2019-05 Exco Minutes

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Clrs L Wilson (LW) (Chair), RB Jenkins (BJ) (Vice-Chair)), NJ du Preez (NdP), R Juckes (RJ), DC Sparg (DS) & L Thornhill (LT)

No staff in attendance.

Noted with sadness the recent passing of Arthur J Seef (Sezer Bulldogs) (GTG)

The contents of these Minutes to remain confidential until confirmed by Exco, unless it decided at the meeting that certain exceptions can be made.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 24.04.2019 were formally adopted.


3.1 Articles and Schedules – Harmonisation and Rectification of Contradictions ( Exco 11-17 item 3.3, Exco 01-18 item 3.3, Exco 02-2018 item 3.3, Exco 04-2018 item 3.3, Exco 05-2017 item 3.2), Exco 7- 2018 item 3.1, Exco 08-2018 items 3.1, 3.4, 3.5, Exco 09-2018 item 3.1, Exco 10-2018 item 3.1, Exco 11- 2018 item 3.1, Exco 01-2019 item 3.1, Exco 02-2019 item 3.1, Exco 03-2019 item 3,1)

NdP and DS to liaise with a view to having a properly formatted amended document for presentation to Fedco.

3.2 Appeal Process (Exco 03-2018 item 9.8, Exco 04-2018 item 3.6, Exco 05-2018 item 3.3, Exco 07-2018 item 3.2. Exco 08-2018 item 3.2 Exco 09-2018 item 3.2, Exco 11-2018 item 3.2, Exco 01-2019 item 3.2, Exco 02-2019 item 3.1)

This is item originally stemmed from the Rottweiler Breed Assessment when a dog was measured has being over the height limit and for which there is no appeal process.

NdP to look into this. Work in Progress.

3.3 Code of Conduct for Elected or Appointed Officials of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa

The above document was circulated to Exco on 24.04.2019 for discussion.

NdP recommended some changes and will attend to finalising the document.

3.4 Code of Conduct for KUSA Members – Proposed New Schedule 9

Circulated on 07.05.2019

Detailed discussion indicated that the document requires more work and it was recommended that, in the meantime, it should be taken off the Fedco agenda.



LW commented on a report received from Kyle Farmer regarding the costing of teleconferences using the new telephone system. This should result in significant savings in connection with Exco and DSC teleconferences, and others emanating from the KUSA Office.




5.1.2 Case 02-2019 (KUSA vs L Kruger)

Appeal held 25.04.2019. Document circulated.

Noted with the comment that it should be remembered DSC hearings are not Court Cases but a hearing by a jury of peers.

5.1.3 Proposed Amendments to Schedule 1

Proposed amendments were discussed and agreed that these will be recommended to Fedco.


5.2.1 Applications for Second Championship Shows 2019 – nil

LW asked that the following Regulation be raised at the June Exco Meeting, and also at Fedco 06-2019:

Schedule 3 Regulation 5.16:

“Where a Club, for any reason whatsoever, has been unable to finalise its Draft Schedule twelve (12) weeks before the first day of the Show, no licence shall be issued for that event.”

To be carried forward to June agenda.

5.2.2 Schedule 3 Reg 14 – Exclusion of Dogs & Reg 19.8 Vereeniging & Districts KC Championship Show held on 23.03.2019

Dog Aggression cover sheet and supporting documents received.

It was reported that exhibit no 203 Bull Terrier (Miniature) bitch Meison Capri of Lizmore ZA002520B18 lunged at and bit a passer-by.

TEO issued. Reply from owner circulated on 07.05.2019. Further reply circulated on 09.05.2019.

After considering all the information provided, including the responses from the owner, the Exco resolved

That, should the owners wish this dog to progress, it should successfully undergo a CGC (Bronze), after which application may be made to the Executive Committee for three Judges to assess the dog under the same conditions as when the incident took place. Note that such CGC test must be arranged through the local Obedience Sub-Committee and the microchip number verified by the CGC Evaluator prior to commencement of the test.

