2019-03 Exco Minutes

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Via Telecon:

L Wilson (LW) (Chairman), RB Jenkins (BJ) (Vice-Chair), DC Sparg (DS) & L Thornhill (LT)

Staff in attendance: Mrs P Midgley (PM) (General Manager), Miss SA Thornberry (ST) (Secretary), Mrs A Bastick (AB) (Club Affairs), Mr K Farmer (KF) (Office Manager), Miss D Rosier (DR) (Administrative Relations Officer)

Apologies – Clrs R Juckes & NJ du Preez


Noted with sadness the recent passing of Julia van Rooyen (GTG), former Chairman of the SA Bulldog Club.

Thoughts and prayers with Clr Joan Barrow for her daughter after a serious horse-riding accident.

Mrs Lori Thornhill was welcomed to the Executive Committee as the new Exco Member for the Western Cape Provco.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 19th February 2019 were formally adopted.


3.1 Articles and Schedules – Harmonisation and Rectification of Contradictions ( Exco 11-17 item 3.3, Exco 01-18 item 3.3, Exco 02-2018 item 3.3, Exco 04-2018 item 3.3, Exco 05-2017 item 3.2), Exco 7- 2018 item 3.1, Exco 08-2018 items 3.1, 3.4, 3.5, Exco 09-2018 item 3.1, Exco 10-2018 item 3.1, Exco 11- 2018 item 3.1, Exco 01-2019 item 3.1, Exco 02-2019 item 3.1)

To be followed up.

3.2 Appeal Process (Exco 03-2018 item 9.8, Exco 04-2018 item 3.6, Exco 05-2018 item 3.3, Exco 07-2018 item 3.2. Exco 08-2018 item 3.2 Exco 09-2018 item 3.2, Exco 11-2018 item 3.2, Exco 01-2019 item 3.2, Exco 02-2019 item 3.1)

To be followed up.

3.3 Terrier Club Eastern Cape (Exco 07-2018 item 5.2.4, Exco 08-2018 item 3.10, Exco 09-2018 item 3.3, Exco 10-18 item 3.3, Exco 11-18 item 3.3, Exco 01-2019 item 3.3, Exco 02-2019 item 3.3)

Further to verbal report given at Exco 02-2019, it is reported that Mrs Van der Vyver has repaid the full amount owed to the Club.

Mr De Villiers paid a second instalment of R2640 at the end of February and has undertaken to pay the remainder in two instalments.

Progress report given. AGM being held during the next weekend (30-31st March.)

3.4 Eukanuba World Challenge 2019 (Exco 11-2018 item 3.6, Exco 01-2019 item 3.3)

LW reported that our representative looked good in the ring, but was not shortlisted. Thank you to Lucy Young and Ollie (GR.CH WHITE SQUALL SEASYDE OLIVERO) for a tremendous effort.

3.5 Goldfields Kennel Club - Article 19 Investigation

As requested at Exco 02-19, Exco members were provided with details regarding the investigation. Two Special General Meetings are scheduled to take place in April 2019 to give effect to the recommendations of the Article 19 Review & Investigatory Committee.


4.1 Office Report

After discussion, the Office Report was approved.


After discussion, the Financial Report for February 2019 was approved.



5.1.1 Case 01-2019 (KUSA vs Mr D Riley)

Appeal due 15.03.2019 – not received.

DSC Finding of 20.02.2019 circulated to Fedco and Exco and KUSA Office instructed to enforce.

The crux of the complaint concerns a social media Facebook (FB) posting by the Respondent, Mr DK Riley, on 14.12.2018, which is alleged to be defamatory, prejudicial and/or injurious in nature to two KUSA Members, namely Ms J McFarlane and Ms Elrena Stadler. The offending comments made by the Respondent referred to a time when these members were acting in their official capacities as Chairman and Secretary of the then Western Cape Provincial Breed Judges’ Sub-Committee.

The DSC, having unanimously found the Respondent guilty ito 4.1.1 and and of Schedule 1, considered the appropriate penalties to be imposed and took into account that this was not a first offence. The Respondent is currently under suspension for a similar offence of which he was found guilty by the DSC on 31.07.2018.

