25.03.2024 | Appointment Registrations & Canine Health Administrator

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The Kennel Union is delighted to announce, after a careful selection and interview process, the appointment of Carol Immelman to the advertised position of Registrations and Canine Health Administrator on a part-time, limited duration contract basis.

As the holder of Kennel Union membership for the past fifty-two years, a Federal Councillor for almost a decade, during which period she was granted LIFE Membership and a well-known breeder and exhibitor of Dalmatians and Australian Shepherds, Carol is well-versed in the history of KUSA and its operations on numerous levels. She is no stranger to KUSA’s challenges as a Breeders’ Society and Registering Authority, where the ownership, propagation and promotion of purebred dogs are under sustained scrutiny and often criticism.

As a breeder of laudable repute, Carol has, over the years, kept in close touch with developments in canine reproduction through her frequent contact with academics in the Department of Production Animal Studies in the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Pretoria. She’s an avid advocate and campaigner for health testing as a means of producing clinically healthy dogs and her layman’s knowledge of this rapidly evolving area of canine care and husbandry has earned her the respect of not only her peers, but also practitioners in the field.

During her tenure as a Federal Councillor, Carol not only identified areas for improvement and harmonisation in the procedures for the recording of health test results on Registration Certificates or ancillary Health Certificates, but also mooted possible ways in which KUSA might encourage and facilitate health testing. In the interest of improving its registration processes and health testing messaging, KUSA is therefore fortunate to have acquired her dedicated expertise.

In the course of Carol’s almost lifelong association with the Kennel Union, she has built up a formidable knowledge of Registrations, KUSA’s core function and, in her new role as Registrations Administrator, she will fulfil a vital quality-control function in respect of routine as well as non-routine registrations. Her involvement in KUSA’s Registrations Department is expected to appreciably reduce data-capturing errors and lessen registration turnaround times.

In accepting the position, Carol responded, “I thank KUSA for entrusting these key functions to me which, I believe, I’m aptly capable of performing efficiently and to the satisfaction of KUSA and its members. I’ve devoted a substantial portion of my adult life to dogs and dog shows and I’m grateful for this opportunity to apply the knowledge and experience gained over many years in the service of KUSA. I’m fully committed to improving KUSA’s image in the eyes of its members and the public by helping to raise its service levels in the key areas of Registrations and Canine Health advocacy.”

Carol will assume her KUSA duties on 2 April 2024.