2019-01 Exco Minutes

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Via Telecon:

L Wilson (Chairman), RB Jenkins (Vice-Chair), NJ du Preez, RD Juckes, DC Sparg & R Zeeman

Staff in attendance: Mrs P Midgley (General Manager), Miss SA Thornberry (Secretary), Mrs A Bastick (Club Affairs), Mr K Farmer (Office Manager), Mrs L Solomon (Assistant to the General Manager)


The Minutes of the meeting held on 20th November 2018 were formally adopted.


3.1 Articles and Schedules – Harmonisation and Rectification of Contradictions ( Exco 11-17 item 3.3, Exco 01-18 item 3.3, Exco 02-2018 item 3.3, Exco 04-2018 item 3.3, Exco 05-2017 item 3.2), Exco 7- 2018 item 3.1, Exco 08-2018 items 3.1, 3.4, 3.5, Exco 09-2018 item 3.1, Exco 10-18 item 3.1, Exco 11-18 item 3.1)

Document submitted by BJ on Fedco agenda to be carried forward to Fedco 06-2019

To be returned to BJ for re-wording and to be submitted in the correct format to Exco.

3.2 Breed Assessments – Appeal Process (Exco 03-2018 item 9.8, Exco 04-2018 item 3.6, Exco 05-2018 item 3.3, Exco 07-2018 item 3.2. Exco 08-2018 item 3.2 Exco 09-2018 item 3.2, Exco 11-18 item 3.2)

Work in progress RZ.

Carry forward to next agenda.

3.3 Terrier Club Eastern Cape (Exco 07-2018 item 5.2.4, Exco 08-2018 item 3.10, Exco 09-2018 item 3.3, Exco 10-18 item 3.3, Exco 11-18 item 3.3)

Discussion on latest developments.

3.4 SALKA Junior Dog of the Year – Schedule 5E (1) (Exco 07-2018 item 9.6, Exco 10-18 item 3.4)

Document submitted by LW on Fedco agenda.

All references to Zimbabwe have been removed. Approved by Fedco and effective 01.04.2019.


3.5 Eukanuba World Challenge 2019 (Exco 11-2018 item 3.6)

No further information.

Noted .

3.6 Fedco 12-2018 Minutes

Circulated and discussed.


4.1 Office Report

After discussion, the Office Report was approved.


After discussion the Financial Management Reports for November and December 2018 were approved.



5.1.1 Case 02-2018 KUSA vs Ms S Flavell

The following case has been finalised and full details reported to Fedco:

The Disciplinary Sub-Committee (DSC) met on 06.11.2018 by teleconference and carefully considered all the evidence submitted. The DSC unanimously found the Respondent guilty ito Rules 4.1.1 and of Schedule 1 with regard to social media (Facebook) comments which are defamatory, prejudicial and/or injurious in nature to a KUSA Judge, namely Mrs C Buitendach who was acting in her official capacity as a KUSA Judge at the Jacaranda City Kennel Club (JCKC) FCI Show held on 24.08.2018.

The DSC imposed the following penalties:

Rule 11.1.2:

Suspension or exclusion from taking part in, or having any connection with, or attending or participating or handling a dog at a Show, Obedience Class, Working Trial or Field Trial or other event held under KUSA licence, or from acting as an officer of a Club;

Rule 11.1.3:

Disqualification from exhibition or competition or evaluation of a dog owned by him or registered or recorded in his name, or jointly with another or others, or in the name of a nominee;

Rule 11.1.5:

Disqualification from judging at, or taking part in the management of a Show, Obedience Class, Working Trial or Field Trial or other event held under a KUSA licence;

The above penalties take effect on 15.12.2018, for a period of six (6) months and are SUSPENDED IN FULL for a period of three years until 14.06.2021, on condition that the Respondent does not contravene any of the provisions as provided for in Rule 4 of Schedule 1 or any other provision in the KUSA Constitution, Rules and Regulations that would form the basis for a valid complaint in terms thereof during the period of suspension.

