2017-03 Exco Minutes

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Via telecon:

Clrs L Wilson (Chairman) RB Jenkins (Vice-Chair), R Zeeman

Staff in attendance: Mrs P Midgley, Miss SA Thornberry (Secretary), Mrs A Bastick and Miss D Rosier

Apologies: Clr CJL Griffith, R Juckes, NJ du Preez, DC Sparg (cellphone not contactable)

The following recent deaths were noted with sadness and condolences expressed to family and friends:

Anne Wilson (Gauteng) (former member of the Siberian Husky Club of Gauteng Committee and active in Siberian Husky rescue)

Liz Hayward (E Cape) (Active in Working Trials and allied disciplines both as a competitor and Judge.)

The following deaths occurred during December 2016 but were not recorded in the previous Minutes:

Buster Melvin (Gauteng) Vice-Chairman and past Chairman of Witwatersrand Kennel Club

John Ramsbottom (Gauteng) breeder and exhibitor of Pekingese and lifelong supporter of The Pekingese Association.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 22.02.2017 were formally adopted, with minor grammatical amendments.


3.1 DNA Profiling/Parentage Verification (Exco 10-15 item 10.5; Exco 11-15 item 3.7; Exco 11-15 item 3.7; Exco 01-2016 item 3.5; Exco 02-16 item 3.3; Exco 04-16 item 3.3, Exco 11-16 item 3.2, Eco 0217 item 3.2)

RJ/PM to present report following work session on 21.02.17.

A proposal was tabled and after discussion it was agreed that it should be discussed at the informal Fedco Meeting in June 2017, after inclusion of input from Clr Jenkins and further input from Clr Juckes.

3.2 Hot Weather Policy at Dog Shows (Exco 04-16 item 3.7, Exco 07-16 item 3.4, Exco 11-16 item 3.3)

The following decision was made by Fedco at the December 2016 meeting:

“The general feeling was that the onus should be on dog owners to ensure the comfort of their dogs in hot weather, and not on Clubs.”

Clubs can assist with announcements when the heat starts getting uncomfortable.”

BJ proposed that a suitable clause could be included in the Code of Ethics. PM proposed the following addition to Schedule 9 Code of Ethics (insert words underlined):

Clause 2.1:

ensure that at all times such dogs are properly housed, watered, exercised, and transported and will receive Veterinary attention from a qualified person, as and when required.

Clause 2.22:

ensure that no dog is left confined in a vehicle or area exposed to the elements (heat or cold).

It was agreed that the above proposal be recommended to Fedco.

For Fedco 06-17 agenda.

3.3 Terms of Reference for Provincial Sub-Committees (Exco 07-2016 – item 3.10, Exco 09-16 item 3.8, Exco 11-16 item 3.5, Exco 02-17 item 3.4)

The document submitted by Mr Shortland was circulated to Exco members on 21.02.2017 for discussion at this meeting. (Further copy attached to this agenda.)

Exco agreed that this was a rather lengthy, but nevertheless excellent, document and it was acknowledged that it still required some work. LW would like Mr Shortland to submit a flowchart to make it easier for sub-committees to understand.

Work in progress – carry forward to next agenda

3.4 Schedule 3 Regulation 14 – Exclusion of Dogs (Exco 04-16 item 9.7, Exco 05-16 item 9.7. Exco 07- 2016 item 3.6, Exco 10-16 item 3.6, Exco 11-16 item 3.6, Exco 02-17 item 3.5)

NdP has submitted proposed changes to the above regulation. Copy attached to agenda for discussion.

Subject to clarification by LW, NdP, SAT and PM of some of the clauses, it was agreed that it should be included on the agenda for the June Fedco meeting.

For Fedco 06-17 agenda.

3.5 Schedule 3 Regulation 14 & 17 Exclusion of Dogs (Exco 11-16 item 9.8, Exco 02-17 item 3.5)

Due to an incident at the Cape Town Kennel Club Championship Show held on 16.10.2016 resulting in the Judge being bitten, a barring notice was issued iro Rottweiler Bitch Liberlumar Ebony, Reg No ZA050807B14. Representations were received on behalf of the dog from Attorneys Bouwer Potgieter and circulated on 21.02.17

[Note: as the documents submitted incorrectly referred to the BRVKC held on 15.10.17 instead of CTKC on 16.10.17, these are being corrected and will be submitted in time for the meeting. It is not anticipated that the content will be any different from that already circulated, except for the date and venue.]

