2019-10 Exco Minutes

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Via Telecon: Clrs L Wilson (LW) (Chairman) RB Jenkins (BJ) (Vice-Chair), NJ du Preez (NdP), Y Jefferies (YJ)

Staff in Attendance: Mrs P Midgley (PM) (General Manager), Miss SA Thornberry (ST) (Secretary), Mr K Farmer (KF) (Office Manager), Mrs A Bastick (AB) (Club Affairs), Miss D Rosier (DR) (Administrative Relations Officer), Mrs Z Petersen (Administrator)

Apologies: Clr D Sparg.

The following recent death was noted with sadness:

Margaret Mcara (GAU)

Roy Furnell (GAU)

Tina Jarvis (GAU)

LW welcomed Yvonne Jefferies (YJ) to the Exco Committee and advised that there will be no representation from the Western Cape at this meeting. The WCPC will nominate an Exco member at its next meeting.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 26.09.2019 were formally adopted.


3.1 Articles and Schedules – Harmonisation and Rectification of Contradictions ( Exco 11-17 item 3.3, Exco 01-18 item 3.3, Exco 02-2018 item 3.3, Exco 04-2018 item 3.3, Exco 05-2017 item 3.2), Exco 7- 2018 item 3.1, Exco 08-2018 items 3.1, 3.4, 3.5, Exco 09-2018 item 3.1, Exco 10-2018 item 3.1, Exco 11- 2018 item 3.1, Exco 01-2019 item 3.1, Exco 02-2019 item 3.1, Exco 03-2019 item 3.1, Exco 05-2019 item 3.1, Exco 06-2019, item 3.1, Exco 07-2019 item 3.1, Exco 08-2019 item 3.1, Exco 09-2019 item 3.1)

A document was submitted for presentation to the Federal Council.


3.2 Appeal Process (Exco 03-2018 item 9.8, Exco 04-2018 item 3.6, Exco 05-2018 item 3.3, Exco 07-2018, item 3.2. Exco 08-2018 item 3.2 Exco 09-2018 item 3.2, Exco 11-2018 item 3.2, Exco 01-2019 item 3.2, Exco 02-2019 item 3.1, Exco 06-2019 item 3.2, Exco 07-2019 item 3.2, Exco 08-2019 item 3.2, Exco 09- 2019 item 3.2)

Work in progress – NdP

NdP advised that he was collaborating with Clr Robinson regarding this and other Constitutional matters, which will be considered at the informal Fedco discussion.

3.3 Breeders’ Advertisements – KUSA Website ( Exco 07-2019 item 9.6, Exco 08-2019 item 3.3, Exco 09- 2019 item 3.3)

The following is carried forward from the previous three meetings:

It was agreed that other matters relating to Breeders’ Advertisements should be dealt with at the informal Fedco discussion.


In the ensuing discussion it was confirmed that the Office had the interim authority to remove or stay advertisements for 30 days until the Exco has ruled. Furthermore, advertisements will not be removed at the behest of another KUSA member on behalf of a third party.


4.1 Office Report

After discussion, the Office Report was approved.

4.2 Finance

After discussion, the Financial Report was approved.



Two new complaints have been received. Further information is awaited before submitting them to SCI for evaluation.



5.2.1 Applications for Second Championship Shows - Nil

5.2.2 Schedule 3 Regulations 5 Show Schedules - Reg 16 ( Exco 06-2019), (Exco 07-2019), (Exco 08-2019), (Exco 09-2019)

November Championship Shows - Documents due May 2019

Rotek GSD Club - IGP - 16 November 2019 - no documents received – cancelled

Nördlicher Verein Für Deutsche Hunde Rassen - 23 November 2019 - no documents received - cancelled

January Championship Shows - Documents due July 2019


February Championship Shows - Documents due August 2019

Cape Field Trial Club - 23 February 2020 - pending documents

Western Cape Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club - 29 February 2020 - Documents received - pending signed financials.

