2018-12 Fedco Minutes

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Mr CJL Griffith (Chairman) - CG

Mrs JM Hubbard (Vice-Chairman & Chairman – NAPC) – JH

Mrs JD Barrow (Chairman – EC&BPC) - JB

Mrs C Buitendach (Chairman - FS&NCPC) - CB

Mr RJ Dempsey (Chairman – KZNPC) - RD

Mrs CM Immelman (Vice-Chairman – DOGSPC) - CI

Mrs DE Powell (Chairman – WCPC) - DP

Mr BG Robinson (Chairman – DOGSPC) – GR

Mrs L Wilson (Chairman – Exco) – LW

Staff in Attendance:

Mrs P Midgley (General Manager) – PM

Ms SA Thornberry (Secretary) – ST

Mr K Farmer (Office Manager) - KF

Mrs L Solomon (Assistant to General Manager) – LS 
Mrs A Bastick (Shows Department) - AB

Apologies: Nil

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all present, including two new KUSA staff members in attendance - Kyle Farmer, Office Manager, and Lauren Solomon, Assistant to the General Manager. He also welcomed Clr Joan Barrow back onto the Federal Council, following the resignation of Clr Lynn Scholtz who, due to personal circumstances, was unable to continue with her Provincial Council and Fedco duties. 

With a full complement of nine Federal Councillors present, the Chairman declared a two-thirds majority for the changing of Articles and Schedules to be six, whereas five would constitute a simple majority required for other decisions.

The Chairman requested all present to stand and observe a minute’s silence in honour of the following persons who had passed away since the last Fedco meeting:

John Colborne (GAU), Gordon Loxton (GAU), Tony Milstein (GAU), Neil Kriel (GAU), Pat Harding (GAU), Graham Price (GAU), Helene Kessler (W Cape), Ingrid Dinsmore (GAU), Gavin De Lange (KZN), Traci Meyer (GAU) and Rosemary Meyer (EC).

The Minutes of the meeting held on 23rd & 24th June 2018 were formally adopted and confirmed unanimously.

Proposed DP, seconded JH


3.1. Annual Report by the Chairman 
The Chairman presented his Annual Report.

3.2. Audited Balance Sheet, Accounts and Auditors’ Report for the Year Ended 31.08.2018 
The above documents had been circulated prior to the meeting. 

After discussion it was resolved, unanimously, that the above Financial Statements be approved.

Proposed CG, seconded DP 

A 13th cheque for the staff, based on 50 per cent of salaries, was unanimously approved, as were discretionary salary increases, upon completion of appraisals.

Proposed JH, seconded GR

It was unanimously agreed that the Budget as approved at Fedco 06-2018 needed to be re-aligned to take the new staff appointments into account.

Proposed DP, seconded RD.

3.3. Election of Auditor 
The current Auditors are Sprigg Abbott Inc.

Resolved, unanimously, 
that Sprigg Abbott Inc. be re-elected as Auditors.

Proposed DP, seconded CB

3.4. Article 16.2.2

3.4.1. Election of the Chairman of the Federal Council of KUSA and Election of the President of KUSA – Article 
The current Chairman, Clr CJL Griffith, retires on 31.12.2020.

The current President, Clr DE Powell, retires on 31.12.2020.


3.4.2. Election of the Vice-Chairman of the Federal Council of KUSA – Article

The current incumbent, Clr JM Hubbard, retires on 31.12.2019.


3.4.3. Election of Patron of KUSA – Article 
The current Patron is Mr GR Eva.

Resolved, unanimously,

that Mr GR Eva be re-elected as Patron.

Proposed JH, seconded GR 

3.4.4. Election of Life Members of KUSA – Article 
List of current Life Members: 
Mrs JD Barrow 
Brig Gen NJ du Preez

Mr GR Eva 
Mr CJL Griffith 
Mrs JM Hubbard 
Mr C Huyzers 
Mrs CM Immelman

Mr RB Jenkins 
Mrs S Palmer 
Mrs DE Powell

Mr DC Sparg 
Mr BG Robinson 
Mrs L Wilson

Adv R Zeeman 

No new Life Members were elected.

3.4.5. Election of Life Vice-Presidents of KUSA – Article 
List of current Life Vice-Presidents: 
Mr GR Eva 
Mr NS Kay 
Mrs S Palmer 
Mrs DE Powell


No new Life Vice-Presidents were elected.

3.4.6. Election of Vice-Presidents of KUSA – Article 

Mr RB Jenkins

Resolved , unanimously,

that Mr RB Jenkins be re-elected as a Vice-President for the ensuing four years until 31.12.2022.

Proposed RD, seconded LW 

The following Vice-Presidents retire on 31.12.20: 
Mrs JD Barrow 
Mrs S Bloomfield 

The current Legal Adviser to KUSA is Brig Gen NJ du Preez. 
, unanimously, 

that Brig Gen NJ du Preez should continue as Legal Adviser to the Kennel Union on an indefinite basis. 
A vote of thanks was recorded to Brig Gen Du Preez for his extraordinary services to KUSA. 
Proposed LW, seconded CG 

3.4.8. Appeals Committee – Article 16.2.3 
“The Federal Council shall nominate at least three (3) members of the Federal Council, who shall act as an Appeals Committee on behalf of the Federal Council to consider any appeals lodged in terms of the Disciplinary Rules.” 
Note: It is customary for all Federal Councillors to be elected to the Appeals Committee. Three members are appointed to consider Appeals as and when necessary. 
The nomination and composition of the Appeals Committee remain unchanged.

3.5. Loss of Affiliation – Article 9

3.5.1. Article 9.1.3

“Failure to submit minutes of Annual and/or Special General Meetings together with audited Financial Statements and balance sheets where applicable in terms of Article 8.6.2.”


Bullmastiff Club of SA (tabled June 2017, December 2017 and June 2018)

Documents were required for the Financial Year-end 31.12.2016. No AGM Minutes or audited Financial Statements received. These were due by 31.03.2017.

Following Fedco 06-2018, a letter was sent to the Club pointing out the “18 month” ruling and cautioning that, if the Club continued to be in breach, it would be recommended for disaffiliation.

It was further noted that the Club had not paid its Affiliation Fees (Article 9.2 refers).


Celtic Breeds Club of the Western Transvaal (tabled December 2017 and June 2018)

The Club’s banking issues, reported at Fedco 06-2018, have since been resolved. An SGM was held on 24.11.2018 and documents were awaited by the KUSA Office.

Noted .

Dalmatian Club – (tabled June 2018)

Financial Year-end 31.12.2017. AGM should have been held by the end of March 2018.

It was reported that banking issues and FICA requirements were in the process of being resolved and that an SGM would be held in January 2019.


Goldfields Kennel Club (tabled June 2018)

Refer item 3.16.

The Gundog Club (tabled Jun 2018)

Financial Year-end 31.12.2017. AGM held 31.07.2018. No documents received as yet.


SA Rhodesian Ridgeback Club

Financial Year-end 28.02.2018. An AGM should have been held by 31.05.2018, but was not held and no Financials have been submitted.

The Club has since advised that its Financial Statements were with the Auditor and that an SGM would be called before the end of 2018, after which the documents would be submitted.


SA Short-Legged Terrier Club

Financial Year-end 31.05.2018. An AGM should have been held by 31.08.2018, but was only held on 24.11.2018. Documents were awaited by the KUSA Office.


Smooth Fox Terrier Club of SA (tabled December 2017 and June 2018)

Financial Year-end 31.03.2017. An AGM should have been held by 30.06.2017. No documents have been received.

The KUSA Secretary sent a follow-up letter after Fedco 06-2018. There has been neither a response to this, nor to any further follow-up letters from the KUSA Office. Should outstanding documents not be received by Fedco 06-2019, the Club would be recommended for disaffiliation as per the ruling at Fedco 12-2017.



Gold Reef Sighthound Club (tabled June, December 2017 and June 2018)

As per the ruling at Fedco 12-2017, if documents were not received by Fedco 12-2018, the Club would be recommended for disaffiliation.


IPO Club of Northern Areas

It was reported at Fedco 06-2018 that the Club wanted to close down, but had not initiated the dissolution procedure. The Club has since advised that it wished to continue under a changed status of a Non-Championship show-holding Club.

Agreed. The Club had until Fedco 06-2019 to submit its outstanding returns.


EC Terrier Club

2016 and 2017 signed Financials submitted.

Exco delivered a report on the management of the Club’s finances by various Club Officials, which Fedco noted. Fedco recommended that the Chairman of EC&BPC proceeded as envisaged in the report and that the Club’s finances were placed under the control of the EC&BPC. Affiliation Fees were to be paid from the cash on hand by no later than 04.12.2018.


Cape Rottweiler Club (tabled June 2018)

Financial Year-end 31.12.2017. Documents received, but Financials were not signed by the Auditor. The Club advised that a signed copy of the Financial Statements would be forthcoming, but this has not materialised yet.


3.5.2. Article 9.1.4

“9.1.4 Failure to adhere to Kennel Union Constitutional requirements in respect of: Any event to be held, being held, or which was held under a Kennel Union licence Schedule of Documents and Returns to be sent to the Secretary of KUSA, Schedule 8.”


Vereeniging & Districts Kennel Club - Penalty outstanding – R80.00 (subsequently paid) - Championship Show - 24 March 2018.

Eastern Transvaal Bull Terrier Club - Penalty outstanding – R240.00 - Championship Show - 12 May 2018. 
Golden Retriever Club of Transvaal - Show Returns outstanding – Non-Championship Show - 19 August 2018.

Goldfields Supporter Club of Southern Gauteng - Show Returns outstanding (breakdown of breeds per judge) – Non-Championship Show - 26 August 2018.

SA Bull Terrier Club - Penalty outstanding – R37.00 (subsequently paid) - Non-Championship Show - 18 August 2018 
Noted. To be followed up by the Provincial Council Chairman.


Limpopo Bull Terrier Club - Penalty outstanding – R120.00 - Championship Show - 28 July 2018.

Miniature Dachshund Club of the Rand – Penalty outstanding – R 280.00 - Non-Championship Show - 18 August 2018. [Note: This Club was disaffiliated in terms of Article 9.2 for non-payment of Affiliation Fees.]

Northern Transvaal Bull Terrier Club – Show Returns outstanding (payment received, but documentation outstanding) - Non-Championship Show - 8 September 2018.

Northern Tshwane Kennel Club - Penalty outstanding – R1290.00 - Championship Show - 19 May 2018. [2ndChampionship Show on hold, pending payment of outstanding Penalty.]

Noted . To be followed up by the Provincial Council Chairman.


Highway Kennel Club - Penalty outstanding – R300.00 - Non-Championship Show - 11 March 2018.

Margate Kennel Club - Penalty outstanding – R60.00 - Non-Championship Show - Dj & Ag - 24 June 2018.

Margate Kennel Club - Penalty outstanding – 280.00 - Non-Championship Show - Dj & Ag - 19 August 2018.

Durban & Districts Kennel Club - Penalty outstanding – R270.00 - Championship Show - 7 July 2018.

Highway Agility Club – Show Returns outstanding (subsequently received) – Non-Championship Show - Dj & Ag – 11 November 2018

Noted . To be followed up by the Provincial Council Chairman.

Article 9.2:

“Whenever an Affiliated Club's annual affiliation fee remains unpaid one (1) month after the date of renewal, the Secretary shall send a written demand calling for payment forthwith and in the event of the fee remaining unpaid on the thirty-first (31st) day of October, the Club in default shall be removed from the list of Affiliated Clubs.”

