2017-09 Exco Minutes

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Via telecon:

L Wilson (Chair), RB Jenkins (Vice-Chair), R Juckes, NJ du Preez, R Zeeman

Staff in attendance: Miss SA Thornberry (Secretary), Mrs A Bastick & Miss D Rosier

On leave – Mrs P Midgley

Apologies: Clr CJL Griffith, DC Sparg

The following deaths were noted with sadness:

Janet Prince (E Cape), Carting competitor, exhibitor and breeder of Princespride Boston Terriers.

Caroll Reaney, wife of DOGSPC Councillor, Phil Reaney.

Exco congratulated Mr Keith Smith (KZN) on the birth of his first grandchild.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 22.08.2017 were formally adopted.


3.1 Terms of Reference for Provincial Sub-Committees (Exco 07-2016 item 3.10, Exco 09-2016 item 3.8, Exco 11-2016 item 3.5, Exco 02-2017 item 3.4, Exco 03-2017 item 3.3, Exco 04-2017 item 3.3, Exco 05-2017 item 3.3. Exco 06-2017 item 3.3, Exco 07-2017 item 3.2, Exco 08-2017)

A further copy of the ToR document, circulated earlier in the year, was re-circulated to Exco. It was agreed at the August Exco Meeting that this should be referred to the Fedco 12-2017 informal meeting.

3.2 Amendments to Club Constitutions

Saint Bernard Association of Northern Gauteng (Exco 06-2017 item 9.2.1, Exco 07-2017 item 3.9)

Cape Bullmastiff Club (Exco 06-2017 item 9.2.1, Exco 07-2017 item 3.9)

Sasolburg Kennel Club (Exco 6-17 Item 9.2.3, Exco 07-2017 item 3.8, Exco 08-2017 item 3.3)

Deferred, pending directive from Fedco at Fedco 12-2017.

AB advised that further requests for similar amendments have been received from the following Clubs:

Northern Tshwane Kennel Club

Natal Utility Breeds Club

Western Province Bull Terrier Club

3.3 Ethics (Exco 06-2017 item 10.1. Exco 07-2017 item 3.10)

LW advised that the FCI would be discussing a proposal, submitted by the Gibraltar Kennel Club, on basic moral and ethical principles for breeders at the 2017 General Assembly meeting.

A proposal to be circulated to RJ was deferred pending the outcome of the FCI Meeting.


3.4 Golden City Fox Terrier Club - Non-Championship Show – Saturday, 17th February 2018 (Permanent date) [Exco 8-17 - item]

The above Club is requesting to hold a Non-Championship Show on Saturday, 17th February 2018, together with S.A. Ladies Kennel Association's Championship Show. It is intended for this to be a permanent date and has the approval of S.A. Ladies Kennel Association. (See letters attached to Agenda).

After discussion Exco requested more detailed information, viz the relevant Regulations and any previous decisions made in respect of similar requests from this Club.

Schedule 4 :

2.2 "Unless dispensation is granted by the Executive Committee, no Non-Championship Show shall exceed two (2) days duration, and no Non-Championship show shall be held on the same day as a Championship Show for the same Group, Breed, Discipline, or an All Breeds Club unless the venue is more than 160 kilometres from the venue of the Championship Show."

Previous requests from this Club:

Exco 10-16 - Item 5.2.7 - to hold its Qualifying Show on the same day as NTKC Championship Show - approved (1 hour after completion of Championship Show)

Exco 11-15 - Item 5.2.7 - to hold its Non-Championship Show on the same day as NTKC Championship Show - approved (subject to the show commencing after the All-Breeds Show is completed and being on the same grounds).

Discussion ensued after which the following was agreed:

That dispensation be granted, subject to the Show being held on the same grounds as the All-Breeds Show and commencing once the same Breed has been judged at the Championship Show. The Non-Championship Show is to stop if a dog is needed in the ring for the Championship Show.

It was also suggested that the Golden City Fox Terrier Club should put forward a proposal to its Provco to change Regulation 2.2 of Schedule 4.


4.1 Office Report

In the absence of the General Manager, no report was tabled.


Financial Report for August 2017

After discussion, the Financial Report for August 2017 was approved.



Case 06-2015

Deferred, pending finalisation of civil case which has been postponed sine die.

