25.03.2024 | KUSA Classic 2024 Statement

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It has been brought to the attention of the Federal Council and the Executive Committee of the Kennel Union that a few prospective attendees of the KUSA Classic 2024 have expressed concerns regarding the safety of travelling to KwaZulu-Natal and attending the Cluster over the period of South Africa’s General Elections. Fedco and Exco have noted these concerns, ostensibly based on a perception that KZN might be more volatile that other parts of the country, given the ANC’s legal action in the Electoral Court challenging the legitimacy of the ANC’s former military wing, uMkhonto weSiswe (MK), fronted by former President Jacob Zuma, to stand in the election.

In response to the safety concerns raised in certain quarters, the KUSA Classic Organising Committee (KCOC), immediately took steps to do a risk assessment of the situation and, in this process, also consulted with security experts. In its efforts to apprise itself of the possible risk involved in attending the KUSA Classic in late May 2024, the KCOC learnt that, although the state of alert of the country’s security forces would be escalated to hypervigilance as is customary during elections, there was, at this stage, neither evidence, nor expectation, that the security risk to KZN residents would be appreciably higher than to people elsewhere in the country.

Taking account of the funds and other resources already committed to the KUSA Classic, compounded by the reputational and material damage likely to be suffered by KUSA and its delegated structures through the premature cancellation, relocation, or postponement of the event, Fedco and Exco concurred with the assessment of the KCOC and directed it should proceed with the arrangements for the KUSA Classic 2024 in KZN. As KUSA’s flagship event and annual assembly of the country’s Dog Owners, Exhibitors and Handlers to celebrate South African dogs and dogdom, the KUSA Classic is a meticulously curated event which takes years of planning and preparation, which cannot simply be abandoned.

This is a time for those who love Dog Shows and Dogsport to make informed decisions which are evidentially and rationally based and not to allow themselves to succumb to scaremongering and coercion. Needless to say, the safety of Officials, Judges, Exhibitors and Handlers is of paramount importance to the KCOC and, for this reason, security will be significantly stepped up at the Durban Shongweni Club. Moreover, the KCOC has no intention of settling into complacency in the run-up to the KUSA Classic. During this period, the security situation will be carefully and diligently monitored and any information, be it positive or negative, will be relayed to prospective attendees without delay.

On behalf of the KCOC, I appeal to all those who had plans to attend this first “away” KUSA Classic in a long, long time, not to shelve them. We have every confidence that our stellar panel of international Judges, KZN’s traditional hospitality and its clement weather that time of year will make your visit to verdant KZN worthwhile. I urge you not to deny your beautiful dogs the opportunity of being showcased along with the cream of South African dogdom and look forward to welcoming you to the KUSA Classic 2024!

With kind regards,
Michael Vorster

Chairman: KZNPC of KUSA & Chairman: KUSA Classic 2024 Organising Committee