2018-05 Exco Minutes

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Final – issued 14.06.2018



Via Telecon:

L Wilson (Chair), RB Jenkins (Vice-Chair), RD Juckes, DC Sparg, NJ du Preez, R Zeeman

Staff in attendance: Mrs P Midgley (General Manager), Miss SA Thornberry (Secretary), Mrs A Bastick & Miss D Rosier

LW thanked BJ for his hospitality in hosting Exco 04-2018 at his home and Mrs C Miscia for doing the Minutes.


The Minutes of the “Face to Face” meeting held on 29.04.2018 awaiting amendments before adoption.


3.1 Amendments to Club Constitutions (Exco 10-2017 item 3.1, Exco 02-2018 item 3.1, Exco 03-2018 item 3.1, Exco 04-2018 item 3.1)

See item 9.2

3.2 Schedule 3 Regulation 33 Fines and Penalties (Exco 11-17 item 3.3, Exco 01-18 item 3.3, Exco 02- 2018 item 3.3, Exco 04-2018 item 3.3)

Work in progress.

3.3 Breed Assessments – Appeal Process (Exco 03-2018 item 9.8, Exco 04-2018 item 3.6)

Following receipt of correspondence received from a Member regarding a Breed Assessment held by the Praetor Rottweiler Club in September 2017, at which she believes her dog was incorrectly measured, further information was obtained from the Club as to exactly how the dog was measured, on what surface and by what method.

After consideration of all the correspondence, as well as the Regulations, the Exco agreed that the correct procedures had been followed, thus there was no recourse for the aggrieved Member, as there was no appeal process.

It was however agreed that an appeal process must be implemented going forward.

Work in progress (RZ and NdP)

3.4 Exhibition of dogs at Championship Shows by Non-Members (Exco 03-2018 item 10.2, Exco 04-2018 item 3.7)

A procedure to be followed by the KUSA Shows Department in cases of breach was unanimously accepted at Exco 04-2018.

Instances of breach need to be reported to Exco:

Mr DC Louwrens

With reference to the previously reported Lodastina Batista, Registration No ZA 011522B16 whose owner was not a current member when the above mentioned dog was exhibited at the at the Overberg KC Championship Show on the 10th March 2018, we confirm that there has been no response from the exhibitor, nor has his membership been updated subsequent to our letter and forwarding a membership application form.

We therefore table a request as per procedures implemented and approved by the Executive Committee at its April 2018 Meeting to remove the CC awarded at this show.

Confirmed that the CC will be withdrawn and Mr Louwrens informed accordingly.

Mr DK Riley

The above exhibitor was found not to have been a member at the time of the following events:

FCI Show (NTKC) – 18th May 2018

NTKC Championship Show (1) – 19th May 2018

NTKC Championship Show (2) – 20th May 2018

Dogs in his ownership entered were:


Awards: 18/5/18 FCI Show – Best Veteran in Breed

Awards: 19/5/18 NTKC Show 1 – CC and Best Veteran in Breed

Awards: 20/5/18 NTKC Show 2 – CC and Best Veteran in Breed


Awards: 18/5/18 FCI Show – BOB, CACIB and 3rd PLACE IN GROUP

Awards: 20/5/18 NTKC Show 2 – BOB and BIG, 1st PLACED CHAMPION


No Awards

Mr Riley has been informed in terms of the procedure adopted.

To be carried forward to next agenda.

[Note: Mr Riley’s membership has since been paid.]

3.5 Mandatory Membership of KUSA for Dog Owners Entering Championship Shows – Dogs in Joint Ownership (Exco 03-2018 item 9.7)

BJ raised the matter of the person who co-owns a dog with the breeder and another person. Neither of the two co-owners, who currently reside overseas, were interested in holding KUSA membership. At the March Exco, it was suggested that the dog could be transferred into the local owner’s sole ownership and the person should be advised to pursue this possibility.

Since then we are advised that the one owner has no objection to becoming a member, however, the other owner does not answer emails and appears to be uncontactable.

After further discussion LW said she would raise this at the informal Fedco 06-2018 meeting.


