2017-12 Fedco Agenda

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The Minutes of the meeting held on 9 & 10 June 2017 to be formally adopted. 


3.1. Annual Report by the Chairman 

3.2. Audited Balance Sheet, Accounts and Auditors’ Report for the Year Ended 31.08.2017 
Documents will be circulated prior to the meeting. 

3.3. Election of Auditor 
The current Auditors are Sprigg Abbott Inc. 

3.4. Article 16.2.2

3.4.1. Election of Vice-Chairman (of the Federal Council) – Article 
The current incumbent, Clr JM Hubbard, retires on 31.12.2017. 

3.4.2. Election of Patron – Article 
Mr GR Eva is currently the Patron. 

3.4.3. Election of Life Members – Article 
List of Life Members: 

Mrs JD Barrow 
Brig Gen NJ du Preez 
Mr CJL Griffith 
Mrs JM Hubbard 
Mr C Huyzers 
Mrs S Palmer 
Mrs DE Powell 
Mr BG Robinson 
Mr DA Thompson 
Mrs L Wilson 

It was agreed at Fedco 12-2015 that any Fedco Councillor who had served four years or longer on the Federal Council may be nominated as a Life Member in recognition of services to KUSA. 

3.4.4. Election of Life Vice-Presidents – Article 
List of current Life Vice-Presidents: 

Mr GR Eva 
Mr NS Kay 
Mrs S Palmer 
Mrs DE Powell 

3.4.5. Election of Vice-Presidents – Article 
The following Vice-Presidents retire on 31.12.2017: 

Mrs L Lawlor 
Mr GW Bidder 

3.4.6. Appeals Committee – Article 16.2.3 
“The Federal Council shall nominate at least three (3) members of the Federal Council, who shall act as an Appeals Committee on behalf of the Federal Council to consider any appeals lodged in terms of the Disciplinary Rules.” 

Note: It is customary for all Federal Councillors to be elected to the Appeals Committee. Three members are appointed to consider Appeals as and when necessary. 

3.5. Loss of Affiliation – Article 9

3.5.1. Article 9.1.3 - Information will be tabled prior to meeting.

3.5.2. Article 9.1.4 - Information will be tabled prior to meeting. 

3.6. Specimen Club Constitution – Changing Face of Clubs (Fedco 12-2015 item 11.1, Fedco 06-2016, item 3.4, Fedco 12-2017 item 3.7. Fedco 06-2017 item 3.4) 
Revised Specimen Club Constitution will be tabled. 

3.7. Naming of Clubs (Fedco 06-2017 item 9.6) 
It was recognised that there was a need for greater flexibility in the naming of Clubs to make it possible for some Clubs to have a national reach. Federal Councillors were asked to apply their minds to a more flexible solution, based on the particular circumstances, focus and membership base of a new Club to replace the current rigid policy of geographical confinement. 

3.8. Terms of Reference for Exco (Fedco 06-2016 item 9.1, Fedco 12-2016 item 3.13, Fedco 06-2017 item 3.6) 
Work in progress. (CG & LW to provide any further information.) 

3.9. The Rosemary Elliott Memorial KUSA Junior Handler Fund (REMF) (Fedco 06-2017 item 3.9). 
KUSA’s contribution for the National Junior Handler competing at Crufts 2018 to be determined. 
Amount that may be disbursed to the National Junior Handler of 2017 - refer to the funding criteria of 04.04.2017. 

3.10. FCI

3.10.1. FCI – Non-Mandatory Commissions 
As agreed at December 2015 Fedco, representatives would either be Fedco Members, Conveners of National Sub-Committees, or persons deemed suitable by Fedco. Appointees must have a thorough knowledge of the subject/discipline in question. 

The following persons currently serve as KUSA’s representatives on the FCI’s Non-Mandatory Commissions: 
Breeding – Clr Chris Griffith 
Shows – Clr Lois Wilson 
Show Judges – Clr Lois Wilson 
Rescue Dogs – Mrs Robyn Harflett 
Flyball – Ms Liesl Twyman 
Dog Dancing – Clr Jenny Hubbard 
Youth – Ms Kerrie Wilson 
Utility Dogs – Mr John Rautenbach 
Agility – Mrs Gaby Grohovaz  

3.10.2. FCI General Assembly Leipzig – November 2017 
Report from Clrs Hubbard and Wilson, the two delegates who represented KUSA at the General Assembly.  

