUSA’s activities are regulated by the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development (DALRRD), not the Department of Sports, Arts & Culture. KUSA is registered as a Breeders’ Society and Registering Authority by the DALRRD.

  • Given its affiliation to the , KUSA’s events are classified as public gatherings for recreational purposes, not as sporting events.
  • Although KUSA cannot specifically sanction dog-training by affiliated Clubs, it is also not in a position to prevent KUSA-members from training dogs individually. Moreover, KUSA has no jurisdiction over the activities of Professional Trainers.

· There being no certainty about the COVID-19 situation, or the lockdown levels, KUSA decided to rescind the few show licences which had already been issued for any events scheduled to be held before 31 December 2020. This was done in order to protect KUSA from possible adverse consequences of licensed events going ahead in contravention of Government regulations.

  • KUSA has NOT cancelled all shows for the rest of this year. Should the holding of KUSA events become possible in terms of Government regulations in the near future, previously issued licences will be reinstated for those Clubs that wish to proceed with their events, and new licence applications will be accepted.

· Although restrictions on certain activities have been eased under Level 2 regulations, the changes do not materially affect any events where 50 or more people are likely to attend.

· Events attended by fewer than 50 people may also not be restarted without the prescribed permission from Government – in KUSA’s instance, the DALRRD.

  • KUSA is therefore dependent on the assistance of  in order to restart events and is making every effort to engage with the DALRRD’s officials on this matter. The Department is, however, also under severe pressure due to COVID-19 issues, which resulted in a series of office closures at the various DALRRD campuses.

Once KUSA-licensed events restart, the following should be borne in mind:

· Traditional and existing event dates will be respected and given preference.

· Strict protocols, tailored to each Discipline, will be introduced for all KUSA-licensed events.

· Detailed submissions will be required from Clubs regarding the implementation of protocols, before licences are issued.

· The adherence to protocols at events will be monitored and non-compliance will lead to the withdrawal of licences and a shutdown of recalcitrant events.

KUSA and the Task Team members look forward to the possibility of licensed events resuming in the not too distant future and we are making every effort to facilitate the process.

All Clubs and other interested parties will be notified immediately when the necessary clearances have been secured from the DALRRD.

Notice to Affiliated Clubs, Provincial Councils and National Sub Committees Re: Use of Training Dog Collars

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This serves to remind all KUSA Clubs, Members and Organisations that the use of Prong (Spike) and Electric Shock Collars as a means of training dogs is not condoned by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.

This notice serves to remind all KUSA Members of the following:

1. In 2007 KUSA published the following:


Spike and Electric Shock Collars

Members are reminded that the use of spike and electric shock collars for the training of dogs is prohibited and anyone found using them may be liable to having Disciplinary action taken against them. Members should also be aware that should spike or electric shock collars be used, it is possible that, if discovered by the authorities, they could be charged with an offence in terms of Section 2(F) of the Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962 (as amended).]

Extract of Section 2(F) of the Animal Protection Act No 71 of 1962 (as amended) :

2. (I) Any person who-

(f) uses on or attaches to any animal any equipment, appliance or vehicle which causes or will -cause injury to such animal or which is loaded, used or attached in such a manner as will cause such animal to be injured or to become diseased or to suffer unnecessarily;

2. KUSA Regulations are specific under SCHEDULE 05B(04) – Working Utility Dog, where it states:

3.3 Collars

The Judge(s) will ensure that during the exercises each dog under his jurisdiction wears only a plain training collar. Nothing will be attached to collars during exercises except leads when required. No spiked collars to be used. Tick collars and repellent devices will be allowed.


a. When it comes to training the physical as well as the psychological health of the dog is top priority. It is imperative then that the dog be handled in a fair, orderly and humane way .

b. It remains the ethical responsibility of man to raise and adequately train the dog. The applied methods must meet the standards of behavioural sciences, especially in regards to the breed. In order to achieve the upbringing, training or training effect, it is important to not utilize force and to use positive methods for the dog. Furthermore, it is imperative to decline the use of techniques that do not utilize the proper training, raising and training aides . Using a dog for dog sport has to be oriented to his capabilities, his competitive spirit and his willingness. Influencing the dogs training capabilities through the use of medication or animal cruelty must be avoided .