Email dated 07.09.2017 received from Defendant and referred to Legal Adviser for advice.


Case 02-2017 – Following the initial notification procedure set out in Rule7, the matter was evaluated by the SCI ito Rule 8 and, following further investigation, it was dismissed due to a lack of sufficient evidence to warrant a hearing.



5.2.1 Applications for Second Championship Show

Pomeranian Club of Gauteng - 19 November 2017 - Breed

The above Club is requesting to hold a second Championship Show on the 19th November 2017.

Motivation: The Pomeranian Club of Gauteng is part of the Summer Cluster Weekend in November, with All-Breeds Clubs, Pretoria Kennel Club and Jacaranda City Kennel Club. In an attempt to draw more exhibitors by offering them a lot more choice and additional CCs.

All Show returns, AGM/Financial Documents, Penalties and Affiliation Fees are all up to date.

Pretoria Kennel Club has no objection.

For ratification - following a ‘round-robin’ request.

Ratified .

5.2.2 OTHER CLUB MATTERS Schedule 3 Reg 14 – Exclusion of Dogs – Dog Biting Incidents at Bloemfontein Shows 25,26,27 August 2017

LW reported that there had been dog biting incidents at the Bloemfontein Shows. However, the Clubs and Judges concerned did not follow the procedure as set out in Schedule 3 Regulation 14 & 19, even though the information was given to the Clubs at the time. According to the Regulations, the Show Committee must submit a report of the incident to KUSA within 7 days. Whilst some information has been received some three weeks after the Shows, the required reports have not been received from the Club Show Committees. The Secretary was requested to ask for the Show Committee reports and point out Rule 4.1.9 of the Disciplinary Rules with regard to Club Committees failing to execute the duties conferred upon them.

To be carried forward to next agenda.

5.2.3 KUSA CLASSIC 2017 – KwaZulu-Natal – 26, 27 & 28 May 2017

The final accounts should be finalised once PM returns from leave.

C onfirmation received that there are no further expenses to be claimed for the Working Trials Nationals held in Port Elizabeth.

AB has prepared the list for Crufts 2018 qualifiers (qualification at the 2017 KUSA Championship Show). There was one query regarding the Weimaraner which LW will check up asap.

Noted. 2018 – Free State & N Cape – Breed 2&3 June 2018, Working Disciplines 4-6 August 2018

Progress report and budget to be requested.

LW reported the General Manager has already enquired about Crufts 2019 qualification at the 2018

KUSA Championship Show. It was now also necessary to enquire about the qualification at the 2018 KUSA Championship Agility Show for Crufts 2019 Agility. 2018 – KUSA National Working Trials (Classic)

Agreed at the August Meeting that the above will be hosted by The Transvaal Working Trials Association (TWTA) – date to be confirmed. 2019 –Gauteng

Following discussion at Fedco informal meeting, the request for this event to be hosted by Gauteng can be sent to the Secretary of KUSA.



Breed Specialisation for GSD Judges. NBJSC to be asked for progress report.


LW reported that there was an appeal from Shea Wight for assistance in raising funds for the Rosemary Elliott Memorial Fund to enable Junior Handlers to compete at Crufts.



Attention was drawn to Sch 5A Reg 1.7.3 Inactive Judges, i.e. Judges who are no longer qualified due to not having carried out a judging appointment for three years or more.

AB was asked to ensure that such persons are not cleared for judging and that they are informed of the procedure to re-qualify as an Active Judge.


The following Judge has completed an official Judging appointment for TD II:

Mrs C. King (GAU) - Goldfields Kennel Club - Championship Show - 13 August 2017

The following Judge has completed a First Learner appointment - TDI:

Mrs L. Esterhuysen (EC) - Baakens Valley W & H Breeds Club - Championship Show - 24 June 2017

Noted with congratulations.



Unconfirmed Minutes of FTLC Meeting held on 06.07.2017

The following was deferred from the previous meeting:

The above Minutes were tabled at the July Exco Meeting and the following item was overlooked:

SA Hunting Retrievers

“Mr Hoy asked if the use of the SAHR cards is still relevant in view of the fact that all information and records are captured on the FT database. Mrs Wynne to establish whether KUSA will accept the results obtained from the FT database if a card was not signed by all the Judges.”