3.11. Social Media Management and Web Artwork Design 
Freelance arrangement due for review.  

3.12. Boxer Register on Hold – Extension of Show Clearance Certificates issued 
At Fedco 12-2016, a directive was issued with regard to the issue of Show Clearance Certificates for Boxers. The first Show Clearance Certificate was issued in January 2017. 

Fedco is requested to grant permission for all Show Clearance Certificates issued to Boxers under this directive to be extended for a further twelve (12) months. The covering letter sent to each applicant states that KUSA reserves the right to withdraw the temporary Show Clearance Certificate at any time prior to the twelve-month expiry date, should there be a change in circumstances which would render the directive null and void.  

3.13. Schedule 2 Regulation 16 Breeder’s Restrictions (Endorsement) ( Exco 07-17 item 9.7, Exco 08-17 item 3.5) 
At Exco 07-2017, a request from a breeder was considered to place a Breeder’s Restriction on a dog nine (9) months after registration. Fedco upheld Exco’s recommendation that no Breeder’s Restriction should be placed on the dog concerned and the applicant (breeder) was advised accordingly. 

For ratification .  

3.14. Goldfields Showgrounds Supporters Club, Northern Gauteng (GSSC NG) & Goldfields Supporters Club, Southern Gauteng (GSSC SG) (Exco 09-2017 item 9.8) 
Request received from the Secretary of GSSC NG and GSSC SG for both the above-mentioned Clubs to be exempted from paying KUSA Show Levies on their Championship and Non-Championship Shows on an ongoing and permanent basis. 

“These two Clubs were formed solely as a means of raising funds for Goldfields Showgrounds. We need to be able to keep them in the tip-top condition in which one finds them today so as to be able to hold Breed shows, Working Disciplines shows, Dog Training, Seminars, KUSA Examinations, etc. If we were to lose the grounds, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find other grounds. Goldfields Showgrounds benefit from having a history going back many, many years of holding dog shows, etc., at the grounds and hopefully it would be very difficult for local government to stop us from doing so in the future as we should have “sitting tenant” rights, but we still need adequate funds to keep things going. Unfortunately, we do not have any big sponsors and have to raise funds in every way we can. All profits from the shows are ploughed back into the grounds, contributing to the running costs and improvements (when we have the funds available). At the moment, we are building a new toilet and shower block on the bottom grounds for the benefit of the dog show community. This will cost in the region of R100 000. 

Granting this exemption would be the Kennel Union’s contribution to dogdom in Gauteng, where 70% of dogs reside, to keep Goldfields Showgrounds running for the Gauteng region. I know that this happens in Australia, where special shows run by a club maintaining its own showground are given this exemption. 

I realise that this is a most unusual request, but earnestly request you to grant this exemption, as our situation is also most unusual. 

I look forward to your favourable response to our request.” 

Exco has referred this to Fedco for a decision.  

3.15. KUSA Participation in WODAC July 2018 
To confirm that DOGSPC and NAPC will once again take responsibility for KUSA’s presence at WODAC, if held in Gauteng, as well as the KUSA Showdog of the Year 2018 Award Ceremony. 

Budget allocation for Exhibition Stand = R30 000 
Budget allocation for Showdog of the Year framed medallions = R8 500 

The following needs were identified by Clr Robinson after WODAC 2017: 

Ÿ A person in attendance well versed in Working Disciplines and familiar with training facilities in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area. 
 A “Frequently Asked Questions” pamphlet, which would save the stall-minders time giving lengthy explanations about KUSA’s functions. 
Ÿ Literature on the National Canine Care Club (CCC), i.e. a pack (folder) containing all the elements, e.g. purpose of Club and benefits of membership pamphlet, competitions, colouring-in booklets, membership application form, etc. 
Ÿ If we are to promote the CCC on the KUSA stand, we need a portion of the stand branded and devoted to this project, staffed by a dedicated team. 
Ÿ With only one contact point behind the counter, it is simply not possible to attend to KUSA queries and haul in passers-by to engage them in a discussion about the CCC. 
Ÿ There needs to be at least two contact points on the stand, one for KUSA and another for the CCC.  


