2017-10 Exco Minutes

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Via telecon:

L Wilson (Chair), RB Jenkins (Vice-Chair), R Juckes, DC Sparg

Staff in attendance: Mrs P Midgley, Miss SA Thornberry (Secretary), Mrs A Bastick & Miss D Rosier

Apologies: Clr CJL Griffith, R Zeeman, NJ du Preez (unable to make contact)

The following death was noted with sadness:

Beryl van Druten (Gau). Breeder and Exhibitor of Drutaner Weimaraners and committee member of the Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 19.09.2017 to be formally adopted.


3.1 Terms of Reference for Provincial Sub-Committees (Exco 07-2016 item 3.10, Exco 09-2016 item 3.8, Exco 11-2016 item 3.5, Exco 02-2017 item 3.4, Exco 03-2017 item 3.3, Exco 04-2017 item 3.3, Exco 05-2017 item 3.3. Exco 06-2017 item 3.3, Exco 07-2017 item 3.2, Exco 08-2017)

To be referred to the Fedco 12-2017 informal meeting .


3.3 Amendments to Club Constitutions

Deferred, pending directive from Fedco at Fedco 12-2017:

Saint Bernard Association of Northern Gauteng (Exco 06-2017 item 9.2.1, Exco 07-2017 item 3.9)

Cape Bullmastiff Club (Exco 06-2017 item 9.2.1, Exco 07-2017 item 3.9)

Sasolburg Kennel Club (Exco 6-17 Item 9.2.3, Exco 07-2017 item 3.8, Exco 08-2017 item 3.3)

Northern Tshwane Kennel Club

Natal Utility Breeds Club

Western Province Bull Terrier Club

Deferred pending Fedco directive.

3.4 Ethics (Exco 06-2017 item 10.1. Exco 07-2017 item 3.10)

RJ’s proposal held over pending outcome of a proposal concerning ethics to be considered at 2017 FCI General Assembly.


3.5 S.A. Ladies Kennel Association - Application for 2nd Championship Show 2018 [Exco 05-17 Item]

At this meeting the office tabled a second Championship Show for the 11th February 2018. In working on the events calendar, we found that the dates moved 1 week forward and the date tabled was incorrect. The club also applied for the 11th February. This is the traditional Weekend for S.A. Ladies Kennel Assn. Could we please record that the date should be 18th February 2018.

For Noting.


4.1 Office Report

Report circulated and discussed.



Financial Report for September 2017

After discussion the Financial Report was approved.



Case 06-2015

Deferred, pending finalisation of civil case which has been postponed sine die.

Email dated 07.09.2017 received from Defendant and reply sent.



5.2.1 Applications for Second Championship Show S.A. Bull Terrier Club - 9 June 2018

The above Club is requesting to hold a second Championship Show on the 9th June 2018 together with its traditional Championship Show on the same date.


"This is the third request to host a second Championship Show. The Club has held two successful back to back shows attracting a record entry of dogs. In both instances the Club made a tidy profit with which to finance its other activities and to invite overseas Judges. In addition, the Club still holds an annual Non-Championship Show where young dogs are prepared for Championship Shows and where Learner Judges are given an opportunity to hone their skills. Entries have been steadily improving over the last two (2) years. We have substantially benefitted from having been allowed to host a second Championship Show, hence this application".

All Show returns, AGM/Financials, Affiliation fees, penalties are up to date. There are no conflicting events.

Approved. North West Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club – 18 August 2018

The above Club is requesting to hold a second Championship Show on the 18th August 2018.

Motivation: "We use this Championship Show as a day to promote and develop local Breed Specialist Judges as we use our May Championship Show to have International Breed Specialist Judges. We host seminars along with our 2nd Championship Show, giving the Club a chance to educate our breeders and exhibitors. The Championship Show status encourages people to attend seminars. The Championship Show has proven to be well received entry-wise and also profitable for the Club.

All Show returns, AGM/Financials, Affiliation fees, penalties are up to date. There are no conflicting events.


5.2.2 OTHER CLUB MATTERS Schedule 3 Reg 14 – Exclusion of Dogs Dog Biting Incidents at Bloemfontein Shows 25, 26, 27 August 2017 (Exco 09-2017)

Information received indicates that the Club Committees may not have been aware of the incidents until after the Shows.

No further information was available.

Noted. Sasolburg Kennel Club - 30.09.2017

A temporary exclusion order was issued in respect of Rottweiler Dog, Apollo Prince of Stjephanic House of Torbrit Reg No ZA001028C16, owned by Miss BR Theunissen, due to his showing aggression towards the Judge. The dog was excluded from further participation in the Show.