The following Clubs were disaffiliated in terms of the above Article:

Bullmastiff Club of SA

Gold Reef Sighthound Club

Miniature Dachshund Club of the Rand

East London Kennel Club

Kaffrarian Hound Association

Port Rex Kennel Club

Quinera Working & Herding Breeds Club

[Note: Clubs disaffiliated in terms of Article 9.1 or 9.2 may submit a request for reinstatement in terms of Article 9.3, provided such request is received within fifteen (15) months of the date of the Federal Council’s meeting at which the decision to disaffiliate the Club was taken.]

3.6. Club Officials – Membership of KUSA

Exco recommends that Club Treasurers and any persons with financial banking powers (signing and/or electronic) should be members in good standing of KUSA.

If agreed, this will require an amendment to Article 8.6.2.

Discussion ensued on whether the Club Secretary should be included in the proposed amendment and it was agreed that Club Secretaries were likely to be covered by “any persons with financial banking powers”. However, should the Exco recommendation not achieve the desired result, a suitable amendment could be tabled in future to impose mandatory KUSA membership on Club Secretaries.

The above recommendation was upheld and the proposal carried, with one objection.

GR was charged with drafting the agreed amendment to Article 8.6.2 and the following was accepted, subject to verification by the KUSA Legal Adviser: 

Deletions in [ struck through square brackets ] and insertions underlined

8.6.2 details of every Annual General Meeting and any other Special General Meeting specifying the names of persons present and resolutions adopted, together with one copy of the annual audited accounts of income and expenditure and the Club’s balance sheet shall be forwarded to the Federal Council. Minutes of Annual/Special General meetings shall be supplied within thirty (30) days of any such meeting and the copy of the audited accounts shall be supplied once in each calendar year. The Club shall ensure that the Club officials (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) names and contact details are sent to KUSA for recording each time there is a change and shall further ensure that the Chairman, [and] Vice-Chairman and Treasurer, as well as any Committee Member with financial banking powers, i.e. with signing or transacting powers, in whatever form, on any of the Club’s bank accounts, are members in good standing of the Kennel Union. At the same time of sending the names and contact details of Club officials to KUSA, the Club shall also advise the names of the Club Committee members .

Proposed RD, seconded CB

Effective 01.02.2020

3.7. Revision and Harmonisation of Provincial Councils Constitutions (Fedco 12-2017 item 7.19, Fedco 06-2018 item 3.8)

Task team GR, LW and CB assisted by Mr R Shortland (RS). RS prepared a document for consideration by the task team. Any completed work to be tabled for consideration.

Work in Progress.

GR enquired from the Federal Councillors operating under Constitutions where the Chairman and Vice-Chairman serve coterminously, whether they thought there would be any objection to a Constitutional change whereby Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen stood down in alternate years. The Federal Councillors affected were of the view that, in the interest of continuity, such a change made good sense and would be supported by their Councils.

To be carried forward to Fedco 06-2019.

3.8. Foreign-registered Dogs Competing in KUSA Championship Shows (Fedco 06-2018 item 3.11) 
Work in progress. (LW- Exco )

To be carried forward to Fedco 06-2019.

3.9. By-laws of Provincial Sub-Committees (Fedco 12-2017 item 7.20, Fedco 06-2018 item 3.10)

Task team GR, LW and CB assisted by Mr R Shortland (RS).

Work in progress.

Provincial Councils were requested to send their Sub-Committee By-laws (also known as “Terms of Reference”) to the KUSA Office for distribution to Mr Rory Shortland.

[Note: The KUSA Office had already received the By-laws of the Sub-Committees of DOGSPC and EC&BPC.]

3.10. Codes of Conduct (Fedco 06-2018 item 7.30)

At Fedco 06-2018, it was suggested that Codes of Conduct for Club Officials and KUSA Members would be desirable. GR was tasked with drafting such Codes of Conduct.

Work in progress. Any completed work to be tabled for consideration.

Noted that Clr NJ du Preez had done work on a Code of Conduct for Exco, which might prove useful to GR.

PM undertook to send a copy to GR. 
Work in progress.

To be carried forward to Fedco 06-2019.

3.11. Judging on Ramps – Bull Terriers & Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Fedco 06-2018 item 7.17)

3.11.1. Having scrutinised the study materials compiled for the KUSA Breed Judges’ Learning Programme, the Chairman of the JEC found that the only reference to Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers being judged on a ramp as an alternative to the ground/floor, was in Study Guide #13 (Judging Junior Showmanship). In consequence, he requested the Curriculum Developer to remove Bull Terriers (inclusive of the Miniature variety) and Staffordshire Bull Terriers from the “Breed Presentation Conventions” section of Study Guide #13. The revised Study Guide #13 to be uploaded to the KUSA website as soon as it is received from the Curriculum Developer.

Noted that, to avoid further delay, the above directive was carried out by the KUSA Office.

3.11.2. The proposed draft of a letter from Club Secretaries to foreign Judges contracted to judge Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers in South Africa, requesting them to assess these breeds in accordance with the custom in the country of origin, i.e. without any form of elevation, to be tabled for Fedco’s approval. 

Discussion ensued and the following draft was approved for the discretionary customisation and use by Secretaries, preferably at the time of extending the invitation to the Judge, or as a follow-up: 

Dear …………… 

Judging Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers in South Africa 

You are hereby invited by/Thank you for accepting the invitation extended by [name of Club] to judge the Terrier Group on [date of Show]. Your assignment for this Group will include classes forBull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers

You will be expected to sign the standard Judging Contract (J/1) of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa, in which you will warrant, inter alia, that you are physically capable of properly assessing the breeds assigned to you. In this regard, I need to bring to your attention that, in South Africa, Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are customarily assessed on the ground/floor and not on a ramp, or table. This is in line with the judging practices for these breeds in their country of origin, the United Kingdom. 

Since the majority of Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier exhibitors prefer the custom of assessing their charges on the ground/floor being observed and respected, our Club would obviously appreciate your not using a table, or ramp, when judging these breeds. Should you, for whatever reason, not be able to assess these breeds without some form of elevation, you are kindly requested to advise the undersigned without delay. This would afford our Club’s Committee some latitude in exploring available options including, but not limited to, the assignment of different breeds to you, or the issuing of a timeous notice to exhibitors to inform them of the situation.

Although the above communication, however customised, was initially foreseen as being directed at foreign Judges, there was nothing preventing a similar letter being sent to local Judges, if required.

(Fedco 06-2018 item 7.21)

An equitable solution needed to be found to ensure that the rights of those who desired to grant access to their personal information and those who wished to keep their information confidential were equally respected.

CI was charged with investigating possible changes to the Entry Form, whereas PM undertook to check on the necessary Constitutional changes. JH declared herself willing to discuss the issue and a possible interim solution with the proprietors of the Dog Show Programme and SA Show Manager. 

CI had identified the requirement for a Question/Statement with tick-box to be inserted into the Show Entry Form. She undertook to attend to the amendment of the form as soon as possible after the meeting. 
Work in progress. (CI)

3.13. Duties of a Club Show Manager (Fedco 12-2017 item 7.12. Fedco 06-2018 item 3.12)

Work in progress. (JH)

To be carried forward to Fedco 06-2019.

3.14. FCI

3.14.1. FCI – Non-Mandatory Commissions

As agreed at Fedco 12-2015, representatives should either be Fedco Members, Conveners of National Sub-Committees, or persons deemed suitable by Fedco. Appointees needed to have a thorough knowledge of the subject/Discipline in question.

The following persons were confirmed as KUSA’s representatives on the FCI’s Non-Mandatory Commissions:

Ÿ Agility – Mrs Gaby Grohovaz

Ÿ Breeding – Clr Chris Griffith

Ÿ Canicross – Clr Jenny Hubbard

Ÿ Dog Dancing – Clr Jenny Hubbard (JH appealed to the other Federal Councillors to establish what was happening in this Discipline in their areas and to motivate the practitioners to become involved in KUSA’s Dog Dancing activities.)

Ÿ Flyball – Ms Liesl Twyman

Ÿ Rally Obedience – Mr Rory Shortland

Ÿ Rescue Dogs – Mrs Robyn Harflett

Ÿ Shows – Clr Lois Wilson

Ÿ Show Judges – Clr Lois Wilson

Ÿ Utility Dogs – Mr John Rautenbach

Ÿ Youth – Ms Andria Haskins (LW undertook to inform Mr Augusto Benedicto (Dinky) Santos of Ms Haskins’s appointment to the Youth Commission and to provide him with her contact details. Thereafter the KUSA Office should send a letter to Ms Haskins, thanking her for accepting service on the Youth Commission and informing her that the FCI had been advised. 
Proposed GR, seconded RD

JH expressed the view that it would be useful for KUSA to be represented on the FCI’s Scientific and Standards Commissions, but that both were Mandatory Commissions to which members needed to be elected at the FCI General Assembly.

3.14.2. FCI – Other The criteria to be recognised as an FCI All-Breeds International Judge includes that a judge must have judged for at least ten years, i.e. ten years starting from the first group judged. Exco requests that the JEC incorporates this into its Regulations. 

GR confirmed that the above requirement had been accommodated in Schedule 10 Regulation 2.6.7 and in Schedule 10 Appendix 1 Regulation 6.1.7 as follows: 

A KUSA-qualified All-Breeds Judge will only be recognised as an FCI All-Breeds International Judge after the completion of ten (10) years since passing the qualifying examination for his/her first Group.

Noted and agreed. FCI Survey – Divisions of FCI Sections

The survey form to be completed, indicating KUSA’s preference for option (b) Asia, Africa and Oceania


3.15. Official Kennel Union Journal (Fedco 06-2018 item 7.11)

The functions of the “Official Kennel Union Journal” have devolved on the KUSA website and references to this publication throughout the KUSA Constitution have become redundant. See proposed amendments under items 4.1, 4.6 and 5.6.2.

(Housekeeping exercise to harmonise language.)

[Note: The amendments appear throughout these Minutes in various Schedules and it was agreed that, wherever they appear, they would be unanimously authorised under the same Proposer and Seconder used for the amendment to the Articles in]

3.16. Goldfields Kennel Club – Article 19 Investigation (Fedco 06-2018 item 7.14)


Awaiting further information.

Work in progress

3.17. Introduction of Voluntary DNA Parentage Verification when Registering a Litter (Fedco 06-2018 item 7.18)

As a means of encouraging voluntary DNA Parentage Verification, Fedco unanimously supports the idea of KUSA offering an “enhanced” Registration Certificate, at no extra cost, for any puppy of which the parentage has been DNA-verified.

It was decided that a procedure document should be compiled in collaboration with the ISAG-accredited laboratories in the country, inter alia University of Pretoria (Onderstepoort Veterinary Sciences), Stellenbosch University, and Inqaba Biotec, to assist breeders to undertake the DNA testing of parents and puppies. A procedure document to be considered, together with any proposals for the enhanced Registration Certificate.

Work in progress. Further documentation to be tabled.

JH undertook to contact the three identified ISAG laboratories to explore possibilities around discounts for KUSA members and CI agreed to proceed with an information leaflet to assist breeders and owners regarding DNA profiling and parentage verification once any discounts have been confirmed. An enhanced Registration Certificate was tabled and discussed and it was agreed that the document would be termed a “Premier Registration Certificate”. PM and CI to collaborate on a design for the Certificates and a method of their reproduction for consideration by members of Fedco. 
Unanimously agreed . 
Proposed CB, seconded CI 

JH and LW deemed it important that the owners of individual dogs should also be able to apply for an enhanced Registration Certificate upon submission of a DNA profile. The matter was debated and it was decided that a suitable proposal for recognising owners who voluntarily had their dogs DNA-profiled should be prepared for consideration at Fedco 06-2019.

To be carried forward to Fedco 06-2019.