March Championship Shows - Documents due September 2019

Liesbeek Kennel Club - 01 March 2020 - Documents received - pending Vice-Chairman's Membership

Western Province Bull Terrier Club (2) - 01 March 2020 - Documents received - pending capture and clearance.

Whale Coast Kennel Club - 7 March 2020 x 2 Shows - Awaiting Show finalisation.

Meridian Rottweiler League - 14-15 March 2020 - pending documents.

Transvaal Midlands Kennel Club - 28 March 2020 - pending documents.

April Championship Shows - Documents due October 2019

Walmer & Suburban Kennel Club - 2, 11,12 April 2020 - receiving documents.

Grahamstown & Districts KC - 3, 5 April 2020 - receiving documents.

Baakens Valley W & H Breeds - 4 April 2020 - pending documents.

Algoa Hound Club - 4 April 2020 - Licence fee paid - pending balance of documents.

Uitenhage KC - 4 & 12 April 2020- receiving documents.

Port Elizabeth Kennel Club - 5 & 11 April 2020 - Licence application and fee received. Pending balance of documents.

Windhoek Kennel Club - 4 April 2020 - Licence Application received - pending balance of documents

Pretoria Kennel Club - Disc - 5 April 2020 - pending if being held

Transvaal Field Trial Assn . - 10-13 April 2020 - pending documents

Toy Dog Breeders Association - 11 April 2020 - Pending 3rd signatory on Licence application.

Sporting Dog Association -11 April 2020 - Licence application and fee received. Pending balance of documents.

Central Free State Bull Terrier Club - 11 April 2020 - pending documents.

Cape Rottweiler Club - 11-13 April 2020 - Documents received - pending capture and clearance.

Jubilee Toy Dog Club of SA -- 12 April 2020 - Documents received, captured and cleared. (Chairman and Treasurer same person).

Labrador Retriever Club -25-28 April 2020 FT - pending documents.

NAPC Bumper Disciplines Weekend under various Club Licences 25-28 April 2020

(Incl. KUSA Nationals DJ,AG,Fly) - receiving documents.

Working Retriever Club - 30 Apr-3 May FT - pending documents.

Exco Representatives to please follow up with their Provinces.

5.2.3 Schedule 3 Reg 14 – Exclusion of Dogs & Reg 19.8 Procedure and Cover Sheet for Reporting a Case of Dog Aggression at a KUSA-Licensed Show – Schedule 3 Regulation 14 (Exco 05-2019 item, Exco 06-2019 item,)

The cover sheet has been amended and posted on website.

The following still has to take place:

Working Discipline Schedules are to be amended to provide for Schedule 3 Reg 14.

The Regulation is to be included as a question in the Judges Exam on Rules and Regulations.

(Note: Amendments to the various Schedules will need to be made and referred to Fedco.)

NdP to look at wording of Regulation 14 with view to making provision for the imposition of a fine, should there be no report submitted to the KUSA Office.

At the June Exco Meeting, LW read out a revised procedure, which was tabled at the Fedco informal discussion. (copy attached to agenda)

Fedco discussion indicated that clearer guidelines for TEO CGCs needed to be set for discussion at Fedco 12-2019.

Work in progress. (LW, BJ & ST) List of TEO Dogs

Referring to the list of dogs with TEOs still in force that was recently circulated by the Secretary. As reported at the September Meeting, letters have been sent to the owners advising that they are being given 12 months in which to have the dogs successfully pass the CGC (Bronze).

Arising from the above, it transpires that there are no KUSA-sanctioned CGC Evaluators in the Free State area.

It was confirmed that Clr R Juckes (FS&NC Provco Chairman) is receiving the necessary training to be a CGC Evaluator for the FS&NC.

Noted. Cape Town Kennel Club – Championship Show - 20.10.2019

A cover sheet was received regarding a minor incident. This included a statement from the Judge advising that the dog concerned showed no aggression. There was no injured party.

Noted and agreed that no action was warranted.

5.2.4 OTHER CLUB / SHOW MATTERS The 2020 Events Calendar has now been published on the KUSA Website and circulated to Provincial Councils. The KUSA office is requesting all Clubs to confirm their Show dates by 31 October 2019.