4.1. Any Matters Related to the Articles

4.1.1. Centres – Article 13 and Schedule 3 Regulation 2.1.1 (Fedco 06-2017 item 3.11) 
Following discussion at Fedco 06-2017 on the need for Centres as currently defined in the Constitution, it was suggested that geographical provinces would be more appropriate, combined with the elimination of the ‘away point’ for Champion status. 
Work in progress. Any further information will be tabled.

4.1.2. Article 31 Classification, Registration, Recording and Transferring Ownership of Dogs 
(Housekeeping – in line with amendments made at Fedco 12-2016) 

Delete words in [ brackets ] and insert words underlined: 
The power to: 

31.7 maintain an Obedience and Trial Dogs Record, [ and a Development Register Appendix Registersan Emerging Breed Register and Field Trial Register.  

4.2. Any items Relating to Disciplinary Matters –Schedule 1 

4.2.1. Disciplinary Sub-Committee (Exco) 
The following case has been finalised and details reported to Fedco: 

Case 01-2017 – Witwatersrand Kennel Club vs Mrs CM Jacobs 
The Disciplinary Sub-Committee (DSC) met on 11.07.2017 by teleconference. The DSC unanimously found the Respondent guilty ito 4.1.1 and of Schedule 1 with regard to her conduct at the Witwatersrand Kennel Club Championship Show held on 26.03.2017, where she directed foul and abusive language at a show official. Such conduct was considered to be completely untoward and unacceptable. 

The DSC imposed the following penalties, which took effect on 15 August 2017, for a period of six (6) months, three months of which were suspended. 

Rule 11.1.2: 
Suspension or exclusion from taking part in, or having any connection with, or attending or participating or handling a dog at a Show, Obedience Class, Working Trial or Field Trial or other event held under KUSA licence, or from acting as an officer of a Club; 
[NOTE: The penalty as per 11.1.2 (re attendance at shows) does not relate to the dogs in a person’s ownership, viz it applies only to Mrs Jacobs in her personal capacity and does not in any way apply to dogs that are owned and registered or recorded in her name, or owned and registered or recorded by her jointly with another or others. Such dogs may be entered and exhibited at KUSA-licensed events, provided that Mrs Jacobs is not present at the Show.] 

Rule 11.1.5: 
Disqualification from judging at, or taking part in the management of a Show, Obedience Class, Working Trial or Field Trial or other event held under a KUSA licence; 
The initial three (3) months of the above penalties shall take effect on 15.08.2017. The remaining three months will be suspended for a period of three (3) years until 14.08.2020, on condition that the Respondent does not contravene any of the provisions as provided for in Rule 4 of Schedule 1 or any other provision in the KUSA Constitution, Rules and Regulations that would form the basis for a valid complaint in terms thereof during the period of suspension. 

No appeal was lodged. 

Case 02-2017 
Following the initial notification procedure set out in Rule 7, the matter was evaluated by the SCI ito Rule 8 and, following further investigation, it was dismissed due to a lack of sufficient evidence to warrant a hearing.  

4.3. Any Matters related to the Registration of Dogs –Schedule 2

4.3.1. Schedule 2 Regulation 8 – Affix (Kennel Name) (Fedco 12-2016 item 9.3, Fedco 06-2017 item 4.3.1) 
Work in progress. Any further information will be tabled.

4.3.2. Schedule 2 Regulation 15 – Membership Required Prior to Registration 
(Housekeeping – in line with amendments made at Fedco 12-2016) 

Delete words in [brackets] and insert words underlined

15.1.2 The provisions enumerated in this regulation in relation to Membership and Affixes shall apply to all applications for the registration of dogs in the Kennel Union Breed Registers, [the Development Registers the Appendix Registers, [ Foundation Stock Registers Emerging Breed Register and the Field Trial Registers for Pointers and Setters but shall not apply to applications for recording of dogs on the Obedience and Trial Dogs Record. 