3.18. KUSA/SAVA HD & ED Scheme - Additional ED Radiographic View for ED Grade Certification

Proposal from Prof Robert Kirberger – Chief Scrutineer SAVA:

Extract from article published in the Journal of the South African Veterinary Association in November 2017. Article attached.

“A limiting factor in decreasing the incidence of ED is that the technique of a single flexed radiographic view, especially if maximally flexed, will underestimate the incidence of ED, particularly FMCP. Some dogs may have the primary disease condition without any sign of arthrosis and therefore some of these will be missed if additional views, including a 100 degree- 120 degrees ML flexed view, or more advanced imaging systems are not utilised. It has been found that computed tomography (CT) detects many more ED changes than radiographs because of it being a cross-sectional imaging technique without any superimposition of osseous structures. Up to 62% of dogs graded as 0 based on radiographs were still found to have dysplastic changes in the elbows using CT. Experienced versus inexperienced scrutineers had a >92% sensitivity to detect medial coronoid disease radiographically using three views as compared to CT to detect pathology. Grading dogs as normal during radiographic screening when they are positive on CT obviously has serious implications for the radiographic certification method in that affected dogs may be graded as ED–free, thus hampering elimination of ED genes. Unfortunately, the use of CT is not a cost–effective and practical method of grading dogs for ED certification, and radiographs will continue to be used, but will at least exclude the more severe cases from breeding.

Dogs suffering from HD and ED, especially in the more advanced stages, can suffer severe pain and mobility impairment, disabling the dog and affecting its welfare. Besides the suffering caused, the treatment is also very expensive, requiring long-term medical treatment and often extensive and very expensive surgery.”


To improve the accuracy of ED grading by scrutineers and thereby improve phenotypic selection at least two views of each elbow (100 degree - 120 ML flexed and pronated CrCd views) will be required for the issuing of a SAVA/KUSA Certification Certificate.

Agreed unanimously.

Enquiries suggested that there would be no charge for a 2nd x-ray, but Councillors should enquire with their own Veterinarians.

Proposed JH, seconded LW

Prof Kirberger to be informed of the decision and asked when he envisaged implementation.


4.1. Any Matters Related to the Articles

4.1.1. Article 2 Interpretation of Terms Official Kennel Union Journal

Insert NEW:

“Official Kennel Union Journal” means the official website of the Kennel Union or any social media platform maintained and populated under the control of the Kennel Union, or a combination of these electronic media.

Agreed unanimously .

Proposed GR, seconded LW

Effective 01.02.2020

(Fedco 12-2017 item 7.6, Fedco 06-2018 item 4.1.2)

It was resolved at Fedco 12-2017 that the definition of Specialist Club might require amendment to provide for Grand Champion points earned at Specialist Clubs catering for breeds with multiple varieties.

Work in progress (CI, LW, PM)

4.1.2. Article 3 – Objects

Article 3.14:

to publish an Official Kennel Union Journal and to host various social media platforms [ official journal;]

Agreed unanimously.

Proposed GR, seconded LW

Effective 01.02.2020

4.1.3. Article 12 - Privileges of Affiliation, Membership

Article 12.1.1:

Every affiliated Club shall be entitled to [ receive a free copy of be granted access to information published in the Official Kennel Union Journal [ and free copies of all official publications issued by the Kennel Union] .

Article 12.2.2:

Every member of the Kennel Union shall be entitled to [ receive copies of be granted access to information published in the Official Kennel Union Journal [ and copies of all official publications issued by the Kennel Union. ]

The above amendments to Article 12 were unanimously approved.

Proposed GR, seconded LW

Effective 01.02.2020

4.1.4. Article 38 – Secretary

Article 38.6

The Secretary shall not communicate with the media or any journal or publication in connection with canine matters, save and except for communications expressly authorised by the Federal Council and/or Executive Committee, approved communications published in the Official Kennel Union [ Official] Journal and information normally available to members and the general public.

Agreed unanimously.

Proposed GR, seconded LW

Effective 01.02.2020

4.1.5. Article 41 – Amendments to Constitution and Schedules

Article 41.2:

notice of every issue, suspension, revocation, cancellation or amendment adopted by the Federal Council shall be published in the Official Kennel Union Journal or circulated to Affiliated Clubs together with notice of the date when it is to come into effect;

Agreed unanimously.

Proposed GR, seconded LW

Effective 01.02.2020

4.2. Any items Relating to Disciplinary Matters – Schedule 1

4.2.1. Case 01-2018 KUSA vs Mr DK Riley

The following case has been finalised and full details reported to Fedco:

The Disciplinary Sub-Committee (DSC) met on 31.07.2018 by teleconference and carefully considered all the evidence submitted. The DSC unanimously found the Respondent guilty ito Rules 4.1.1 and of Schedule 1 with regard to the Respondent wilfully posting on social media Facebook (FB) comments on more than one occasion which are defamatory, prejudicial and/or injurious in nature to two KUSA Judges, who were acting in their official capacities as KUSA Judges at the Port Elizabeth Show weekend on 07/08 April 2018.

Although the names of the Judges in question are not per se mentioned in the social media FB posting by the Respondent, it is clear, when read together with all supporting documents and surrounding circumstances and evidence, that the Judges referred to in the said social media FB postings as the “last two” are the two Judges identified, who are described as, inter alia, “idiots” and “crooked”, amongst other defamatory epithets. 

It is noted from the Respondent’s replying affidavit that he claims the complaint is out of time and that the Secretary did not act according to the Rules of Schedule 1. In terms of the provisions of Rules 1.13, 1.13.1 and 1.16 of Schedule 1, the DSC condoned the Secretary’s actions and dismissed the in limine points raised by the Respondent.

The DSC imposed the following penalties which are effective for 6 (six) months from 01.09.2018 to 28.02.2019:

Rule 11.1.2:

Suspension or exclusion from taking part in, or having any connection with, or attending or participating or handling a dog at a Show, Obedience Class, Working Trial or Field Trial or other event held under KUSA licence, or from acting as an officer of a Club;

Rule 11.1.3:

Disqualification from exhibition or competition or evaluation of a dog owned by him or registered or recorded in his name, or jointly with another or others, or in the name of a nominee;

Rule 11.1.5:

Disqualification from judging at, or taking part in the management of a Show, Obedience Class, Working Trial or Field Trial or other event held under a KUSA licence;


An Appeal was considered by the Fedco Appeals Committee (FAC) but was not upheld.


4.3. Any Matters related to the Registration of Dogs – Schedule 2

4.3.1. Schedule 2 Regulation 1.1.3 Obedience & Trial Dogs Record (Exco)

Delete struck through words in [ square brackets ] and insert words underlined:

In a [a n Obedience and Trial Dogs a Canine Dogsport Record, dogs of any ancestry. Dogs on this record are not eligible to compete in any Breed (Conformation/Beauty/Handling) Show, Field Trial or IPO Annual Event (Meisterschaft) held under a Kennel Union Licence.


The existing name of an “Obedience and Trial Dogs Record” is causing confusion with persons from other Disciplines, e.g. Agility and Dog Dancing. Once they are advised on how to register and record their dogs with KUSA, they are somewhat confused by the name of this “Record”, since they are interested in neither Obedience, nor Trials for their dogs. With new Disciplines being recognised by KUSA, a direction likely to continue in the future, a ‘generic’ name will be more appropriate for the current “Obedience and Trial Dogs Record”.

Approved unanimously, subject amendments indicated in red.

All Schedules to be amended to reflect the change of name. The KUSA Office to undertake this task.

Proposed JH, seconded DP

Effective 01.02.2020

4.3.2. Schedule 2 Regulation 8 – Affix (Kennel Name) (Fedco 12-2016 item 9.3, Fedco 06-2018 item 4.3.1) 
Work in progress. (CI)

Agreed to maintain status quo and not to pursue this further at the present time.

4.3.3. Schedule 2 Regulation 15 – Membership Required Prior to Registration

Housekeeping - Delete struck through words in [ square brackets ] and insert words underlined:

Regulation 15.1.2:

The provisions enumerated in this regulation in relation to Membership and Affixes shall apply to all applications for the registration of dogs in the Kennel Union Breed Registers, the Breed Appendix Registers, Emerging Breed Register and the Field Trial Registers for Pointers and Setters , [ but shall not apply to applications for recording of dogs on the as well as the Obedience and Trial Dogs Record. 
Agreed unanimously.

Proposed CG, seconded RD

Effective 01.04.2019

[Note item 4.3.1 – “Obedience and Trial Dogs Record” changes to “Dogsport Record” wef 01.02.2020]

4.4. Any Matters Relating to Breed Standards

4.4.1. Amendments to FCI Breed Standards Gundog Group

Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Waterdog)

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Herding Group

The Breed Standard that is presently being used is an Interim Breed Standard (ANKC).

Change of Breed Standard from ANKC to FCI. FCI Breed Standard attached to agenda.

Note the Breed’s change of name to Kangal Çoban Köpeği. Terrier Group

Brazilian Terrier

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Toy Group Bolognese

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Utility Group


Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Working Group Canadian Eskimo Dog

Change of Breed Standard from Canadian Kennel Club to FCI. (FCI has re-recognised the Canadian Eskimo Dog). FCI Breed Standard attached to agenda. Cane Corso Italiano

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.

Note the Breed’s change of name to Cane Corso Italiano. Fila Brasileiro

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. Rottweiler

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda. German Shepherd Dog

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.

4.4.2. Amendments to The Kennel Club Breed Standards Toy Group Japanese Chin

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.

4.4.3. Biewer Terrier

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.

All Breed Standard changes at items 4.4.1, 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 were approved unanimously.

Proposed CB, seconded DP

Effective 01.01.2019

4.4.4. Protocol for change of origin of Breed Standards (Fedco 12-2015 item 11.14, Fedco 06-2016 item 4.4.6, Fedco 12-2016 item 4.4.9, Fedco 06-2017 item 4.4.4, Fedco 06-2018 item 4.4.4) 
At Fedco 06-2018, CI tabled a document entitled KUSA Policy on Adopting Breed Standards. Members of Fedco undertook to study the document and to revert to CI with comments. 
Work in progress.

After discussion, the policies and procedures outlined in the document were approved, subject to minor alterations.

It was further agreed that the following be appointed to a Breed Standards Committee as contemplated in the document:

LW, Chairman of JEC (currently GR) and CI. The document should be checked by the Breed Standards Committee as soon as CI has effected the minor corrections, after which it would be lodged with the KUSA Office.

Amendments to Schedule 2 Appendix B would be required for Fedco 06-2019.

Proposed JH, seconded CG

4.4.5. Neapolitan Mastiff – Change of Breed Standard from The Kennel Club to FCI - Request to Adopt FCI Breed Standard (Fedco 12-2017 item 7.2.1, Fedco 06-2018 item 4.4.5) 
At Fedco 06-2018, it was agreed that the referendum be extended to 31.10.2018. Of eight (8) breeders/owners who were sent voting papers, six (6) respondents have voted in favour of adopting the FCI Breed Standard. There were no votes against. 
Note the Breed’s change of name to Mastino Napoletano.

Approved unanimously.

Proposed CG, seconded JB 
Effective 01.01.2019

4.5. Any Matters Relating to Breed Shows & Judging – Schedule 10 & Schedule 3

4.5.1. Judges Education Council (JEC)

GR provided a report on the first year of the JEC’s operation and highlighted the various seminars and workshops held across the country. He also reported on the June 2018 examination results and the achievements of the learner judges were noted with acclamation. 

Schedule 10 and its Appendices have been completed, with cognisance taken of a discrepancy identified by LW. This would be rectified before upload. LW also queried the enforcement of Clause 10 of the Code of Conduct and Practice of Judges licensed by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa , which GR undertook to investigate and adjust, or remove. 