Pages 8&9 of Schedule 5C (Reg A.4.5) were attached to the agenda.

Discussion indicated a concern about creating a precedent and also continuity, should the individual who currently captures the records no longer be available for whatever reason. It was also suggested that the FTLC should first submit proposed changes to Schedule 5C, which currently makes provision for a record card.

LW undertook to contact Dr Kloeck for clarification once the documents have been received.

[Note: an email from the FTLC Secretary was received and circulated to Exco after the meeting.]

To be carried forward to next agenda.

LW asked for clarity on Field Trial qualifications, viz which are Championship and which are Non-Championship. AB confirmed that Field Qualifying Stakes (FQ) and Open Stakes (OP) are considered Championship, and Puppy, Maiden, Junior & Novice are considered Non-Championship Stakes. Accordingly, for FQ and OP, owners of dogs competing must be members of KUSA from 01.02.2018. Owners of dogs competing in Puppy, Maiden, Junior and Novice Classes do not need to be members.

5.9 IPO - nil


The following Judges has been issued a Dog Jumping Licence:

Miss S Van Wyk (GAU)

Noted with congratulations.

5.11 CARTING – nil


The following Judge has been issued an Agility Licence:

Miss K Heideman (EC)

Noted with congratulations.

Good luck to the AWC Team.

5.13 FLYBALL – nil


The following people successfully completed the Marshalls’ Course held in KZN 23 July 2017:

Mrs S. Barrett

Ms T. Burmeister

Mrs F. Hamilton

Mrs C. Hardman

Mrs C. Gainsford

Mr E. Ridley

Mrs D. Sutcliff

Noted with congratulations. It was encouraging to see new people getting involved in dogsport at this level.


5.16 TT – nil

5.17 FCI

5.17.1 Communications sent to Fedco Members:

04.09.17 judging status of Mr Franki Leung

06.09.17 SV-WUSV-VDH-FCI problems – letter from Federación Canofila Mexicana

08.09.17 suspension of FCI Show Judge – Mrs Vera Smirnova - Estonia

Noted with the comment that the Agenda for the FCI General Assembly has also been received and circulated to Fedco. The Office was asked to circulate a copy to Exco members, who may request any of attachments from the Office, should they wish to see them. Any comments and queries to be sent to LW and Clr Hubbard by 13th October. Should no comments be received they will exercise their own judgement.


6.1 SABOX - nil

6.2 Rottweiler Breed Council (RBC) – nil

6.3 German Shepherd Dog Liaison Council

No further information regarding KUSA GSD Clubs membership of the Liaison Council.

[Note: AGM scheduled for 21.10.2017.]





Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting held on 10.08.2017

Received and circulated on 13.09.2017

Quorum present.



Noted that the AGM was held on 18.09.2017 at which Clr DE Powell was re-elected as Chairman and Clr R Zeeman as Vice-Chairman.

Noted with congratulations.



Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting held 26.08.2017

Received and circulated on 13.09.2017

Quorum present

Noted - Attendance register to be requested.


8.1 27 new members and 37 lapsed members were elected.


9.1 Applications for Affiliation – nil

9.2 Amendments to Club Constitutions -nil

9.3 Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 Dispensation for Registration

Bulldog (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litters whelped 11 May 2014 and 09 May 2015, breeder Mrs H Schreuder.


Retriever (Golden) (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 18 August 2015, breeder Mr JL van der Linde.


Japanese Chin (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 10 July 2016, breeder Ms SD Olivier.


Bullmastiff (Reg. 4.6 Additional Puppy)

Litter whelped 20 January 2017, breeder Mrs S Malherbe.

Not approved . In view of the particular circumstances it was agreed that DNA parentage verification should be requested for the one puppy, in the first instance.

“4.6 Notwithstanding the provisions of Regulation 4.3 the Executive Committee shall be empowered, at its discretion, to grant dispensation on good cause shown to permit the registration of a single eligible dog or litter. In the case of application for the registration of an additional puppy to a litter already registered, KUSA reserves the right to request DNA parentage verification for that dog. DNA parentage verification certificates must have the microchip number of the dam, sire(s) and each of the progeny recorded on the certificate.”