Documentation circulated to Exco on 17.10.2017 includes a form completed at the show, a report from the Show Manager and Witness Statement. Representations on behalf of the dog were also circulated.

After discussion it was agreed that the dog should successfully pass CGC (Bronze), after which application may be made to Exco for three Judges to be appointed to assess the dog under dog show conditions, using the same handler. Sasolburg Kennel Club – 30.09.2017

A temporary exclusion order was issued in respect of Bull Terrier Bitch, Jedidja Butterfly Reg No ZA006668B16, owned by Mrs EJ Bannister. The dog ‘head-butted’ the Judge and bit him on the hand, resulting in her being disqualified and excluded from further participation.

The form completed at the Show, together with statements from witnesses was circulated to Exco on 17.10.2017.

After discussion it was agreed that the dog should successfully pass CGC (Bronze), after which application may be made to Exco for three Judges to be appointed to assess the dog under dog show conditions, using the same handler. TKC Kennel Club – Championship Show held on 08.10.2017

The Club reported on two incidents, but certain matters required clarification.

The first incident concerned a Pomeranian which showed aggression towards the Judge and was excused from the ring. The owner of the dog voluntarily pre-empted the temporary exclusion process by having the dog successfully undergo a CGC (Bronze). After discussion, Exco agreed to appoint three Judges to assess the dog.

The second incident concerned a Bullmastiff. Once the details have been clarified, a temporary exclusion order is to be issued. Exhibit entered in ownership of an official at a Championship Show

East London Kennel Club - Show 2 - 8th September 2017

Mrs A M Colborne was the Working Group Judge at the above show. Although no official complaint or objection was lodged, it was reported that the following dog was entered, exhibited and awarded a CC.

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Reg No. ZA006594B16 - Dog

Name of Dog: Mysticlight Double'O Seven of Mackland

Registered Owner: Mrs A M Colborne

Exhibitor: Mr C Nezaar

Awarded a CC

Schedule 3, Reg. 7.10.1

"A Judge may not enter a dog registered in his ownership in the same discipline on the same day at the same venue as he is officiating, save and except for Working Disciplines held under the licence of a different Club."

Schedule 3, Reg. 31.3 "The grounds of objection made to a dog and immediate disqualification of such dog in terms of this Regulation shall be any one or more of the following:

31.3.14 that it has been registered or recorded as owned by an officiating Judge within a period of twelve (12) months prior to the show.....".

Agreed that the award be withdrawn and the succeeding prizewinning dog be advanced. A letter of explanation to be requested from the registered owner.

AB requested clarification in respect of the current regulations. Can a Club withdraw awards on the day or may only Exco withdraw awards? Is a Schedule change required? It was decided that the matter should be placed on the Fedco 06-2018 Agenda. Exhibit incorrectly entered in Champion Class

The following dog was entered at Championship Shows held 22-24 September 2017 (Hibiscus, Margate and Pietermaritzburg Kennel Clubs) in the Champions Class.

Application for Champion Status was received 15th September and the title was awarded on the 4th October 2017. Closing date for the Shows was 31st August 2017.

Breed: Border Collie

Reg. No: ZA003043B16

Name of Dog: Giftnell It'samagicparty

Owned by Miss O Orsmond

Awarded 1st place Champion and BOB at Margate Kennel Club

Awarded BOB at Pietermaritzburg

Awarded BOB at Hibiscus Kennel Club

It was noted that this was not a first offence as the same dog had been incorrectly entered in the Champions Class during the 2017 KUSA Classic weekend. A letter was sent to the owner but no response was received.


That the awards be withdrawn and a fine of R1000 be imposed in terms of Regulation 33 of Schedule 3. The succeeding prizewinning dogs to be advanced.

The Office was also asked to check the awards won at other shows from 1 st June to 15th September to confirm that the dog was not entered in the Champions Class. Withdrawn Grahamstown and Districts Kennel Club – request to change 2018 show date

The above Club is requesting to move its Championship Show from Week 36 (9 Sept 2018) to Week 14 to join the Port Elizabeth (x2 Shows Fri), Uitenhage KC (Sat), Walmer & Suburban KC (Sun).

Obedience from Week 36 (9 Sept 2018) to Week 15 (13-15 April 2018).