CI advised that the JEC Critique Writing Seminar on Saturday, 19 January 2019, clashed with the Animaltalk Top 100 function and GR and JH undertook to inform the Administrator with a request to reschedule the seminar on an alternative date, if possible. LW mentioned that the proposed seminar date of Friday, 9 August 2019, conflicted with Championship Shows in KZN. 

LW raised the use of measuring devices when judging, as was permissible under KUSA Regulations. She was concerned about Judges’ lack of experience in correctly applying these devices and recommended that the JEC should schedule a seminar at which the methods of measuring and weighing breeds with height and weight limitations would be discussed and illustrated. GR thanked LW for her suggestion and said that such a session would be slotted into an appropriate seminar as soon as practicable. 

The proposed implementation of the revised Programme on 1 January 2019 was discussed at length with, inter alia, the following factors being considered: 

Ÿ The current workload of the KUSA Office 
Ÿ Staff leave over the Festive Season 
Ÿ The practicability of website uploads over a period dominated by Public Holidays 
Ÿ The volume of outstanding Guides, Forms and Breed Tests required for the implementation of the revised Programme 
Ÿ The fact that the Office had already cleared a number of judges for their 2019 appointments under the current Programme 
Ÿ The JEC’s inability to have introduced a structured marketing campaign due to the outstanding documentation and the uncertainty about delivery 
Ÿ The completion of the conversion of qualifications achieved under the current Programme and the possible delay in sending the changeover letters to Judges 

Having considered the above, Fedco concluded that the implementation date of 1 January 2019 was probably optimistic, since it was doubtful whether the revised Programme would be ready for roll-out on that date. Although the Effective Date of 1 January 2019 would stay as originally contemplated by the JEC and Fedco, there was consensus that the “Implementation Date” needed to be moved out by six months to 1 July 2019. This timeframe would also accommodate the severely encumbered KUSA Office. 

To obviate confusion during the changeover period, the JEC was requested to provide the KUSA Office with a procedures document to cover routine scenarios. Circumstances or situations out of the ordinary needed to be referred to the Administrator for analysis and decision and, if required, the involvement of the other members of the JEC at her discretion. 

Agreed unanimously. 
Proposed CG, seconded CB 

4.5.2. Schedule 3 – Regulation 21 Challenge Certificates and Reserve Challenge Certificates (Exco)

Regulation 21.6 reads:

“Whenever ten (10) or more dogs of one sex in a breed are exhibited, not necessarily in the same class, and all such dogs are eligible to compete for the Challenge Certificate and a Challenge Certificate is awarded, it shall be a “2 point” Certificate; in all other cases a “1 point” Certificate shall be awarded to the winner of the Challenge Certificate.”

Insert NEW 21.7:

“Whenever a “2 point” Challenge Certificate is awarded then the Reserve Challenge Certificate shall be converted to a ½ point Challenge Certificate. The owner of a dog winning such an award may use two (2) of these Certificates when applying for Champion Status”


Where entries in some breeds are large, the awarding of the Reserve Challenge Certificate should mean something. At present the Reserve Challenge Certificate is of no value in the points required to qualify a dog to be a Champion and it would be good to reward such a dog in some way.

The proposal failed with one vote in support.

4.5.3. Schedule 3 – Changes – Various (Fedco 06-2018 item 3.4.1)

As reported at Fedco 06-2018, Exco had identified various Regulations in Schedule 3 as requisite of alignment and for harmonisation with the content of Schedule 1. A document containing suggested amendments to Regulations 7 (Entry for Exhibition), 31 (Objections to Dogs and Disqualifications), 32 (Disqualification and Forfeiture of Prizes), 33 (Fines and Penalties), 37 (Fraudulent or Discreditable Conduct) to be tabled.

Confirmed that no new licence would be issued if fines have not been paid by Clubs. A copy of the Invoice for a fine needed to be sent to the Chairman of the Club in whose name the Licence had been made out.

Several flaws were identified in the document tabled and it was requested that it be brought to the attention of the author that it was difficult for Fedco to consider proposed changes to Regulations which have not been presented in accordance with the customary convention for Constitutional changes.

Deferred to Fedco 06-2019.

4.5.4. Schedule 3 Regulation 42 – Champion Dogs – Supreme Champion (Fedco 12-2025 item 11.20, Fedco 06-2016 item 3.9, Fedco 12-2016 item 4.5.8, Fedco 06-2017 item 4.5.6)

Insert NEW:

42.1.3 The Federal Council may award the title of breed Supreme Champion to any dog on the full Breed Register of the Kennel Union or any National Canine Organisation recognised by KUSA which has won, a total of at least one hundred and fifty (150) points as per Appendix 2, provided that: the dog is a KUSA Breed Grand Champion of record. the dog has won at least one (1) Best in Show award at an all-breeds championship show. the dog has earned a Bronze Canine Good Citizen Certificate. the dog has a DNA profile. at least twenty (20) of the total points earned are Bonus Points as defined in Appendix 2 not more than fifteen (15) of the minimum one hundred and fifty (150) points were awarded by one (1) Judge, points were gained in at least four (4) geographical provinces of South Africa or three (3) geographical provinces of South Africa plus Namibia. only awards and qualifications gained after 1 January 2017 shall count towards this title.

42.1.3 4 The Federal Council or Executive Committee shall issue a Champion, [or] Grand Champion or Supreme Champion Certificate, as the case may be, to the owner of every dog qualifying for each such award under the provisions of Schedule 3 Regulation 42 and any relevant Schedule of Regulations forming part of the KUSA Constitution.

Renumber 42.1.3, 42.1.4 and 42.1.5 accordingly.


When Fedco discussed introducing the Grand Champion title it was suggested that we should follow it by introducing a Supreme Champion title, which would be more difficult to obtain and therefore recognise only the very best South African showdogs.

There is no doubt that South African breed exhibitors have embraced the Grand Champion title and the Supreme Champion is intended to further achieve the goals of encouraging support for shows held in the smaller provinces and encouraging owners to show their dogs for a longer period than is the norm.

Discussion ensued on the requirement of a Canine Good Citizen Bronze and it became evident that there was majority support for this to remain one of the qualifying criteria. It was agreed that the proposal should be put to the vote without modification and it carried, with one objection. 
Proposed CI, seconded CB

Effective 01.04.2019. Only awards and qualifications gained after 1 January 2017 shall count towards this title.

CI undertook to design an Application Form and Award Certificate for the title of Supreme Champion.

Title abbreviations: SP.CH. (prefix to dog’s registered name)

4.5.5. Schedule 3 Regulation 42 – Champion Dogs – Dog Dancing Grand Champion

Proposal DOGSPC

Renumber existing Regulation 42.13 as 42.13.1

Insert NEW 42.13.2

The title of Musical Freestyle/Heelwork to Music Grand Champion and a KUSA certificate to any dog that has achieved Advanced Level and has been awarded twelve (12) Qualifying Certificates, with no more than four (4) awarded by one Judge in any one of the following categories: 
Handy Dandy 
All twelve (12) Qualifying Certificates must be earned at Advanced Level and achieved in the same category and the category will be stated in brackets after the title of Musical Freestyle/Heelwork to Music Grand Champion.


In line with all other working disciplines within KUSA, the need has arisen for a Grand Champion title to be available for the Dog Dancing fraternity. After consultation with current competitors, it was unanimously agreed that this next step was vital to the serious competitor. After looking into the requirements set by the different Working Disciplines, it was proposed that 12 QCs should be required, of which no more than 4 QCs may have been be awarded by one Judge, to be eligible for the title.

The proposal was carried, with two objections.

LW pointed out that Grand Champions in Breed and other Disciplines needed to be awarded Qualifying Certificates in at least two Provinces.

Proposed CI, seconded LW

Effective 01.04.2019. Points to count from 01.01.2018

Title abbreviations: GR.CH(MF), GR.CH(HTM)

4.5.6. Schedule 3 Appendix 1 – Definition of Classes and Show Entry Form

Proposal NAPC:

“Closed” Veterans Class Proposal:


“Closed” Veterans Class at “All-Breeds Championship Shows”, when held.


Currently we have a situation at All-Breeds Championship Shows where entry into the Veterans Class is offered at a reduced entry fee to encourage entries, but the dogs entered still get to compete for the Challenge Certificate and Reserve Challenge Certificate, as well as for Best Veteran in Breed/Group/Show. Entry into compulsory and non-compulsory Breed Classes, subject to normal entry fees, only permits competition in the respective Classes and possibly competition for the Challenge Certificate and Reserve Challenge Certificate. This creates frustration amongst Exhibitors and possibly limits entries because of the perceived uneven playing field.

KUSA is affiliated to the FCI and promotes FCI Shows. In Schedule 3A we have an extract from the FCI Breed Show Regulations where it lists the Classes that are eligible to compete for the C.A.C.I.B. and those that may only be awarded Best of Breed. From this extract it is clear that the winner of the Veterans Class may stand for Best of Breed, but not for the C.A.C.I.B., the equivalent of KUSA’s Challenge Certificate.

Having the Veterans Class closed as in the case of the FCI Veterans Class, so that the Veterans Class winner/s will be eligible for the award of Best of Breed and Reserve Best of Breed, but not the Challenge Certificate or Reserve Challenge Certificate, would encourage Exhibitors to possibly enter more exhibits in the Veterans Class.

Once the Veterans Class is “closed” and any unbeaten prize winner(s) are unable to compete for the Challenge Certificate or Reserve Challenge Certificate, it will effectively separate the Best Veteran in Breed/Group/Show into its own Class like the Champions Class. The added benefit will be gravitating KUSA a little closer to the FCI exhibition principles.

Veterans that still need the Challenge Certificate or Reserve Challenge Certificate would be able to enter both the Open Class and the Veterans Class, depending on their needs. This would potentially generate additional income for the Clubs and KUSA.

PROPOSED CHANGES (delete in [ ] and insert underlined)

Further proposed changes to Schedule to enable the above:

KUSA Official Entry Form – Breed Classes

Veterans Over 7 years– Does not compete for the CC at All-Breeds Championship Shows.

Schedule 3 Appendix 1 – Definition of Classes

VETERANS (VE): For dogs of any age specified in the Show Schedule but not less than seven (7) years of age on the first day of the Show.

Dogs entered in this class only at All-Breeds Championship Shows, are ineligible to compete for the awards of Challenge Certificate or Reserve Challenge Certificate.

For the purpose of this Appendix the term “Exhibitor” means the person who has, in terms of the Constitution, entered the dog for the competition.

The Champions Class is one in which the prize-winner shall be eligible for the award Best of Breed but shall not be eligible for the award of a Challenge Certificate or Reserve Challenge Certificate unless such prize-winner is also a prize-winner of any other Class.

The Veterans Class, at All-Breeds Championship Shows, is one in which the prize-winner shall be eligible for the award Best of Breed but shall not be eligible for the award of a Challenge Certificate or Reserve Challenge Certificate unless such prize-winner is also a prize-winner of any other Class.

NB – Depending on the new Schedule 10 (effective 01.01.2019), there may be additional changes to this Schedule.

The proposal failed on a vote of four in support and five against.

4.6. Schedule 4A Regulations for Qualifying Shows

Regulation 4.2:

Such application referred to in Regulation 4 shall also constitute an agreement by such officers and each of them that any decision given against them or any of them under Rule 2 of the Disciplinary Rules (Schedule 1) may be communicated by the Secretary to the Secretaries of all Affiliated Clubs and governing bodies in reciprocity with the Kennel Union and may also be published in the Official Kennel Union [ Official] Journal, together with a report of the proceedings of the matter, including names, addresses and descriptions.