The DSC imposed the following penalties, which take effect on 01.03.2019, for four (4) years, three of which are suspended:

Rule 11.1.2:

Suspension or exclusion from taking part in, or having any connection with, or attending or participating or handling a dog at a Show, Obedience Class, Working Trial or Field Trial or other event held under KUSA licence, or from acting as an officer of a Club;

Rule 11.1.3:

Disqualification from registration, recording, transfer, exhibition or competition or evaluation of a dog owned by him or registered or recorded in his name, or jointly with another or others, or in the name of a nominee;

Rule 11.1.5:

Disqualification from judging at, or taking part in the management of a Show, Obedience Class, Working Trial or Field Trial or other event held under a KUSA licence;

The initial 12 months of the above penalties take effect on 01.03.2019. The remaining thirty-six (36) months will be suspended for a period of thirty-six months until 28.02.2023 on condition that the Respondent does not contravene any of the provisions as provided for in Rule 4 of Schedule 1 or any other provision in the KUSA Constitution, Rules and Regulations that would form the basis for a valid complaint in terms thereof during the period of suspension.

No appeal was lodged.

5.1.2 Case 02-2019

Notice of Appeal received on 18.03.2019 and referred to SCI in terms of Rule 12.3 of Schedule 1.



5.2.1 Applications for Second Championship Shows 2019 Hochland Kennel Club & Windhoek Dog Club - 27 July 2019

This is a joint request for both Clubs to host a second Championship Breed Show.

(Motivation attached to agenda).

Hochland KC is fully up to date with AGMs, Financials, Shows and Accounts.

Windhoek KC is fully up to date with Shows and Accounts. We are awaiting receipt of the AGM & Financial documents.

Approved, subject to receipt of documents from Windhoek KC.

5.2.2 Schedule 3 Reg 14 – Exclusion of Dogs & Reg 19.8 - nil

5.2.3 OTHER CLUB / SHOW MATTERS Baakens Valley W & H Breeds Club & ABTS Show - Saturday 29th June 2019

Mr Vincent Fry has written to KUSA in respect of a judging appointment he signed a contract for on 17 January 2019 to judge TT1-TT5 at Baakens Valley W & H Breeds Club & ABTS Show to be held Saturday, 29th June 2019. The Club has since cancelled the appointment citing financial reasons.

Mr Fry has written to KUSA questioning the cancellation of a signed contract.

Noted with the comment that the Club handled the matter satisfactorily and there was no need for intervention by KUSA. Walmer & Suburban Kennel Club

The Office was advised that the WT/WUD scheduled for 3 February 2019 was moved to 10th February 2019.

The Club provided an explanation from which it was noted that the Judge had arrived at the Show in a state of distress, due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

Agreed that, due to mitigating circumstances, no action should be taken. Whale Coast Kennel Club Email and attachment received from exhibitor circulated on 18.03.2019.

The matter concerned perceived unfair judging of Staffordshire Bull Terriers at recent shows in the Western Cape.

In the following discussion it was noted that, in terms of the Disciplinary Rules (Schedule 1), no complaint may be made against a Judge based on his or her placements at a KUSA Show. There was a further allegation made about the conduct of a Judge who, when outside the ring, appeared to favour a particular dog. It was agreed that a letter be sent to the Judge concerned asking for his comments. Whale Coast Kennel Club/Kennel Association

Selection of four dogs in the various Finals (In Shows) of the Show.

It has been brought to KUSA’s attention that the above Clubs in some instances, are placing four dogs for the In-Show Finals, which is in contravention of Schedule 3, Reg 24.2.

Schedule 3, Reg. 24.2 states:

“At every Championship Show where dogs of more than one Group are scheduled, two (2) exhibits shall be placed in all In Show challenges. ..”

Effective 01.01.2019

Kennel Association placed 2 in BIS, 4 in Best Puppy in Show, 3 in Best Veteran in Show, 2 on Best Junior in Show, 2 in Best Baby Puppy in Show

Whale Coast Kennel Club – Catalogue awaited.


That a letter be sent to the two Clubs pointing out the terms of Schedule 3 Regulation 24.2 and that any further contravention of this regulation could result in a fine or other action.

5.2.4 KUSA Classic 2019 Gauteng – Nationals Agility, Dog Jumping and Flyball

To be held in conjunction with NAPC Bumper weekend. Week 26-30 April 2019.