Documents were submitted confirming the correct date and venue and after careful consideration of the representations made on behalf of the dog, it was agreed that the ban should be lifted with immediate effect.

3.6 Breeders Class (Appendix 1 Definition of Classes - Schedule 3) (Exco 11-16 item 10.3, Exco 02-17 item 3.9)

LW to circulate the different definitions used by The Kennel Club and FCI for comparison with KUSA’s definition which reads as follows:

“BREEDERS (BR) For dogs where the exhibitor is the Breeder. The Breeder is the owner of the dog at the time of whelping.”

Item withdrawn

3.7 Dobermann Club of Natal – (Exco 11-16 Item 9.2.7, Exco 02-17 item 3.10)

Deferred from February meeting pending clarification of Clause 16A Management Committee as the amendment could result in the Chairman and the Treasurer being the same person.

Delete words in [ ] and insert words underlined:

At its AGM held 12th March 2016, the above Club approved the following Amendments to its Club Constitution.


The office bearers of the Club shall be a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Director of Training, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer [,the latter two]. Any two of the latter roles assigned to one individual is at the discretion of theManagement Committee, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


3.8 Article 12 Membership - Fedco 12-16 Minutes

Following a report on Fedco 12-16 Minutes, there was a brief discussion on the decision regarding membership becoming compulsory for dog owners who show at Championship Shows.

RJ suggested that a discounted rate could be introduced for those who are pai- up members of Clubs and was asked to submit a proposal for this meeting.

RJ’s proposal was attached to the agenda and agreed that it should be forwarded to the Fedco task team.

3.9 Membership Renewals (Exco 02-17 item 4.1)

Following Fedco 12-16, Exco is to give consideration to the question whether Members have to sign and submit a membership renewal application form each year when their membership is renewed? It was agreed that PM would send the applicable forms to NdP and RZ to peruse and report back at this meeting.

Work in progress.

Carry forward to next agenda.

3.10 Judging Criteria – Age (Exco 02-17 item 5.11.3)

Following a discussion at the last meeting regarding the circumstances leading up to a candidate judge being permitted to undertake an Agility judging appointment on 5.02.17, the Exco believes that this loophole in the current Regulations should be closed as it was never the intention that a person under the age of 18 should be permitted to judge.

It was noted that only the Federal Council could interpret the rules and, before referring the matter to Fedco, Clrs Du Preez and Zeeman undertook to do a thorough examination of the relevant regulations before making a recommendation for Fedco’s consideration.

Any further information will be brought forward.

Clr Du Preez, who was not available for this meeting, requested via the Chairman that this item be carried forward to the next meeting as he needed to discuss it in more detail with RZ.

Carry forward to next agenda.

3.11 Chairman of Exco (Exco 02-17 item 7.4.1)

PM advised that in terms of previous Fedco decision, arrangements should be made to add LW to the list of bank signatories. As a resolution was required, this needed to be raised at Fedco 06-17

For Fedco 06-17 agenda.

3.12 Centres – Gauteng (Exco 02-17 item 9.1)

At the last meeting NdP enquired how the East and West centres in Gauteng were allocated to Clubs and by whom. There appeared to be an inequality in some breeds with more Clubs being allocated to one centre and not another. This can have an effect on points gained towards Champion status (Sch 3 Reg 42.2.2 refers – “not more than four (4) of the minimum five (5) points were gained in one centre,”

AB undertook to research rulings in this regard.

Any information will be tabled.

No information was available due to time constraints.

Carry forward to next agenda.

3.13 SARRC letter dated 20.02.17 (Exco 02-17 –item 10.4)

Request for Rhodesian Ridgeback to be moved from Sight Hounds to Scent Hounds.

See attached letter and copy of previous Fedco rulings.