LW requested that clubs are asked to check their show dates and revert to AB. Goldfields Supporters Clubs (Northern & Southern) Dates - Br,Hcl,Ob,Dj,Ca,Ag,Fly - 18/19 July 2020

The following is carried forward from the Sept 2019 Meeting:

The above Clubs are requesting to move their Championship Shows in 2020 from Week 23, 8/9 June, one week after the KUSA Classic Weekend Shows to Week 29, 18/19 July 2020. This used to be the WODAC Weekend.

The Northern Transvaal Bull Terrier Club and Rottweiler Working & Breeding Association (RWBA) have their Championship Shows on Week 29.

Motivation from the Goldfields Supporters Clubs and an objection from RWBA were tabled at the September Meeting,

Discussion ensued and noted that a precedent had already been set in that other Clubs that had previously requested to hold Shows on the same date as RWBA had been refused by Exco. After further discussion, no decision was made although it was hoped that, through negotiation, a solution could be found. LW asked AB to provide a list of Rottweiler Breed Shows being held from Jan to Dec 2020 and requested that the matter be deferred to the October Exco Meeting.

(Further information regarding previous decisions attached to agenda.)

It was agreed that the matter needed to be referred to the Federal Council for a ruling.

5.2.5 KUSA Classic 2020 Gauteng – Nationals Agility, Dog Jumping, Flyball, FCI Breed Show & Agility

To be held in conjunction with NAPC Bumper Weekend.

Noted – progress report to be requested. 2020 Gauteng – Nationals Breed, Obedience, Carting and Handling

To be held Thu 28 May to Mon 1 June 2020.

Incorporating KUSA Championship Show/KUSA Winners (Breed), Obedience, Carting, Agility, Dog Jumping and Flyball.)

2020 KUSA Classic Breed

Noted – progress report to be requested. 2021 KUSA Classic - 28-30 May 2021


LW enquired if the conversion to the new system was complete. AB advised that this was ongoing.




Miss TT Vorster may represent SA at the World Dog Show 2020 in Spain.

For ratification by Fedco






Meeting held on 08.10.2019 – Minutes awaited.


5.9 IGP

5.9.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of NIGPSC Meeting held 05.09.2019

Circulated 15.09.2019


The Secretary was requested to email a letter on behalf of Exco to Mr J Swartz regarding outstanding documents in respect of the qualification of IGP Helpers/Tutor Helpers. If the outstanding documents are not received within ten days of the date the email, then Exco reserves the right to determine the Helpers’ and/or Tutor Helpers’ qualification status.

To be carried forward to next agenda.







5.12.1 The following Judge has been issued an Agility Judge’s Licence:

Miss K. Taylor (WC)

Noted with congratulations






LW advised that the FCI had produced a cooperation agreement with regard to brachycephalic breeds, which LT will present at Fedco 12-19 Informal Discussion.

NdP advised that the Bull Terrier fraternity was contemplating the establishment of a Liaison Council, mainly for the purpose of dealing with the breed’s health issues.


5.16 TT





Work in progress.

5.19 FCI

5.19.1 Communications send to Fedco Members:

11.10.19 Amended Breed Standard: Rottweiler.

11.10.19 Breed Standard: Schillerstövare.

11.10.19 New Breed Standard: Hamiltonstövare.

11.10.19 New Breed Standard: Mastina Napoletano (Neapolitan Mastiff).

11.10.19 Kennel Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Kura): Exclusion Notice.

11.10.19 New Section on the FCI Website: Judges’ Directory.

15.10.19 End of Temporary Withdrawal of Judging Licence: Mrs Špela Briški Cirma.

15.10.19 Official Statement from the Norsk Kennel Club.

15.10.19 Revamped Tool for the Judges Online.

15.10.19 Minutes of the first meeting of the FCI Commission for Education and Public Relations, held 31 July 2019 in Lithuania.