No appeal was lodged.


5.1.2 Case 01-2019

The official notification procedure (Rule 7 of Schedule 1) has taken place and the Respondent’s reply has been received for evaluation by the SCI.

Noted with the comment that a date in February has been scheduled.

LW referred to a document containing a summary of DSC decisions made over the years and asked that it be updated for use by the DSC.

Noted and agreed.


5.2.1 Applications for Second Championship Shows 2019

See extract from Fedco 12-2018 Minutes:

“Fedco directed that Exco needed to apply the criteria for granting 2nd Championship Show licences even more stringently, especially in populous areas. For instance, should the motivation in a populous area be to afford foreign judges, such intention needed to be interrogated and quantified. Ultimately, Exco needed to satisfy itself that the intention had been realised. For example, if the intention were to use the funds to offer four foreign Judges, it would not be acceptable for only two foreign Judges to appear on the Club’s Show Schedule when it was published. 

LW informed Fedco that Exco would not be granting 2nd Championship Show licences beyond 2021 at this stage. She expressed the hope that the matter could be reviewed in a year’s time in order to give Exco firmer guidelines.” 

It was agreed at Exco 11-2018 that Adele Bastick could table 2nd Championship Show applications and any other urgent matters via ‘round robin’ as there was no meeting of Exco in December 2018. The following applications were approved by ‘round robin’ at a time when Exco had not yet been appraised of the above Fedco directive. As a result, it was agreed that the applications should be reviewed before ratification: Orion Kennel Club – 2019

The above Club is applying to host a 2nd Championship Show on Saturday 13th July 2019 (replacing Eastern Districts KC, which has moved to October)

Motivation: 1st time application for 2nd Championship Show.

All documentation/payments are up to date. The Club hosts Non-Championship Shows each year.


See updated letter attached to agenda.

Not approved. The Club was in a populous area and the main motivation appeared to be to make money. Furthermore, the proposed date is the week prior to the East London Shows and could have a negative impact on this non-populous area. Swartland Kennel Club

For ratification:

The above Club is applying to host a 2nd Championship Show on Friday 21st June 2019

To be held in conjunction with its 1st Championship Show on the same weekend.


Attached to agenda.

Ratified. West Coast Kennel Club

For ratification:

The above Club is applying to host a 2nd Championship Show on Saturday 22nd June 2019

To be held in conjunction with its 1st Championship Show on the same weekend.


Attached to agenda.


With regard to items and above, the opinion was expressed that as Malmesbury was in relatively close proximity to Cape Town, this could not be considered a non-populous area and it was agreed that in future only one of these Clubs will be granted dispensation to hold a 2nd Championship Show. S.A. Bull Terrier Club:

For ratification:

The above Club is applying to host a 2nd Championship Show Saturday 8th June 2019 together with its 1st Championship Show on the same date.


Attached to agenda.

2016 (2x UK Judges) 63 dogs entered both shows

2017 (2x USA Judges) 45 dogs entered both shows

2018 (2x SA Judges) 26 & 27 dogs entered

This Club hosts the SA Major Trophy Show each year.

Ratified. Overberg Kennel Club – 2020

The above Club is moving its Championship Show from Week 10 (7 March 2020) to Week 2 (11 January 2020) and it is requesting a second Championship Show to join the first Show on the same weekend. (The show date move was approved by WCPC at its meeting held 21/1/19)

This Club is fully up to date with all documentation/payments. A Seminar with an overseas Judge will be held in 2019.


Attached to agenda.

Approved. Port Rex Kennel Club – 2-4 August 2019

Subject to the Executive Committee confirming re-instatement of the following Clubs: East London, Port Rex, Quinera W & H and Kaffrarian Hound Club. (See item 9.1.2)

A request has been received to host a 2nd Championship Show over the weekend 2-4 August 2019.

Motivation circulated to Exco.

All Clubs are fully up to date with AGMs, Financials, Affiliation & Re-affiliation fees and any previous show documents/penalties etc.