[Note: In 2005, the breeds in the Hound Group were divided into Sight and Scent Hounds. This classification was not an amendment to Schedule 2, but for use by Clubs, which needed to split the judging of Hounds into Sight and Scent Hounds. The Rhodesian Ridgeback was classified as a Sight Hound.]

After discussion it was agreed to recommend to Fedco that the Rhodesian Ridgeback be re-classified as a Scent Hound.

For Fedco 06-17 agenda.

3.14 Qualifying Shows (Exco 10-16 item 5.2.7)

At the October 2016 Meeting Exco approved a request for a Club (Golden City Fox Terrier Club) to hold its Qualifying Show on the same day as a Championship All Breeds Show. The approval was granted, subject to the Qualifying Show being held one hour after completion of the Championship Show. The following question was raised at the Fedco 12-16 informal meeting:

“Why is it necessary to delay the start of a Qualifying Show for one hour after the completion of BIS at the Championship Show? Is there any reason for the Qualifying Show not running concurrently with a Championship Show?”

Schedule 4A Regs 3.2 and 3.2:


Unless dispensation is granted by the Federal Council, no Qualifying or Re-qualifying Show for any Breed, Group or Discipline shall exceed one (1) day’s duration, and no Qualifying Show or Re-qualifying Show shall be held on the same day as a Championship Show, where the same Breed, Group or Discipline are being exhibited, unless the venue is more than 160 kilometres from the venue of the Championship Show.


No Qualifying Show shall be held at the same venue or on the same date as any Non-Championship Show where the same breeds or groups are being exhibited.

Fedco referred this back to Exco and asked that, when granting dispensation, consideration be given to modern day circumstances.

In the following discussion it was noted that original idea of a Qualifying Show was for a Club to run as a ‘stand-alone’, to ensure that it had the capabilities to run a show. Exco was asked for dispensation to allow the Qualifying Show to be held on the same day as a Championship Show and, after due consideration, this dispensation was granted provided that the show was held an hour after completion of the Championship Show.

If there is going to be a change to the Regulation, then it must come from one of the Provincial 
Councils for consideration by the Federal Council.


4.1 Office Report

Upgrade to VDSL Internet Service:

Internet Service is more stable and the speed much improved , but seriously slow periods are still frequently experienced. This is thought to be related to the high volume of uploading that is required onto the KUSA website at the moment. (All the new Breed Standards, new Schedules and new Application Forms). The Office w ill continue to monitor and , if not satisfactorily resolved , investigate the fibre option .


Bulk Cell Phone Messaging Portal:

Pre-Paid 12 month contract.

Charge per sms = R0.24.

Cost to send a cell phone message to all current members (+/- 3 400) = R816.00.

Primary use would be to send second reminders for membership & affix renewals.



Mrs Janine Vester (Data Capture Dept.) has returned from maternity leave.

Mrs Cindie Permall (Data Capture & Postal Clerk has had to undergo an operation to her ankle. Accident occurred at work 25.11.2017. She has been booked off work by the Orthopaedic Surgeon for a further 6 weeks (25 April 2017). This, c ombined with staff taking annual leave or sick leave , results in periods when the Office is under -staffed. Processing of applications are taking longer than usual. Biggest challenge is following up on incomplete applications.


BidAir Cargo:

Letter received from Natasha Willis – Product Manager, Bid Air Cargo Pet Lounge , to advise that there will be a rate increase that will become applicable on 1 April 2017 and that the 15% discount structure on AVI cash rates has been extended to KUSA Members for a further 12 months to 31 March 2018. The extended period will also be applicable to the 5% re-imbursement to KUSA on the monthly spend by KUSA members. (To date have not received any re-imbursement. To follow up . )

Noted and commented that Members will need to produce a copy of the KUSA letter confirming their membership. Procedure put in place for the payment of the 5 per cent reimbursement commencing 01.04.17.

Grand Champion Application Form:

Separate application forms for Champion & Grand Champion have been created. Available for download from the KUSA website.

Noted. BJ enquired if awards gained at FCI Shows could be counted as awards towards Grand Champion and was told that this was correct. He also drew attention to what is stated in the Fedco Minutes for qualifying a Grand Champion not being the same as what is on the KUSA website under Champion Status and thought it should be corrected.