15.10.19 End of Temporary Withdrawal of Judging Licence: Mrs Lidija Oklescen.

15.10.19 Philippine Canine Club, Inc. (PCCI: Suspension of Mr Jedy David Krist Chua.

15.10.19 Decisions of the FCI General Committee (Como, 4 & 5 September 2019).

15.10.19 Breed Standard, Recognition on a Provisional Basis: Yakutskaya Laika (365).

15.10.19 Recognition on a Provisional Basis: Eesti Hagijas (366).

15.10.19 Update: Official statement and decisions about the situation in Norway - by the Norsk Kennel Club, 27.09.2019.

15.10.19 Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) Brachycephalic breeds: Cooperation Agreement.

15.10.19 Suspension Notice: Finska Kennelklubben – Mrs Lena Danker-Höglund

15.10.19 Amended Breed Standard: Chihuahua

15.10.19 Revised Export Pedigree – Russian Kynological Federation

15.10.19 Amended Breed Standard: Samoyed.

15.10.19 Letter of the FCI President, Mr Tamás Jakkel, to The Kennel Club (UK).

16.10.19 Minutes of the meeting of the FCI Utility Dogs Commission held in Biedermannsdorf, Austria, on 16.09.2019.

16.10.19 Commission for Utility Dogs Invitation. FCI Judges’ Seminar in Biedermannsdorf, Austria

16.10.19 Breed Standard: Croatian Shepherd Dog

16.10.19 Breed Standard (Amended) Azawakh

16.10.19 Guidelines: Criteria for Limited Registration


LW advised that the Office has now received the new Asia, Africa and Oceania Regulations to make up International FCI Champions. Statement for the information of KUSA Members to be tabled at Fedco 12- 2019 Informal Discussion.




7.1.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting held on 01.10.2019.

Circulated on 07.10.2019

Quorum present


7.1.2 Unconfirmed Minutes of AGM held on 01.10.2019.

Circulated on 07.10.2019

Quorum present

Election of Office-Bearers:

Chairman: Mr BG Robinson

Vice Chairman: Mrs CM Immelman

Vice Chairman - Primary Substitute: Mr KD Young

Vice Chairman - Secondary Substitute: Mr RD de Taranto

Secretary : Mrs AM Thompson

Treasurer : Mr J de Souza

Auditor : Ms ML Tregoning

Noted, with congratulations to the Office-Bearers.


7.2.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting held on 20.08.2019.

Circulated on 09.10.2019

Quorum present

AGM Scheduled for 02.11.2019




7.4.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting held 16.09.2019

Circulated on 27.09.2019

Quorum present



AGM scheduled for 10.11.2019.



7.6.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of AGM held on 17.09.2019.

Circulated on 09.10.2019

Quorum present

Election of Office-Bearers:

Chairman: Mr Ronald Juckes

Vice Chairman and Secretary : Dr Liezel Nel

Treasurer : Mrs Yvonne Jefferies

Exco Elected Member : Mrs Yvonne Jefferies

Noted, with congratulations to the Office-Bearers.

7.6.2 Unconfirmed Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held 17.09.2019

Circulated 16.10.2019

Quorum present.



8.1 17 New Members were elected and 4 Lapsed Members were re-elected.


9.1 Applications for Affiliation/Closure

Grand Central Utility Breeds Club - Awaiting confirmation that financials completed (expected by 9 November 2019)


9.1.1 Affiliation fees outstanding

Eastern Boxer Club

Golden City Poodle Club

Pug Club of Gauteng

Nördlicher Verein Für Deutsche Hunde Rassen (German Breeds Club)

Free State Agility & Dog Training Club


9.2 Amendments to Club Constitutions

9.2.1 Highveld Scent Hound Club

At its SGM held 01 June 2019, the Club members agreed to change the status/type of Club from a "Scent Hound" Club to a "Hound Group" Club.

The following amendments to the Club Constitution are tabled herewith for approval.

1. Name

The name of the Club shall be Highveld [Scent] Hound Club.