Agreed unanimously.

Effective 01.02.2020


5.1. Schedule 5A – Regulations for Obedience Classes

5.1.1. Report by NSC Convener – attached and noted with thanks.

The comment about Mrs Crawcor only receiving a “small KUSA medal” was thought to be somewhat unkind, given the fact that she has subsequently received the correct KUSA medallion and rosette. The remark that CGC was growing stronger because they weren’t members of KUSA was also considered misguided.

5.1.2. Proposed amendments to Schedule 5A

Revised document submitted by NSC attached to agenda.

Approved unanimously. 
Proposed JH, seconded RD

Effective 01.04.2019

5.2. Schedule 5B(1) – Regulations for Working Trials (Classic)

5.2.1. Report by Convener – will be tabled if received. 
Report not received.

5.3. Schedule 5B(4) – Regulations for Working Utility Dog (WUD)

5.3.1. Report by Convener (see 5.2.1 above)

Report not received. 

5.4. Schedule 5B(2) – Regulations for International Working Trials and International Tracking Trials (IGP)

5.4.1. Report from NSC Convener – received and noted with thanks.

5.4.2. Proposed Levy

The NSC proposed the collection of a R10.00 levy on entries to be kept for the NIGPSC. The money could be utilised to fund expenses with regard to participation at the World Championship Events as set out in Paragraph 6 of the Specification for the Organisation of FCI IGP Work Championship for Utility Dogs.

It was agreed that the proposed levy on entries needed to be administered by the NSC in conjunction with their Clubs. KUSA would ring-fence the funds in a control account, as long as the collection was administered by the NSC.

5.5. Schedule 5B(3) – Regulations for Tracking Trials 
[Note – no NSC] 

JH enquired from JB why there was no Tracking Trials Sub-Committee in the EC&BPC. JB replied that the people involved in Tracking Trials were the same people involved in Working Trials and that there were not sufficient practitioners of this branch of dogsport to form a viable Provincial Sub-Committee under EC&BPC. JH said that this was a pity, since the Tracking Trials enthusiasts throughout the country were disadvantaged by the fact that the National Sub-Committee could not be established.

5.6. Schedule 5C – Field Trials

5.6.1. FTLC Annual Report – attached.

Noted with thanks.

5.6.2. KUSA Representatives

Following the changes to Schedule 3 Regulation 4, whereby the presence of a KUSA Representative was no longer mandatory, the FTLC proposed housekeeping changes to the various Field Trial Schedules. The FTLC further appealed for a KUSA Representative to be present at its Championship Stakes.

Agreed unanimously. 
Proposed LW, seconded JB

Effective 01.04.2019

5.6.3. Schedule 5C(1) Retrievers

Table of Contents

A.6.4 Publication in [ Gazette ] the Official Kennel Union Journal

A.3.2.7 Championship Stake

Is held not more than once per year within the area of jurisdiction of KUSA. The conditions, qualifications and organisation governing a Championship Stake shall be decided by the FTLC, subject to the approval of the Federal Council, and these conditions shall be published in the Official Kennel Union [ Gazette ] Journal. All Field Trial Champions shall automatically qualify for entry in Championship Stakes. Entries shall be limited to Field Trial Champions, dogs holding the title Grand Master Hunting Retriever, as well as those dogs placed first or second in an Open Stake carrying championship status held from after the previous Championship Stake until the last trial prior to the next Championship Stake to be held.

A.6.4 Publication

the approved calendar for the season shall be published in the Official Kennel Union [ Gazette ] Journal

Proposed GR, seconded LW

Effective 01.02.2020

A.10.2 KUSA Representative

Amend to read:

It shall be necessary for a KUSA Representative, who shall be a member in good standing of the Kennel Union, to be present at the Championship Stake. The KUSA Representative shall be nominated by the FTLC and be approved by the Federal Council.

Unanimously approved.

Proposed LW, seconded JB 
Effective 01.04.2019

5.6.4. Schedule 5C(02) – Regulations for Flushing Spaniel Trials

Regulation 2 - KUSA Representative

It shall be necessary for a KUSA Representative, who shall be a member in good standing of the Kennel Union to be present at [ the Open Stake of any Field Trial. [The KUSA Representative shall, in any case, with the exception of the Championship Stake, be elected by the club holding the Field Trial and be approved by the Federal Council. In the case of ] the Championship Stake. The KUSA Representative shall be nominated by the FTLC and be approved by the Federal Council.

Amended Regulation to read:

It shall be necessary for a KUSA Representative, who shall be a member in good standing of the Kennel Union, to be present at the Championship Stake. The KUSA Representative shall be nominated by the FTLC and be approved by the Federal Council.

Unanimously approved. 
Proposed LW, seconded JB

Effective 01.04.2019

C Definitions Clause 2 Stakes

2.6 (relating to KUSA Journal)

Championship Stake is held not more than once per year within the area of jurisdiction of the KUSA. The conditions, qualifications and organisation governing a Championship Stake shall be decided by the FTLC, subject to the approval of the Federal Council, and these conditions shall be published in the Official Kennel Union [Gazette Journal. All Field Trial Champions shall automatically qualify for entry in Championship Stakes. Entries shall be limited to those dogs placed first, second or third in any Open Stake during the two field trialling seasons preceding the Championship Stake to be held. 

Proposed CB, seconded CI 
Effective 01.02.2020

E Dates for Field Trials


Publication in the Official Kennel Union Journal [ Gazette]

The approved programme for the season shall be published in the Official Kennel Union

Journal [ Gazette]

Unanimously approved. 
Proposed GR, seconded LW 

Effective 01.02.2020

J Field Qualifying Stake :


The Club Secretary shall notify KUSA of the numbers and names of the Field Qualifiers. These shall be published in the [ KUSA Gazette Official Kennel Union Journal. These dogs shall be entitled to carry the designation “FQ” after the names.

Unanimously approved. 
Proposed CB, seconded JB 
Effective 01.02.2020

5.6.5. Schedule 5C(03) – HPR KUSA Representative

It shall be necessary for a KUSA Representative, who must be a member in good standing of KUSA, at the time of appointment, to be present at a stake carrying Championship status .[, and at Field Qualifying Stakes and Natural Ability Tests .] The KUSA Representative shall be nominated by the Club holding the Field Trial and be approved by the FTLC and by the Federal Council. 
Unanimously approved. 
Proposed CB, seconded JB 
Effective 01.04.2019

5.6.6 Mandatory Membership of KUSA 
In a letter dated 25 September 2018, the FTLC sought clarification from the General Manager on KUSA’s interpretation of Schedule 3 Regulation 7.6 and its applicability to Field Trials. 

The FTLC further needed clarity on how Mandatory Membership of KUSA should be dealt with in the context of the agreement of 12 January 2004 between KUSA and the National Field Trial Association (NFTA) which provided “That the Field Trials conducted by KUSA will be open to NFTA-affiliated club members, in good standing, and their NFTA-registered dogs.”

The wording of Schedule 3 Regulation 7 was further discussed with the object of obviating the confusion of the FTLC. It was agreed to make addition amendments to the Regulation as a housekeeping exercise prior to its effective date. 

Schedule 3 Regulation 7: 

Deletions in [ struck through square brackets ] and insertions underlined

Except as otherwise provided in the By-laws applicable to a particular Discipline, o nly Members of the Kennel Union shall be entitled to enter and have dogs in their registered ownership compete in any Championship Dog Show, Championship Obedience Class,Championship Working Trial, Field Trial Championship Open Stake or Field Qualifier or any other Championship event, licensed by the Kennel Union, save for Breed Classes offered at Specialist Club Championship Shows, where entries will also be open to non-members. 

Additional amendments in red. 

Approved unanimously . 
Proposed GR, seconded JH 
Effective 01.01.2019 

The issue of KUSA membership of NFTA members under the agreement of 12 January 2004 was also discussed and JH informed the Federal Council of her and GR’s intention to meet with Dr Alan Kloeck, Chairman of the FTLC, and thereafter with the appropriate executive members of the NFTA. The problem of NFTA members’ participating in KUSA events without incurring the obligations imposed on KUSA members was obviously a serious one, which needed to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

5.7. Schedule 5D – Regulations for Dog Jumping

5.7.1. Report by NSC Convener – received and noted with thanks.

5.7.2. Proposed amendments to Schedule 5D 
Submitted by NSC: 

Revised Schedule attached to agenda.

Approved unanimously, subject to inclusion of clause relating to the Show or Trials Manager being a member in good standing of KUSA. 
Proposed LW, seconded RD

Effective 01.04.2019

5.8. Schedule 5E - Regulations for Special Events

5.8.1. Schedule 5E(01) – Regulations for the SALKA Junior Dog of the Year Competition

Proposal by Exco:

Revised Schedule attached to agenda. All references to Zimbabwe have been removed.

Approved unanimously .

Proposed CG, seconded JH

Effective 01.04.2019

5.8.2. Schedule 5E(02) (TKC Interprovincial and TKC Supreme Champion of the Year Competitions(Fedco 06-2018 item 5.8.1)

Clause 4.2 deferred from Fedco 06-2018.

Withdrawn – deferred to Fedco 06-2019.

5.8.3. Schedule 5E(06) Regulations for the KUSA IGP Annual Event (Meisterschaft) (Fedco 06-18 item 5.8.2)

Proposal IGP NSC:

Changes were made to the above Schedule to become effective on 01.01.2019.

Further changes are to be made as follows:


a. Meisterschaft: Dogs qualified in IGP 3 before the closing date for entries in the Meisterschaft.

b. [ IGP2: Dogs qualified in IGP 2 or IGP 1 ]

c. [ IGP 1: Dogs qualified in BH or IGP 1. ]

Dogs are not allowed to enter in a lower grade than what they have already been qualified in.


Each applicant entering into this competition shall enclose with his entry form a photocopy of the Certificate or KUSA Workbook showing proof that his dog obtained the required qualifications[ , after the closing date for entries of the previous Annual Event and] during the year preceding [ before] the closing date for entries of the current Annual Event. The winner of the previous Meisterschaft will have automatic qualification into the event.No late entries will be accepted and entries must be posted on or prior to the closing date and will only be accepted within five (5) days of such date.


IGP 1 and IGP 2 should not be in this Schedule as the Meisterschaft is only an IGP 3 event. Handlers must be given a year to obtain the necessary qualifications. In 2018 handlers had only 7 months to qualify, as the 2017 Meisterschaft was in October and the 2018 Meisterschaft took place in May. 
To avoid any misunderstanding, JH made it clear that, although the winner of the previous Meisterschaft gained automatic entry into the next event, entry was not free. 
Agreed unanimously. 
Proposed JH, seconded JB 
Effective date 01.04.2019 Schedule 5E(12) Regulations for Handler of the Year Competition (Exco 09-18) 
The Handler Competition used to be hosted on the same day - elimination rounds and finals. However, over the last few years, the elimination rounds have been held on one day and the finals on another day. This affects the eligibility age on entry.

Currently Regulation 3 reads under 3 Eligibility for Competition:

3.1 National Junior Handler Class

For persons of eleven (11), but under eighteen (18) years of age. Only open to Handlers whose eighteenth (18th) birthday does not fall on the day upon which this Competition is held.

Recommended amendment:

For persons of eleven (11), but under eighteen (18) years of age. Only open to Handlers whose eighteenth (18th) birthday does not fall on any of the days [up ]on which any stage of this Competition is held.

(This means that if a Handler turns eighteen on either ander the Prelims day, or the Finals day, they are precluded from competing, which was probably the intention of the original Regulation.)

Agreed unanimously.