5.2.2 Schedule 3 Reg 14 – Exclusion of Dogs & Reg 19.8 Temporary Exclusion Order (TEO) – Boston Terrier Dog CH Que Just Beauregard Reg No ZA013488B16

TEO issued on 13.11.2018 following incident at Cape Utility Dog Club Championship Show held on 26.10.2018 at which it was reported that the exhibit had bitten the Judge on the hand and had been excused from the ring.

Any response from the owner will be tabled.

No further information. Temporary Exclusion Order - Apollo Prince of Stjephanic House of Torbrit Reg No ZA001028C16(Exco 07-2018 item, Exco 08-2018 item, Exco 09-2018 item, Exco 11-18 item

Following Exco 11-2018, BJ instructed the Secretary to contact Apollo’s owner to establish her availability for Apollo to be examined again by three judges on either 27.01.2019 or 03.02.2019 at Non- Championship Shows scheduled to be held at Goldfields Grounds. She was asked to reply no later than 18.01.2019 to allow time for BJ to make the arrangements with three Judges.

The CGC Assessor was also to be contacted so that he may also be available to check the microchip as this had not been done on the day that he assessed Apollo.

Apollo’s owner responded on 08.01.2019 and initially accepted the date of 03.02.2019. However, she followed up on the same date requesting that this be put on hold as she wanted to seek advice. She said she would further respond by 18.01.2019 or before the end of January.

Nothing further received at the date of this meeting (29.01.2019).

[Note: nothing further received by 07.02.2019.]

5.2.3 OTHER CLUB / SHOW MATTERS S.A. Ladies Kennel Association - WT (Classic) run by Transvaal Working Trials Association - 4 November 2018. (Exco 11-2018 - Item

In terms of Schedule 3 Regulation 3.3, Exco imposed a fine of R500 on the organising Club, TWTA, for breaching the Regulations.

The fine has been paid.


5.2.4 KUSA Classic 2019 Gauteng – Nationals Agility, Dog Jumping and Flyball

To be held in conjunction with NAPC Bumper weekend. Week 26-30 April 2019. 2019 Gauteng – Nationals Breed, Obedience, Carting and Handling

To be held 31 May – 2 June 2019

(Incorporating KUSA Championship Show for Breed, Obedience, Carting, Agility, Dog Jumping and Flyball, and KUSA (Africa) FCI Breed Show as well as KUSA Winners Breed Show. 2019 Gauteng – National IGP – Meisterschaft

To be held 14-16 June 2019 2019 Western Cape – Nationals & Championship Shows Working Trials (Classic) & Working Utility Dog (WUD)

To be held 21-22 June 2019 2020 Gauteng – Nationals Agility, Dog Jumping and Flyball

To be held in conjunction with NAPC Bumper weekend. 2020 Gauteng – Nationals Breed, Obedience, Carting and Handling

To be held 29-31 May 2020

(Incorporating KUSA Championship Show for Breed, Obedience, Carting, Agility, Dog Jumping and

Flyball. Field Trials KUSA National Retriever Championship Stake.

The above will next be held in 2020. FTLC will apply for a date. 2021 KUSA Classic Weekend

All Provincial Councils to be advised that applications for 2021 KUSA Classic weekend are open and the deadline for initial intent to hold the KUSA Classic Breed & Disciplines Weekend is the end of June 2019. Requests are to be submitted together with budget using the Classic Budget document (Classic Show Weekends to be run on a profit).

Noted and agreed.


Cleaning up of KUSA Judged database has commenced.


5.4.1 The following Judges completed KUSA requirements and are licensed for the Group/s as listed:

Mrs T. Edwards (Gau) - Utility Group & All Breeds Judge

Mrs M. Heneke (Gau) - Hound Group

Mrs D. Holman (Gau) - Hound Group

Mr L. Kruger (Gau) - Toy Group

Noted with congratulations.


Nomination of Handler to represent KUSA/South Africa at the World Dog Show in Shanghai, China on 03.05.2019.

