2017-11 Exco Minutes

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Via telecon:

L Wilson (Chair), RB Jenkins (Vice-Chair), DC Sparg, NJ du Preez, R Zeeman

Staff in attendance: Mrs P Midgley, Miss SA Thornberry (Secretary), Mrs A Bastick & Miss D Rosier

Apologies: Clr CJL Griffith, R Juckes

The following recent deaths were noted with sadness:

Johan Gallant (KZN) (a Vice-President of KUSA)

Peggy Pinnell (GAU)

Ian Bekker (GAU)


The Minutes of the meeting held on 24.10.2017 were formally adopted.


3.1 Amendments to Club Constitutions (Exco 10-2017 item 3.1)

Deferred, pending directive from Fedco at Fedco 12-2017:

Saint Bernard Association of Northern Gauteng (Exco 06-2017 item 9.2.1, Exco 07-2017 item 3.9)

Cape Bullmastiff Club (Exco 06-2017 item 9.2.1, Exco 07-2017 item 3.9)

Sasolburg Kennel Club (Exco 6-17 Item 9.2.3, Exco 07-2017 item 3.8, Exco 08-2017 item 3.3)

Northern Tshwane Kennel Club

Natal Utility Breeds Club

Western Province Bull Terrier Club

To be carried forward to Fedco 06-2018 agenda.

3.2 Exhibit entered in ownership of an official at a Championship Show

East London Kennel Club - Show 2 - 8th September 2017 (Exco 10-2017 item

Mrs A M Colborne was the Working Group Judge at the above show, where the following dog, in her registered ownership, was entered, exhibited and awarded a CC.

Australian Shepherd Mysticlight Double'O Seven of Mackland, Reg No. ZA006594B16 - Dog

Exhibitor: Mr C Nezar. This is in contravention of Schedule 3 Regulation 7.10.1:

"A Judge may not enter a dog registered in his ownership in the same discipline on the same day at the same venue as he is officiating, save and except for Working Disciplines held under the licence of a different Club."

Agreed that the award be withdrawn and the succeeding prizewinning dog be advanced. A letter of explanation is to be requested from the registered owner and any reply will be tabled.

Mrs Colborne’s reply was circulated and noted that she, inter alia , acknowledges that this was an “honest mistake” made by the exhibitor, who is relatively new to dog-showing.

Noted and accepted.

Mrs Colborne to receive a letter requesting that she ensures that the exhibitor, who is a co-owner of the dog, is made aware if the Regulation 7.10.1 of Schedule 3.

AB requested clarification in respect of the current Regulations. Can a Club withdraw awards on the day, or is only Exco permitted to withdraw awards? It was decided that the matter should be placed on the Fedco 06-2018 Agenda.

For Fedco 06-2018 agenda.

3.3 Exhibit incorrectly entered in Champions Class (Exco 10-2017 item

The following dog was entered at Championship Shows held 22-24 September 2017 (Hibiscus, Margate and Pietermaritzburg Kennel Clubs) in the Champions Class.

Breed: Border Collie

Reg. No: ZA003043B16

Name of Dog: Giftnell It'samagicparty

Owned by Miss O Orsmond

Application for Champion status was received 15th September and the title was granted on the 4th October 2017. Closing date for the Shows was 31st August 2017.

Exco withdrew the awards and imposed a fine of R1000 in terms of Regulation 33.3.

Reply received from Miss Orsmond as follows:

Thanks for the correspondence…noted

I am the breeder and owner of Giftnell It’s a Magic Party. However, she doesn’t life [sic] with me. She has been living with Mrs J Gray for the last 2 years.

They proceeded to enter her into shows without my knowledge

I will send a full response back to you latest tomorrow morning”.

She has to date not followed up with a “full response”, but did send a copy of the Champion application later the same day. Any further information will be tabled.

The Office was also asked to check the awards won at other shows from 1 st June to 15th September to confirm that the dog was not entered in the Champions Class.

Upon further investigation, the above dog was entered in the following shows in the Champions Class:

Northern Tshwane Kennel Club (Show 1) 13 May 2017 (won BOB and BIG).

Discussion ensued, during which Miss Orsmond’s comment that “They proceeded to enter her into shows without my knowledge” was noted. This would mean that whomever entered and exhibited the dog was not the “authorised exhibitor”. This raises the question of whether, or not, the Champion status of this dog is valid and it was agreed that the registered owner be asked to submit a statement stating which shows she did give authorisation for the dog to be entered. In the meantime, everything concerning this dog, including the fine imposed, is to be placed ‘on hold’ until this information is received.

Exco also to look at the wording of Schedule 3 Regulation 33 - Fines and Penalties.

Carry forward to next agenda.

