2017-07 Exco Minutes

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Via telecon:

L Wilson (Chair from 13h15) RB Jenkins (Vice-Chair), R Juckes, DC Sparg,

Mr R Zeeman was available for part of the meeting.

Staff in attendance: Mrs P Midgley, Miss SA Thornberry (Secretary), Mrs A Bastick and Miss D Rosier

Apologies: Clr CJL Griffith, NJ du Preez

Clr Jenkins chaired the meeting until Clr Wilson was available at 13h15.

It was noted with sadness the recent passing of the following well known KUSA Members:

Mrs Alison Parkhouse (W Cape), Canta Libre Italian Greyhounds.

Mr Hendrik van der Merwe (Gauteng), Mervander Bulldogs


The Minutes of the meeting held on 20.06.2017 were formally adopted.


3.1 Hot Weather Policy at Dog Shows – Code of Ethics (Exco 04-2016 item 3.7, Exco 07-2016 item 3.4, Exco 11-2016 item 3.3, Exco 03-2017, item 3.2, Exco 04-2017 item 3.2, Exco 06-2017 item 3.2)

Proposed amendment to Schedule 9 Code of Ethics approved at Fedco 06-2017.


3.2 Terms of Reference for Provincial Sub-Committees (Exco 07-2016 item 3.10, Exco 09-2016 item 3.8, Exco 11-2016 item 3.5, Exco 02-2017 item 3.4, Exco 03-2017 item 3.3, Exco 04-2017 item 3.3, Exco 05-2017 item 3.3. Exco 06-2017 item 3.3)

Flowchart amended and circulated to Exco members on 30.06.2017.

Work in progress.

To be carried forward to next agenda.

3.3 Schedule 3 Regulation 14 – Exclusion of Dogs (Exco 04-2016 item 9.7, Exco 05-16 item 9.7, Exco 07-2016 item 3.6, Exco 10-2016 item 3.6, Exco 11-2016 item 3.6, Exco 02-2017 item 3.5, Exco 03- 2017 item 3.4, Exco 05-2017 item 3.4, Exco 06-2017 item 3.4)

Proposed amendments discussed at Fedco 06-2017 and approved.


3.4 Judging Criteria – Age (Exco 02-2017 item 5.11.3, Exco 03-2017 item 3.10, Exco 04-2017 item 3.7, Exco 05-2017 item 3.6, Exco 06-2017 item 3.6)

Discussed at Fedco 06-2017 and the following was decided (quote from Minutes):

Article 25, which is currently “VOID”, to read as follows:


All locally domiciled Judges shall be members in good standing of the Kennel Union and shall be over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time when formal studies or activities towards a judging qualification commence, and/or any judging is undertaken.

(2) The above wording is to be applied to all relevant Schedules.

Effective 01.02.2018

(3) In view of the circumstances, Fedco further agreed unanimously that the qualifications already gained by the underage Judge will stand, as what had taken place had not transgressed the rules in force at the time. With regard to the acceptance of further judging invitations between now and November when the Judge turns eighteen (18), it was understood that such invitations were neither to be extended, nor to be accepted.

Noted with the comment that communications had been received from the parents of the underage Judge expressing extreme dissatisfaction with this decision.

3.4 Centres (Exco 02-17 item 9.1), Exco 03-17 item 3.13, Exco 04-2017 item 3.10, Exco 05-2017 item 3.9)

Discussed at Fedco 06-2017 (item 3.11). A proposal presented by NAPC relating to t he allocation of Clubs in its area was circulated and approved.

Fedco further discussed the need for Centres as currently defined in the Constitution and it was suggested that geographical provinces would be more appropriate, combined with the elimination of the ‘away point’ for Champion status.

A proposal will be prepared for consideration at Fedco 12-2017.


3.5 Sasolburg Kennel Club (Exco 6-17 Item 9.2.3)

At its AGM held 5th March 2017, the above Club approved the following amendment to its Club Constitution.