3.6 Schedule 3 Entry for Exhibition - Regulation 7.11 (Exco 04-2018 item 9.7.1)

“No steward may handle a dog on the same day as he/she is officiating before a Judge for whom he was stewarding unless requested by the Judge to exhibit the entry.”

Discussed at Exco 04-2018 as there is no consequence to contravening this regulation.

Work in progress. To be discussed at informal Fedco Meeting.

3.7 Schedule 3 – Regulation 16.5 (Exco 04-2018 item 9.7.4)

"No dog shall be allowed into the judging ring after having been called three (3) times by the Ring Steward and marked absent."

Discussed at Exco 04-2018 as there is no consequence to contravening this regulation.

Work in progress. To be discussed at informal Fedco Meeting.

3.8 Schedule 3 – Regulation 3.4 – Show Manager (Exco 04-2018 – item 5.1.3)

It was agreed at Exco 04-2018 that the Show Manager should be a member of KUSA. The following amendment to Schedule 3 Regulation 3.4 is suggested:

“The management of a Breed Show shall be the responsibility of the Show Manager who shall be a member in good standing of the Kennel Union and shall be appointed by the Committee of the Show holding Club.”

Work in progress. To be discussed at informal Fedco Meeting.

3.9 Advertisement on Gumtree for “Cockerpoos” – (Exco 04-18 item 10.1)

As there appeared to be a contravention of Schedule 9 Item 2.1.3, the breeder had been contacted and the meeting was informed that it was an accidental mating. It was pointed out that this may be a second offence and Exco required further information before proceeding. The KUSA Office was requested to supply the information relating to the cancellation of a litter a few years ago.

After discussion on the information supplied by the office regarding a litter of one dog born in 2007, it was agreed that the recent ‘accidental mating’ could not be considered as a second offence. A letter to be sent to the breeder concerned reminding them of a similar situation in 2010 when there was a controversy concerning the purebred status of a one of their dogs.


4.1 Office Report

Report attached to agenda.

After discussion the Office Report was approved.

LW drew attention to the KUSA membership renewal form on the website as there was no place for a date under the signature. PM to follow up.


Financial Report for April 2018

After discussion the Financial Report for April 2018 was approved and congratulations on keeping expenses down.



5.1.1 Case 06-2015

WPBTC vs GJ du Toit

Finding of DSC circulated to Exco on 20.04.2018 ito of Rule 10.16 and 10.17 and confirmed.

The case was dismissed as the DSC did not believe that, on a balance of probabilities, there was sufficient evidence of fraud or of improper and/or discreditable and/or dishonourable and/or disgraceful conduct and/or conduct that is prejudicial or injurious to the interests of canine affairs or to members or officials of KUSA, or to persons who are concerned or connected with the Club, and that there was insufficient evidence to show that the Club suffered any prejudice due to the Respondent’s actions.

5.1.2 Another complaint was received in December 2017. However, it does not currently comply with requirements of Schedule 1 and the SCI is in communication with the ‘Complainant’.

Still no response from or further information received from ‘Complainant’.

Noted – after discussion it was agreed to remove from future agendas.

5.1.3 Case 01-2018

Initial notification procedure in terms of Schedule 1 Rule 7 has taken place.


5.1.4 Schedule 1 together with:

Schedule 3 - Regulations that involve penalties or fines or are linked to Schedule 1 are listed below:

Regulation 7, Entry for Exhibition – in particular 7.15 (for noting)

Regulation 31 Objections to Dogs and Disqualifications

Regulation 32 Disqualification and Forfeiture of Prizes

Schedule 3 Regulation 33 Fines and Penalties

Schedule 3 Regulation 37 Fraudulent and Discreditable Conduct

Schedule 3 Regulation 38 – Preparation of Dogs for Exhibition

The above were discussed at informal meeting of Exco. Proposed amendments to Schedule 3 were circulated on 10.05.2018.

Work in progress.


5.2.1 Applications for Second Championship Shows Rotek GSD Club of Northern Areas

The above Club is requesting to host a second Championship IPO & BH event on14/15 July 2018.

There is no conflict with other events on the same weekend.