The current Handler is Shea Wright, who has expressed interest in attending. Agreed that a letter should be sent to the organisers.


AGM scheduled for 20.03.2019.



5.8.1 KUSA Membership of Judges who are members of NFTA - referred to Fedco 12-2018.

Noted. No further information.

5.9 IGP - nil


5.10.1 The following Judge has been issued with a Dog Jumping Judges Licence:

Mrs N. Moss (EC)

Noted with congratulations.

5.10.2 LW reported that the NSC was looking at changing the scoring system on the Regulations for the Dog Jumping National League.


The KZN Carting Sub-Committee NSC has enquired about holding the 2019 Carting Interprovincial with the KUSA Classic. LW advised that they should make this decision themselves.


5.12.1 The following Judge's Assessment has been approved by the Provincial Council Sub-Committee:

2nd Assessment

Miss S. Wainwright (EC) Madiba Bay Agility Club - Non-Championship Show - 13th October 2018

Noted with congratulations.

5.12.2 Request received to remove Schedule 5L Appendix B from the KUSA website.

Noted with the comment that approval was needed from the NSC.

SA Agility Championships – names of members of organising committee awaited.

5.12.3 A request for consideration of sponsorship of the entry fees for the 2019 AWC in Finland has been received.

To be carried forward to next agenda.

5.13 FLYBALL - nil



5.16 TT – nil

5.17 DOG DANCING - nil

5.18 FCI

5.18.1 Communications sent to Fedco Members:

12.11.18 Suspension Notice and notifications of cancelled Kennel Names, banned dogs, banned Judges & banned individuals.

13.11.18 Notice of lifting of Suspension: Mrs J Butterfield.

15.11.18 Minutes of the Meeting of the FCI General Committee held in Budapest, 22 & 23 may 2018.

19.11.18 Amended Regulations: Agility-C.I.AG.

21.11.18 Amended FCI International Utility Dogs Regulations (IGP).

23.11.18 Cyprus Kennel Club: Notice of Suspension of Mr. Erodotos Neofytou.

26.11.18 Amended FCI breed Standard Model.

27.11.18 Ukranian Kennel Union: Notice of Suspension of Uku Member.

03.12.18 Correction to Circular 83/2018- Re: Suspension Mr. Igor Matyuk.

03.12.18 End of Temporary Withdrawal of Judging License: Cynological Association of Slovenia.

03.12.18 Definitive and Irrevocable Exclusion of Judges: Cyprus Kennel Club.

03.12.18 Temporary Withdrawal of Judging Licenses: Cyprus Kennel Club.

12.12.18 Breed Standard Name Change for Dogo Canario.

12.12.18 Notice of new FCI statutes & Standing Orders.

12.12.18 Notice of World Show for Russian Breeds.

17.01.19 Notice of the new name i.e. Indonesia Kennel Klub.

17.01.19 Regulations for the Organization of FCI International Herding Events.

22.01.19 FCI General Assembly 28-29 April 2019 to be held in Shanghai

23.01.19 Notice of Non-FCI International Judges

23.01.19 Notice of Suspension: Mr Chris Zeniou


LW commented that a procedure was needed for confirmation of International FCI Judges.

AB advised that provided the Judge in question meets the criteria, it is a matter of simply asking the FCI to place the Judge on the list.

AB to confirm with JH.


6.1 Federation of Boxer Clubs of SA Breed Council (FBCSA–BC) - nil

6.2 Rottweiler Breed Council (RBC)

Meeting held on 04.11.2018. Minutes received and circulated 24.01.2019.

RBC to be commended on the content and quality of its Minutes and attachments.

It was noted that RBC is considering holding a Judges’ seminar for the examination of Rottweilers by non-specialist Judges.

6.3 German Shepherd Dog Liaison Council (GSDLC) – nil

Exco fines. Document submitted by JH Rautenbach:

“The Breeding Requirements for German Shepherd Dogs as set out in Schedule 3 Appendix C, Paragraph 3.3 Age of Sire - 18 months or older at time of mating and Paragraph 3.4 - Dam 22 months or older at time of whelping are not always adhered to.