4.3.3. Schedule 2 Appendix B - Breed Standards (Exco 10-2017 item 9.10) 
Exco recommends that the following grammatical/housekeeping changes are made to Appendix B of Schedule 2: 

1. For each breed listed in Appendix ‘A’ of this Schedule, there shall be a written description called a Breed Standard, save and except where a single Standard has been adopted for those breeds where the varieties are [occasioned] distinguished by coat type and/or size. The Breed Standards shall be [ printed] published separately from, but form part of, this Appendix to Schedule 2. 

2. Once adopted, a Breed Standard may not be altered or amended, save for the correction of spelling errors, conversion of measurements, or the insertion of omissions from the Standard [ of] advised by the country of origin, development or patronage, as the case may be. 

3. Should notification be [ advised] received that a Breed Standard accepted by KUSA has been altered, or amended, save in terms of paragraph [ 2 above, by the country of origin, development or patronage, such amendments shall be tabled [ to at the next ordinary ] at the first practicable meeting of the Federal Council. 

4.4. Any Matters Relating to Breed Standards

4.4.1. Tail Clause – Formerly Docked Breeds (Fedco 06-2017 item 
At Fedco 06-2017 it was recommended that a citation should appear in square brackets at the end of the tail clause: [*refer note below]. Reference to FCI Circular 20-16 could then be made at bottom of breed standard, preceded by an asterisk. 

Having considered various options for the asterisked footnote to the standards of formerly docked breeds, the following wording is proposed by the Fedco members charged with drafting the footnote: 

*Regardless of the provisions of the current KUSA-adopted standard, formerly docked breeds may be shown at all FCI- and KUSA-licensed shows in South Africa, whether their tails are docked, or natural. Under no circumstances are judges permitted to discriminate against exhibits on the grounds of docked, or natural, tails and equal consideration for awards must be given to either. 

4.4.2. Amendments to FCI Breed Standards Gundog Group Bracco Italiano (Italian Pointing Dog) 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Herding Group Anatolian Shepherd 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. 

Please note change of name. Hound Group Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. 

Please note change of name. Hamiltonstővare 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Working Group Giant Schnauzer (Fedco 06-2017 item 
Breed Standard attached to agenda. Deferred from Fedco 06-2017 pending approval of the wording of (as per item 4.4.1): Dobermann (Fedco 06-2017 item 
Breed Standard attached to agenda. Deferred pending approval of footnote as per above. Rottweiler (Fedco 06-2017 item 
Breed Standard attached to agenda. Deferred pending approval of footnote as per above. Schnauzer (Fedco 06-2017 item 
Breed Standard attached to agenda. Deferred pending tail clause query. 

4.4.3. Amendments to The Kennel Club Breed Standards Toy Group Pug 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Yorkshire Terrier 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Pekingese 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Papillon 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Terrier Group Bull Terrier (Miniature) 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Utility Group Canaan Dog 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Boston Terrier 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Chow Chow 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Dalmatian 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Keeshond 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Lhasa Apso 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Gundog Group Gordon Setter 
Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. 

4.4.4. Protocol for change of origin of Breed Standards (Fedco 12-2015 item 11.14, Fedco 06-2016 item 4.4.6, Fedco 12-2016 item 4.4.9, Fedco 06-2017 item 4.4.4) 
LW and CI are working on draft policy for the adoption of changes to Breed Standards and the conducting of referenda for switching of Breed Standards. 
Work in progress – any further information will be tabled.

4.4.5. Belgian Shepherd Dog – Request to Adopt FCI Breed Standard (Fedco 12-2016 item 4.4.11, Fedco 06-2017 item 4.4.5) 
The BSD referendum closed on 04.09.2017. 59 voting papers were sent out. 16 respondents voted in favour of adopting the FCI Breed Standard. There were no votes against. 
For ratification. 
Effective 01.01.2018. 

4.4.6. Boxer 
Request from SABOX to revert to the FCI Breed Standard, subject to the footnote pertaining to tails of previously docked breeds appearing on the Breed Standard. 

(Note: The Kennel Club Breed Standard was adopted wef from 01.01.2016 at the request of SABOX.) 