No report received to date. Request sent 28.02.2019.

Rosettes and medals have been ordered. 2019 Gauteng – Nationals Breed, Obedience, Carting and Handling

To be held 31 May – 2 June 2019.

(Incorporating KUSA Championship Show for Breed, Obedience, Carting, Agility, Dog Jumping and Flyball, and KUSA (Africa) FCI Breed Show as well as KUSA Winners Breed Show.)

A report was received from the convener of the KUSA Classic Committee and the contents noted. Concern was expressed that the report makes no mention of who has been appointed to run the Show Office for all the events; who will be responsible for the printing and issue of award certificates each day, and who has been appointed to reconcile the funds deposited into the KUSA bank account with the Entry Forms and update of the income breakdown per event (MS Excel Spreadsheet). This information is to be provided to Exco within 5 working days.

BJ reported that there has been some dissatisfaction expressed about the allocation of Judges. After discussion, it was confirmed that no changes will be made to the Judges. 2019 Gauteng – National IGP – Meisterschaft

To be held 14-16 June 2019.

Noted. 2019 Western Cape – Nationals & Championship Shows Working Trials (Classic) & Working Utility Dog (WUD)

To be held 21-22 June 2019.

Progress Report to be requested. 2019 Gauteng TT Sub-Committee

Request received for permission to host TT KUSA Nationals on 01.09.2019.

Budget and names of organising committee members to be requested. 2020 Gauteng – Nationals Agility, Dog Jumping and Flyball

To be held in conjunction with NAPC Bumper weekend.

Noted. 2020 Gauteng – Nationals Breed, Obedience, Carting and Handling

To be held 29-31 May 2020.

(Incorporating KUSA Championship Show for Breed, Obedience, Carting, Agility, Dog Jumping and


Noted. Field Trials KUSA National Retriever Championship Stake.

The above will next be held in 2020. FTLC will apply for a date.

Noted. 2021 KUSA Classic Weekend

LW advised that an application form for circulation to Provincial Councils has been compiled. This contains the requirements for hosting 2021 KUSA Classic.

To be forwarded to AB (with copy to PM).



The following is recorded in Exco 02-2019 Minutes:

“Request that Saturday and Sunday of Week 28 be “blocked off” for the JEC in Gauteng and that no further shows be permitted in Gauteng on either of the two dates, this year on 13 & 14 July 2019 in order for the JEC to enable the JEC to plan ahead and organise a full weekend of seminars on that weekend annually.

After discussion The Exco requested more clarity. Does this request apply to Gauteng only and not the whole country, and does it apply to Championship Shows only?”

Email received from JEC confirming there was no objection to a countrywide block off for these dates, but it was not as critical in other Provinces. It would give a fixed "National Seminar weekend".

Two Specialist Club Breeds shows are still scheduled to take place on the date but will have minimal effect and one of the Clubs is possibly moving. Working Disciplines Events may remain on the weekend.

Agreed to apply this to the whole country.


5.4.1 The following Judge completed KUSA requirements and is Licensed for the Group/s as listed:

Miss H. Basson (WC(Gundog Group)

Noted with congratulations.

5.4.2 Recognition of FCI All Breed International Judges

The following Judges have been recognised by the FCI:

Mrs E. Ballington

Dr. R. Ehrlich

Mrs J. Hubbard

Miss J. Mackenzie

Ms E. Stadler

Noted with congratulations.


Good luck to Shea Wright (KUSA National Junior Handler) who will compete in the International Junior Handling Competition at the World Dog Show to be held in Shanghai in May 2019.


AGM Teleconference scheduled for 20.03.2019.




Next meeting of FTLC scheduled for 09.04.2019.


5.9 IGP

5.9.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of AGM of NIGPSC held on 20.02.2019

Received and circulated on 08.03.2019.


5.10 DOG JUMPING - nil


AGM to be conducted by email. Minutes awaited.



5.12.1 The following judges have been issued an Agility Judges’ Licence:

Mr Q. Nortje (KZN)

Miss S. Wainwright (EC)

Noted with congratulations.