The GSD Liaison Committee does not want to disadvantage the new puppy owners from these litters by not registering the puppies and therefore recommends the following:

a. Puppies are registered on the KUSA Breed Register or Appendix Register.

b. Penalties are attached to the registration fee for these litters, up to 2 times the normal cost per puppy.

c. Repeat offenders need to be penalised with even a larger penalty.

d. Recommendation from the Liaison Committee will be forwarded to Exco for repeat offenders regarding these repeat offender penalties.”

After discussion, the above request was not approved.



Unconfirmed Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held on 27.11.2018.

Circulated on 09.01.2019. Quorum present.


Minutes of AGM held on 06.11.2018.

Minutes received on 02.01.2019 and circulated on 22.01.2019.

Quorum present.


Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held on 06.11.2019

Minutes received on 02.01.2019 and circulated on 22.01.2019.

Quorum present.



Unconfirmed Minutes of AGM held on 15.11.2018.

Circulated on 09.01.2019.

Quorum present.

Election of Office Bearers:

Vice-Chairman - Brig. Gen. Nico du Preez was re-elected.

Treasurer – Ms Giselle Brits was elected.

Secretary – Mrs C Patience was re-elected.

Noted with congratulations.

Unconfirmed Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held on 15.11.2018

Circulated on 09.01.2019

Quorum present.



Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting held on 19.11.18.

Circulated on 04.12.2018

Quorum present.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting held on 21.01.2019

Received 24.01.2019 and circulated on 28.01.2019.

Quorum present.

Noted with much regret the resignation of Clr Ralph Zeeman wef end February 2019.

New Representative on Exco to be appointed in terms of Article 14.4.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting held on 25.11.2018.

Circulated on 12.12.2018.

Quorum present.



Next meeting early February – date TBC.


8.1 39 new members and 59 lapsed members were elected.


9.1 Applications for Affiliation

9.1.1 Australian Shepherd Club Western Cape – approved via Round Robin

At its inaugural meeting held 20 August 2018, the members of the above club elected to become affiliated to KUSA. Affiliation was recommended for approval at the WC Provincial Council at its Meeting which was held 17 November 2018. The application fee has been paid.

Sponsoring Clubs are WP Boxer Club & Kennel Association.

The Club has adopted the revised KUSA Specimen Club Constitution. Management Committee and quorum is as per KUSA specimen. Management Committee - No less than 5 nor more than 10 members. Quorum is one and a half (1.5) the number of the serving Committee with voting rights.

Name as above

OFFICE NOTE: (The Office advised the Club of the necessary amendments required to its Constitution and these have re-submitted as requested)


The Australian Shepherd Dog Club Western Cape is now affiliated as a Specialist Club.

9.1.2 Article 9 Loss of Affiliation – Article 9.3

The following Clubs were disaffiliated at Fedco 12-2018 and are requesting to be re-instated:

East London Kennel Club

Port Rex Kennel Club

Quinera W & H Breeds Club

Kaffrarian Hound Association

All documents and payments have been received from previous events. All clubs have paid their affiliation fees and re-affiliation fees.

Financial Year end was 31 December 2018. Clubs have until end of March 2019 to hold meetings and submit signed audited accounts. The accounts are with the auditor and we expect to receive documents before the end of February. They are therefore within their timeframe as per the Club Constitution.

It was confirmed that all financial documents have since been received,


That the above four Clubs be reinstated to the list of Affiliated Clubs.

DS expressed concern about these Clubs holding Championship Shows in 2019 as he was of the opinion that they should rather skip a year, “re-group” and do fundraising.

9.2 Amendments to Club Constitutions

9.2.1 The Dobermann Club

At its Special General Meeting held 2nd December 2018, the above Club repealed its Constitution and replaced with a revised Constitution. This was approved by Club members.

OFFICE NOTE: This is not the new KUSA Specimen Constitution but an updated version of their previous Constitution.