4. KUSA Schedule 05B(02) – Regulations for International Working Dog Trials and International Tracking Dog Trials (IGP) states:

3.3.7: Where there is a conflict between the Regulations for the International Utility Dog Trials and the International Tracking Dog Trial of the FCI and KUSA Schedules and administration, the KUSA Regulations will apply insofar as they do not alter the FCI IGP Trial rules.

5. KUSA Schedule 9 – Code of Ethics for Members of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) states:


KUSA Members shall, at all times, ensure that dogs owned by them, or entrusted to their care,

3.13 are not trained or worked beyond their willingness or capabilities and strictly confine training to methods that are humane and which do not cause undue fear, distress, or pain;

Members shall, at all times,

5.7 refrain from verbally or physically abusing any dog for not having performed to the expected standard or for having failed to achieve an expected award, or for any other reason whatsoever;

6. KUSA Regulations are specific under SCHEDULE 05M – Regulations for Flyball where it states:

10.2 Collars, Flyball harnesses and Leg wrapping

10.2.1 All dogs competing are to wear a flat buckle collar or Flyball harness of any material. Nothing in size. No hanging parts are allowed that are liable to flap around when the dog is racing. Holding any dog by the scruff of the neck or other parts is not permissible and will result in disqualification from the team.

10.2.2 Protection wrapping on dog’s legs may be used. Such wrapping should in no way impair the dogs’ performance and should not have any loose or hanging parts to it.

10.2.3 Unacceptable collars for all dogs attending Flyball events will include:

● Electronic collars

● Dummy electronic collars

● Pinch, pressure or prong collars

7. Other areas within the KUSA Constitution where there are references to the use of collars are:

Schedule 05N – Basic Working/Behaviour Test (BH)

1. On Lead Heeling - the on-lead dog, wearing an animal rights approved collar or harness

This is a serious matter. First and foremost, please ensure that dogs are trained by trainers who are keeping up with the modern view of positive reinforcement training. Prong, spiked and electric collars are simply cruel, being used to apply an aversive (stimulus that is painful or unpleasant) in order to prevent the animal from performing a particular behaviour. Under the Regulations of the Animal Protection Act the use of these collars is a Criminal Offence. KUSA has no alternative but to institute disciplinary action against those members or clubs which are found to utilise this method of training.


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The German Shepherd Dog fraternity worldwide has noted with interest the judgement handed down by the District Court in Dortmund, Germany, that the Verein für das Deusche Hundewesen (VDH) had violated German and European antitrust laws by seeking to restrain the SV from releasing its German Shepherd Dog Specialist Judges to member organisations of the Weltunion der Vereine für Deutsche Schäferhunde (WUSV) that are not members of the FCI’s National Canine Organisations (NCOs) in various countries of the world. This prompted KUSA to seek confirmation from the FCI that, since this ruling was based on antitrust principles, it sought to bring about parity in all groupings’ access to SV Judges, whether German, or otherwise, irrespective of affiliation.

KUSA consulted with the Executive of the Asia, Africa and Oceania (A2O) Section of the FCI and received confirmation that KUSA-affiliated Clubs were equally entitled to apply for, and be granted, SV Judges to officiate at German Shepherd Dog Specialist Championship Shows in South Africa. The President of the A2O Section, Mr Augusto Benedicto Santos III, undertook to state the FCI’s position on this matter in writing and has subsequently provided KUSA with the letter below.

Following the Dortmund ruling, it is now abundantly clear that KUSA-affiliated German Shepherd Dog Specialist Clubs may no longer be denied access to SV Judges and hopefully it won’t be too long before one or more of our Clubs will host a Specialist German Shepherd Dog Judge from Germany to officiate at a Show held under a KUSA-licence!