3.4 Cape Hound Club – Championship Show – 20 October 2017 (Exco 10-2017 – item

It was reported at the last meeting that the Judge (Mr L Kruger), assigned to judge The Mother City Poodle Club Championship Show, held on the same day at the same venue, handled a dog in the Cape Hound Club ring, and was also observed handling a dog in an adjoining ring for another Club.

This is in contravention of Regulation 7.10.2 of Schedule 3:

“A Judge may not handle a dog in any discipline, save and except for Working Disciplines held under the licence of a different Club on the same day at the same venue, as he/she is officiating.”

A written explanation was received from the Judge and circulated to Exco on 15.11.2017.

After discussion, the following was agreed:

(1) As the Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch, Gondwana Full Of Spice, Reg No: ZA010418B16

(awarded CC and BOB) owned by Mr HA Jacobs, was exhibited contrary to Regulations, the awards be withdrawn and the succeeding winners advanced.

(2) That the Judge be sent a stern letter pointing out that, as a KUSA Judge, he should be aware of the Regulations and is expected to adhere to them and also a warning of the possible consequences, should this occur again, e.g. an official complaint could be lodged in terms of the Disciplinary Rules.


4.1 Office Report

Report circulated and discussed.

Noted with thanks to Patricia Appolis for her years of service to the Kennel Union. She must have seen many changes and modernisation during her time with the organisation.


Financial Report for October 2017

After discussion the Financial Report was approved.



Case 06-2015

Deferred, pending finalisation of civil case which has been postponed sine die.

Email dated 07.09.2017 received from Defendant and reply sent.

[Note: hearing to be scheduled early in 2018.]


5.2.1 Applications for Second Championship Show Western Province Bull Terrier Club - 4 March 2018 – Breed

The above Club is requesting to hold a second Championship Show on the 4th March 2018 together with Liesbeek Kennel Club. Liesbeek Kennel Club has no objection to its show being held on the same day.


The Club would like to offer an extra CC and a Specialist Judge. A second Championship Show would facilitate the growth of the breed as well as the Club, thereby increasing funds for the Club and KUSA. It is believed that in offering an extra Championship Show it will enhance additional interest in showing and grow the numbers to new heights.

Affiliation, AGM & Audited Accounts are all up to date as are all the show returns. No penalties outstanding.

Approved. Kimberley Kennel Club – 1 June 2018 – with KUSA Classic Shows - Breed

The organisers of the KUSA Classic Weekend are requesting to hold a second Championship Show under the licence of Kimberley Kennel Club. Affiliation, AGM & Audited Accounts are all up to date as are previous show returns.

Approved. Swartland Kennel Club – 22 June 2018

T he above Club is requesting to hold a second Championship Show on the same weekend as West Coast Kennel Club. There is no conflict as this is Swartland and West Coast Kennel Club's Show weekend.

Motivation circulated.

Affiliation, AGM & Audited Accounts are all up to date as are previous show returns.

Approved. West Coast Kennel Club – 23 June 2018 – Breed

The above Club is requesting to hold a second Championship Show on the same weekend as Swartland Kennel Club. There is no conflict as this is Swartland and West Coast Kennel Club's Show weekend.

Motivation – circulated.

Affiliation, AGM & Audited Accounts are all up to date as are previous show returns.


5.2.2 Other Club Matters Schedule 3 Reg 14 – Exclusion of Dogs

The form to be completed by Clubs has been checked by Clr Robinson and a copy circulated. This will also be tabled to Fedco for consideration and approval.

Exco (NdP) to review Schedule 3 Regulation 14 to cover, inter alia , multi-show weekends.

Noted. TKC Kennel Club – Championship Show held on 08.10.2017

Pomeranian Xantah Double Impact ZA001842B17 was successfully assessed by three Judges appointed by Exco.


The second incident concerned a Bullmastiff. Once the details have been clarified, a temporary exclusion order is to be issued.

Noted . Western Province Kennel Club – Championship Show 22.10.2017

An incident at the above Show was first brought to the attention of the Exco Chairman. On making enquiries, the Club Show Secretary confirmed that this incident was not reported to the Show Manager or any of the Committee Members on the day of the show, thus no reports were submitted to KUSA ito either Regulation 14 of Schedule 3 or Regulation 37. Reports were then requested by KUSA from the Judge and the Ring Steward.

Sworn Statement from the Judge, Judge’s Sheets and a statement from the Ring Steward were attached to the agenda.

After discussion it was agreed that, upon receipt of a report from the Club, the Rottweiler dog Shiluan Sindianna Reg No ZA012533B15, owned by Mrs SC Laubscher, should be issued with a temporary exclusion order.

5.2.3 KUSA CLASSIC 2018 – KUSA IPO Meisterschaft – Dobermann Club of the Cape – 19/20 May 2018

Noted. 2018 – Free State & N Cape – Breed 2&3 June 2018, Working Disciplines 4-6 August 2018

Quarterly progression feedback report to be requested.