5.12.2 Eligibility of Miss C Kartya to represent KUSA at AWC 2019. Proof of residency to be confirmed.

5.12.3 KUSA SA Agility Championships 2020 onwards

5.13 FLYBALL - nil


The following judges have been issued an Aptitude Judges’ Licence:

Mr B. Africa (WC)

Mr J. Africa (WC)

Mrs J. Verrinder (WC)

Noted with congratulations.


5.16 TT – nil

5.17 DOG DANCING - nil

5.18 FCI

5.18.1 Communications sent to Fedco Members:

14.02.19 Notice of Lifting of Suspension

01.03.19 FCI General Assembly 2019 - Agenda and Enclosures

01.03.19 FCI General Assembly 2019 - Enclosures 1-3

01.03.19 FCI General Assembly 2019 - Enclosures 4-23

01.03.19 FCI General Assembly 2019 - Enclosures 24-33

01.03.19 FCI General Assembly 2019 - Enclosures 34-42

13.03.19 FCI Dog Dancing Commission - Minutes of the Meeting held 1 & 2 July 2018 and Agenda for the Meeting to be held 13 & 14 April 2019 in Stuttgart



6.1 Federation of Boxer Clubs of SA Breed Council (FBCSA–BC)

AGM scheduled for 23.02.2019 – Minutes to be requested.

6.2 Rottweiler Breed Council (RBC) - nil

6.3 German Shepherd Dog Liaison Council (GSDLC) – nil



Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting held on 19.02.2019

Received and circulated on 07.03.2019.

Quorum present.



Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of KZNPC held on 29.01.2019

Received and circulated on 11.03.2019.

Quorum present.



Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of NAPC on 07.02.2019

Received and circulated on 14.03.2019.

Quorum present.



Date of next meeting scheduled for 18.03.2019.

A new Representative on Exco is to be appointed in terms of Article 14.4.

Mrs Lori Thornhill was appointed as Exco Representative as well as Vice-Chairman of WCPC.

[The above Minutes were received on 25.03.2019 and will be tabled at Exco 04-2019.]


Date of next meeting – TBA.


Meeting scheduled to be held during February - date tbc.

No Minutes received as yet – to be followed up.


8.1 22 New Members and 55 Members (lapsed) were elected.


9.1 Applications for Affiliation - nil

9.2 Amendments to Club Constitutions

9.2.1 The Dobermann Club (Exco 01-19 item 9.2.1)

Deferred from January 2019 and February Meetings.

LW reported at Exco 0202019 that the new Specimen Constitution for Specialist Clubs was still a work in progress so this matter should be deferred.

Note from Club Affairs Dept:

“Although amendments were made iro Proxy votes and the numbering was corrected, the matter regarding the Tax Clause still needed to be addressed as it was considered insufficient. The office contacted the Club who advised us on the 28th February that some members of the Committee were overseas and they would respond as soon as possible. A decision is required on acceptance of the clauses as previously presented.”

Revised Constitution received on 18.03.2019 and attached to agenda.

Revised Constitution approved.

9.2.2 Western Province Kennel Club (Exco 11-2018)

The above Club's Secretary submitted incorrect amendments to the Constitution in error which were tabled and approved at the November 2018 Exco Meeting.

Please find herewith the correct amendments:


(i) At each Annual General Meeting an Auditor who may not necessarily be a member, but shall hold adequate experience to discharge his duties, shall be elected and he shall verify the assets of the Club, audit the annual accounts and balance sheets and report thereon prior to the Annual General Meeting. A signed copy of accounts or signed covering letter by the auditor must accompany the final documents.

(ii) No member of the Committee shall be eligible for appointment as auditor.

(iii) Should the auditor be unable to fulfil his duties, the committee shall have the power to appoint another person to perform the audit. ]

Replace with:

(i) At each Annual General Meeting an Independent Financial Practitioner shall be appointed for purposes of verification of the Club's assets and for the audit of the Club's accounts and its Statement of Financial position (balance sheet). The Independent Financial Practitioner, who need not be a member of the Club, shall prepare a report, or statement on the financial position of the Club prior to the Annual General Meeting and such report, or statement, shall accompany the financial statements presented at the Annual General Meeting.

(ii) The "Independent Financial Practitioner" means a person with trusted and proven experience in the examination of accounts and financial records and in the statement of financial results, but who does not necessarily hold the formal qualifications required of an auditor.