July 29, 2020

Dear Jenny


I refer to our recent Zoom meeting and thank you for seeking the counsel of the Executive of the Asia, Africa and Oceania Section of the FCI on certain issues affecting the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA). It was most useful to learn more about the challenges faced by KUSA in South Africa and I hope that Gopi and I were able to make a productive contribution towards addressing some of them.

You raised, inter alia, the issue of the availability of SV Judges to officiate at KUSA-licensed events following the judgement handed down by the District Court of Dortmund, Germany when, on 4 March 2020, the Court confirmed its interim injunction of 12 February 2020 by way of oral proceedings. As you correctly pointed out, the Court found that the instruction issued by the VDH to the SV in December 2019, violated European and German antitrust laws. In essence, the VDH’s instruction sought to prevent the SV from making specialist German Shepherd Dog Judges available to WUSV member Clubs in foreign countries where those Clubs did not belong to the FCI’s National Canine Organisations (NCO).

Retirement of the Secretary of the Kennel Union

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After a distinguished career with the Kennel Union spanning forty years, it is not only with great sadness, but also with heartfelt melancholy, that the members of the Federal Council, the members of the Executive Committee, the Management and staff of the Kennel Union and the Members of the Kennel Union bid farewell to the Secretary of KUSA, Sheila Thornberry.

Sheila joined the Kennel Union in 1980 as the Personal Assistant to the then Secretary of the Kennel Union, Mr Robert Murchie. Under Mr Murchie’s mentorship, she was given a thorough grounding in the Articles and Schedules of the KUSA Constitution and received intensive training in dealing with the complexities of meeting procedures and mastering the presentation of agendas and minutes. When Mr Murchie retired in 1989, he was replaced by Mr Peter Collins, under whom Sheila served as PA until his unexpected death in 1993. By then Sheila had become well versed in the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary of the Kennel Union and she was able to seamlessly step in and hold the fort as Deputy Secretary for a short while. Her appointment as Mr Collins’s successor in the position of Secretary of the Kennel Union became official at the end of 1993.

Under the able leadership of the former President of the Kennel Union, Mr Greg Eva, Sheila acquainted herself with the intricacies of the Kennel Union’s operations and, after Mr Eva’s departure, dedicated herself to adapting to the ever-increasing demands of an organisation which had undergone imperative restructuring. The Federal Council, Executive Committee and the General Manager became heavily reliant on her unfailing institutional memory and her ability to rapidly recall past precedents and recorded decisions to guide and inform resolution of the numerous challenging situations which routinely crop up in the course of the Kennel Union’s administration.

As we say goodbye to Sheila after such a protracted and exemplary term of service, all her KUSA colleagues - those that shared her space in Bree Street, as well as those scattered across the country – wish her only happiness and fulfilment in her retirement and an abundance of pleasurable indulgence and accomplishment during the leisure years that await her. Sheila will leave us with her unique mark indelibly carved on the copious pages of a large chunk of Kennel Union history and countless will be the days that one or other of her colleagues will wish that she was still close at hand.  

KUSA Statement

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KUSA statement on developments in the Netherlands affecting brachycephalic breeds

20th of June 2020

The Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) stands in solidarity with the National Canine Organisations (NCOs) around the world in advocating for the health and preservation of purebred dogs. The circumstances that have led to the recent decision by the Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland (Dutch Kennel Club), to limit the registration of twelve purebred brachycephalic breeds, and further allow cross-breeding to increase muzzle length, is most disappointing. The impact of this decision will affect many responsible breeders in that country, making it impossible for them to continue improving the health and conformation of these breeds, within the framework of their breed standards.

These restrictions will have the greatest impact on the responsible breeders who focus on breeding healthy dogs, which best represent the breed standard, with no impact on those who breed indiscriminately. 

The prevalence of health problems in brachycephalic breeds is of concern to KUSA, particularly those pertaining to respiratory function and temperature regulation. These conditions related to Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) can have a serious and lasting effect on the welfare of affected dogs.

Important Announcement - Postponement of Dog Shows & Events Due to Covid-19

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Allocation of New Show Dates

8 May 2020

Shortly after the declaration of a State of Disaster in South Africa, the Federal Council of KUSA established a Task Team to consider the allocation of “new” dates for shows and events that had been postponed due to the stringent measures pertaining to social gatherings and sporting events put in place by the Government in mid-March.