The Constitution refers to Proxy Votes which are not permitted by KUSA and there is a numbering problem which we have requested the Club to amend. We have also recommended the adoption of the revised Specimen Specialist Club Constitution but table the current amended document for approval pending a response.

Financial Year end is 31 Dec each year with their AGMs to be held by end of February each year.

Management Committee is 8-10 members and quorum is 15.

Revised Constitution attached to agenda

After discussion it was agreed that this be carried forward to the next meeting.

To be carried forward to next agenda.

9.2.2 Birch Acres Dog Training Club

As a result of the Federal Council ruling that all Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of KUSA-affiliated Clubs be Members of the Kennel Union:

At its meeting held 1 December 2018, the Club approved an amendment to Clause 18 of its Constitution.

Insert new

vi) The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be members in good standing of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.


9.2.3 Matrix GSD Western Cape

At its AGM held 9 December 2018 the Club approved the following amendments to its Constitution:


(i) At each Annual General Meeting [an Auditor] an Independent Financial Practitioner who may not necessarily be a member, but hold adequate experience to discharge his duties, shall be elected and he shall verify the asses of the Club, audit the annual accounts and balance sheets and report thereon prior to the Annual General Meeting. A signed cop of accounts or signed covering letter by the [auditor] an Independent Financial Practitioner must accompany the final documents.

(iii) Should the [auditor] an Independent Financial Practitioner be unable to fulfil his duties; the committee shall have the power to appoint another person to perform the audit.


The financial year of the club shall run from [01 January to 31 December] 01 November to 31 October

a) The financial year of the Club shall be the twelve (12) calendar months ending [31 December] 31st October in each and every year.


9.3 Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 - Dispensation for Registration

Update on status of litter registrations for which dispensation was granted in respect of the estate of the late Mr A Austen.


Bulldog (Reg.4.7 Late Registration)

Additional application for Litter whelped 12 April 2017, (2 puppies), breeder, Mr E Kriek.


9.4 Incorrect details of Dam recorded on application for registration of complete litter - nil

9.5 Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates

Great Dane Bitch Gatonford Gracelynn (Gracie) – Reg No ZA010784B16, Microchip 945000001723477

KUSA is in receipt of a signed vet report advising that the above bitch injured her tail tip on 24.07.2018, after which she self-mutilated her tail resulting the surgical amputation of approx. 8 cm off the end of the tail.

Copy of vet report circulated on 22.01.2019.


9.6 International Rules of the FCI

NdP advised that Fedco needs to incorporate the FCI Rules in the KUSA Constitution.

9.7 Junior Merit Qualifications

Request for reconsideration of Exco decision made April 2018 that Junior awards be back dated to qualify for the Junior Merit award.

Discussion indicated that this was not an unreasonable request and should be referred back to the Fedco via “round robin”.

9.7 KUSA Website Breeders Adverts

The conditions under which a Breeder’s Advert could be removed were discussed in that the Breeder should first be informed and given the opportunity to state why the Breeders Advert should not be removed.


10.1 Breed Standard – Change of Group

The Breed Kangal Çoban Köpeği (previously Anatolian Shepherd) to be changed from Herding Group to Working Group as it is a Guard Dog.

10.2 Supreme Champion

The above was approved at Fedco 12-2018 with an effective date of 01.04.2019. Only awards and qualifications gained after 01.01.2017 shall count towards this title. RJ asked for clarity about Best in Show in that it is not clear if only BISs awarded after 01.01.2017 will count and what happens to BIS awarded before this date? He has queried this with Clr Immelman and the matter will be referred to Fedco.

10.3 Reciprocal Agreements between KUSA and other NCOs

The reciprocal agreement with Zimbabwe had been cancelled some time ago and LW was of the opinion that this should be reviewed, as well as the agreement with Zambia.


Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Date for ‘face-to-face’ meeting to be finalised.

Fedco 06-2019 to be held 29&30 Jun 2019. Closing date for agenda items: Monday, 6 May 2019.

The meeting closed at 14h37 with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the Exco.