In the meantime, the TEO remains in force. Western Province Boxer Club – Non-Championship Show Disciplines 17.03.2019

Reported to KUSA on 23.03.2019. Obedience Border Collie “Chloe” – it is stated under the heading “incident details“. “At the end stays Howard Armoir’s attack my dog while I was holding it firmly between my legs.”

No indication of whether dog was removed from show. No report from show committee or any witness statements.

Email sent to Club on 26.032019 requesting report from Show Secretary, whether or not dog was removed, witness statements, statement from the handler/owner of the dog and a more detailed statement from owner of the dog that was attacked.

Further request sent on 16.04.2019.

After discussion it was resolved that the Club be advised that should the requested information not be received by a stipulated date, then the Exco will impose a fine.

[Note that this dog was entered at an upcoming W Cape Obedience event run by the W Cape Obedience SC. The entry was rejected at the discretion of the Show Committee.]

Further information was received from the WPBC and circulated.

After consideration of the information received, it was agreed that the Secretary be instructed to issue a TEO. Reported at the last meeting that the Regulations regarding Exclusion of dogs were not in many cases being adhered to, with dog aggression incidents either not being reported or incomplete information being submitted by Clubs.

Cover Sheet to be reviewed. Clubs seem to be focused on trying to complete the cover sheet without referring to the Regulations.

Sometimes the “Incident Details” section is completed by “the injured party” instead of the Show Secretary on behalf of the Show Committee.

Copy of existing Sch 3 Reg 14 information and cover sheet attached to agenda

It was suggested that on page 3 of the cover sheet after “Incident Details” the following words be inserted: “to be completed by a Member of the Show Committee”.

Reduce the size of the space provided for “brief account of incident” and insert “The report from the Show Committee, required ito of Schedule 3 Regulation 14, to be appended.”

The above suggested amendment to page 3 of the cover sheet under “Incident Details” was accepted and agreed that the cover sheet should be amended accordingly, for circulation to Clubs. Clubs to again be advised that dog aggression incidents, in and outside the ring, must be reported to KUSA.

All the Working Discipline Schedules are to be amended to include the wording of Schedule 3 Reg 14. The Regulation is to be included as a question in the Judges Exam on Rules and Regulations.

NdP to look at wording of Regulation 14 with view to making provision for the imposition of a fine, should there be no report submitted to the KUSA Office.

To be carried forward to next agenda.

5.2.3 OTHER CLUB / SHOW MATTERS Herding Club of the Eastern Cape – Agility Show 13.04.2019

The contracted Judge asked to be released from his judging contract due to work commitments. The request was granted as this was considered to be a legitimate excuse. A replacement judge was found at short notice. It then turned out that on the day he participated in all the jumping rounds with three different dogs.

Correspondence attached to agenda.

The Secretary was instructed to request an explanation from the Judge, which was received and circulated. The contents were noted and the Secretary will be instructed on a suitable reply. Whale Coast Kennel Club (Exco 03-2019 item

Following discussion on letter received from exhibitor Mr Nico Botha, a letter was drafted to be sent to the judge concerned.

Reply from Judge circulated on 30.04.2019.

The Exco was satisfied with the Judge’s explanation and the matter considered closed.

Noted. Swartland and West Coast Kennel Clubs

For information. The above Clubs have informed Exco that they will not be accepting any show entries from Duane Riley or Warren Sim. Letter attached to agenda.

Noted. Northern Areas Bumper Disciplines Weekend 27th April – 30th April 2019

Complaint letter (email) dated 03.5.2019 received from Ms Carol Staughton, who was appointed at the last minute by Colleen Patience to stand in for her as Show Secretary on 30.04.2019, due to unforeseen circumstances. Ms Staughton’s complaint concerns, inter alia, the issue of Qualifying Certificates at a FCI Agility Show. Copy attached to agenda.

Discussion indicated that there was a previous arrangement whereby this practice is permitted at CACIAG Shows. This is to be investigated.