The Task Team comprised the two Fedco members jointly holding the Fedco Portfolio for Shows, Carol Immelman and Gael Morison, the Chairman of Exco, Bruce Jenkins, and Adele Bastick from the KUSA Shows Department.

At the time it was established, the Task Team agreed to adopt a wait-and-see attitude, given the rapidly changing circumstances. The Task Team also concluded that, should any dates be allocated, they would only be provisional at such an early stage.

As time progressed, with the extension of the initial lockdown and, more recently, the introduction of the five lockdown levels, it became increasingly apparent that we were a long way from being able to resume holding dog shows in South Africa.

2020 KUSA Classic Weekend

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Incorporating the FCI International (Africa) CACIB Show, KUSA Championship Show; KUSA National Eliminations, Finals & Awards, including National Child, Junior & Open Handler Competitions


With reference to our previous Notice published on 25 March 2020, it is with sadness and regret that we have finally reached the decision to cancel the 2020 KUSA Classic Weekend.

Needless to say, it was a difficult decision, taken only after careful consideration of all the circumstances and implications, but overwhelmingly informed by the persisting uncertainties in South Africa around the trajectory and ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The members of the Organising Committee of KUSA Classic 2020 thank you for your understanding and express their gratitude for your ongoing support of KUSA’s flagship event. We look forward to hosting a ‘bumper’ KUSA Classic Weekend in Gauteng in 2021!

2020 KUSA Showdog of the Year

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As exhibitors are aware, COVID-19 has decimated the 2020 Show Season and thereby effectively suspended the accumulation of KUSA Showdog of the Year points.

In addition, the cancellation of the 2020 KUSA Classic Weekend has left the Competition without its regulated end-date in 2020. The Regulations for the KUSA Showdog of the Year Competition - Schedule 05E (24) – provide for the Competition to run from the day after the final show of the KUSA Classic Weekend in one year to the final day of the KUSA Classic Weekend in the following year.

Having considered the various options, the Federal Council of KUSA concluded that no Showdog of the Year awards will be made in 2020. However, all points accumulated by dogs during the period following the 2019 KUSA Classic Weekend to the present, will be retained. That means that no points earned to date will be lost, and once Championship Shows resume, points will be awarded as usual and added to the existing totals.

The end-date of the Competition will be the last day of the 2021 KUSA Classic Weekend and the winner will be declared the 2020 & 2021 KUSA Showdog of the Year.

The above solution was deemed to be the one that would cause the least prejudice to all parties. We look forward to the resumption of Championship Shows and the revival of the Points Table. Until then, enjoy the company of your beautiful dogs at home and keep yourself, your family and your loved ones safe.

GSDFSA vs Registrar AIA & Others

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Fedco Update - German Shepherd Federation of South Africa vs Registrar of Animal Improvement and Others

Members will recall that the German Shepherd Federation of South Africa (GSDFSA) applied for a Judicial Review under the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA) to have certain actions of the Registrar of Animal Improvement in the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) set aside. The impugned actions were the Registrar’s decision to register KUSA as the Breeders’ Society for 218 canine breeds (including German Shepherd Dogs) and as a Registering Authority for canines.

On 11 May 2020, the Honourable Shanaaz C Mia, Judge of the High Court, Gauteng Local Division, Johannesburg, delivered her Judgement in the above matter, explaining the main issue at stake as follows:

“The main issue for determination is whether the Registrar was empowered to take the decision to issue a certificate to KUSA as a Breeding society on the 23 October 2015 and as a Registering authority on 13 June 2016 without consulting the Federation before taking the decision. Flowing from that, taking into account the provisions of s 7 of PAJA which prescribes the timeframe of 180 days for the institution of a review application; whether the application for review was brought within the prescribed timeframe.