Proposed LW, seconded CI

Effective 01.04 2019 (Fedco 06-2018 item 7.25) 
At Fedco 06-2018, CI was charged with “cleaning up” the Regulations and effecting consistency in the terminology. Fedco preferred the terms KUSA National Child Handler, KUSA National Junior Handler and KUSA National Adult Handler. 
Work in progress. Any completed work to be tabled for consideration.

The necessary housekeeping changes to Schedule 5E(12) have been made by LW and the revised Schedule lodged with the KUSA Office for upload. 
Unanimously approved. 

Proposed LW, seconded CI 
Effective 01.04.2019

5.9. Schedule 5G – Regulations for Dog Carting

5.9.1. Report by NSC Convener – attached.

Individual reports were received from the Provinces. Convener to be advised to submit a single National Report in future.

Noted and agreed.

5.9.2. Amendments to Schedule 5G 
Revised Schedule attached to agenda.

It was agreed that clause 3, which is “void”, should not be deleted.

It was reported that the Carters in DOGSPC and NAPC did not support the amended document and pleaded that it should be deferred to Fedco 06-2019.

It was decided, without dissent, that the document should be referred back to the NSC with a request to reach consensus on the changes and to eliminate the inconsistencies in the Schedule.

Carried forward to Fedco 06-2019

5.10. Schedule 5K – Regulations for Handler Classes - nil

5.11. Schedule 5L – Regulations for Agility

5.11.1. Report by NSC Convener – 

The remark that the winning teams had not been handed their KUSA National Winners rosettes or medals at the prize-giving ceremony was regrettable and JH informed Fedco that this failure had subsequently been redeemed. 

5.12. Schedule 5M – Regulations for Flyball

5.12.1. Report by NSC Convener – received and noted with thanks. 

5.13. Schedule 5F - Aptitude Testing

[Note: there is no NSC for this Discipline.]

5.14. Schedule 5Q – Regulations for Rescue Dog Trials

[Note: there is no NSC for this Discipline.]

5.15. Dancing with Dogs

Schedule 5R Heelwork to Music (HTM)

Schedule 5S Musical Freestyle (MF)

The following housekeeping changes were required to the above Schedules: 

2. The handler must provide a mat for the bitch at the start line 
3. The bitch must run last in the competition 

15. Judges 
Qualification of judges 
a. Attend a judging workshop/training course and be allocated a mentor provided by [ DWDIA] the appropriate KUSA Sub-Committee . 

Schedule 5S Musical Freestyle (MF) 

Deletions in [ struck through square brackets ] and insertions underlined

8. Description of Levels 
Routine Length = 1:15 - [ 1.45 2.30 minutes 

Routine Length = 1:30 – [ 2.15] 2:45 minutes 

Routine Length = [ 2.45] 2.10 – 3.40 minutes 

13. Management of Musical Freestyle Classes 
Competing Dogs 
Bitches in season may compete at the discretion of the show holding club, and such permission must be published in the Show Schedule and the Catalogue: 
1. Their condition must be declared to the Judge at the commencement of the show

2. The handler must provide a mat for the bitch at the start line 
3. The bitch must run last in the competition 

15. Judges 
Qualification of judges 
a. Attend a judging workshop/training course and be allocated a mentor provided by [ DWDIA the appropriate KUSA Sub-Committee

Approved unanimously . 
Proposed CI, seconded JB 
Effective 01.04.2019, but may be implemented immediately 

5.16. Schedule 7 - Kennel Union Subscription & Fees 
Proposal WCPC:

That Non-Championship Show licence fees be adjusted for the various categories of Clubs. It seemed unfair that Specialist and Group Clubs have to pay the same licence fee as an All-Breeds Club. In the current economic climate, with entry numbers dwindling, it was unaffordable for Specialist and Group Clubs pay the same fee, when a Group Club attracts approximately 20 entries and an All-Breeds Club in excess of 100 entries. We respectfully request that the fees be structured in a similar fashion to those of the Championship and Qualifying Show licence fees.

Agreed unanimously that the fee for Group and Specialist Clubs may be reduced to R145, valid to 31 August 2019.

Proposed DP, seconded GR

Effective 01.04.2019


6.1. Rottweiler Breed Council of KUSA (RBC)

6.1.1. Annual Report from the Chairman – received and noted with thanks.

6.2. Federation of Boxer Clubs of SA Breed Council (FBCSA BC)

6.2.1. Annual Report from the Chairman – attached and noted with thanks.

Fedco took cognisance of the fact that, with the move of the Chairman to Bela Bela and various other factors, the FBCSA BC had not been able to hold its AGM this year. The AGM would be scheduled early in the new year.

Fedco was looking forward to the unified BC website being up and running and urged the FBCSA BC to get the website operational by 15.02.2019.

6.3. GSD Liaison Council (GSDLC)

6.3.1. Annual Report from the Chairman – attached to agenda.

Received and noted with thanks.

6.3.2. Proposed Amendments by GSDLC to Schedule 2 Appendix C

Schedule 2 Appendix C - Breed Specific Registration Requirements


3.1 All dogs are positively identified by microchip before any X-ray examination is made. The microchip identification number is included on all developed X-ray film/digital images and on the certificate.

3.2 The breeder is the current holder of a KUSA-registered Affix (Kennel Name).

3.3 At the time of mating, the Sire is eighteen (18) months of age or older.

3.4 At the time of whelping, the Dam is twenty-two (22) months of age or older.

From 01.07.2019, Stud Dogs must comply with the following:

3.5 [ Both parents must have acceptable documentation attesting that they have hips which comply with thefollowing requirement: a grading of C2 or better for both parents. ]

HD C2:C2 or better

3.6 [ Both parents must have acceptable documentation attesting that they have elbows which comply with the following requirement:: a grading of 2 or better for both parents. (Applicable to dogs x-rayed after 01.01.2017) ]

ED 2,2 or better

3.7 [ Both parents must have a DNA profile ]

DNA profiled

3.8 From 01.01.2020: 
Breed Grading of Good (G) or better

IGP 1 or better

From 01.07.2019, Bitches must comply with the following minimum requirements :

3.9 HD C2:C2 or better

3.10 ED 2,2 or better

3.11 DNA profiled

3.12 From 01.01.2020:

Breed grading of Good (G) or better

Working Qualification of BH before a second litter can be registered.


This is in line with the breeding requirements of the GSD bred under the SV and the RSV2000 in Germany:

SV: All dogs HD A/B/C, ED 0, 1, 2 DNA, Show Grading G or better, IGP

RSV2000: all dogs HD A/B/C, ED 0, 1, 2, DNA, Show Grading G or better, 1 litter without working qualification is allowed but all dogs need a mental assessment (Sichtung). 

Fedco required greater clarity on the proposed amendments and consulted with Mr John Rautenbach, Convener of the GSDLC, who provided the necessary lucidity. It was suggested by LW that if were to be split into 
a. Requirements for Registration, and 
b. Requirements for Breeding, 
it would greatly improve clarity. 
It was decided that the KUSA Office, in conjunction with JH and LW, should proceed with the required amendments to Schedule 2 Appendix C. It was further agreed that, if necessary, the GSDLC should assist with the procedure of checking registrations prior to validation by the KUSA Office. 

Unanimously approved 
, subject to the changes in red. 

Proposed CG, seconded JH 
Effective 01.04.2019

6.3.3. Grading of Dogs

The GSDLC nominated the following Judges as Specialist GSD Judges in order to start the process of Breed Specialisation without delay and to get dogs earmarked for breeding graded in accordance with the above requirements:

Martin Croeser

Rob Forsythe

Mark Anderson

Lois Wilson

Neil Perkins

Jan van Rijswyk

Anton van Staden

After some discussion, Fedco was unable to confirm Mr Perkins and Adv Van Staden, since they had not yet fulfilled all the requirements for a Licensed Working Judge. Fedco confirmed the eligibility of Martin Croeser, Rob Forsythe, Mark Anderson, Lois Wilson and Jan van Rijswyk to with immediate effect. Martin Croeser and Lois Wilson were the two judges deemed most qualified to collaborate with the Curriculum Developer of the JEC on the development of a GSD Breed Specialisation Course. Without prejudice to the identified Judges’ clearance to judge and give Gradings to GSDs, it was recommended that they ought to complete the GSD Specialisation Course as a refresher when it became available. 

JH expressed concern that an experienced GSD Judge might have been overlooked by the GSDLC and quoted from the CV supplied by Mr Johnny de Abreu Marques. Having considered Mr De Abreu Marques’s experience and past involvement with GSDs, Fedco agreed unanimously that he be added to the list of Judges authorised to judge and give Gradings to GSDs at GSD Specialist Shows. Mr De Abreu Marques should be similarly encouraged to complete the GSD Specialisation Course as a refresher as soon as it became available. 
Proposed DP, seconded JB 
Effective immediately

6.3.4. Judging for Grading

Working Breed Judges will get special dispensation to judge Club-level Breed Shows if no GSDs have been exhibited at the Championship Shows they had judged. This was in order for Clubs to organise Breed Shows, since there was a limited number of Working Breed Judges available.

Motivation: FCI Shows, Grades to count. 
Agreed unanimously. 
Proposed CI, seconded CB 

In view of the difficulties experienced by GSD Specialist Clubs in securing Judges within the KUSA qualification parameters currently in force, Fedco considered the appeal received from Rotek GSD Club to waive the Club’s loss of show-holding status as contemplated in Schedule 3 Regulation 

Fedco concluded unanimously that the Club’s failure to hold a Championship Show for two successive years was not due to a lack of will and effort, but rather to the unavailability of Judges. In view of this, Fedco granted the necessary dispensation for Rotek GSD Club to go ahead with its Breed Championship Show and the KUSA Meisterschaft (IGP) in 2019. 
Proposed JH, seconded LW

6.3.5. Levy

The GSDLC agreed on a levy of R31 per registration, irrespective of age or origin of dog.

Agreed unanimously.

Proposed LW, seconded JH

Effective 01.04.2019

The Annual Reports of the Provincial Council Chairmen were noted.

8. GENERAL - nil


9.1. Update on the Appeal lodged by the GSDFSA against the Registrar: Animal Improvement Act in the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF)

The Chairman informed Fedco that the findings of the Appeal Board were released on 15 November 2018. 

Ÿ The Appeal Board came to the conclusion that the Registrar’s decision to declare KUSA a Canine Breeders’ Society and a Registering Authority for multiple breeds constituted “administrative actions” as contemplated in the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, 2000 (PAJA) and that the Appeal Board did not have the powers to arrogate the powers vested in the Courts under this Act. 

Ÿ The Appeal Board came to a similar conclusion in respect of the action of the Minister to publish the breeds registered to KUSA as a Registering Authority in the Government Gazette of 10 June 2016. 

The Appeal Board expressed its finding in respect of the above two bullets as follows: “It is not competent for an appeal body such as the Appeal Board to determine matters pertaining to the lawfulness of the Minister’s decision and the Registrar’s award of the impugned status in favour of KUSA.” 

Since the Appeal Board did not deem itself competent to overturn the decisions of either the Registrar: Animal Improvement, or the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the GSDFSA’s appeal was dismissed and the status quo prevails, i.e. KUSA remains legally registered under the Animal Improvement Act, 1998, as a Canine Breeders’ Society and also as the Registering Authority for 218 identified Canine Breeds. 

The KUSA Membership had been informed of the Appeal Board’s finding by way of a Statement on the KUSA website and KUSA’s Facebook page.

[Note: The Meeting adjourned at 17h00 and re-convened at 08h00 on Sunday.]