Motivation :

As a Championship trial this can be used as the 3rd Selection Trial, currently only 2 trials will qualify as selection trials while the agreement was that 3 selection trials should be held. Rotek will be able to secure an international judge for this trial. Very few clubs are organising IPO and ROTEK would like to give handlers more opportunities to compete.

All documents, levies, penalties and outstanding AGM/Financial documents have been received. Non-Championship Shows are held annually.

Approved. Highveld Pomeranian Breeders Association

The above Club is applying to hold a Qualifying Show on the 25th November 2018 together with Jacaranda City Kennel Club All Breeds Championship Show. Jacaranda City KC has no objection.

Schedule 4A, Reg. 3.2 "Unless dispensation is granted by the Federal Council, no qualifying or Re-qualifying Show for any Breed, Group or Discipline shall exceed one (1) day's duration, and no Qualifying Show or Re-qualifying Show shall be held on the same day as a Championship Show, where the same Breed, Group or Discipline are being exhibited, unless the venue is more than 160 Kilometres from the venue of the Championship Show".


5.2.2 Other Club Matters Schedule 3 Reg 14 – Exclusion of Dogs & Reg 19.8

Regulations discussed at informal ‘face-to-face’ meeting.

Any further information will be tabled.

Work in progress. Temporary Exclusion Order - Apollo Prince of Stjephanic House of Torbrit Reg No ZA001028C16

The above Rottweiler, owned by Brigitte Theunissen has now passed CGC (Bronze) and Exco is required to appoint three suitably qualified Judges to examine the dog to assess the dog, under the same conditions, viz as if he were being exhibited at a Show, and using the same handler.

Three Judges were proposed and are to be contacted re availability at Goldfields Supporters Club Show to be held on 09.06.2018 at 08h00. One Judge to bring scanner to check the microchip number.


5.2.3 KUSA CLASSIC 2018 – KUSA IPO Meisterschaft – Dobermann Club of the Cape – 19/20 May 2018

All documents received and show processed.

Reported to be a successful Show. Photograph on KUSA website. 2018 – Free State & N Cape – Breed 2&3 June 2018, Working Disciplines 4-6 August 2018

All documents received and show processed.

Noted that Non-Members entering the Nationals had been contacted regarding the new Regulation.

Best wishes to the organising committee for a successful weekend.

AB was asked to get the Show Dog of the Year points up to date. Noted. 2018 – KUSA National Working Trials (Classic), TT & WUD – 14-15 July 2018

All documents received and show processed. Schedule on KUSA website.

Noted. KUSA National Retriever Champion Stake – 25/26 August 2018

Documents received and being processed. 2019 – Gauteng

Meeting held 28.04.2018. Minutes received and circulated. Chairman – Rene Potgieter.




5.4.1 The following Judge completed KUSA requirements and is licensed for the Group/s as listed:

Mr MC Anderson (KZN) (Utility Group – this Judge now of the Panel of All Breeds Judges)

Noted with congratulations.


Good luck to all the Handlers who have entered the KUSA Nationals this weekend.


5.6.1 The following Judge's Report has been scrutinised and approved by the KUSA Scrutineers:

First Learner Report

Mrs S. Van Rhyn (WC) Level 1 (Beg & Nov) - Cape Welsh Corgi Club - Non-Championship Show - 14 April 2018

Noted with congratulations.

5.6.2 The following judge completed the Obedience Level 2 Exam:

Mrs J. Der Kinderen (WC)

Noted with congratulations.

5.6.3 The following judges Assessments have been approved by the Provincial Council Sub-Committees:

Mr P. Dinsmore (GAU):

Level 1 - (Beg & Nov) - Shetland Sheepdog Club - Championship Show - 8 April 2016

Level 1 - (Beg & Nov) - Western Gauteng Kennel Club - Championship Show - 18 September 2016

Level 1 - (Beg & Nov) - Junior Kennel Club of Gauteng - Championship Show - 25 March 2018

Mrs D. Twell (WC):

Level 2 - (A & B Class) - Kennel Association - Non-Championship Show - 9 July 2017

Level 2 - (A & B Class) - Cape Town Kennel Club - Championship Show - 8 October 2017

Level 2 - (A & B Class) - Cape Handlers Dog Club - Non-Championship Show - 17 February 2018

Noted with congratulations.