Delete words in [] and insert words underlined:


a) Except where elsewhere provided, the quorum at any:

i) Annual or Special General Meeting shall be [nine (9)] seven (7)members with voting rights.

Deferred , together with item 3.9 below, pending direction from Fedco at Fedco 12-2017.

3.6 Amendments to Club Constitutions

Saint Bernard Association of Northern Gauteng (Exco 06-2017 item 9.2.1)

Cape Bullmastiff Club (Exco 06-2017 item 9.2.1)

Deferred pending directive from Fedco at Fedco 12-2017.

3.7 Ethics (Exco 06-2017 item 10.1)

RJ undertook to submit a proposal for the August or September Exco Meeting with regard to the formation of an Ethics Committee to address matters such as committee members showing at their own shows, Judges showing when a family member is judging and conduct of handlers in the ring.

Work in progress.

To be carried forward to next agenda.


4.1 Office Report

KUSA website and portals hacked:

The KUSA website was hacked at the end of June 2017 and a fraudulent phishing page was set up on the site which required intervention by the host service provider to bring down the phishing site and to prevent further hacking attempts.

The host service provider placed some blocking scripts in the hosting configuration for kusa.co.za after it was hacked, which comprised an automated procedure whereby only listed input subdomains from different internet service providers were allowed to access the site. Whilst a good idea in principle, in reality the result was that members accessing the KUSA website using internet service providers that were not on the list of allowed subdomains, were denied access and would receive a “403 Forbidden error” message.

As this only affected some members, the intermittent nature of the problem meant that it took some time to identify the cause.

Firewall security was re-evaluated and all software updates were implemented to reduce further risks of hacking.

KUSA Staging Site:

With the introduction of the new Appendix Register levels 1-3, which require that additional tables and registers be added to the K9 Admin portal, it was decided to rather tread cautiously and to test the new registers on a staging site prior to going live on the K9 admin site. It required considerable time to set up as many add-on apps required updating.

KUSA Staff:

Mrs Yasmeen Wallace, Judges Department, fell on her way to work on 5 July 2017. She has been booked off work until the end of July, where after she is scheduled to take extended leave until mid-September 2017. This will place some pressure on Adele Bastick and her team and we ask that some patience be exercised.

It was further reported that Mrs Patricia Appolis of Club Affairs Dept had recently broken her foot and has been booked off work for six weeks. The Club Affairs Dept is now operating with only three staff members and will have to be monitored and contingency plans put in place, if required.

Grand Champion Certificates:

Due to the initial high volume of applications for the newly introduced Grand Champion (Breed) Award, and due to the lengthy verification process involved, it will take the KUSA Office some considerable time to complete the processing of all applications received thus far.

Champion applications are given priority and are processed within 10 to 15 working days, as the certificate issued is required for entry to exhibit at forthcoming shows.

The Grand Champion (Breed) applications are being processed on a first come, first served basis, in between the processing of Champion applications received.

We are therefore at this stage unable to provide a definitive turnaround processing time for Grand Champion (Breed) applications received.

Every effort is being made to process the Grand Champion (Breed) applications as quickly as possible.

Noted with the comment that, at the time of this meeting, 42 applications had been processed and the Department was now processing applications received around mid-June.

Club Affiliation Fees:

Club affiliation fee invoices for the period 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018 have been sent to all Clubs. Payment due by 31 August 2017. Thank you to the Clubs that have already paid.

Budget 2017- 2018

Exco Face-to-Face meeting budget allocation = R14 500 to cover flight costs.

It was suggested that this takes place in June 2018 when Fedco members are in Cape Town so that Fedco and Exco can spend one evening together. To be confirmed in view of budget constraints.


Financial Report for June 2017

After discussion, the Financial Report was approved.



Case 06-2015

Deferred, pending finalisation of civil case which has been postponed sine die. No further information at present.


Case 01-2017 – hearing 11.07.2017. The written decision of the DSC was circulated to Exco members in terms of Schedule 1 Rule 10.16 and approved. The Respondent has until 08.08.2017 to lodge an appeal.