4.5. Any Matters Relating to Breed Shows & Judging – Schedule 10 & Schedule 3

4.5.1. Report from the Convener of NBJSC – attached.

4.5.2. Report from Examination and Curriculum Developer – attached.

4.5.3. Breed Judges’ Specialisation Courses (Fedco 12-2016 item 9.10, Fedco 06-2017, item 4.5.1)

Documents have been forwarded to Clr Robinson.

4.5.4. Schedule 10 Appendix 1 (Fedco 12-2016 item

Submitted by NBJSC: 
3. Level 3 Provisional Judge 
3.1 On the successful completion of Paper 2, the Kennel Union will acknowledge the Learner Judge as a Provisional Judge until one Championship appointment on that breed, in the case of breed specialisation, or at least eight breeds within a group, in the case of a group study, has been fulfilled, after which the Kennel Union will register the judge as a Licensed Judge. 

To correct an omission from Fedco 12-2016. The corresponding amendment to Schedule 10 Regulation 3.1.3 Level 3 Provisional Judge was not carried through to Appendix 1 of Schedule 10. 

4.5.5. Dancing with Dogs (Fedco 12-2015 item 11.10, Fedco 06-2016 item 3.14, Fedco 12-2016 item 3.10, Fedco 06-2017 item 4.5.3). 
Schedule 5R Heelwork to Music (HTM) and Schedule 5S Musical Freestyle (MF) were approved at Fedco 12-2016 and became effective on 01.04.2017. When considering the necessary additions to Schedule 3, it was apparent that some changes to Schedules 5R and 5S were required. Amended Schedules 5R and 5S are attached

4.5.6. Supreme Champion (Fedco 12-2015 item 11.20, Fedco 06-2016 item 3.9, Fedco 12-2016 item 4.5.8, Fedco 06-2017 item 4.5.6) 
Work in progress. Any further information will be tabled. 

4.5.7. Schedule 3 Regulation 7 – Entry for Exhibition 
Proposal by KZNPC: 

Regulation 7 to be amended 
All entries shall be submitted on an official KUSA entry form, fully completed and signed. Any alteration or amendment to the Declaration thereon shall invalidate the entry. The current Form shall be that appended to this Schedule as Appendix 3. Only the current form or that immediately preceding it shall be accepted as official. 

Entries must close at the time indicated in the Schedule which shall not be less than [ fourteen 14 five (5) days and not more than [ fifty 50] thirty (30) days before the Show opens. 

“At most shows these days people request to enter after the closing date that is on the Schedules. With the change of times and fewer dogs at shows and the use of the Internet and, in some cases, online entries, changes to the Regulations are required to make sure all is legal. 

We want to alter the minimum number of days which committees can choose to close entries from 14 to 5. The Clubs still have the choice to elect to close entries earlier if they so wish. By doing this, Clubs will not be contravening KUSA Regulations by accepting these entries.” 

Regulation 10 Catalogue – no change to Regulation 
With the high prices of printing Catalogues, we are asking if these may be sent via email on the morning of the Show, or a Marked Catalogue after the show, as a cost-saving measure. 

4.5.8. Schedule 3 Regulation 42 Champion Dogs - Introduction of a proposed Junior Champion in Breed 
Proposal by DOGSPC: 

Insert NEW Regulation 42.1.5 (para number to be confirmed): 
The Federal Council may award the title of Junior Champion in breed to any dog on the full Breed Register of the Kennel Union or any National Canine Organisation recognised by KUSA which has won a minimum of eight (8) Best Puppy in breed and/or Best Junior in breed awards, as well as at least one Best Puppy in Group or Best Junior in Group award at Championship Shows licensed by the Kennel Union. 

“A lot of exhibitors leave their Puppies and Juniors at home till they are 9 months old when the CCs start counting, and then at 18 months old when they need the final CC for KUSA Championship. A JUNIOR CHAMPION title would encourage exhibitors to bring their Puppies and Juniors out, since most shows already offer a BJIS. The show entries (and KUSA’s levies) would increase. 

For a dog or bitch between 6 – 18 months to qualify for the title of JUNIOR CHAMPION, they must attain 8 x Best Puppy and/or Best Junior awards in breed and also win at least either 1 Puppy Group and/or 1 Junior Group.” 