3. Headquarters and Address of the Club

The headquarters of the Club shall be as determined from time to time by the Committee, but shall be in the [ Western Centre of ] D.O.G.S.P.C

4. The objects of the club shall be:

a) To promote, encourage, foster and advance the breeding, well-being of and interest in all the [ scent ] hound breeds;

b) To observe and adhere to the breed standards of all the [scent] hound breeds of dogs adopted from time to time by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.


9.2.2 Mpumalanga Bulldog Club

At its AGM held 8 June 2019, the above Club members agreed to amend their Headquarters clause as follows:


Headquarters and Address of Club

The headquarters of the club shall be as determined from time to time by the Committee, but shall be in Secunda and the Club's shows shall take place within [ that Mpumalanga and Gauteng area.


9.2.3 Baakens Valley Working & Herding Breeds & All Breeds Training School

At its SGM held on the 6th October 2019, it was agreed by Club members to adopt the revised KUSA Specimen Club Constitution in its entirety. (Attached to agenda)


9.2.4 Queenstown & Districts Kennel Club

At its AGM held 29 June 2019 the above Club approved amendments to its Club Constitution as per the Specimen Club Constitution.

Words in square brackets with strikethrough to be deleted and words underlined to be inserted.



The headquarters of the Club shall be as determined from time to time by the Committee, but shall be located in East London and the Club's shows shall take place within that same area or at any venue in the Eastern Cape as may be approved and licensed by KUSA from time to time.


Trading and Income

Add b)

The Club shall carry on its activities in a not-for-profit manner and shall register as a Public Benefit Organisation under the South African Tax Act of 1962 in order to qualify for full or partial tax exemption and submit to the South African Revenue Services annually its Tax Return (IT 12EI) and Financial Statements.


Reprimand, Expulsion or suspension of a Member


A member who has been suspended or expelled shall have the right to appeal against his suspension or expulsion to the Committee in a Special General Meeting of that Committee. Such appeal must be lodged within 30 days of the receipt of notification of such suspension or expulsion with the Chairman or Secretary who shall take immediate steps to convene the Special General Meeting. At this meeting the case against the member shall be put by one member of the Committee on behalf of the committee and the member shall be given equal opportunity to defend himself. After hearing such appeal, the Committee shall then be given an opportunity to reverse their previous decision . To reverse the previous [Committee's ] decision will require a two-thirds majority of the whole number of the members [ with voting rights of the Special General Committee Meeting present. The vote shall be taken by ballot and the decision shall be final .

Clause 16

Management Committee


The Management and control of the club shall be vested in a Committee consisting of a minimum of [ ten(10) six (6) committee members all of whom shall be:

ii) not less than [ twenty-one (21) eighteen (18)


At its first meeting, which shall be held within seven days of the Annual General Meeting at which it was elected, the Committee shall ]

During the Annual General meeting the Committee shall from among its number elect a:-

i) a Chairman

ii) a Vice-Chairman

iii) an Honorary Secretary

iv) an Honorary Treasurer

v) a Directory of Training (optional)

vi) not less than two (2) and not more than five (5) additional members.

[( c) not necessarily from amongst its number, appoint an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer who may be one and the same person ]

Renumber d) to c)


Not more than two members of any close family relationship may serve on the Committee at any one time.


Only those members who at the time of the Annual General Meeting are in good standing with the Club and KUSA are eligible for election.


All nominations for any position to the Management Committee shall be in writing and shall be received by the Secretary at least seven (7) days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. Such nominations shall be dated and signed by the proposer and seconder, also by the candidate nominated, accepting nomination.

B Terms of Office


The Committee elected at its first Annual General Meeting held under this Constitution shall at its first meeting, determine by lot which members being one-half of the total membership of the Committee shall retire from office at the end of the next ensuing Annual General Meeting. Except for the Committee members thus chosen to serve for one year only, all Committee members shall be elected to serve a term of [ two(2) one (1) year.

17. Vacancy

New (v)

The Committee may appoint a member of the club to fill any vacancy arising in terms of subsection (a) above and such member shall hold office for the remainder of the term of office of the Committee member he has replaced.