5.2.1 Applications for Second Championship Show

The criteria for granting dispensation to hold a 2nd Championship Show were discussed at the informal meeting of Fedco in June 2017 and will be discussed further in December.

After discussion, Exco made the following decision:

Exco will continue to consider motivated applications for 2nd Championship Shows that are received up to 31.12.2018. The approval of applications received from 01.01.2019 onwards will be subject to any requirements set down by Fedco at Fedco 12-2017. Western Gauteng Kennel Club - Friday 20 April 2018 – Breed

The above Club is requesting a second Championship Show to be held in conjunction with its first Championship Show and Orion Kennel Club.


 Our motivation for requesting a second Championship Show Licence in 2018 for Western Gauteng Kennel Club is in order to cover the increased costs of using foreign judges. We require the income from three shows over the weekend (2 x WGKC , plus Orion KC) .”

All S how returns, any penalties, AGM/Financial Documents have been received at the time of application. Affiliation is currently up to date. There is no conflict with other shows.

Approved. Port Elizabeth Kennel Club - Friday 6th April 2018 – Breed

The above Club is requesting a second Championship Show to be held in conjunction with its first Championship Show. This weekend includes Uitenhage KC and Walmer & Suburban Kennel Club's Championship Show weekend.


All Show returns, any penalties, AGM/Financial Documents have been received at the time of application. Affiliation is currently up to date.

Show dates - It is intended that Uitenhage Kennel Club moves to Saturday and Walmer & Suburban KC will be on Sunday. There is no conflict with other shows.

Approved. East London Kennel Club - Friday 3rd August 2018 – Breed

The above Club is requesting a second Championship Show to be held on the above date converting its Non-Championship Disciplines Show to a Championship Breed Show.


Letter of motivation attached to agenda.

All Show returns, any penalties, AGM/Financial Documents have been received at the time of application. Affiliation is currently up to date.

Approved. Port Rex Kennel Club - Saturday 4th August 2018 - Breed

The above Club is requesting a second Championship Show to be held on the above date converting its Non-Championship Breed Show to a Championship Show.

Motivation: See attached Letter

All Show returns, any penalties, AGM/Financial Documents have been received at the time of application. Affiliation is currently up to date.


5.2.2 Goldfields Kennel Club – Non-Championship Show 25 June 2017 – Dog entered in wrong Class

The Club has advised that Pug, Summersim Haute Couture of Jolyndetri, Reg No. ZA006018B16 , born 23.12.2015 and owned by Mrs LA d u Plessis was entered into the Junior Class (12 and under 18 months on the day of the show) and was awarded Reserve Best Junior in Show.

A letter of apology from the exhibitor was circulated with the agenda.

Noted and letter of apology accepted.

5.2.3 KUSA CLASSIC 2017 – KwaZulu-Natal – 26, 27 & 28 May 2017

Report back on finances.

LW reported that a profit was made from the Shows held in KZN.

Exco agreed that a donation of R5000 may be paid to the charity of choice, viz Funda Nenja. R2200 is from the stands and the stalls.

PM will circulate a profit and loss statement once the information from the Working Trials events held in Port Elizabeth has been received.

With regard to the three dogs entered in the wrong class, two of which won awards: As requested at the last meeting, the Secretary sent letters to the owners regarding disqualification and withdrawal awards. Any replies regarding the following will be tabled:

GIFTNELL IT’SAMAGICPARTY - Reg Number ZA003043B16 – Border Collie owned by Miss O Orsmond – awarded Reserve Best of Breed at the KUSA Championship Show.

No reply was received.

Agreed that the award be withdrawn.

RISING STAR OF MONTALA – Reg No 027336B13 – Owner Mr W Streak – awarded KUSA National Boxer award.

No reply was received.

Agreed that the award be withdrawn.