5.6.4 The following judge’s observation has been approved by the Provincial Council Sub-Committee:

Mrs P. Muller (WC) - Level 1 - Cape Welsh Corgi Club - Non-Championship Show - 14 April 2018

Noted with congratulations.


5.7.1 The following judges Assessments have been approved by the Provincial Council Working Trial (Classic) Sub-Committee:

First Learner Assessment:

Mrs K. Pohl (WC) - TD 1 - Cape Welsh Corgi Club - Non-Championship Show - 21 April 2018

Noted with congratulations.

Second Learner Assessment:

Mrs K. Gallagher (EC) - CD Trial - Western Suburbs Dog School - Championship Show - 27 April 2018

Mrs K. Pohl (WC) - TD1 - Cape Terrier Club - Non-Championship Show - 13 May 2018

Noted with congratulations.

LW enquired about the issue of badges for Discipline Judges with over ten years’ service.

Noted with the comment that this was being followed up and AB will report back.

5.8 WORKING UTILITY DOG (WUD) – [to be combined with Working Trials Classic on future agendas.]

5.9 FIELD TRIALS - nil

5.10 IPO

Noted that the name IPO will change to IGP on 01.01.2019.


5.11.1 At Exco 03-2018 DS was asked to follow up regarding the EC representative for Dog Jumping and Agility.

Any further information will be tabled.


5.11.2 The following judges have been issued with Dog Jumping Judges' Licences:

Miss J. Angus (KZN)

Miss M. Fourie (WC)

Noted with congratulations.

5.12 CARTING - nil


5.13.1 Minutes of AGM of NSC held on 27.03.2018 – Convener Mrs Gail Killian.

Received and circulated on 20.04.2018


5.13.2 The following judge completed KUSA requirements and has been accepted as an Agility Judge:

Mr Q. Nortje (KZN) (Incl. Sched. 3)

Noted with congratulations.


Minutes of AGM of NFSC held on 20.04.2018

Circulated on 22.05.2018 – Convener Ms Liesl Twyman

The NSC has requested that Exco consider amending the date of AGM Meetings to allow more flexibility.

To be discussed at Fedco 06-2018 informal meeting.


NSC has not held AGM.

The following judge has been issued an Aptitude Judges Licence;

Mrs F. Von Oettingen (KZN)

Noted with congratulations.


5.17 TT – nil


At the Exco 04-2018 “Face to Face” Meeting the matter of NSC’S when there are only one or two members and no representation from around the country was discussed.

It was agreed to recommend to Fedco 06-2018 that the various Provincial Councils should handle these, i.e. item 5.15 Aptitude Testing, item 5.16 Temperament Testing – Health and item 5.18 Dog Dancing, until such time as there were representatives in at least 3 or more provinces to enable sub committees to be formed.

For discussion at Fedco 06-2018 informal meeting.

5.19 FCI

5.19.1 Communications sent to Fedco Members:

17.04.18 Breed Specific Education – Dalmatian

25.04.18 Invitation & Agenda: FCI Breeding Commission Meeting to be held 2 June 2018 In Luzern

02.05.18 Minutes of the FCI Agility Commission Meeting Held 3 & 4 February 2018 In Stockholm, Sweden.

27.04.18 Uniunea Chinologică Din Moldova (UCHM): Notice of Exclusion of Judges/Members

02.05.18 Correction: Circular 26/2018 (Refers to Exclusion of Judges/Members)

26.04.18 Specifications for the Organization of the FCI World Championship for Rescue Dog Teams

27.04.18 New Model for the Title of FCI International Champion

08.05.18 Dog Dancing: Invitation and Agenda 1&2 July 2018 Paris

30.04.18 Dansk Kennel Club: Notice that Ownership Documents can be sent via email

22.05.18 Philippine Canine Club: Notice of Expulsion of GSDF of the Philippines

LW will be attending the Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly in Brussels in August.