Covid -19 KUSA Office announcement

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Dear KUSA Members

Re: Visits to the KUSA Office, Cape Town

The KUSA Office has noted the key containment and mitigation measures that are being implemented across South Africa in an attempt to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Besides the basic protective measures recommended by the WHO and government, the following preventative measures have been put in place:-

Members are discouraged from coming to the KUSA Office. All applications are to be emailed together with proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please use your membership number as the bank reference.

In the case of applications for transfer of ownership or where original documentation is required to be submitted, please send via Postnet or Registered Mail.

Collection of Certificates (Registration/ Award or other) from the office will be suspended until further notice. Members will be contacted and given an option to have the certificates posted, at no extra charge or sent by Postnet at a charge of R99.

The daily delivery of Certificates to the Post Office and Postnet for onward postage, will be reduced to once a week, to lessen the exposure of the staff member involved.

Members are reminded that they can confirm receipt of their applications and track the progress of applications submitted via the KUSA Members Portal on the KUSA Website (https://www.k9online.co.za/login.php). Under the KUSA history Tab, all relevant information pertaining to each application batch submitted can be found (payments received, type of application submitted, date received, progress status etc.)

To register as an online user, go to https://www.k9online.co.za/register.php,and submit the online activation application form. A username and password will be emailed to you.

We urge all members to register as an online user and thereby gain instant access to your personal data including full details of dogs registered and litters bred etc. without having to be in contact with the KUSA Office, should staff be indisposed.

Further, members with inquiries are requested to submit all inquiries in writing via e-mail only. Telephonic inquiries are to be restricted to matters of grave urgency only, due to a reduction in staff resources and avoidance in sharing telephone equipment.

We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

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Seizure of dogs by the Boksburg SPCA from the Springs property of KUSA Member

The widely reported seizure of Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers from the property of a KUSA member in Selcourt, Springs, is of extreme concern. KUSA was alerted to the seizure of the dogs on 10 February 2020 through a posting on the Boksburg SPCA’s Facebook page.

KUSA condemns any form of cruelty to animals. The extremely grave situation called for swift and decisive action and, as soon as the name of the person involved was disclosed by the SPCA, an investigation was instructed by the Chairman of the Federal Council under Article 19 of the KUSA Constitution.

Media Release 1

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KUSA response to the post of 9 February 2020 on the Facebook page of the Boksburg SPCA, entitled SPCA CONFISCATES 41 PEDIGREE DOGS FROM KUSA-REGISTERED BREEDER

The Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) strongly condemns any form of cruelty to animals and was dismayed to learn about the serious allegations against an alleged KUSA member which, if found to be true, will result in disciplinary action against such member in terms of KUSA’s Disciplinary Rules.

KUSA has contacted the Boksburg SPCA to request details of the so-called breeder, but learnt that this information was privileged at the moment. Once the SPCA has released the name, the necessary research can be done and disciplinary action taken, if warranted.

It needs to be pointed out that the SPCA’s headline is inaccurate and misleading. KUSA does not register breeders and has neither the authority, nor the power, to bestow the title of “registered breeder” on any person. KUSA is primarily a registry where records of ancestry and genealogy of purebred dogs in South Africa are kept on behalf of its members.

New views required for Elbow Dysplasia certification submissions

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The South African Elbow Dysplasia (ED) scheme was initiated in 1999 to assist breeders to improve breeding selection to reduce the incidence of this very common and often crippling disease in dogs, particularly larger working dogs. Certification is done according to the Guidelines of the International Elbow Working Group (IEWG) and as approved by WSAVA. The number of views required to certify dogs varies in different countries with increasing views resulting in more accurate grading.

In 1999 the minimum requirement of a single flexed lateral view of each elbow was instituted to start the SA scheme to minimise costs and gain greater breeder compliance. We are now 20 years further with additional knowledge of subtle radiological changes in dysplastic elbows as well as the X-ray digital era upon 98% of veterinary practices. This creates additional opportunities to improve ED grading accuracy with minimal cost implications.