KISS ME TANGLED z DOMU ETNY - Reg No ZA001111C16 – Bearded Collie bitch owned by Mr JA Nel – entered in National Puppy Event – no award.

A letter was sent on 19.07.2017.

Noted. 2017 – Working Trials, WUD and TT – Port Elizabeth – 14-17th July 2017 – Nationals and Championship Show

The weekend went well despite bad weather. TT will be held this coming weekend 29-30th July.

Bobby Claassen has donated a silver plate in memory of her late husband, Nick Claasen, to the winner of the National Tracker Dog III.

Mrs Claassen has informed the KUSA Office that the silver plate was presented to the Tracker Dog Winner, Mrs T Richardson and that Mrs Richardson was to decide whether she would keep the plate on a permanent basis or whether she would opt to pass it on to next year’s winner of TD III.


The weekend was reported to be a huge success. Congratulations to everyone involved in the Eastern Cape area.

Photographs and results have been received and posted on FB and KUSA website. 2018 – Free State & N Cape – 2&3 June 2018

The above Provco has been given until end of June to submit budget.

A provisional budget has been received for Breed only, showing a slight profit. (See item 2018 – KUSA National Disciplines – FS&NC Provco

KUSA CLASSIC - 2018 - Free State & N. Cape - 2 & 3 June 2018 (Breed)

KUSA CLASSIC - 2018 - Free State & N. Cape - 4-6 August 2018 (Working Disciplines)

Disciplines to be organised by Mr F. Mostert.

Note: Budget awaited.

At the last meeting, it was noted that the above Provco wished to separate the Breed from the Working Disciplines and, whilst the reasons for this were understood, Exco members were asked to give some thought to this going forward, from a cost point of view.

After discussion, it was agreed that the FS&NC Provco be advised that Exco would prefer that the Breed and Working Discipline events be held over one weekend. If the FS&NC Provco was not happy with this, then the KUSA Classic should be held by another Province.

It was further commented that some of the costs in the budget did not appear to be realistic when compared to some of the costs this year. Fedco is to be informed that Exco is of the opinion that the KUSA Nationals should be held over one weekend for the Breed and Working Disciplines and that the FS&NC Provco has been notified of this. 2019 –Gauteng

Following discussion at Fedco informal meeting, the request for this event to be hosted by Gauteng is awaited.

Noted. Proposal for Procedure for KUSA Classic Events (Exco 06-2017 item

The flowchart has been adjusted to give Fedco the initial decision on where an event is held. Exco to establish a consulting committee and LW proposed that Exco give some thought to the Exco Chairman and Clr J Hubbard serving on this Committee, given their experience in running the Classic events.

Noted and agreed that LW and JH should serve on the committee, it was also agreed members of Exco would put forward the name of 3rd person for the Consulting Committee at the next Exco meeting.

5.3 JUDGES – BREED - nil

5.4 HANDLERS - nil

5.5 OBEDIENCE - nil




Unconfirmed Minutes of FTLC Meeting held on 06.07.2017

Received 11.07.2017 and circulated on 12.07.2017.


5.9 IPO - nil

5.10 DOG JUMPING - nil


The Convener of this NSC has resigned. PM provided written explanation of what is required according to the NSC By-Laws with regard to the election of a new Convener. The remaining representatives must call a Special Meeting, giving 30 days’ notice, to resolve this matter.

5.12 AGILITY - nil

5.13 FLYBALL - nil



5.16 TT – nil

5.17 FCI

5.17.1 Communications sent to Fedco Members:

19.06.17 FCI Agility Regulations, Obstacle Guideline & Judging Guidelines

26.06.17 Bahrain Kennel Club Studbook Initials

26.06.17 Bahrain Kennel Club new, Certified National Pedigree, Certified Appendix Pedigree and Export Pedigree Certificate.