(iii) No member of the Committee shall be eligible for appointment as the Independent Financial Practitioner.

(iv) Should the Independent Financial Practitioner be unable to fulfil his duties, the committee shall have the power to appoint another person to perform the audit.



Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting and of any Special General Meeting held since then.

Matters arising from the foregoing Minutes.

Chairman’s Report for the year.

Treasurer’s Report and Audited Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure Account for the Year.

Motions for the amendment of the Constitution as advised in the notice convening the meeting.

Matters submitted by the Committee.

Matters submitted by Members.

Election of Officers and Committee including the appointment of an[Auditor] Independent Financial Practitioner

As required by clauses 15,16 and 18D

Only matters which appear on the Agenda may be discussed as part of the business of the meeting. Should a quorum not be present at the appointed time, the meeting shall stand adjourned for ten (10) minutes when those present, if still less than the specified quorum, shall form a quorum but may only consider the following items, if they apply:

1. Notice convening the Meeting;

2. Apologies;

3. Chairman’s Report;

4. Treasurer’s Report, audited financial statements and any other reports

specified in the Constitution.

5. Election of Patrons, President and Vice-Presidents;

6. Election of Office Bearers, Committee and [Auditor] Independent Financial Practitioner

As required in clauses 15,16 and 18D

Approved. LT queried the use of the word ‘audit’. AB to follow up with LT.

9.2.3 Cape Bullmastiff Club (CBC)

The above Club tabled amendments to Exco in 2017 and some amendments were referred back to the Club as they could not be approved. At the Club's AGM held 16 February 2019 the following amendments were revised and accepted by the Club members.

Clause 16A - Management Committee

"The management and control of the Club shall be vested in a Committee consisting of not less than [6 (six)] five(5) members and not more than 10 (ten) members

Clause 21. Quorum at Meetings

21.1.1 [ Annual or Special ] General Meeting shall be at least [10- paid up members of the Club]one-and-a-half times (1.5) the number of serving Committee with voting rights.

21.1.2 Committee meeting shall be [5 paid up and elected members] one half of the full Committee plus one.

New amendments as approved by the Club

3. Headquarters

The headquarters of the Club shall be as determined from time to time by the committee, but shall be in the Western Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa and the Club's shows shall take this area or at any neutral venue as may be determined by KUSA from time to time.

4-7 As per specimen Constitution

10. 10.2 The categories of membership of the Club shall be at the discretion of the Committee . There shall be [four (4)] two (2) categories of membership of the Club

10.2.1 Ordinary Members [These] shall be [ members persons over eighteen (18) years of age who [are not otherwise defined in this section]have paid the relevant joining fee and annual subscription fee. An Ordinary member in good standing shall be entitled to vote at all

General Meetings of the Club.

10.2.2 Pensioners (over sixty (60) years of age). These [ are ] members [ who must be over 65 years on commencing membership .] will have all the rights of Ordinary members but will pay a reduced fee as determined by the committee from time to time.

Add new

10.4 No member of the Club may sell their membership rights or any entitlement in terms thereof .

11-28 Amended as per specimen Constitution

Approved subject to clarification of Clause 10.4.

9.2.4 Cape Hound Club (CHC)

This Club has adopted the new KUSA Specimen Club Constitution in its entirety.


9.2.5 The Centenary Terrier Club

(Amendments attached to agenda and highlighted in blue.)

Clause 4 - Headquarters - The headquarters of the Club shall be as determined from time to time by the Committee but shall be in the Province of Gauteng [ The Orange Free State centre as determined by KUSA ] and the Club's Shows shall take place within the Johannesburg [ Viljoensdrif/Sasolburg ] area.

Corrections to be noted.

Clause 14 (b) Subscriptions shall be for one (1) year -

Clause 17 (a) should read "The Committee elected at a general meeting held under this Constitution shall hold office until the close of the Annual General Meeting [ at ] when the Committee retires and a new Committee is elected.


9.2.6 The Witswatersrand Corgi Club Tramordwy

The above Club approved amendments at its SGM held on 2nd February 2019.

Its Constitution calls for a quorum of fifteen (15) members present and entitled to vote at all SGMs & AGMs.