4.5.9. Show Clearance Certificates Show Clearance Certificate – Extension 
Request for a further extension of a Show Clearance for Exhibition Certificate for Poodle (Miniature) Reg No PR 16153001 F for six (6) months after the expiry date of 23.09.2017. The overseas owners and South African exhibitors wish the dog to remain in South Africa for its “final CACIB”. 

Approved by Fedco ‘round robin’. 
For ratification Show Clearance Certificate – Extension 
Request for a further extension of a Show Clearance for Exhibition Certificate for Italian Pointing Dog (Bracco Italiano) Reg No N.H.S.B 2939930 F for a further two (2) years after the expiry date of 31.08.2017. The owner resides overseas but frequently visits her sister in South Africa. The dog travels with her and she would like to show in upcoming and future shows. 

Approved by Fedco ‘round robin’. 
For ratification Show Clearance Certificates – Policy (Fedco 06-2017 item 
At Fedco 05-2002, it was agreed that Show Clearance Certificates be extended to twelve (12) months. The following note appears on the Clearance Certificate: 
“Clearance Certificates are valid for twelve months from the date of issue and are not renewable.” 
Fedco to review current policy. 
Information circulated to Fedco by email on 13.07.2017. 


5.1. Schedule 5A – Regulations for Obedience Classes

5.1.1. Report by NSC Convener – attached.

5.1.2. Amendments to Canine Good Citizen (CGC) 
Submitted by Obedience NSC 

Canine Good Citizen is not governed by a Schedule of the KUSA Constitution, but by documents setting out the Rules of each test. According to these Rules, any KUSA Judge may evaluate CGC. 

In the interests of better record-keeping and assuring that Evaluators are properly contracted to do the Evaluation, it is proposed that the wording of the following paragraph in the Rules for all three (3) tests be changed by the addition of the underlined wording: 

Any KUSA Judge in good standing that has been approved by a Provincial Council may evaluate KUSA Canine Good Citizen tests. There is no restriction on how often an Evaluator may conduct tests. The Evaluator may not test a dog that he/she owns or co-owns or a dog that is owned or handled by a close member of the Evaluator’s family. The Evaluator has the discretion to determine whether testing should be interrupted or postponed for whatever good reason. 
All Evaluators shall be required to complete and sign the KUSA Judging Contract – J1. 

5.2. Schedule 5B(1) – Regulations for Working Trials (Classic)

5.2.1. Report by Convener – attached. 

5.2.2. Proposed amendments to Schedule 5B (1) 
Revised Schedule submitted by NSC attached. 

5.3. Schedule 5B(4) – Regulations for Working Utility Dog (WUD)

5.3.1. Report by Convener (see 5.2.1 above)

5.3.2. Proposed Amendments to Schedule 5B(04) 
Revised Schedule submitted by NSC attached. 

5.4. Schedule 5B(2) – Regulations for International Working Trials and International Tracking Trials

5.4.1. Report from NSC Convener – attached.

5.4.2. By-laws for IPO National Sub-Committee (Fedco 06-2017 item 5.3.2) 
The changes agreed to at the June Fedco that were to become effective on 01.10.2017 to be rescinded pending a further review of the By-laws. A revised document is attached. 
(Awards and qualifications granted prior to the new effective date will be recognised.)

5.4.3. Dispensation requests 
Two interim dispensation requests will be tabled. 

5.5. Schedule 5B(3) – Regulations for Tracking Trials 
(Note – no NSC) 

5.6. Schedule 5C – Field Trials

5.6.1. FTLC Annual Report – attached. 

5.7. Schedule 5D – Regulations for Dog Jumping

5.7.1. Report by NSC Convener – attached.

5.7.2. Proposed amendments to Schedule 5D 
Submitted by NSC: 

Revised Schedule attached

5.8. Schedule 5E - Regulations for Special Events

5.8.1. Schedule 5E(11) - Regulations for the KUSA National Awards 
Submitted by Flyball NSC: 

Housekeeping (in line with amendments made to Schedule 5M) 

Any team of [ four (4) dogs and two (2) reserves six (6) dogs may be entered. When there is an equality of [ time scores, the winner shall be determined by a deciding heat or heats or the team with the fastest dog time. The event shall be run as a normal Flyball event. 