26.06.17 SV – WUSV – Several Countries Decision to meet before the FCI General Assembly

26.06.17 Regulations for FCI International Dog Dancing Competitions

27.06.17 FCI Guidelines for National Junior Handling Competitions

28.06.17 Invitation – FCI General Assembly 2017

30.06.17 SV – WUSV – Several Countries Decision to meet before the FCI General Assembly- further communication.

11.07.17 FCI Annual Report 2016


14.07.17 FCI Newsletter

18.07.17 Proposal to form a New Obligatory FCI Section for Veterinary Medical Health

Noted. The agenda for the FCI General Assembly has yet to be received.


6.1 SABOX - nil

6.2 Rottweiler Breed Council (RBC) - nil

6.3 German Shepherd Dog Liaison Council

The Chairman, Mr J Rautenbach, attended various events in Europe in his private capacity.



7.1.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of DOGSPC held on 06.06.2017

Received and circulated on 26.06.2017.

Quorum present.



7.2.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of KZNPC held on 06.06.2017

Received on 05.07.2017 and circulated on 10.07.2017.

Quorum present.






Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of NC&FSPC held on 03.06.2017

Received and circulated on 23.06.17.

Quorum present.



8.1 27 new members and 25 lapsed members were elected.


9.1 Applications for Affiliation - nil

9.2 Amendments to Club Constitutions

9.2.1 Transvaal Terrier Club

At its AGM held 29th October 2016 , the above Club proposed the following amendment to its Club Constitution.

Delete words in [ ] and insert words underlined:


(a) The financial year of the Club shall be the twelve calendar months ending [30th June] 31st December in each and every year.


9.3 Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 Dispensation for Registration - nil

9.4 Schedule 2 Reg. 9 – Amendment to Registers - nil

9.5 Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates

To be carried forward to next agenda.

9.6 WODAC 2017

See attached Report by Clr BG Robinson.

A big thank you to the following for their time and contribution to WODAC 2017:

G é rard Robinson, Kevin Young, Anne Thompson, David Thompson, Wendy Davies, Jenny Hubbard, Colleen Patience, Gerhard Schultz, Heidi Rolfes, Rene Potgieter, Lucy Young, Vanessa Nicolau and Carol Immelman.


9.7 Schedule 2 Regulation 16 – Breeder’s Restrictions (Endorsement)

Exco is requested to consider the documentation circulated on 19.07.2017 and to make a recommendation to Fedcoin respect of a situation that has arisen whereby a breeder’s restriction has been requested to be placed on the record of a dog nine months after its registration.

After discussion on the particular circumstances, it was agreed to make a recommendation to the Federal Council regarding this matter.

9.8 Western Cape Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

A report regarding theft of funds from this Club in 2011 was circulated on 19.07.2017.

A discussion took place on what action could be taken. 

9.9 “Colour not Recognised”

Documents from The Kennel Club and FCI in respect of above were circulated and discussed. PM advised that “colour not recognised’ has already been approved by Fedco, but is currently not reflected on the online transaction portal and that it should be added as an option on the dropdown menu for online transactions. LW and BJ were of the opinion that, if ‘colour not recognised’ is selected, the actual colour of the puppies should also be included.

Proposal to be placed on Fedco agenda. 


10.1 A request for reimbursement (or discount) on transferring two dogs back into the name of a Senior Disciplines Judge was received and rejected. The reason for the request was that the Judge had transferred the dogs into her daughter’s name so that she (the Judge) could judge Working Disciplines while the dogs were exhibited at the same Show. Because of the new ruling about to come into effect in 2018, the dogs will have to be transferred back into the Judge’s name as her daughter is not interested in becoming a member.

10.2 Match Meetings – confirmed that these are held under KUSA Licence – Schedule 4 refers.

10.3 Fedco 12-2017 closing date for agenda is 09.10.2017.

10.4 LW noted that there will not be a 2017 Eukanuba World Challenge. However, it was reported by RJ that any dogs that qualify for the 2018 competition will be eligible to enter the 2019 competition.


Tue 22.08.2017

The meeting closed at 14h10 with a vote of thanks to the Chair

Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the Exco.