Budget Proposals 2017/2018:

Reminders sent to National Sub Committees & Provincial Councils to submit their budget proposals for the next financial year (1 Sep 2017- 31 Aug 2018).

Deadline date: Monday 22 May 2017.

EXCO request for one face - to - face meeting every new term (every 4 years).

There were no other budget requests.

KUSA Facebook Page:

PM m et with M arilize Nel. EXCO’ s concerns and recommendations were discussed.

Agreed to set up an administrative Facebook page. Access will be limited to the administrators (Marilize, Carol & Pascale) and editors (Lois & Karene). Can preview scheduled posts and use as communication channel to bring any undesired posts to each other’s attention. Also agreed that the banners to announce New Champions and Kennel Name Registrations are to be given a facelift. New banner required for Grand Champion.



Financial Report for February 2017

After discussion, the Financial Report was approved.



Case 06-2015

A Court date was set for late November but postponed.

Any further information will be advised.

Documentation has since been received. To be evaluated by Legal Adviser.

Case 04-2016

The matter was stayed whilst the SCI awaited written confirmation from Complainant re pending criminal charge.

The Complainant was requested to, and has failed to, provide a written statement regarding the SAPS decision not to proceed with criminal charges. The complaint is now out of time and has been dismissed by the SCI.



5.2.1 Sasolburg Kennel Club Championship Show - 1 October 2016

The above Club reported the following:

In the Catalogue: Pekingese Exhibit 287 Brieda Pekin Prince of DowMing, Reg. No ZA010008B15, Dog OWNER: Mrs FC Mccaull

"The dog was entered in Junior but was too old for the class. SoloShow emailed the owner (Mrs Downs) 27th September and explained that the dog had been moved to the Open Class.

On the day of the Show, Mrs Downs convinced the Ring Steward to move the dog from the Open Dog Class to the Champion Bitch Class.

She exhibited in the Champion Bitch Class and won Best of Breed. We have since written to Mrs Downs, asking which dog she exhibited and she replied that the Champion Bitch she showed was ZA030163B13 Ch Noblecourt Fu Lin of DowMing. This bitch was not entered into the show."

Please confirm if Res. BOB Dog Exhibit 288 is promoted to BOB, Brieda Black Rhythm, ZA043914B14 Dog owned by Mrs FC Mccaull.

Agreed that the award be withdrawn.

5.2.2 Sasolburg Kennel Club Championship Show - 1 October 2016

Pekingese Exhibit 289 Ch Brieda Be My Valentine of Seawind owned by Mr R. Ryrie and transferred to Mrs Downs 3 days prior to the show (29.9.16). Mr Ryrie was a judge on the day.

The ownership problem was explained to Mrs Downs by the Show Secretary and the Club Vice- Chairman also spoke to the owner and told her not to show the dog, but the dog was still exhibited on the day.

The exhibit was awarded CC and Best Puppy in breed.

No RCC was awarded.

Agreed that the award be withdrawn.

5.2.3 Sasolburg Kennel Club Championship Show - 1 October 2016

Papillon Exhibit 283 Ardmore Lady Kym, Reg. No ZA008716B16 - Bitch owned by

Mrs M de Jongh.

The exhibit was marked absent when her class was called. The exhibitor had the incorrect number. The dog was then shown in the Puppy Class, which was incorrect as it was too young for Puppy. The CC and the Best Puppy awards were withdrawn. The Show Manager discussed this with the exhibitor, Judge and Ring Steward.

For Ratification.

Exco to confirm if the RCC dog should be promoted to CC Dog (Interamnia De Constalina At Ardmore, Reg. No ZA1701297C10 - Bitch - also owned by Mrs De Jongh.)

Agreed that the RCC dog be promoted.

5.2.4 NAPC Top Dog & SA Ladies Kennel Association – 2nd Championship Show – 12th February 2017

Although no official complaint or objection was lodged, it has been brought to our attention that the Judge (Mrs L Wilson) accepted an appointment to judge the NAPC Top Dog Competition, but also entered a Shiba in the Baby Puppy Class at the SA Ladies Championship Show on the same day at the same venue.