Clean version reads: 

5.11 Flyball 
Any team of six (6) dogs may be entered. When there is an equality of score, the winner shall be determined by a deciding heat or heats or the team with the fastest time. The event shall be run as a normal Flyball event. 

5.8.2. Schedule 5E(12) - Regulations for Handler of the Year Competition (Exco 08-2017 item 10.1 & Fedco 06-2017 item 9.9) 
In view of the decision made at Fedco 06-2017 to make changes the Handler Entry Form, the following change is recommended: 

Exco recommends the following amendment to Regulation 8.7.1: 
Delete words in [brackets] and insert words underlined: 
Handlers will enter the ring in draw order (not catalogue order) initially competing with their own exhibits. The Judges will shortlist four (4) Handlers and the four (4) shortlisted Handlers will be given a short break to bench their own exhibits, [ after which they will be required to handle four (4) new exhibits. Each Handler will be required to handle all four (4) new exhibits, subject to the provisions of 8.6. after which each of the four (4) shortlisted Handlers will be required to handle two (2) new exhibits, chosen by the Judges, from a list of breeds provided by the organisers, subject to the provisions of 8.6. 

Regulation 6.4 – last sentence to be amended to read: 
Any dog that is to be used for Handling must be [ registered on the KUSA Breed, Appendix or Development Register entered at the same Championship Show

5.8.3. Schedule 5E(14) - Regulations for Western Cape Top Dog Competition 
Revised Schedule attached

5.8.4. Proposed New Schedule 5E (26) Event – Jacaranda City Kennel Club Grand National Competition 
Submitted by NAPC 

Proposed new Schedule attached

5.9. Schedule 5G – Regulations for Dog Carting

5.9.1. Report by NSC Convener 
No Convener at present. Reports from KZN, E Cape and W Cape Sub-Committees attached

5.10. Schedule 5K – Regulations for Handler Classes (Fedco 06-2017 item 9.9)

The following changes to Schedule 5K are recommended:

Delete words in [brackets] and insert words underlined: 
Regulation 3.5 – last sentence to be amended to read: 

Any dog that is to be used for Handling must be [ registered on the KUSA Breed, Appendix or Development Register] entered at the same Championship Show . 

Regulation 3.7 to be deleted and become “void”. 

5.11. Schedule 5L – Regulations for Agility

5.11.1. Report by NSC Convener – attached .

5.11.2. FCI Agility Regulations (updated) – attached for information only. 
The Agility NSC is presently addressing this document and will revert at Fedco 06-2018 with the relative Schedule changes.

5.12. Schedule 5M – Regulations for Flyball

5.12.1. Report by NSC Convener – attached. 

5.13. Aptitude Testing 


6.1. Rottweiler Breed Council of KUSA (RBC)

6.1.1. Annual Report from the RBC Chairman – attached.

6.1.2. Schedule 5E(18) South African Rottweiler Sieger Show & Schedule 5E (25) Regional Sieger Shows(Fedco 06-2017 items 7.1.3 and 7.1.4)

Recommended abbreviations for titles awarded for approval.


6.2. SABOX

6.2.1. Annual Report by Chairman - attached

6.2.2. Schedule 5F (9.1.7) and (9.1.8) 
SABOX Breed Assessment & Survey Procedures 
Insert words underlined: 

3.1 To be eligible for entry in a breed survey or breed assessment, a Boxer must: 
 be registered in the KUSA Breed Register; 
Ÿ be at least 15 months old on the day of the evaluation; 
Ÿ be healthy and in good condition; 
Ÿ be positively identifiable by means of a microchip, DNA or tattoo; 
Ÿ have been examined and certified for hip dysplasia and conform to the requirements as set out by SABOX from time to time; 
Ÿ have been examined and certified for cardiac disorders and conform to the requirements as set out by SABOX from time to time; 
Ÿ if a male, have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum. 


Subaortic/Aortic & Pulmonic Stenosis (SAS/AS/PS) are amongst the most common heart defects occurring in Boxers. Screening tests: Auscultation (stethoscopic examination) for heart murmurs, colour doppler echocardiography. 
According to the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) in the USA, while there are exceptions, virtually all common congenital heart defects are associated with the presence of a cardiac murmur. This includes aortic and pulmonic stenosis. 
(http://www.offa.org/cardiac guidelines.html) 
Consequently, it is recommended by the OFA that cardiac auscultation be the primary screening method for initial identification of congenital heart defects and the initial classification of dogs. Should a murmur be detected, this should then be followed by an echo-doppler examination to determine the exact cause. 