6.1 Federation of Boxer Clubs of South Africa Breed Council – FBCSA BC

The Minutes of SGM and First Ordinary Meeting of FBCSA BC held 7th and 8th April 2018 have been received and will be circulated to Exco.


6.2 Rottweiler Breed Council (RBC) - nil

6.3 German Shepherd Dog Liaison Council

As requested at Exco 02-2018 the GSDLC has been asked to submit its proposal for the definition of a GSD Specialist Club.

Received for Fedco 06-2018 agenda.




Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of DOGSPC held on 10.04.2018

Received 05.05.2018 and circulated on 07.05.2018

Quorum present.

Noted with the comment that one of the members of DOGSPC was in the process of drafting a one page document to advise Clubs on how to comply with their tax obligations under the Income Tax Act. LW asked BJ to enquire if this could be made available for use by all Clubs, once completed.


Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of KZNPC held on 17.04.2018

Received and circulated on 22.05.2018

Quorum present. The following documents were also received:

Confirmed minutes of 06.02.2018

Agenda i.r.o. KZNPC Meeting held on 17.04.2018

Financial Report for the period 1 September 2017 to 15 April 2018

Attendance Register 17.04.2018

List of correspondence w.r.t. meeting 17.04.2018



Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of NAPC held on 12.04.2018

Received and circulated on15.05.2018.

Quorum present.

NAPC Top Dog – Noted that the name of the Judge will not be announced until the day of the Show. NdP was asked to enquire if this applied to Breed only, or also Disciplines.

Item 12.3 – Obedience & Trial Dog Register – query to be clarified as the registration certificate does not name the breeder. LW received request as to why the parentage cannot be included. PM advised that was excluded some time ago in view of the fact that such certificates had been used fraudulently, i.e. dogs had been sold as purebred.




7.6.1 Central Free State Bull Terrier Club and Centenary Terrier Club (Exco 04-2018 item 7.6.1)

Any further information regarding the closure of the Central Free State Bull Terrier Club will be tabled.

Any further information regarding the Centenary Terrier Club’s proposed move to DOGSPC will be tabled.

NdP was asked to follow up.

NdP advised that the Central Free State Bull Terrier Club may not be closing but this will be decided at the AGM.

The Centenary Terrier Club intends to make the necessary application to move to DOGSPC but in the meantime will hold its next Championship Show under the auspices of the FS&NC Provco this year. The Articles to be checked to see whether there is provision for dispensation to hold this show at Goldfields Showgrounds. Alternatively, NdP and RJ to liaise with regard to holding the Show in conjunction with Sasolburg Kennel Club Championship Show on this occasion.

To be carried forward to next meeting.


8.1 28 new members and 55 lapsed members were elected.


9.1 Applications for Affiliation

9.1.1 IPO Training Club of Southern Areas and Surrounds

As per the Chairman of DOGSPC, we table directly to the Executive Committee application for the above Club to become affiliated to KUSA. (Email attached to agenda.)

At its inaugural meeting which was held 14 April 2018, Club members agreed to join KUSA. There are currently 15 members. Payment has been received. Headquarters of the Club shall be in the Gauteng area and shows will take place within this area. This is an IPO related Club with training only.

Alternative Names:

IPO Training Club of Southern Areas

IPO Training Club of Gauteng

Variations from existing Specimen Club Constitution – attached to agenda.


That the IPO Training Club of Southern Areas and Surrounds be affiliated to operate as a Training Club in the Gauteng area. The first choice of name was accepted and noted that the Club has requested that if IPO is changed to IGP, they will change their name to the IGP Training Club of Southern Areas and Surrounds.

Following Fedco, AB to notify any Clubs with the IPO in the name and ask that they change their name at their next AGM.

9.2 Amendments to Club Constitutions

We refer to item 3.1 in previous Executive Committee Meeting minutes, where approval of certain clauses requested by various Clubs was deferred pending approval of a new specimen Club Constitution. Using the Boxer Constitution as a guide, we table these amendments as requested by the Clubs. (Attachment with agenda):

Noted that the Exco was not in agreement with AGM’s not being held ‘face to face’ but accepts the decision of Fedco in this regard. Noted that Special General Meetings are to be ‘face to face’ meetings.