9.4 Schedule 2 Reg. 9 – Amendment to Registers – nil

9.5 Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates

9.5.1 St Bernard Dog Ch Curazh Carpathian Saint’s of Malonwa Reg No ZA001001C16, Microchip 933061600001466.

KUSA is in receipt of a signed Vet Certificate confirming that the above dog was treated on 30.05.2017 for a deep corneal laceration of the left eye. The subsequent degeneration of the eye is a result of the injury. (Copy circulated.)

Approved .

9.5.2 Boxer Dog “Rennie’s Braveheart” – Clearance Certificate No T0068 F – Microchip 900008800192928

KUSA is in possession of a signed Vet Certificate confirming that the above dog has had his left testicle removed due to an infection and not a result of a genetic fault.

Circulated and approved by ‘round robin’ communication.

For ratification.


9.6 Rainbow Hungarian Vizsla Club – Bloodlines lost to KUSA

The Club has a member that owns two dogs that were bred by a breeder that was banned for life.

Is there any way in which the dogs could be brought back into the KUSA “fold”?

Background information:

The parentage of the two dogs is known and are out of two imported dogs which are KUSA registered.

The dogs were born in 2012 before the breeder was expelled for life in June 2014.

The dogs were microchipped but the dogs were not registered with KUSA at the time due to the fact that the owner of the dam was going through a very difficult divorce.

It was not believed that the dogs could be registered on the Breed Register if the breeder does not want them to be registered. Level 2 or level 3 Appendix register would be a consideration.

Deferred pending further information from the Club.

9.8 Goldfields Showgrounds Supporters Club, Northern Gauteng (GSSC NG) & Goldfields Supporters Club, Southern Gauteng (GSSC SG)

The following communication was sent to the Exco Chairman by Mrs Anne Thompson:

“As secretary of both the abovementioned clubs, I am applying to EXCO, and for our request to be further passed on to FEDCO, for GSSC NG and GSSC SG to be given exemption from paying KUSA Show Levies on their Open and Championship Shows on an ongoing and permanent basis.

The motivation for this request is that these two clubs were formed solely as a means of raising funds for the Showgrounds. We need to be able to keep them in the tip-top condition in which one finds them today so as to be able to hold breed shows, working disciplines shows, dog training, seminars, KUSA examinations, etc., etc. If we were to lose the Grounds, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find other grounds. The Goldfields Showgrounds benefits by having a history going back many, many years of holding dog shows, etc. at the grounds and hopefully it would be very difficult for local government to stop us from doing so in the future as we should have “sitting tenant” rights, but we still need adequate funds to keep things going. Unfortunately, we do not have any big sponsors and have to raise funds in every way we can. ALL profits from the shows are ploughed back into the Showgrounds, contributing to the running costs and improvements (when we have the funds available). At the moment we are building a new toilet and shower block on the bottom grounds for the benefit of the dog show community. This has cost in the region of R 100 000.

Granting this exemption would be the Kennel Union’s contribution to dogdom in Gauteng, where 70% of dogs reside, to keeping the Goldfields Showgrounds running for the Gauteng region. I know that this happens in Australia, where special shows run by a club running its own showground are given this exemption.

I realise that this is a most unusual request, but earnestly request you to grant this exemption, as our situation is also most unusual.

I look forward to your favourable response to our request.”

After discussion it was agreed that this should be referred to Fedco for a decision.

Fedco 12-2017 agenda.

9.9 Pembroke Corgis – Natural Bob-tail

The following request was received from David Thompson:

“Pembroke Corgis in the first half of the last century were often born with a tail status that was described as a natural bob. Maybe not always looking like a Pembroke which had been docked, but often having an inch or more. If it didn’t look like a docked dog, the breeders docked the bit of tail that was there. As a result the history of which lines carried the necessary genes to produce natural bobs, was lost. In the latter half of the century breeders were becoming interested in breeding natural bobs as result of the looming bunny hugger pressure to ban docking.

The first corgi we imported was a dog called Blands Ace of Diamonds. He was from a litter of natural bobs but he had a full tail. Peggy Gamble had been trying for several years to produce natural bobs. The dog we had, according to the experts, would not sire a litter of natural bobs as he was not one himself. The practice of trying to breed natural bobs has continued in the UK and now in Australia as well.