The Club’s Constitution states:

Clause 4 – Headquarters and address of the Club

“The headquarters of the Club shall be as determined from time to time by the Committee, but shall be in Grahamstown magisterial district and the Club’s shows shall take place within that area”

Schedule 3, Reg. 2.1 states:

“Unless dispensation is granted by the Executive Committee, no Championship Show shall exceed two days duration and no Championship Show shall be held outside the Centre in which the show-holding Club is domiciled”.

The PE Clubs have been anticipating this move for a few years already.


“With our Club hosting a small country show, the low entries have caused the Club to make a loss two years in a row and financially we cannot afford a loss for the 3rd year. Accommodation for exhibitors has been a serious problem in Grahamstown area and this has also led to fewer entries. The Club can also not afford the Judges’ expenses in travelling to Grahamstown.

The change should have the following positive effect for the Club.

Larger entry of exhibitors, more available accommodation and reduced travel expenses.

Disciplines will move as well, but will be held on our original allocated weekend. We are looking at joining our Obedience with the PE Cluster Discipline Weekend as well.

It is a very sad state that the country Clubs have been affected by increased shows in the larger Provinces and our Club has been around for 35 odd years and it will be sad if it had to close down.”

Approved. Cape Hound Club – Championship Show – 20 October 2017

Although no official complaint or objection has been lodged, the above Club has reported that the Judge (Mr L Kruger) assigned to judge The Mother City Poodle Club Championship Show, held on the same day at the same venue, handled a dog in the Cape Hound Dog Club ring, and was also observed handling a dog in an adjoining ring for another Club.

This is in contravention of Regulation 7.10.2 of Schedule 3:

“A Judge may not handle a dog in any discipline, save and except for Working Disciplines held under the licence of a different Club on the same day at the same venue, as he/she is officiating.”

After discussion, taking into account the manner in which similar situations have been dealt with in the past, it was agreed that the Judge concerned should be asked to give a written explanation. KUSA Showdog of the Year Competition

At this point the Chairman thanked Adele Bastick for keeping the above up to date and correct.

5.2.3 KUSA CLASSIC 2017 – KwaZulu-Natal – 26, 27 & 28 May 2017

Accounts finalised and will be audited.

Noted . 2018 – Free State & N Cape – Breed 2&3 June 2018, Working Disciplines 4-6 August 2018

Breed Shows 2 & 3 June - Proposed Judges’ names received and cleared.

Quarterly progression feedback to be requested. 2018 – KUSA National Working Trials (Classic), TT & WUD

To be hosted by The Transvaal Working Trials Association (TWTA)

KUSA Nationals 9/10 August 2018

KUSA Championship Shows – 11/12 August 2018

Noted. Budget to be requested. 2019 – Gauteng

A request for this event to be hosted by Gauteng has been received and will be to be referred to the Consulting Committee.



5.3.1 The following Judges have completed KUSA requirements and are licensed for the Group/s as listed:

Mr A. Sheasby (GAU) - Toy Group

Mrs C. Battey (GAU) - Herding Group

Noted with congratulations.

5.3.2 Mpumalanga Bulldog Club - First Non-Championship Show 30 September 2017

The appointed Judge, Mr JM Koekemoer, failed to turn up for his appointment.

Mr Koekemoer’s email indicates that that he had lost track of time and had completely forgotten about the appointment, also that his car had broken down and that he was feeling unwell. He was apologetic and stated that he was extremely embarrassed.

The Club has not lodged an official complaint but requests advice on how to deal with such situations in the future.

Note: Mr Koekemoer’s membership lapsed in 2014, making him ineligible to judge, in any event.

(Letter from the Club and Mr Koekemoer attached to agenda.)

a brief discussion ensued on how this appointment was cleared by the Office when the membership was not up to date. This was due to staff shortages and steps will be taken to ensure it does not happen again. It was agreed to write to Mr Koekemoer pointing out that his failure to keep a judging appointment was unacceptable.

5.3.3 Breed Specialisation for GSD Judges

NBJSC has been asked for progress report. Any further information will be tabled to Fedco.



LW reported at the last meeting that there was an appeal from Shea Wright for assistance in raising funds for the Rosemary Elliott Memorial Fund to enable Junior Handlers to compete at Crufts.



The following Judges’ Reports have been Scrutinised and approved by the KUSA Scrutineers:

Learner Report :

Mrs J der Kindren (WC) – Beginners & Novice – Kennel Association – Non-Championship Show – 9 July 2017.

Mrs I Dinsmore (GAU) – Beginners – Goldfields Kennel Club – Non-Championship Show – 25 June 2017

Noted with congratulations.