There were twelve (12) members present, thus no quorum.

Motivation for accepting Constitution amendments are set out in the Club’s SGM minutes. It was noted that two members objected to the continuation of the meeting without a quorum. It was nevertheless decided to proceed with the meeting.

Discussion ensued and it was agreed that, as a quorum was not present, the Club should hold another meeting, as suggested in the minutes of the SGM. Should the Club fail to secure a quorum at the second SGM, then Exco will consider the amendments so that the Club can function normally.

9.2.7 Working Retriever Club

At its Annual General Meeting, the members of the above Club approved the following amendment to its Constitution.

27. Quorums at Meetings

27.1.1 Annual or Special General Meeting shall be [ 20 members at least one-and-a-half times (1.5) the number of serving Committee with voting rights.


9.3 Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 - Dispensation for Registration

Welsh Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 14 January 2017, two (2 puppies), breeder, Mrs A Young.


Bull Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 03 November 2017, three (3 puppies), breeder Mr CJ du Plessis.


9.4 Incorrect details of Dam recorded on application for registration of complete litter

Schedule 2 Reg. 6 - Change of Registered Name: Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired):

The breeder, Mrs MD Stone, submitted the application for registration of a complete litter and the name of the dog was filled in as PAISELY on the application form but the Application for Transfer of Registered Ownership Simultaneous to Registration of Litter, the new owner filled in the name as PAISLEY. An Export Certificate was issued to the new owner and upon receipt she noted the name had been spelt incorrectly. KUSA advised that the name of a dog may only be changed within four (4) months from the date of registration [13 September 2018]. The new owner is appealing for the name to be changed as she would like to show the dog and re-register with the AKC with the correct name. The dog has not been bred from or exhibited.

The Export Pedigree Certificate has been returned to the KUSA office.

Payment for the name change has been received.


9.5 Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates - nil

9.6 Schedule 2 Reg. 17 – Recognition of Breeds – nil

9.7 Reciprocity Agreement – Zimbabwe Kennel Club (ZKC)

Recommendation that the current informal arrangement that exists between KUSA and the Zimbabwe Kennel Club be formalised in respect of eligibility to enter shows, recognition of pedigrees and clearance and acceptance of Judges.

Fedco to appoint Fedco member(s) to make contact with the ZKC and to present a draft agreement for consideration at Fedco 12-2019.

To be carried forward to Fedco 06-2019 agenda

It was noted that Fedco agreed dogs registered with ZKC that are entered in KUSA-licensed events for Ob, DJ, Agility do not require DNA profiling, but do require a show clearance certificate and the owner must be a member of KUSA.

9.8 German Shepherd Dog – Accidental (Underage) mating – Schedule 2 Appendix “C” – Breed- specific Registration Requirements

Reg 3.3 reads:

 At the time of mating, the Sire is eighteen (18) months of age or older.”

Application received to register litter of four puppies born 16.12.2017. At the time of mating the Sire (import from Germany) was nine (9) months of age.

23.01.2018 The Sires x-ray, HD and ED results were recorded at KUSA

19.09.2018 The application to register four puppies was received at KUSA

18.10.2018 The Sire’s DNA Lab record number was received at KUSA

19.01.2019 The Sire was registered in the name of the SA owner

The GSDLC (via WhatsApp Group) has advised that the majority of its Committee Members feel that the application to register this litter on the Breed Register should not be supported.

However, there would be no objection to the Exco deciding to register the litter on the Appendix 2 Register, supported by proven DNA of all four puppies, taking into consideration that these puppies are already 14 months old.

After discussion it was resolved that the litter be registered on the Appendix 2 Register, subject to DNA Parentage Verification of all four puppies, as suggested by the GSDLC.


10.1 BJ referred to government legislation in Austria with regard to veterinary intervention at dog shows. Clubs needed to resist this and act now to promote KUSA.


10.2 LW advised that some Clubs owed money to Goldfields for the use of their grounds and that this would be addressed at the F2F Exco meeting, to be held in May 2019 (date TBC).


Wed 24.04.2019

Fedco 06-2019 to be held 29 & 30 June 2019. Closing date for agenda items: Monday, 6 May 2019.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 14h21 with a vote of thanks to the Chair

Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the Exco.