9.2. Fedco Portfolios

Fedco Members’ Portfolios were updated and confirmed as follows:

Ÿ Clr CJL Griffith – Finance; Information Technology; FCI; KUSA Constitutions & Schedules

Ÿ Mrs JM Hubbard – Working Trials/Tracking Trials/IGP; Budgets; Health/Genetic Issues; Dancing with Dogs; Rescue Dogs

Ÿ Clr BG Robinson – Media/Press; Club Constitutions; KUSA Constitution/Schedules; Provincial Council Constitutions/By-laws

Ÿ Clr DM Powell – Canine Good Citizen; Obedience; Flyball

Ÿ Clr CM Immelman – Breed Shows; Handling; Registration/Exports; Digital Communication; KUSA Website & KUSA Social Media

Ÿ Clr R Dempsey – Agility; Dog Jumping; Flyball

Ÿ Clr JB Barrow – Obedience; Canine Good Citizen; Carting; Working Trials

Ÿ Clr C Buitendach – Handling; Health/Genetic Issues

Ÿ Clr L Wilson – FCI; KUSA Website & KUSA Social Media; Carting

Proposed RD, seconded CI

9.3. KUSA Systems – K9 Upgrade 

The KUSA Office provided an update on the upgrade of the K9 System. The Chairman impressed the importance of proceeding with the upgrade as a matter of urgency. 

A request was made to the KUSA Office and to the developer to permit more characters for the registered name of a dog, which was currently capped in Schedule 2, Regulation 5.2 at 45 characters, inclusive of Prefix, Common Name, Affix, punctuation and blanks. The Office undertook to investigate an extension of the field and to revert to Fedco with a proposal on a revised capping level.

9.4. Procedure for the Adoption of the new Specimen Club Constitution by existing and new Clubs 

GR pointed out that there appears to be confusion as to whether Clubs were at liberty to “cherry-pick” clauses from the new Specimen Club Constitution and use them in their own Constitutions. The new Specimen Club Constitution hung together as a unit and, although it permitted a great deal of flexibility for Clubs, it also contemplated adherence to sound principles of governance. 

Although existing Clubs, wanting to amend their Constitutions, should ideally be encouraged to adopt the new Constitution as a whole, the practicability of this was in doubt. It was therefore suggested that Clubs contemplating amendments should be provided with a list of minimum requirements that any Constitution of a KUSA-affiliated Club should meet. GR was charged with compiling the list of minimum requirements. 

LW believed that the “palatability” of the new Specimen Club Constitution would be greatly increased if it were to be “split out” into Constitutions for All-breeds Clubs, Group Clubs, Specialist Clubs and Working Disciplines Clubs. In her view, Clubs found the selection of appropriate clauses to “build” their own Constitutions somewhat daunting. 

To relieve the burden on GR, LW offered the services of Julie Grobbelaar, Secretary of the KZNPC, who, as an experienced Legal Secretary, had declared herself willing to undertake the task of deconstructing the principal document for the purpose of constructing the various versions. 

The members of Fedco expressed their thanks to Julie Grobbelaar for being prepared to undertake this task.

9.5. Elimination of the “away CC” for Championship Status 

At Fedco 06-2018, the following Schedule 3 Regulation was voided: not more than four (4) of the minimum five (5) points were gained in one Centre, 

Effective 01.02.2019 

DP and JB appealed that this decision, which had unanimous support at Fedco 06-2018, should be rescinded, since dogs would no longer be required to travel out-of-Centre (i.e. out-of-Province or even out-of-town) for a final CC, which was likely to seriously prejudice Clubs operating in Malmesbury, Oudtshoorn and Hermanus. JB believed the consequence of this Schedule change would be “Provincial Champions”, rather than “South African Champions”. 

A discussion ensued on the reasons for the elimination of the “away CC” – i.e. that Regulation was pointless in provinces with neutral venues such as Goldfields Showgrounds in Gauteng and Ashley Sports Ground in KZN. Moreover, it was doubtful whether the attendance of shows in Malmesbury, Oudtshoorn and Hermanus were ever driven by the acquisition of an “away CC”. 

It was obviously not possible to rescind the Fedco decision in this regard and Councillors would be in a better position to judge the effect on entry numbers once the Clubs in Malmesbury, Oudtshoorn and Hermanus have held their 2019 shows. Councillors who then still wished to see the “away CC” reinstated would be welcome to draft the necessary amendment for the Agenda of Fedco 06-2019, or 12-2019.

Unanimously agreed. 
Proposed JH, seconded CI 

9.6. Continuous KUSA Membership for Judges 

In order to better regulate KUSA membership for Judges and to ensure that their memberships were continuous and unbroken, an amendment to Article 25 was proposed. In so doing, it would become a breach of the KUSA Constitution for a Judge to allow his/her membership to lapse and, should this happen, Exco would be at liberty to apply such sanctions as it deemed appropriate. 

KUSA needed to tighten up on Judges permitting their memberships to lapse and then conveniently reinstating them just before they judge. Judges enjoyed the benefits of KUSA’s education and training and therefore needed to be members. In any event, it was contra FCI Regulations to offer non-members as Judges on the KUSA website and register them on the FCI’s database, which could happen inadvertently. Not maintaining continued membership was also in conflict with the Code of Conduct and Practice of Judges licensed by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa 

The following amendment to the Articles was tabled: 

Article 25 

Insertions underlined

25.1 All locally domiciled Judges shall be members in good standing of the Kennel Union and shall be over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time when formal studies or activities towards a judging qualification commence, and/or any judging is undertaken. 

25.2 Judges shall maintain continuous and unbroken membership of the Kennel Union from the time their formal studies or activities towards a judging qualification commence until their voluntary retirement from judging, advised in writing to the Executive Committee, or their incapacitation (at the discretion of the Executive Committee), or their death. 
25.3 Judges shall be bound by and, in all respects, adhere to the Code of Conduct and Practice for Judges Licensed by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa. 

Approved , with 1 abstention. 
Proposed GR, seconded JH 
Effective 01.02.2020 

9.7. Re-alignment of Breed Appendix Registers and Policy 

JH tabled a Policy Document setting out the criteria for the acceptance of dogs onto the various KUSA Breed Appendix Registers. 

The Policy document was debated and, subject to the clarification provided being incorporated, unanimously accepted for implementation. 

Proposed CG, seconded JH 
Effective immediately 

Having been accepted, the Policy Document needed to be aligned with Schedule 2 and the following amendment was tabled: 

Schedule 2: 

1. The Kennel Union shall maintain a Primary Breed Register for each pure breed of dog[ ] recognised by it and a dog shall be deemed to be of the breed named in the breed register in which it is entered or eligible for entry. 
1.1 The Kennel Union may also accept for registration subject to such terms and conditions as the Federal Council may stipulate from time to time: 
1.1.1 In Breed Appendix Registers, dogs of recognised or provisionally recognised breeds which have complete or incomplete pedigrees/ancestry issued by registries with which there is a reciprocity agreement and/or registries where no agreement exists but special dispensation is granted by the Federal Council determining the specific requirements to be met for each Breed Appendix Register 1-3. [ of which acceptable records exist and has been evaluated as specified in Regulations, & below and deemed to be true to breed type: ] Breed Appendix Registers 1 & 2 Dogs are eligible to enter Championship and Non-Championship Shows, may be awarded CCs, but cannot be awarded Championship Status. Breed Appendix Register 3 Dogs are eligible to enter Working Discipline Shows, if qualified, and Non-Championship Shows only. In Appendix Breed Register Level 1 (one), imported dogs of pure breeds not recognised in terms of Regulation 1 hereof which have been imported from countries where there are no clubs with which the Kennel Union has reciprocal arrangements or which have no registration system but in respect of which dogs' acceptable pedigree records exist and the progeny of such dogs. A dog reregistered in this register may be entered in Breed Classes at Non-Championship Shows & Championship Shows with awards. Dogs on this register are not eligible for Breed Championship status. A dog entered in the Appendix Breed Register Level 1 (one) may compete in other licensed Disciplines events with awards. In Appendix Breed Register Level 2 (two), dogs bred in the KUSA area of jurisdiction of known breeding and dogs claimed to be of pure breeding of a breed which is not recognised in terms of Regulation 1 hereof in respect of which dogs' acceptable records exist, and the progeny of such dogs. A dog registered in this register may be entered in Breed Classes at Non–Championship and Championship Shows with awards. Dogs on this register are not eligible for Breed Championship status. A dog entered in the Appendix Breed Register Level 2 (two) may compete in other licensed Disciplines events with awards. In Appendix Breed Register Level 3 (three), dogs bred in the KUSA area of jurisdiction where the ancestry is unknown to KUSA and unverifiable by KUSA. Dogs with a complete or incomplete Registration Certificate issued by a local registry not recognised by KUSA but deemed to be of pure breeding. A dog registered in this register may be entered in Breed Classes at Non-Championship Shows. A dog entered in the Appendix Breed Register Level 3 (three) may compete in other licensed Disciplines events with awards. 

Approved unanimously. 
Proposed CI, seconded GR 
Effective 01.04.2019

9.8. The South African Field Trials Club (SAFTC) 

Fedco agreed that KUSA would recognise SAFTC pedigrees for registration on the Primary Breed Register and/or Breed Appendix Registers, provided that registration requirements as per the Articles & Schedules were met, including mandatory KUSA membership for owners and payment of full registration fees. KUSA would continue to maintain a separate register on Excel spreadsheet on behalf of the SAFTC, independent of the K9 Administration System, until decided otherwise.

Proposed JH, seconded GR

Effective immediately

9.9. Adoption of FCI Breed Standards for Breeds that have not been registered in South Africa for five years or longer 

In line with KUSA’s obligation as a full member of the FCI to adopt FCI Breed Standards whenever expedient, LW argued that it would be appropriate to do so in the cases of breeds that have not been registered with KUSA during the past five years. She tabled the following list of breeds meeting the above criteria: 

Canadian Eskimo Dog 
English Toy Terrier 
Maremma Sheepdog 
Kangal Dog 
Ibizan Hound 
Manchester Terrier 
Norwegian Elkhound 
Field Spaniel 
Sussex Spaniel 
Tibetan Spaniel 
Tibetan Mastiff 

It was understood that, in adopting the FCI Breed Standards for these breeds, there might be name changes. 

Approved , with one abstention. 
Proposed JH, seconded RD 
Effective 01.01.2019

9.10. Elimination of contradiction between Schedule 2 Regulations 4.3 and 4.6

It was necessary for Fedco to address the perceived contradiction between Schedule 2 Regulations 4.3 and 4.6. The one regulates that all puppies in a litter needed to be registered simultaneously, whereas the other permitted Exco to register a single eligible dog after the fact. 