We have a current situation where a Corgi breeder, Kay Roos, imported an Australian corgi and the export pedigree clearly states that the dog was a Natural Bob. Kay mated the dog to one of her bitches and there were two live natural bobs in the litter. Kay wanted the pedigrees of the natural bob puppies endorsed accordingly. Naturally the office declined as there is no procedure in place to cover this situation.

One of the puppies was sent to Malaysia where apparently they are not permitted to show a Corgi which has been docked, nor are they allowed to show a natural bob unless it is certified as such, For their homebred natural bobs there must be a procedure but for imported dogs, the requirement is that the pedigree must state "natural bob" or some similar endorsement. The endorsement on the Australian export pedigree would be adequate.

As there is no procedure in place, in the interim my suggestion is that the breeder supply an affidavit to the effect that certain puppies were natural bobs and that the office accept the affidavit and endorse the pedigrees accordingly. Further that Fedco and/or Exco/or both establish a procedure to cover the situation in future.

The imported dog in question is SUP.CH.ANTUDOR DREAM OLICE (IMP AUS) : ZA001010C17, the office has a copy of the export pedigree.


The puppies which are natural bobs are HAZELMERE GINGER BELLE : ZA009021B17, and HAZELMERE AFRICAN BELLE : ZA009022B17


Your assistance is looking into this will be appreciated. Maybe Exco could address this particular case and approve an interim procedure until Fedco has been able to consider the matter. As you appreciate this is fairly urgent as the Malaysian owner of the puppy would like to start showing as soon as possible.”

Discussion ensued, after which the following was agreed:

That upon receipt of a veterinary certificate, which includes the microchip number of the dog, attesting that the dog is a natural bob-tail, this information will be placed on the certificate of registration under ‘notations’.

This decision should cover the above request and the matter can be discussed further the Fedco 12-2017 informal meeting, after which procedures can be drawn up for the office to use.

A notice should be placed on the KUSA website for the information of members.

9.10 Schedule 2 Appendix B Breed Standards

The Chairman of Exco recommends that the following grammatical/housekeeping changes are made to Appendix B of Schedule 2:

1. For each breed listed in Appendix ‘A’ of this Schedule, there shall be a written description called a Breed Standard, save and except where a single Standard has been adopted for those breeds where the varieties areoccasioned distinguished by coat type and/or size. The Breed Standards shall be printed published separately from, but form part of, this Appendix to Schedule 2.

2. Once adopted, a Breed Standard may not be altered or amended, save for the correction of spelling errors, conversion of measurements, or the insertion of omissions from the Standard of advised by the country of origin, development or patronage, as the case may be.

3. Should notification be advised received that a Breed Standard accepted by KUSA has been altered, or amended, save in terms of paragraph 2 above, by the country of origin, development or patronage, such amendments shall be tabled at the to at the next ordinary first practicable meeting of the Federal Council.

Agreed to recommend to the Federal Council.

Fedco agenda.


10.1 Second Championship Shows - Survey

NdP referred to a survey that was circulated by DOGSPC and NAPC to clubs in their respective areas in order to canvas opinions on the second Championship Show. Whilst many clubs appeared to be happy with the second show, there was a concern about the resultant reduction in Non-Championship Shows and the affect this has on the training of Judges. This survey has been offered to other Provinces for use. There were also concerns about the negative affect this was having on the smaller clubs in areas away from the main centre of Gauteng. It had also been reported to RZ that the survey document was difficult to complete and it was suggested that he could revise and rephrase it.

This subject is scheduled for further discussion at the Fedco 12-2017 informal meeting.

10.2 BJ enquired about the existence of a Breed Council for the French Bulldog and it was confirmed that this was not an official KUSA Breed Council.

10.3 LW advised that the wording of a form for reporting dog biting incidents was being looked at by Clr Robinson, and that a form for reporting complaints at shows should also be devised.

10.4 Mandatory membership for entering Championship Shows. LW enquired if this included FCI Shows.

It appeared that this was not mentioned when making the decision.

For Fedco 12-2017 agenda.

10.5 Zimbabwe Kennel Club has requested permission to copy the KUSA Show Entry Form and adapt it for its own use.


10.6 RZ advised that there would be a proposal coming forward from WCPC to Fedco to rescind the decision regarding mandatory membership to enter Championship Shows and replace it with a tiered membership structure.


Tue 24.10.2017 at 13h00

The meeting closed at 14h07 with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the Exco.