Noted . Already requested. 2018 – KUSA National Working Trials (Classic), TT & WUD

To be hosted by The Transvaal Working Trials Association (TWTA)

KUSA Nationals 9/10 August 2018

KUSA Championship Shows – 11/12 August 2018

Proposed budget attached to agenda.

Discussion indicated that Exco was not happy with the projected loss of R7400 and ask the TWTA to look at either decreasing expenses or increasing income.

Agreed . 2019 – Gauteng

A request for this event to be hosted by Gauteng has been received and referred to the Consulting Committee.



5.3.1 The following Judges have completed KUSA requirements and are licensed for the Group/s as listed:

Mr A. Austen (GAU ) (Utility Group)

Mrs S. du Toit (WC) (Gundog Group)

Mrs T. Edwards (GAU) (Terrier Group)

Mr J. Fischer (GAU) (Working Group)

Noted with congratulations.

5.3.2 Mrs H Basson – Reinstatement Utility Group

The above judge has been re-instated via the PBJSC, but would like her previous Evaluations to be credited.

Ref: Schedule 10, Appendix 1 Reg. 2.4.8 - No credits already gained shall be carried forward without the approval of Exco, who will consider all extenuating circumstances."


5.3.3 Mr L Kruger- Reinstatement Toy Group via the PBJSC

The above Judge has been reinstated to the Toy Group via the PBJSC and his previous Evaluations will be credited.


5.4 HANDLERS - nil

Shea Wright represented KUSA at the FCI World Show held in Leipzig, Germany.



5.5.1 The following Assessments were approved:

Mr J. Buchner (WC) - Level 1 - Liesbeek Kennel Club - Non-Championship Show - 22 January 2017

Mr J. Buchner (WC) - Level 1 - Goldfields Kennel Club - Non-Championship Show - 21 May 2017

Mrs P. Muller (WC) - Level 1 - Kennel Association - Non-Championship Show - 27 November 2016

Mrs P. Muller (WC) - Level 1 - Breede Rivier Vallei Kennel Club - Non-Championship Show - 21 May 2017.

Noted with congratulations to the WC Obedience Sub-Committee for getting more Judges into the system.


The following judge passed the Working Trial (Classic) Examination with Schedule 3:

Ms K. Gallagher (EC)

Noted with congratulations.


5.8 FIELD TRIALS - nil

5.9 IPO - nil

5.10 DOG JUMPING - nil

5.11 CARTING - nil


5.12.1 The following Judges have been issued an Agility Judge’s Licence:

Mrs I. Botes (Gau)

Mr W.H. Knox (Gau)

Noted with congratulations.

5.12.2 AWC 2017 Team Leader Income & Expense Report – attached to agenda

Noted and accepted.

5.12.3 FCI Agility Meeting – Czech Republic

Report by Mrs G Grohovaz attached to agenda.

Noted .

5.13 FLYBALL – nil



5.16 TT – nil

5.17 DOG DANCING - nil

5.18 FCI

5.18.1 Communications sent to Fedco Members:

30.10.17 WUSV-Petition to be presented to the General Assembly

31.10.17 Kennel Club of Montenegro: Application for full FCI Membership

31.03.17 Proposal for the removal of The Hong Kong Kennel Club from FCI Membership

02.11.17 Hong Kong Kennel Club: FCI General Assembly Agenda Item 15.6

02.11.17 Notice and Reservation Form for the next FCI Show Judges & Show Commission Meeting In 2018

03.11.17 Minutes of the FCI Dog Dancing Committee Meeting Held 14-15 July 2017

06.11.17 Letter to FCI Members re breaches of BRFC

06.11.17 FCI Online Newsletter

09.11.17 Notice of Seminar for FCI TS Herding Judges 17-18 March 2018 & Invitation

14.11.17 Raad Van Beheer Op Kynologisch Gebied In Nederland - Notice of Suspension of Judge: Mr Jan Liet

5.18.2 FCI General Assembly – 2017

LW reported briefly on the above and will present full report to Fedco.




Minutes of Meeting held on 21.10.2017

Various matters being tabled to Fedco.

6.2 Rottweiler Breed Council (RBC) – nil

6.3 German Shepherd Dog Liaison Council - nil

AGM scheduled for 21.10.2017. Minutes awaited.

Noted. Reminder to be sent.




Election of Office Bearers:

Chairman - Mr Richard Dempsey

Vice-Chair – Mrs Gael Morison.

Minutes to follow.


Election of Office Bearers:

Chairman –Mrs Jenny Hubbard

Minutes to follow.


Congratulations on successful Western Cape Top Dog Event.


AGM held 19.11.2017. Minutes awaited.