Name of Dog: Vormund Only in Imax for Sibra, Reg No. ZA001015C17

This dog won Best Baby Puppy in Breed and was the only dog entered in the Class.

Schedule 3 Regulation 7.10 refers:


A Judge may not enter a dog registered in his ownership in the same discipline on the same day at the same venue as he is officiating, save and except for Working Disciplines held under the licence of a different Club.


A Judge may not handle a dog in any discipline, save and except for Working Disciplines held under the licence of a different Club on the same day at the same venue, as he/she is officiating.

The judge has apologised for her error and agrees that the Class win should be withdrawn.

Agreed that the award be withdrawn.

5.2.5 KUSA CLASSIC 2017 – KwaZulu-Natal – 26, 27 & 28 May 2017

Arrangements progressing well. Schedules to be sent to members via bulk email. Handler invitations to be finalised. LW to liaise with AB regarding list of Handlers.

Noted. 2017 – Working Trials, WUD and TT – Port Elizabeth – 14-17th July 2017 – Nationals and Championship Show

The EC & Border Working Trials Committee, which is hosting the KUSA Nationals this year, has requested to hold this event over 4 days - Friday 14th to Monday 17th July 2017.

In terms of Schedule 3, Reg. 2.1 "Unless dispensation is granted by the Executive Committee, no Championship show shall exceed two (2) days duration ……".

Copy of estimated budget circulated on 14.03.17.

Estimated budget discussed and confirmed by the organisers that any shortfall will be made up by sponsors.

Four-day licence granted. 2018 - Free State & N Cape – 2&3 June 2018

Budget to be submitted.

BJ suggested that FS&NC should be informed that NAPC have applied to do the Working Disciplines. However, LW advised that FS&NC should first confirm what events they are holding.

Noted. 2018 – KUSA National Disciplines – NAPC

Request from NAPC Agility Sub-Committee to host the 2018 KUSA Nationals for Disciplines at the NAPC Disciplines Bumper Weekend from 27.04.2018 to 01.05.2018. If agreed, will be held at Goldfields Showgrounds on Saturday, 28th April 2018.

[Note: FS&NC have since confirmed that they will be holding Working Disciplines as well as Breed.] 2019 –Gauteng

The request for this event to be hosted by Western Gauteng Kennel Club is to be reviewed in light of the existing policy that Provcos are invited to make such applications.

Deferred until after Fedco informal meeting at which the flowchart referred to in item will be discussed. Proposal for Procedure for KUSA Classic Events

Flowchart circulated. For discussion at Fedco informal meeting.

5.2.6 Applications for Second Championship Shows – nil

5.2.7 Verein Fur Deutsche Schä ferhunde - Namibia

The above GSD Club in Namibia is scheduled to host its Championship Show on 22 & 23 April 2017 (OB & BR). The Closing Date: 8 April 2017.

Due to various changes of club officials, that took place over the past few months, there has been very little communication with their members and the dog-showing fraternity.

They failed to inform them of the requirements for the re-registration of GSD Federation dogs with KUSA in order to enter the show.

The main issue being that it will not be possible to get the dogs DNA-profiled before the closing date.

The Club Chairman advises that they do not expect any RSA-based exhibitors to enter the show. They estimate that there are 10 dogs that will need to be re-registered with KUSA. If these dogs are not re-registered then they will be forced to cancel the Championship Show which they are reluctant to do. Last year the show was cancelled due to the same issues.

The Club thus requests that KUSA grants dispensation for the re-registration of the 10 GSD Federation-registered dogs without the DNA profile requirement and that, instead, the owners be given a defined period within which they will be required to provide KUSA with a DNA Profile Typing Certificate. If not received, KUSA-registration can be cancelled, or suspended, and any awards won at the show be revoked.

It was also suggested that, if exemption is granted, that one of the conditions be that proof must be provided that an application for DNA profiling has been submitted to a recognised laboratory.

After discussion, it was agreed that the request be referred to Fedco via ‘round robin’ as the Exco did not have the authority to reverse a Fedco decision by granting such a dispensation.