9.2.1 Saint Bernard Association of Northern Gauteng (Exco 06-17 item 9.2.1, Exco 07-17 item 3.9)

The above Club is requesting the following:

Insert new clause

Clause 21 Quorums at Meetings

(a) (iii)

With the aim of facilitating communications to a nationally distributed membership, the Club and the Committee specifically recognises teleconferencing or other remote conferencing facilities to count as attendance and be recognised for voting in quorums if available and provided by the Club and Committee. This includes, but is not limited to such facilities as Skype, Teleconferencing, E-mails and any new electronic method that will come into existence.

Remote teleconferenced attendees will be noted in the minutes as present 'by teleconference' and any votes registered by the same as 'by teleconference'.

The Committee will publish in its notices if such facilities are available and members must notify the committee their wish to use such facilities.

Approved , subject to the clause being placed directly under the heading of Clause 20 Meetings, or at the end just before the Quorum Clause and not under Clause 21 Quorums.

9.2.2 Western Province Bull Terrier Club

Clause 16 a)

The management and control of the Club shall be vested in a Committee consisting of [ not less than six (6) a minimum of five (5) [ nor more than ten (10 )] and a maximum of eight (8) Committee Members with voting rights.


9.2.3 Cape Bullmastiff Club (Exco 06-2017 item 9.2.1, Exco 07-2017 item 3.9)

The management and control of the Club shall be vested in a Committee consisting of a minimum [ not less than six (6) of three (3) and [ not more than ten (10) Committee Members ]a maximum of five (5) Committee Members….

NOTE: This is still contrary to the new Constitution which states no less than 5 nor more than 10

Clause 21 a) i)

Quorum at an AGM/SGM

Committee meeting shall be [ ten (10) five (5) paid up members of the club with voting rights.

Clause 2 a) ii)

Quorum at a Committee meeting

Proposed: Shall be [ ten (10) three (3) paid up members of the Club with voting rights.

NOTE: This is still contrary to the new Constitution which states …"shall be half the Committee plus one".

Not approved – Club to be advised.

Clause 22


Was: 22. e) ii) [ Members may then submit postal votes which shall be on a prescribed form and shall be signed by the member and a Commissioner of Oaths who shall certify thereon that the member has identified himself to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of Oaths as being the person purporting to cast the postal vote… ] change to

Members may then submit votes by email with their particulars being confirmed by the data base of the CBC& Secretary.

Approved .

The Office to advise Club that they are to use the minimum requirements as per the revised Specimen Club Constitution approved by Fedco:

Management Committee – no less than five (5) nor more than ten (10) members….

Quorum at an AGM/SGM – shall be at least one-and-a-half times (1.5) the number of the full Committee with voting rights.

Quorum at a Committee meeting – shall be one half of the full Committee plus one.

9.2.4 Sasolburg Kennel Club (Exco 6-17 Item 9.2.3, Exco 07-2017 item 3.8, Exco 08-2017 item 3.3)

At its AGM held 5th March 2017, the above Club approved the following amendment to its Club Constitution.

Delete words in [] and insert words underlined:


a) Except where elsewhere provided, the quorum at any:

i) Annual or Special General Meeting shall be nine (9) seven (7) members with voting rights.


9.2.5 Natal Utility Breeds Club

Awaiting revised Constitution (merging with Natal Toy Dog Club).

Noted with comment that this will result in a change of name, after which application to Exco would need to be made regarding the retention of Champion status.

9.2.6 Northern Tshwane Kennel Club (Exco 08-15 item 9.2.1)

Clause 20 insert NEW:

E All meetings of the Club may be held in person or may be held by electronic means available to the Club from time to time.

Approved subject to wording as per revised Specimen Constitution.

9.3 Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 - Dispensation for Registration

Griffon Bruxellois (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Deferred from Exco 04-2018

Litters whelped 12 October 2014, 18 April 2016 and 17 November 2016, breeder Mrs MD Vosloo.