5.8.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of FTLC Meeting held on 10.10.2017

Received and circulated on 12.10.2017

Election of Office Bearers:

Chairman – Dr Alan Kloeck

Vice-Chairman – Jenny Smith

Secretary & Treasurer – Marie Wynne


5.9 IPO - nil

5.10 DOG JUMPING - nil


The following Judge’s report has been approved by the Provincial Council Sub-Committee:

Second Report:

Mr M van der Vyver (WC) – Breede Rivier Vallei Kennel Club – Non-Championship Show – 21 May 2017

Noted with congratulations.


5.12.1 The following judge has been issued an Agility Judge’s Licence:

Mrs J Hatton (GAU)

Noted with congratulations.

It was reported by LW that Adele Bastick (AB) has sent changes to the FCI List of accredited Agility Judges to the FCI.

Gaby Grohovaz to be asked to submit a written report on the 2017 AWC event.

5.12.2 SA Agility Championship & SA Trials for Agility World Championships - 2018

KZN Agility Sub-Committee request that permission be given for a 3-day Trials licence for this event on 7-9 June 2018.


"Schedule 5L Appendix C – 4.3.1 states: “The Trials will consist of 5 rounds, 3 of which will be Contact Agility.” Apart from the time constraints, we feel that our dogs should not be exposed to 3 rounds at the speed and pressure that this event demands in one day and still give their best performance over the 5 rounds. We propose that the first Contact Agility round be held on 7th June after the practice session, and one contact and one non-contact Agility round per day (which will be combined with SA Agility Championships) to be held on the following 2 days.

Schedule 3, Reg. 2.1 "Unless dispensation is granted by the Executive Committee, no Championship Show shall exceed two (2) days duration …..".


5.13 FLYBALL – nil



5.16 TT – nil


Core Panel of Judges as provided by Mrs J Hubbard (Fedco Portfolio holder DD):

Gaby Grohovaz

Kathy Clayton

Elizabeth Chamberlain

Margaret Rutter

Margy Short


5.18 FCI

5.18.1 Communications sent to Fedco Members:

15.09.17 FCI General Assembly at The World Dog Show in Leipzig - Temporary Timetable

18.09.17 FCI General Assembly – Agenda and Enclosures

22.09.17 Notice of Death of Ole Staunskjaer

27.09.17 FCI Agility – Invitation & Agenda

04.10.17 Letter from The Hong Kong Kennel Club to FCI regarding the Judging Status of Mr Franki Leung

04.10.17 Minutes of the FCI Utility Dogs Commission held in Rheine on 18.09.2017

11.10.17 Proxy Letter: Letter of Protest (from President of Romanian KC)

11.10.17 Main decisions of the FCI General Committee- Kiev, 22 Aug 2017

16.10.17 Appendix initials from the Paraquay Kennel Club together with the updated list of Studbook Initials.

17.10.17 Revised documentation for the Estonian Kennel Union

AB was asked to check the 2017 KUSA Champions as there were some missing dogs and duplicate CACIBs.

As no comments had been received from Fedco or Exco on the FCI General Assembly Agenda, JH and LW will use their discretion in voting and report back.


6.1 SABOX – nil

6.2 Rottweiler Breed Council (RBC) – nil

6.3 German Shepherd Dog Liaison Council

No further information regarding KUSA GSD Clubs’ membership of the Liaison Council.

[Note: AGM scheduled for 21.10.2017.]




7.1.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of AGM held on 03.10.2017

Received and circulated on 11.10.2017 – Quorum present.

Election of Office Bearers:

Chairman – Mr B G Robinson

Primary and Secondary Substitute for the Chairman and Vice-Chairman:

Primary – Mr K D Young

Secondary – Mr R de Taranto

Secretary – Mrs A M Thompson

Treasurer – Mr J de Souza

Honorary Auditor – Mr V Haskins

Sub-Committee Members elected/re-elected:


Yvonne Taentzer, Sharon Hartmann, Hans Johansson, Barry May, Des Bekker and Peter Dinsmore


Stephanie Bridge, Ingrid Linnekugel, Jill Price, Louise Thompson, Sarah van der Molen and Jane Dent.

Working Trials:

Claire Patterson-Abrolat, Michelle Pietersma, Yvonne Taentzer and Colleen O’Farrell


Nancy Pelser. Nathalie Rouget, Shadi Henrico, Nadine Lund, Dave Harris, Neil Perkins, Lisa Prestwood, Alf Sergal, Gregory Crout and Ilia Lessev.