[Note: Fedco has since agreed that no dispensation be granted. Suggested to Club that the show be postponed to a later date to give owners time to get their dogs registered with KUSA.]


5.3.1 The following Judge completed KUSA requirements and is licensed for the Group as listed:

Mr A. Sheasby (GAU) (Utility Group)

Noted with congratulations.


Congratulations to Amy Kiefer on her performance at Crufts. A report for posting on KUSA website is awaited.

FCI World Show, Leipzig – Exco propose that KUSA is represented by the National Junior Handler at their own expense.

For Fedco 06-17 agenda.


Minutes of AGM of Obedience NSC held on 01.03.17

Circulated on 7.3.17.




5.8 FIELD TRIALS - nil

5.9 IPO

5.9.1 The following judges completed the KUSA requirements and have been accepted as an IPO Helpers:

Mr A.S. Botes (GAU)

Mr K. Duranty (GAU)

Noted with congratulations.

IPO International Judges

In response to a query from the Chairman, AB confirmed that there was a list of four or five people who qualify as International Judges and she was presently preparing a letter to each one inviting them to be included on the list.



It was noted that SA Championships Dog Jumping is being held over the KUSA Classic Weekend 2017 in KZN.


5.11.1 AGM of Carting National Sub-Committee 2017

Received 04.03.2017 and circulated on 06.03.2017.


5.11.2The following Judges’ Reports have been approved by the Provincial Council Sub-Committee:

First Report

Mr M. van der Vyver (WC) – Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of WC – Non-Championship Show – 1

October 2016.

Second Report

Mrs B.M. Uys (KZN) – Natal Working & Herding Breeds Association – Non-Championship Show –

18 September 2016.

Noted with congratulations.

5.12 AGILITY - nil


AGM of NSC scheduled for 17.03.17.




5.16 TT – nil


5.18 FCI

5.18.1 Circulars sent to Fedco Members:

03.02.17 circular 4-2017 Status of Judges

09.02.17 Breed Standard languages

20.02.17 circular 07-2017 Studbook and Appendix details

24.02.17 circular 8-2017 new email address China Kennel Union

24.02.17 circular 8-2017 new email address Russian Kynological Federation

09.03.17 Export Pedigree Hungary

14.03.17 New Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Judges between The Kennel Club and the FCI

Noted and commented that the requirements for applications for International Champions have changed and the KUSA website amended accordingly. PM asked to be copied in on such changes.


6.1 SABOX - nil

6.2 Rottweiler Breed Council (RBC) – nil

6.3 German Shepherd Dog Liaison Council

Following the previous Exco meeting, LW advised that she had met with the Chairman of the GSD Liaison Council to clarify which Clubs are members of the GSDLC.

The Secretary was requested to inform the GSDLC that its logo should also be German Shepherd Dog Liaison Council, and not German Shepherd Dog Council.

PM drew attention to the Fedco decision that, w.e.f. 01.04.2017, in respect of all GSDs registered with KUSA, both parents must have a DNA profile and that this applies to all applications, regardless of the mating date or when the litter was born.



Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of DOGSPC held on 21.02.17

Received 11.03.2017 and circulated 14.03.2017. Quorum present.



7.2.1 Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of KZNPC held on 28.01.17

Received and circulated on 10.03.17. Quorum present.

Also received with the Minutes:

C onfirmed minutes of the meeting held on 05/11/2016

Agenda for meeting 28/01/2017

Unconfirmed minutes of the meeting held on 28/01/2017 (including sub-committee reports)

Attendance register 28/01/2017

Financial Report as at 27/02/2017

List of correspondence


7.2.2 Unconfirmed Minutes of Special Meeting of KZNPC held on 28.01.17

Received and circulated on 10.03.17. Quorum present.

The election of Richard Dempsey as Chairman, and Michael Vorster as Vice-Chairman, was noted with congratulations.


7.3.1 Minutes of Meeting of NAPC held on 24.11.2016

Received 09.12.2016 and circulated on 15.03.2017. Quorum present.