In the meantime the writer of the letter to be advised that she will not be held responsible in any way for what she was instructed to do.

It was also confirmed that this was not a DSC matter.

To be carried forward to next agenda.

5.2.4 KUSA Classic

LW reported that the final arrangements were progressing well.

The KUSA Nationals will be held on the field of Goldfields Kennel Club followed by a dinner. This will be promoted on Facebook.


5.4 JUDGES – BREED - nil


LW reported that the Egypt Kennel Club has donated some prizes for the Handling events at the Nationals.

5.6 OBEDIENCE - nil


5.8 FIELD TRIALS - nil

5.9 IGP - nil

5.10 DOG JUMPING - nil

5.11 CARTING - nil

5.12 AGILITY - nil

5.13 FLYBALL - nil



5.16 TT – nil

5.17 DOG DANCING – nil

It was decided that the above NSC’s should be allocated to various Exco members to deal with at future meetings.

LW to supply list to the Secretary.

5.18 FCI

LW gave brief verbal report on the FCI General Assembly, which she attended along with Clr Hubbard.




8.1 10 New Members and 19 Members (lapsed) were elected.


9.1 Applications for Affiliation - nil

9.2 Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 - Dispensation for Registration

Application lodged with KUSA prior to date of implementation of DNA Parentage Verification requirement.

Poodle (Toy) (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration).

Litter whelped 01 December 2017, two (2 puppies), breeder, Mrs J Loubser.


Rottweiler (Reg.4.6 Litter over 12 months of age)

Request for dispensation to register the litter without DNA Parentage Verification.

Litter whelped 22 February 2018, six (6 pups), Breeder Mr N Perkins.

Approved, subject to receipt of proof that DNA samples for DNA profiling were submitted to a recognised laboratory.

9.3 Incorrect details of Dam recorded on application for registration of complete litter - nil

9.4 Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates

GSD (Long coat) Bitch Xaria vom Pfalzerwald, Microchip No 953010001224426, Registration No ZA010889B16.

KUSA is in possession of a signed veterinary certificate confirming that the above bitch has injured her mouth resulting in avulsion of right lower incisor 2 and chipped and flattened crown of right upper canine.

Approved by round robin.

For ratification.


Dobermann Bitch CH Chaldonne Out On Bail Registration No ZA010885B15, Microchip No: 953010000510225

KUSA is in possession of a signed veterinary certificate confirming that the above Doberman presented with complicated crown fractures of the right maxillary second incisor (102) and left mandibular canine teeth (304). Both these teeth were treated by root canal therapy. Dentition otherwise complete.

Details circulated on 07.05.2019.



The following matters were discussed:

10.1 Kusa Public Relations

10.2 Colours on KUSA Registration Certificate under the new K9 System

10.3 Kusa Brand Flag outside the offices at Bree Street - every show to have a Tear Drop advertising KUSA

10.4 How to increase Show Entries – decrease the number of All Breed Shows

10.5 Refund of Complaint Deposit R5000.00 from December 2017

10.6 Compliance with Article 12.5 - Declaration of dog related activities

10.7 Confidentiality on Exco Minutes until passed by Exco – exceptions to be noted on the day of the meeting

10.8 Money Outstanding by clubs to other clubs for services - failure to execute their commitment.

10.9 Money owed to Clubs from computer dog show system – RJ is following this up

10.10 Article 19 Investigation regarding SPCA Complaint and confiscation of dogs – waiting for results from the SPCA Court Case

10.11 Schedule 1 - the penalty is effective from the date as stipulated by the DSC. An Appeal may change the outcome, but the penalties/suspension come into effect on the date the DSC stipulates

10.12 Judges not refunding airfares when they pull out of Judging Appointments. Need to look at a change to J1 of the Judges contract to cover this.

10.13 COI for new K9 System


Tue 25.06.2019 at 13h00

Fedco 06-2019 to be held 29 & 30 June 2019. (Closing date for agenda items was Monday, 6 May 2019.)

Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the Exco.