The British and Australian Heart Murmur Schemes for Boxers are similar and also based on initial screening by means of auscultation. 
SABOX therefore agreed unanimously that examination and certification be made a requirement for eligibility for entry in a SABOX breed survey/breed assessment.

6.2.3. Amendments to SABOX Constitution

Submitted by SABOX

Clause 8.2:

Whenever a new Boxer Club is affiliated to KUSA, its membership of SABOX shall commence from the date that its affiliation has been accepted by the Federal Council of KUSA, in terms of Article 8 of the KUSA Constitution and no other formality shall be required to obtain and retain membership [ other than that its committee at all times shall comprise of members 80% of which are past or present Boxer owners ].

Unless we remove the portion in brackets, the SABOX affiliation of Natal Boxer Club could be in jeopardy as it has some committee members active in agility, not all of whom owned Boxers.

Clause 15.3.6:

At the first meeting held by SABOX in each alternate financial year, the members of SABOX shall from their number elect a Chairman and a Vice Chairman who shall hold office for two years, always provided that in the event of either office bearer being unable to continue to act in such capacity during the course of his term of office, members of SABOX may elect from their number a replacement.

If at any meeting of SABOX during their two-year term of office, the Chairman and Vice Chairman are not nominated Representatives of Member Clubs, they will be entitled to attend such meeting ex officio, but shall not be entitled to a deliberative vote. The Chairman shall however be entitled at such a meeting to exercise a single casting vote in the event of the total votes cast being equally divided between those in favour of the motion and those against such motion.

Clause 15.3.7:

SABOX shall appoint a Secretary of SABOX who need not be a Representative and the Secretary shall hold appointment for such period of time as SABOX may decide. In addition to a Secretary, SABOX may appoint a Treasurer who need not be a Representative and the Treasurer shall hold appointment for such a period of time as SABOX may decide.

The Secretary and Treasurer will be entitled to attend any meeting of SABOX ex officio, but unless they are nominated Representatives of Member Clubs, they will not be entitled to vote.

Motivation: To ensure the right to equal representation of all Member Clubs at all SABOX meetings, it should be stated unequivocally in the SABOX Constitution that ONLY nominated Club Representatives should be able to vote.

6.2.4. Adoption of FCI Breed Standard No 144 

In accordance with the minutes of the Fedco 06-2017, items & relating to the Tail Clauses in FCI Breed Standards, SABOX proposes that the FCI Breed Standard be accepted as the recognised Breed Standard for the Boxer breed in South Africa, provided that the proposal regarding the amendment to be carried forward under item of the Minutes of Fedco 06-2017 be accepted at Fedco 12-2017. 
(See under Breed Standards above) 


The SABOX stance regarding tail docking has always been, and still is, that breeders and owners of KUSA-registered Boxers should be free to decide whether to dock, or not, and that neither docked nor undocked tails should be discriminated against. When the FCI standard was changed to no longer accommodate docked as well as undocked tails, it was decided two years ago to revert to The Kennel Club Breed Standard for Boxers which describes both docked and undocked tails. 
Since changing their standard to only accommodate “natural tails” in line with the laws of Germany, the FCI has issued Circular 8/2016, which directs, in essence, that in countries where there is no restriction on the showing of docked/cropped dogs (unlike in Germany), there may be no discrimination by judges between docked and undocked, or cropped and uncropped, dogs. 
Therefore, if the above proposal regarding the standards of formerly docked breeds is approved and implemented by KUSA, the principal reason for SABOX’s recommendation to Fedco to adopt The Kennel Club standard will no longer exist and it was agreed by SABOX to again accept the FCI standard. 

6.3. GSD Liaison Council

6.3.1. Report from the Chairman of the GSD Liaison Council – attached. 





June 23 & 24 
December 01 & 02 

June 29 & 30 (or June 22 & 23) 
November 30 & December 01 (or December 7 & 8) 

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