18. Powers of the Committee


To ensure that all cheques and other negotiable instruments including electronic transfers shall be approved by not less than two persons, one of whom shall be the Honorary Treasurer and the other an appointed member of the Committee who may not be the spouse or close relative of the Honorary Treasurer.

19. Duties of Officers/Committee Members

Add new

The Club will not pay any remuneration to any Committee Member. Any remuneration paid to any other person rendering a service to the Club shall not be determined as a percentage of any amounts received by or accrued to the Club, unless agreed to in writing and approved by the Committee and shall not be excessive, having regard to what is generally considered reasonable in the sector and in relation to the service rendered.

B. Honorary Secretary

Add new


on relinquishment of his office to hand all books and records to his successor within 30 days.

C. Honorary Treasurer

Add new


on relinquishment of his office to hand all books and records to his successor within 30 days

21. A The Annual General Meeting


Notice stating the date, time and place of the Annual General Meeting and including any proposal to amend the Constitution shall be posted or emailed with delivery/read request or SMS if no email address is available to all members not less than 30 days before the date of such meeting.


Annual General Meeting shall either be face-to-face, or by teleconference, or by video conference (including Skype), or be face-to-face combined with either of the two forms of virtual attendance or by proxy, in writing, received prior to the meeting.

(The office advised the Club that proxy votes are not permitted)


The Agenda for such meeting, which shall include the following items, shall be posted or emailed with delivery/read request or SMS if no email address is available to all members not less than [ ten(10 seven (7) days before the date of such meeting.

Add new


Director of Training's report

Renumber remaining clauses

B. Special General Meeting

a) (iii)

On a requisition (stating clearly in details the purpose of such meeting) signed by not less than [ ten (10) fifty percent of members.


Notice stating the date, time and place of such meeting and setting out the business to be transacted thereat shall be posted or emailed with delivery/read request or SMS if no email address is available to each member not less than 30 days prior to the date of such meeting.

C. Committee Meetings


The Committee shall meet for the dispatch of business as often as is necessary [ but not less than once every two months ] provided that the Secretary shall convene a meeting of the Committee immediately on receipt of a written request signed by at least [ five fifty percent member of the committee and setting out in full the purpose of the meeting.

22. Quorums at Meetings

a) Except where elsewhere provided, the quorum at any:-


Annual or Special General Meeting shall be [ 12 fifty percent the size of the Committee members with voting rights.

(KUSA recommended using the KUSA Specimen wording (1.5 - one and a half times the size of the Committee)

Add new


the Agenda at such an adjourned Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:

Notice convening the meeting;


Chairman's report

Treasurer's report, Audited Financial Statements and any other reports specified in the Constitution;

Election of Patrons, President and Vice-Presidents;

Election of Office Bearers, Committee and Auditor as required in clauses 15,16 and 19D.

Add new


Non-Profit Organisation

a) The club is a non-profit organisation and accordingly the club's income and property are not distributable to members except as a reasonable compensation for services rendered.

b) The members or office bearers of the club shall have no rights in the property or assets of the club solely by virtue of their being members or office bearers.


Legal Personality

The club shall have a legal and corporate personality separate from its members. The ownership of the club's assets shall be separate from the members and any movable or immovable property that requires to be registered shall be registered in the name of the club. The Club shall have continuity of existence.

Renumber 23 to 26

27. Dissolution of the Club


Immediately a decision to dissolve the Club has been carefully taken in terms of this section, the Committee shall forthwith liquidate the affairs of the club and if there is a surplus of assets on realisation, such surplus shall be disposed of to [ another body or bodies of similar interest ]a similar Public Benefit Organisation and provided that any assets so distributed are required to be used solely for the purpose of carrying on one or more public benefit activities in a manner prescribed by the Special General Meeting at which the decision to dissolve the Club was taken. Should there be no effective membership or committee [ any interested party may seek assistance from ], the Executive Committee of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa shall appoint a person to liquidate the club's affairs and the Executive Committee shall determine the allocation of any surplus assets.


Any trophies in the possession of the club being dissolved shall be disposed of …


Where a donor, his legal representatives or Executors in his estate, if deceased cannot be located, trophies should be disposed at the direction of the Executive Committee of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.