In response to Exco’s request for further information in clarification of the above:

The three litters referred to are litters of one puppy each. They have been neutered and the applications have N/P restrictions. They are not recorded on the Obedience Register.

Approved by Exco on 22.05.2018 via ‘round robin’.


Retriever (Labrador) (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 22 January 2017, breeder Mrs A Van Rooyen.


Retriever (Golden) (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 06 July 2016, breeder Mrs N De Swardt.


Regulation 4.6:

 Notwithstanding the provisions of Regulation 4.3 the Executive Committee shall be empowered, at its discretion, to grant dispensation on good cause shown to permit the registration of a single eligible dog or litter. In the case of application for the registration of an additional puppy to a litter already registered, KUSA reserves the right to request DNA parentage verification for that dog. DNA parentage verification certificates must have the microchip number of the dam, sire(s) and each of the progeny recorded on the certificate.”

9.4 Schedule 2 Reg. 9 – Amendment to Registers

Incorrect details of Sire recorded on application for registration of complete litter.

Litter whelped 19 October 2016, four (4) puppies: Dachshund (Miniature Long-haired).

The Breeder, Mrs MD Stone, inadvertently inserted the incorrect details for the Sire on the litter application form.

Sworn Affidavit received.

Application form with the correct sire details still to be submitted.

Fee for the rectification of our records outstanding.

One original certificate of registration had been returned, we await the remaining certificates N.B. one of the dogs has been Exported to the USA on the 11 May 2017.

Approval is subject to DNA parentage verification of all parents and puppies and receipt of all documents.

Incorrect details of Sire and date of birth recorded on application form for registration of a complete litter. [Carry over from April 2018]

Litter whelped 17 May 2017 one (1) puppy: Shih Tzu.

The Breeder, Mr M Erwee, inadvertently inserted the details of the incorrect Sire and incorrect date of birth of the litter on the litter application form as just prior to completing the application form he updated microchip forms for another litter.

Sworn Affidavit received. Registration Certificate with incorrect details returned. Fees paid.

Date the litter was registered: 26 September 2017.

Date of birth of previous litter registered by breeder: 13 August 2016 (one puppy).

Approval is subject to DNA parentage verification plus copy of Vet book indicating date of birth of litter.

Note Regulation 9 effective 01/02/2017:

“The Kennel Union may amend any of its Registers or the Obedience and Trial Dogs Record to rectify any errors or omissions therein and every application for rectification made by the owner of a dog shall be accompanied by the fee prescribed in terms of Schedule 7. In the case of application to change the am or sire of a registered litter, KUSA reserves the right to request DNA parentage verification of the entire litter.”

9.5 Schedule 2 Regulation 12.2 Refusal or Cancellation of Registration – Accidental Mating

Litter of seven (7) puppies whelped 18 May 2018, breeder Dr P Berman.

The breeder is requesting registration of the above litter. The mating was not witnessed and the male and the female are brother and sister but not from the same litter (different date of birth). The breeder endeavoured to keep the male and female apart when she was in season but was not successful. The breeder is requesting registration of the puppies and is prepared to have DNA parentage verification testing done should this be required.

Sworn Affidavit received. Awaiting applications and fees upon decision from Exco.

Agreed once DNA parentage verification is done.

Note: Regulation 12.2 reads:

Notwithstanding the provisions of Regulation 4 of this Schedule KUSA reserves the right to refuse to register any litter whelped from a bitch within twelve (12) months of the date of birth of the dam. The decision of Executive Committee shall be final and binding, in cases claiming accidental mating or mating through extenuating circumstances.

9.6 Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates

KUSA is in receipt of a signed vet certificate for a German Short Haired Pointer: HEIKO VON DEN DONAU-WIRBELN OF AMBELAGI (IMP ROM), KUSA Registration number ZA001175C17.

This dog has lost his upper left 2nd incisor as a result of a hit and run accident.



10.1 WODAC – medals for Show Dog of the Year delivered to Johannesburg by PM.


After discussion 12.06.2018 was agreed. The Secretary will be on leave. Only the Fedco agenda and urgent items will be discussed.

[Note: Fedco takes place on 23/24th Jun 2018]

Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the Exco.