7.3.2 Unconfirmed Minutes of Meeting of NAPC held on 09.02.2017

Received and circulated on 15.03.2017. Quorum present.






8.1 22 new members and 29 lapsed members were elected.


9.1 Applications for Affiliation

9.1.1 Hungarian Vizsla Association

Application has been received together with the fee to become an Affiliated Specialist Club.

At its inaugural meeting held 28th January 201 7, it was agreed to become affiliated to KUSA. There are currently twenty-seven ( 27 ) members. Sponsoring Club is Weimaraner K lub of Gauteng with support from Orion Kennel Club of Gauteng. The Club was recommended for approval at the DOGS Provincial Council Meeting held on 21stFebruary 201 7, at which a quorum was recorded as being present.

Choice of names in order of preference:

1. Hungarian Vizsla Association

2. Magyar Vizsla Club

3. Southern Cross Hungarian Vizsla Club

Headquarters will be in the Western Centre of DOGSPC administrative area. Management Committee and quorums are as per the KUSA Specimen Constitution.

The Club has adopted the KUSA Constitution with a few amendments:


(a) At all General Meetings of the Club every member vested with a vote in terms of Section 10 shall be entitled to one (1) vote. Matters before such meetings shall be decided by a simple majority of the votes. Votes by electronic means (e.g. a scanned document via email) will be accepted provided that the official voting form is signed by the Club member. Official voting forms will be sent out with the Notice of the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting which must be returned to the Club no later than 7 days prior to the meeting. Members attending the meeting need not fill in the voting form.

(b) At Committee meetings, each Committee member shall have one (1) vote. Matters before the Committee shall be decided upon by a simple majority of the votes. Committee members may take part in a meeting by electronic means e.g. a voice / video call.

After discussion the following was decided:

(1) That the Club be requested to submit another name which was indicative of the area of operation, e.g. of Gauteng, Golden Reef.

(2) that the AGM must be a ‘face-to-face’ meeting. Other meetings may be by electronic means.

Deferred – carry forward to next agenda.

9.2 Amendments to Club Constitutions

9.2.1 Roodepoort & Districts Kennel Club

At its AGM held 11th October 2016, the above Club approved the following amendment to its

Club’s Constitution.

Delete words in [ ] and insert words underlined:


(a) The financial year of the Club shall be the twelve calendar months ending [31st May] 31st August in each and every year.


9.3 Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 Dispensation for Registration

Yorkshire Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 14 May 2015, breeder Mrs A Naude Janse Van Vuuren.


Biewer Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)

Litter whelped 31 December 2015, breeder Dr I Bailey.


Bulldog (Reg. 4.6 Additional Puppy)

Litter whelped 21 November 2016, breeder Mr HM Booysen.


9.4 Schedule 2 Reg. 9 – Amendment to Registers - nil

Incorrect details of Dam recorded on application for registration of complete litter.

Litter whelped 02 June 2016, one (1) puppy: Poodle (Toy).

The Breeder, Ms A Alberts, inadvertently inserted the incorrect details for the Dam on the litter application form. Application form with the correct details have been received.

The required fee for the rectification of our records has been paid. The original certificate of registration has been returned. Sworn Affidavit received.

Require Breed Parentage Verification Schedule 2 (effective 01/02/2017).

“The Kennel Union may amend any of its Registers or the Obedience and Trial Dogs Record to rectify any errors or omissions therein and every application for rectification made by the owner of a dog shall be accompanied by the fee prescribed in terms of Schedule 7.In the case of application to change the dam or sire of a registered litter, KUSA reserves the right to request DNA parentage verification of the entire litter.”

Exco approved the application on this occasion without exercising its right to request DNA parentage. It should be pointed to the breeder that should there be another occurrence, this application for rectification will be taken into consideration and may result in Exco requesting DNA parentage verification of the entire litter.

9.5 Schedule 3 Regulations 38.3.2 and 38.4 Veterinary Certificates - nil


LW requested that all show entry forms on the KUSA website be checked in order to confirm that they are correct and up to date.


Tue 18th April 2017


Unless otherwise stated, all decisions taken at this meeting are based on consensus of the members present at this meeting of the EXCO.