NOTE: It is the policy of Federal Council to dispose of trophies in the above circumstances in collaboration with the wishes of the Donors where these can be obtained

Add new



In the event of the Club finding itself in difficulty and then upon request of the Club, or the relevant

Provincial Council, KUSA shall have the power to intervene if, one year from

28.1.1 the date required, the Club’s Annual General Meeting has not been held;

28.1.2 the date they became due, the Club’s show levies have not been paid;

28.1.3 the date they became due, the Club’s affiliation fees have not been paid;

28.1.4 the date they started to accrue, penalties due by the Club have not been paid; and

28.1.5 the date a failed Committee of the Club was required to be replaced and not done and

28.1.6 the date that the Club’s Annual Financial Statements were not approved by the Annual General Meeting.


Upon such request from the Club, or the relevant Provincial Council, the Executive Committee of KUSA shall be empowered to appoint a person to act in the place of the Chairman of the Club and, if necessary, appoint additional persons to assist him. The books and all the records of the Club shall be turned over to the nominated person who shall act as Chairman of the Club and cause such things to be done as are necessary to remedy the breaches of the KUSA Constitution and, if possible, resuscitate the Club so that it is again in good standing. Should the person(s) so appointed fail to resuscitate the Club, he shall be empowered, on behalf of KUSA and the Club’s Members (if any), to expedite the winding up of the Club and the distribution of its assets in terms of this Constitution. In the case of winding up in these circumstances, the person(s) delegated by KUSA shall have full power to act as if a valid Committee were in place and is indemnified by KUSA against any liability arising from his actions, as long as he acted in good faith.




A copy of the Constitution of the Club, certified by the Chairman and Secretary, may be accepted as evidence for any purpose whatsoever, including in legal proceedings.




Notwithstanding anything to the contrary hereinbefore stated, membership of the Club shall not derogate from any Member’s autonomy as a club Member, save and except in cases where the Club Committee acts in terms of a specific power delegated to it under this Constitution.




Nothing in this Constitution shall denigrate from the powers of interpretation conferred on the Federal Council of KUSA in terms of Article 43 of the KUSA Constitution, the provisions of which apply mutatis mutandis.

Approved, subject to removal of the word “Honorary” where it occurs.

9.3 Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 Dispensation for Registration

Bullmastiff (Reg. 4.6 Late Registration) (Exco 09-19)

Litter whelped 10 October 2016, eleven (11) puppies, breeder, Mr PC Horstman.

Clarity sought.

Approved to be registered on the KUSA Breed Register, subject to all requirements specified by Exco being met.

Rhodesian Ridgeback (Reg. 4.6 Late Registration) (Exco 09-19)

Litter whelped 13 December 2017, three (3) puppies, breeder, Mr J Meyntjes

Clarity sought.

Approved to be registered on the KUSA Breed Register, subject to all requirements specified by Exco being met.

9.4 Incorrect details of Dam recorded on application for registration of complete litter - nil

9.5 Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates – nil

9.6 J1 Judges Contract

It was agreed at Fedco 06-2019 that Exco be tasked with updating the Judges Contract to prevent Judges from abusing the system, or financially prejudicing Clubs, once they have withdrawn from an appointment.

Copy of J1 attached to agenda.

LW thanked BJ for his suggested wording.

To be discussed at the next Fedco meeting.

9.7 Litter born out of Gondwana Witchy Woman – ZA 010669B18 – dob 28.06.2018 – Letter Mrs C Jacobs received 14.10.2019.

(Letter attached to agenda for information)



10.1 World Dog Show – Spain 2020. Organisers to be asked for information for KUSA website. Note: there is no FCI General Assembly being held in conjunction with this Show.

10.2 SA Dog Show Manager (Pty) Ltd (Director GD Muhl) – follow up on outstanding monies owed to Clubs.

Work in progress.


Tue 19 November 2019, at 13h00.

Fedco 12-2019 will be held 30 November & 1 December 2019.

There being no further business, the Meeting closed at 14h20 with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the Exco.