The following amendment to Schedule 2 was tabled: 

Deletions in [ struck through square brackets ] and insertions underlined

Save and except for those dogs eligible for re-registration or registered or recorded in terms of Regulations 1.1.3 or 3, no dog may be registered unless: 
4.1 Both its parents are registered in the same breed register and are of the same category. [ , i ]In cases where different categories of the same breeds exist, save and except for those breeds for which the Executive Committee has issued provisos permitting inter-variety matings and registration of the progeny from such matings, including re-classification, once only, of recessives, where necessary, on application from owners and the applicant for registration or re-registration submits an official Kennel Union form, with the certification of mating signed by both the owner of the [ ]Sire of such dog and any additional witness to the mating or an accredited agent, where prior arrangements have been made with the KUSA, and the owner of the [ ]Dam. 
4.2 In the case of a mating having taken place in any country, the Canine Control Body of which is in reciprocity with or recognised by the Kennel Union, a separate mating certificate signed by the owner of the [ ]Sire, veterinarian and any witness to the mating in the country of origin will be acceptable, if fully completed with the essential details of the dog (including microchip number and standardised international marker DNA profile), and details of the bitch and the dates of mating. In such cases the name of the owner(s) of the [ ]Sire must coincide with the registered ownership certificate issued by the foreign canine control body. 
4.3 Without exception, [ ]the entire litter is registered at [ one the same time by the breeder within twelve (12)six (6) ] months of the date of birth. 
4.3.1 In terms of Schedule 7, separate fees apply to litters registered within six (6) months of the birth of a litter [Notwithstanding the provisions of Regulation 4.3 above a litter may be and litters registered after six (6) months but no later than twelve (12) months after the date of birth of such litter[ subject to the fee laid down in terms of Schedule 7 ]. 
4.4 In the case of those breeds listed in Appendix "C" to this Schedule the Sire and Dam shall comply with the specific requirements detailed for the registration of all litters. 
4.5 In the case of a dog bred by means of artificial insemination properly authenticated documentary evidence of ownership of the donor semen, collection of the donor semen and insemination of the donor semen is required by the Kennel Union. In the case of a dual sire mating, the entire litter will be required to be DNA parentage verified against both [ ]Sires used. 
4.6 Notwithstanding the provisions of Regulation 4.3 the Executive Committee shall be empowered, at its discretion, to grant dispensation in exceptional circumstance and on good cause shown to permit the registration of a [single eligible dog or] litter after twelve (12) months of the date of birth of such litter. Such application shall only be considered if accompanied by an affidavit setting out the reasons for non-registration of the litter within the registration period in 4.3 and DNA parentage verification of the entire litter. Should the breeder lodging the late registration application of the litter not have access to all the dogs in the litter for purposes of DNA profiling, DNA profiles should be provided for those dogs to which the breeder does have access. Should the DNA parentage verified application be successful in respect of the dogs for which DNA profiles were provided, the balance of the litter’s registrations will be suspended by the Kennel Union until the required DNA parentage verification is received in respect of any of the suspended dogs. In the case of application for the registration of an additional puppy to a litter already registered, KUSA reserves the right to request DNA parentage verification for that dog. ] DNA parentage verification certificates must have the microchip number of the [d]Dam, [ s]Sire(s) and each of the progeny recorded on the certificate. 
4.7 [ Any dogs l ]Litters registered in terms of Regulation 4.6 shall be so registered subject to payment of [ ] late (over 12 months) registration fees in terms of Schedule 7. The details of any litter registrations accepted in terms of Regulation 4.6 shall be published in the Official Kennel Union Journal. 
4.8 The Executive Committee's determination of what may constitute "exceptional circumstances" and “good cause” for the purpose of these Regulations shall be final and binding. 
4.9 Every application to register a dog shall be made on the appropriate Kennel Union form, signed by the applicant setting out all the information required therein and supported by such certificates referred to in these Regulations as necessary in each case and the registration fee as prescribed in terms of Schedule 7. An applicant who is a minor shall be assisted by his legal or natural guardian.

4.10 Should a breeder, under oath, petition the Executive Committee to do so, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to rule on any matter of an extraordinary nature regarding Registrations not provided for in these Regulations and, at its discretion, to set conditions and fees deemed appropriate to resolve exceptional or problematic issues in the best interests of the Kennel Union. The details of any such ruling shall be published in the Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee where the ruling was made. 

Renumber existing Regulation 4.10 as 4.11.

Approved unanimously. 

Proposed LW, seconded RD 
Effective 01.04.2019 

[Note: Upon the Effective Date of this amendment, the “Subscription & Fees” Document needed to be amended as follows: 

2.3 Over 12 months (EXCO approval required & DNA parentage verification [ may be requested mandatory ) 

2.3.2 void]

9.11. KUSA logo to be displayed on all Show Schedules 

Schedule 3 Regulation 5 was amended at Fedco 06-2018 to provide for the KUSA’s logo to be displayed on all Championship Show Schedules. The intention was, however, for the logo to be displayed on all Show Schedules, inclusive of Non-Championship Shows and Disciplines Shows and Events. 

In consequence, the following housekeeping amendments were tabled: 

Schedule 4 Regulation 6 

6. Show Schedule 
It shall be obligatory to provide a Show Schedule for any Licensed Non-Championship Show. 

Schedule 4A Regulation 6.1 

6.1 The Show-holding Club shall publish a Schedule of the Show , which shall display the KUSA logo in a format, version and size specified by the Kennel Union Office , and which shall contain, inter alia

It was confirmed that FCI Shows (International Dog Shows) were covered by the previous change to Schedule 3 and that the KUSA Schedules issued for FCI Shows also needed to display the KUSA logo. 

It was further confirmed that the Schedules for all Working Discipline Shows and Events should display the KUSA logo in a format, version and size specified by the Kennel Union Office and it was agreed that the KUSA Office should check the Working Disciplines Schedules and slot the appropriate changes into these Schedules as a housekeeping exercise. 

Approved unanimously. 
Proposed CB, seconded DP 
Effective 01.01.19 

9.12. KUSA Showdog of the Year – Amendment of Schedule 5(E)24 to provide for a Tie-breaking Mechanism 

In the event of a tie for first place, Schedule 5(E)24 should make provision for tie-breaker and the following insertion was proposed as a housekeeping exercise: 

In the event of a tie for first place overall, or first place in a Group, the following tie-breaker shall be applied: 

5.1 The Best in Show awards won by each dog at KUSA All-breeds Championship Shows, the KUSA Winners Show and any FCI Shows (but not the KUSA Nationals) shall be tallied and the dog with the greater number of these awards shall be declared the winner. 

5.2 If the numbers are the same for two dogs, the Reserve Best in Show awards won by each dog at KUSA All-breeds Championship Shows, the KUSA Winners Show and any FCI Shows (but not the KUSA Nationals) shall be tallied and the dog with the greater number of these awards shall be declared the winner. 

5.3 If the numbers are still the same for both dogs, the Group First awards won by each dog at KUSA All-breeds Championship shows, the KUSA Winners Show and any FCI shows (but not the KUSA Nationals) shall be tallied and the dog with the greater number of these awards shall be declared the winner. 

5.4 In the unlikely event of the numbers still remaining the same for both dogs, Group Second awards won by each dog shall be considered, followed by Group Third awards, and then Group Fourth awards. 

(Renumber previous Regulation 5. to 6. PRIZES

Approved unanimously. 
Proposed LW, seconded CI 

Effective immediately. 

9.13. S.A. Agility Championships 

It was unanimously agreed that the name should change to KUSA S.A. Agility Championships. 

Proposed JH, seconded RD 
Effective 01.04.2019 

A discussion ensued on the experience and qualification of Judges eligible to officiate at the KUSA S.A. Agility Championships. As the portfolio-holder for Agility, RD undertook to consult with the Agility fraternity on possible amendments to Schedule 5L to provide greater clarity on the experience and qualifications required of Judges invited to officiate at the KUSA SA Agility Championships. 

Deferred to Fedco 06-2019 

9.14. Tied vote for Chairman at Provincial Council Sub-Committee Level 

It was noted that some Provincial Council Sub-Committee By-laws (Terms of Reference) did not contain a tie-breaking mechanism in the case of a tied vote of Chairman. This was a most undesirable situation, especially when the impasse was referred to the Provincial Council Chairman with a request for mediation and/or intervention. 

After some discussion, it was agreed that, should the vote for a Chairman of a Provincial Council Sub-Committee be tied, the two contenders should share the position in a manner and for periods to be agreed by them. 

It was further agreed to instruct Sub-Committees with By-laws (Terms of Reference) that enabled a tied vote for Chairman to amend them to eliminate this possibility. The same applied to Sub-Committees operating under unified By-laws (Terms of Reference) where the National Convener would be instructed to negotiate the necessary amendment with the National Sub-Committee to eliminate the possibility of a tied vote. 

9.15. FCI Judges’ 

With the GSDFSA Appeal finalised, it was important to seek clarity from the FCI on FCI Judges’ officiating for Clubs that were not members of KUSA, or for Organisations not affiliated to KUSA. This was contrary to the directives issued by the FCI following the termination of the FCI-WUSV agreement as advised in FCI Circular 13/2018. 

It was agreed that a letter should be drafted to the FCI, setting out KUSA’s concerns.

9.16. FCI Afro-Arab Cynological Union (AACU) 

The existence of this Cynological Union, contemplating the membership of, initially, the NCOs of Egypt, Kuwait and South Africa and, later, the addition of Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon and Bahrain, was noted with interest. The object was for these countries to work together on cynological matters of common interest. 

Further information would be disseminated when received. 

9.17. Breed Health 

JH tabled her concept for a form for Judges to report on Breed Health, which was supported by all present. 

CI and PM undertook to format the document for upload onto the KUSA website. It was envisaged to be sent to Clubs with their show licences and Clubs would be cautioned to have the forms available at their shows. 

Proposed CB, seconded JH 
Effective immediately. 

9.18. Telephony upgrade at the KUSA Office 

KF tabled three options for the proposed upgrade and the most viable appeared to be a proposal supplied by Office Technologies. The cost of the equipment would be roughly R90 000.00. 

There was unanimous support for the Office Technologies option. 

Proposed CG, seconded DP 

9.19. KUSA Classic 

Although Fedco noted the bids to host KUSA Classic Working Disciplines from around the country with appreciation, it was necessary to bring to the attention of those interested in hosting sections of the KUSA Classic that loss-making budgets could not be entertained. All sections of the KUSA Classic were to be sustained by fundraising and sponsorship and KUSA therefore appealed to future hosts to plan their events with emphasis on self-sustainability. 

9.20. Reciprocal agreements with non-FCI NCOs 

The KUSA Office undertook to locate and assemble all KUSA’s agreements with non-FCI NCOs so that these may be assessed and, if necessary, updated. 

9.21. 2nd Championship Shows 

With the useful statistics prepared by KF, the members of Fedco expressed their diverse views. Even though views on the benefits of 2nd Championship Shows were opposing, there was at least unanimity on the fact that the state of the economy had played a major role in the reduction of show entries. It was noted that certain Clubs in Gauteng had discarded their 2nd Championship Show, which was an indication that the financial yield fell short of expectation. All-breeds 2 nd Championship Shows in Gauteng had been reduced to two. It would seem that the less populous areas were benefiting to some extent from 2nd Championship Shows, which had been the intention all along. 

Fedco directed that Exco needed to apply the criteria for granting 2nd Championship Show licences even more stringently, especially in populous areas. For instance, should the motivation in a populous area be to afford foreign judges, such intention needed to be interrogated and quantified. Ultimately, Exco needed to satisfy itself that the intention had been realised. For example, if the intention were to use the funds to offer four foreign Judges, it would not be acceptable for only two foreign Judges to appear on the Club’s Show Schedule when it was published. 

LW informed Fedco that Exco would not be granting 2nd Championship Show licences beyond 2021 at this stage. She expressed the hope that the matter could be reviewed in a year’s time in order to give Exco firmer guidelines. 

9.22. Basenji Breed Standard

LW reported that, following an enquiry from the FCI about the Colours of the Basenji, The Kennel Club had investigated and reverted with an answer. It was found that the Colours clause in The Kennel Club standard had been corrupted by the incorrect placement of a semicolon. 

Fedco agreed unanimously that, with The Kennel Club Breed Standard having been corrected, a corresponding change should be made to the current KUSA Breed Standard. 

Proposed LW, seconded CI 
Effective 01.01.2019 


June 29 & 30 
November 30 & December 01


June 26 & 27 (or 20 & 21) 
For future confirmation. 
December 05 & 06 (or November 28 & 29) 
For future confirmation. 


The Chairman closed the meeting at 12h23 and extended his best wishes for the Festive Season to the Federal Councillors and their families, the Executive Committee members and their families, and the KUSA Staff and their families. Clr Powell recorded a vote of thanks to the Chair, echoed by all.