Agility & Dog Jumping:

Gail Killian, Noelene Pretorius, Jacques Botha, Natasha Schoeman and Wessel Griessel


Claire Patterson-Abrolat, Sue van de Pijpekamp and Sonja Lauterbach

Breed & Training Communication:

Francesca Browning Cristina, Jackie Browning, Randolph de Taranto, Glenda de Taranto, Bruce Jenkins and Freddy Veldman

Received with the Minutes:

Attendance Register

Chairman’s Report

Noted with congratulations to Office Bearers.

7.1.2 Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of DOGSPC held on 01.10.2017

Received and circulated on 11.10.2017 – Quorum present.





7.4.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of AGM held on 18.09.2017

Received 24.09.2017 and circulated on 26.09.2017 – Quorum present.

Election of Office Bearers:

Chairman – Mrs D E Powell

Vice-Chairman – Mr R Zeeman

Secretary – Mrs M Serritslev

Treasurer – Mrs M Melvill

Show Secretary – Mrs D E Powell

The following documents were also received:

Attendance List

Minutes of the AGM held on 19th September 2016, accepted by the meeting and signed by the Chairman

WCPC Chairman's Report 2016/2017

Audited Financial Statement for 2016/2017

Sub-Committee Chairman's Report for Agility – to follow

Sub-Committee Chairman's Report for Aptitude

Sub-Committee Secretary’s Report for Flyball

Sub-Committee Chairman’s Report for IPO

Sub-Committee Chairman’s Report for Dog Jumping

Sub-committee Chairman’s Report for Carting

Sub-committee Chairman’s Report for Obedience

Sub-committee Chairman’s Report for Working Trials

Sub-committee Chairman’s Report for Breed Judges

Noted with congratulations to Office Bearers.

7.4.2 Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of WCPC Meeting held on 18.09.2017

Received 24.09.2017 and circulated on 26.09.2017 – Quorum present.



AGM scheduled for 19.11.2017.



AGM scheduled for 27.10.2017

Noted .


8.1 32 new members and 38 lapsed members were elected.


9.1 Applications for Affiliation – nil

9.2 Amendments to Club Constitutions –nil

9.3 Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 - Dispensation for Registration

German Short-haired Pointer (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 03 October 2015, breeder Mr M Berry.


German Short-haired Pointer (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 03 November 2015, breeder Mr S H Barnard.


Bulldog (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 14 July 2016, breeder Mrs S W van der Merwe.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 30 November 2014, breeder Mrs E M Jordaan.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 30 November 2014, breeder Mrs L Kroff.


9.4 Schedule 2 Reg. 9 – Amendment to Registers

9.4.1 Incorrect details of Sire recorded on application for registration of complete litter.

Litter whelped 24 August 2016, one (1) puppy: Dachshund (Miniature Long-haired).

The Breeder, Mrs M D Stone, inadvertently inserted the details for the incorrect Sire on the litter application form as she had bred two litters from the same Sire born two days apart from each other. The application form with the correct details has been received.

The error was brought to the attention of the breeder by the owner of the Sire.

The required fee for the rectification of our records has been paid. The original Certificate of Registration had been posted to our offices but appears to have gone astray. Sworn Affidavit received.


9.4.2 Incorrect details of Sire recorded on application for registration of complete litter.

Litter whelped 22 January 2016, two (2) puppies: Shih Tzu.

The Breeder, Ms H J Erwee, inadvertently inserted the details for the incorrect Sire on the litter application form and only realised the error when she received the Championship Certificate for one of the dogs.

Sworn Affidavit received, Original Certificates of Registration will be returned and amended applications will be submitted together with the required fees.


Please note Schedule 2, Reg. 9 effective 01/02/2017.

“The Kennel Union may amend any of its Registers or the Obedience and Trial Dogs Record to rectify any errors or omissions therein and every application for rectification made by the owner of a dog shall be accompanied by the fee prescribed in terms of Schedule 7. In the case of application to change the dam or sire of a registered litter, KUSA reserves the right to request DNA parentage verification of the entire litter.”

After discussion it was agreed not to request DNA parentage verification for the above applications (9.4.1 and 9.4.2), however, this will be requested if this occurs on more than one occasion. KUSA Office to take note if the dogs have been made up as Ch or Gr Ch as the incorrect parentage would appear on certificates issued prior to the date of amendment.

9.5 Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates - nil

10. GENERAL - nil


Tue 21.11.2017 at 13h00 (apologies RJ)

The meeting closed at 14h03 with a vote of thanks to the Chair

Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the Exco.