In the meantime, the following Office Bearers have been notified:

Chairman: Mrs L Scholtz

Vice-Chair & Treasurer: Mrs Joan Barrow

Secretary: Mrs B Claasen

Noted with congratulations.

LW enquired whether it was permissible for the Vice-Chairman and the Treasurer to be the same person. NdP replied that this was not permissible ito the NAPC Constitution, however, the wording of the EC&NC Constitution would need to be checked.

Thank you to Joan Barrow for 22 years of service as Chairman of the EC&BPC.


Unconfirmed Minutes of AGM held on 28.10.2017.

Received and circulated on 16.11.2017. Quorum present.

Election of Office Bearers:

Chairman: Mrs Carine Buitendach

Vice-Chairman: Mr F Mostert

Hon Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs Y Jeffries

Noted with congratulations.


8.1 29 new members and 55 lapsed members were elected.


9.1 Applications for Affiliation

Free State Hound Club

Application has been received together with the fee to become an Affiliated Group Club.

At its inaugural Meeting held 20th September 2017, it was agreed to become affiliated to KUSA. There are currently 14 members. Sponsoring Clubs are Kimberley Kennel Club and Free State Terrier Club.

No alternative names were provided.

Headquarters of the club shall be in Frankfort, Free State (but may also wish to join the other All- Breeds Clubs at their venues on occasion if permitted when eligible to hold Championship Shows).

The specimen Club Constitution has been adopted in its entirety.

Recommended for approval by the Free State Provincial Council at its meeting held 28.10.207.

(Minutes awaited.)


That the application be accepted, subject to receipt of the Minutes and the Headquarters of the Club being changed to “anywhere in the Free State”.

9.2 Amendments to Club Constitutions

Cape Terrier Club

At its AGM held 21 May 2017, the above club approved the addition of Family membership.

Clause 10

10.2 There shall be [two (2)]three (3) classes of membership, viz.


"10.2.3 Family Members comprising of legally married couples and common law partners

with all the children under the age of eighteen (18) for which either one or both partners have legal guardianship. All adult partners shall be entitled to vote as ordinary members but the children under 18 shall have no voting rights.

NOTE: Other adults living under the same roof (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces and Nephews) etc are not considered in the Family membership and must pay and vote as ordinary members.


9.3 Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 - Dispensation for Registration

Yorkshire Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 16 October 2016, breeder Mrs Naude Jansen van Vuuren.


Dachshund (Miniature Long-haired) (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 24 June 2011, breeder Mrs Alison Cronjé.


Welsh Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 06 September 2014, breeder Mrs AW Young.


Shar Pei (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 20 July 2016, breeders Mr & Mrs Liebenberg.


Miniature Schnauzer (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 07 October 2016, breeder Mrs Nell.


French Bulldog (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 09 January 2016, breeder Mesdames L Beukes and R Brittz.


14h36 – DS excused himself and disconnected from the teleconference.

9.4 Schedule 2 Reg. 9 – Amendment to Registers

Incorrect details of Sire recorded on application for registration of complete litter.

Litter whelped 02 February 2017, eight (8) puppies: Dachshund (Miniature Long-haired).

The Breeder, Mrs JL Missen, inadvertently inserted the details for the incorrect Sire on the litter application form as she had been given these details by the owner of the Sire, Mrs MD Stone (who is an elderly lady). She only became aware of the error recently.

We await the payment and the return of seven of the certificates. Sworn Affidavit received.

Approved , subject to receipt of payment and certificates. No DNA requested.

Incorrect details of Dam recorded on applications for registration of complete litters.

Litters whelped 30 May 2017 and 14 July 2017, two (2) puppies in each litter: Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The Breeder, Mr LC Joubert, inadvertently inserted the details for the incorrect Dam on the litter application forms as he had submitted two litters simultaneously. Fresh application forms have been completed with the correct details.

We await the Sworn Affidavit, payment has been made and all certificates returned.

Approved, subject to receipt of Affidavit. No DNA requested.

Please note Schedule 2, Reg. 9 effective 01/02/2017.

“The Kennel Union may amend any of its Registers or the Obedience and Trial Dogs Record to rectify any errors or omissions therein and every application for rectification made by the owner of a dog shall be accompanied by the fee prescribed in terms of Schedule 7. In the case of application to change the dam or sire of a registered litter, KUSA reserves the right to request DNA parentage verification of the entire litter.”

9.5 Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates – nil

9.6 Fedco 11-2017 Agenda

Discussion on agenda took place and LW advised where appropriate.


10.1 AB to check CACIB results posted on FCI website.

10.2 Our Dogs – subscription not being renewed.


Tue 30.01.2018.

Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the Exco.

Meeting closed at 14h47 with a vote of thanks to the Chair. The Chairman wished everyone well for Christmas and the New Year.