In discussions with KUSA and the National Clinicians Group of the SAVA and based on IEWG guidelines and a recent article* on the incidence of hip and elbow dysplasia in South Africa, the following two views of each elbow will be required for elbow grading as from 1 June 2019:
• Fully Extended ML view
• Pronated CrCd view
Minimal, if any, cost changes to owners are envisaged with the introduction of the new views.

The KUSA HD/ED approved radiologists will also directly inform veterinarians of these changes. KUSA members are however requested to confirm the extra views with the veterinary practice at time of admission of their dogs for ED radiographs. Incorrect submissions of the old single elbow view will be accepted for the first three months after the implementation date to allow a smooth transition period. Updated HD/ED application forms are available on the KUSA website.

AKC Certified Export Pedigree: Everything You Need to Know

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If your dog is a world traveler, his journeys just became easier.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has launched the new AKC Certified Export Pedigree that merges into one document all the information required to obtain registration with foreign kennel clubs.

The new document makes it safer and less confusing to register dogs abroad. This is especially helpful for breeders who sell puppies overseas and those who show dogs in other countries.

“I am excited to announce the AKC Certified Export Pedigree is live,” says Linda Duncklee, Director of AKC Registration. “We will soon be sending information to all the foreign registries to let them know.”

AKC has reciprocal agreements with more than 200 foreign kennel clubs. To register an American-born, AKC-recognized breed with one of these registries, the dog first must be registered with the American Kennel Club and the owner must provide proof of this to the foreign organization.

Click here for the full article>> http://bit.ly/2JK2D7H

Exclusion of Dogs from Exhibition Due to Aggression

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In the case of a dog aggression incident having taken place at a KUSA Show, the following procedure is to be followed as described in Schedule 3 Regulation 14.

Regulation 14 – Exclusion of dogs

A Show Committee will have the power to exclude, refuse or remove any dog which is, owing to disease, savage disposition, or any other cause, not in a fit state for exhibition at a specific Show. Once a dog has been excluded or refused admission or has been removed from the precincts of a Show because of disease, savage disposition or any other cause, it will not be brought into the Show at any time or under any circumstances. The Show Secretary, on behalf of the Show Committee, shall submit to the Secretary within seven (7) days of the close of the Show a written report supported by sworn statements of any witnesses and all other evidence available to the Show Committee at the time of the incident.

Click here to read more: http://bit.ly/2UXjCGv

Seizure of dogs from the property of KUSA Members

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The widely reported seizure of dogs from the property of two KUSA members by the SPCA is of extreme concern. KUSA became aware of the seizure of the dogs in the early morning of 4 February 2019. KUSA condemns any form of cruelty to animals and the serious situation called for swift action, which was taken immediately. This took the form of a Review and Investigatory Committee (R&IC), appointed in terms of Article 19 of the KUSA Constitution.

The Chairman of the Federal Council has informed the parties involved that, during the period of the criminal investigation and the term of the R&IC, the following would apply:

With immediate effect, the persons involved would be precluded from registering any dog, whether adult or puppy, whether locally bred or imported, with the Kennel Union;

Phenotypic hip & elbow dysplasia trends Rottweilers & Labrador Retrievers in SA | courtesy of Prof Kirberger

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Phenotypic hip and elbow dysplasia trends in Rottweilers and Labrador retrievers in South Africa (2007-2015):

Are we making progress?

Canine hip and elbow dysplasia are major orthopaedic problems prevalent the world over, and South Africa is no exception. Hip and elbow dysplasia phenotypic status is certified by a number of different radiographic schemes in the world. South Africa uses the Fédération Cynologique Internationale system to certify hips, and the International Elbow Working Group scheme to certify elbows.

Statement on Membership

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It is both curious and disappointing that members of KUSA, who should have the best interests of the organisation at heart, express such vehement opposition on social media to Fedco’s decision to redress an historical deficiency in the Constitution by expecting owners of dogs entered at KUSA’s Championship Shows to be members of the organisation.

How to import dogs and canine products

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Importing dogs and/or frozen semen is a necessary, yet stressful process that many KUSA members endure to ensure the excellence of their bloodlines. A lot of the stress can be taken away by knowing what is expected from you to make the process a success.