Kennel Association and Liesbeek Kennel Club 3rd & 4th March 2018

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Both Clubs Early Bird entries @ R110.00 per dog ends on 5th February. Entries thereafter till the 19th February entries are R150.00.

Local Exhibitors are requested to please bring water for themselves and their dogs to both Shows to assist with the Water Crisis we are experiencing.
Books, Magazines, Jigsaw Puzzles will be welcome for the Kennel Association’s Book Sale Table.

Exclusion of Dogs from Exhibition Due to Aggression

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In the case of a dog aggression incident having taken place at a KUSA Show, the following procedure is to be followed as described in Schedule 3 Regulation 14.

Regulation 14 – Exclusion of dogs

A Show Committee will have the power to exclude, refuse or remove any dog which is, owing to disease, savage disposition, or any other cause, not in a fit state for exhibition at a specific Show. Once a dog has been excluded or refused admission or has been removed from the precincts of a Show because of disease, savage disposition or any other cause, it will not be brought into the Show at any time or under any circumstances.

FEDCO 12-2017 Annual Chairman’s Report

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It would be fair to say that, during 2017, the world was in a state of flux. Britain faced the reality of Brexit, whereas Germany and Spain and, to a lesser extent, France, experienced political turmoil. The Middle East continued to be plagued with instability and China’s economy slowed down.

South Africa did not escape political and financial strife. At times the political climate was pretty turbulent and we saw our currency reduced to junk status. Political pessimism and financial pressures impacted on KUSA’s members, resulting in a downturn in the numbers entering dog shows. The timing was probably not propitious for the introduction of 2nd Championship Shows, which further diluted show entries, especially in the less populous areas. Fedco is aware of these problems and will be considering measures to ameliorate them.

Establishment of the Judges Education Council

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This past year marked the fifth anniversary of Fedco’s sanction of the new KUSA Breed Judges’ Learning Programme and the members of the Federal Council deemed it an appropriate time to reflect on the Programme’s efficacy as a method of educating and training our Breed Judges but, more importantly, also to consider whether the Programme’s best interests were being served by the current province-based administrative structure which underpins it. At Fedco 12-2017, Fedco confirmed its confidence in the Programme, but recognised that, for as long as dog shows remained a key element in the training of judges, it was necessary for the Programme to keep pace with the dynamics and changing demographics of the sport.

Federal Council at work

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The Federal Council met in Cape Town on the 1, 2 & 3 December 2017.

Front row from the left: Jenny Hubbard (Vice Chairman) ; Chris Griffith (Chairman); Doreen Powell (President); Richard Dempsey ( KZN Chairman)
Back row from the left: Sheila Thornberry (KUSA Secretary); Gérard Robinson (DOGSPC Chairman); Lynn Scholtz (EP & B Chairman); Carol Immelman (DOGSPC Vice Chairman) ; Carine Buitendach (FS & NC Chairman); Lois Wilson (EXCO Chairman); Pascale Midgley (KUSA General Manager)

The Federal Council extends its best wishes to all Members for the Festive Season!

“Change of officials elected to serve on the Eastern Province & Border Provincial Council

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After many years of dedicated service, Mrs Joan Barrow handed the baton over to the newly elected Chairman of the Eastern Province & Border Provincial Council, Mrs Lynn Scholtz. Mrs Barrow will still be involved with the Provincial Council’s affairs as she was elected to serve as Vice Chairman and Treasurer. Mrs Bobby Claasen was elected as Provincial Council Secretary. We wish the members of this Council a very successful term. “

Donation to Funda Nenja

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Thank you very much for the donation of R5000 received by Funda Nenja.

We are very grateful and sincerely appreciate the support.

Please thank the Committee of KUSA for us.

Attention Club Secretaries - Penalty Fees

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The late submission of Show Schedule documentation has a negative impact on the efficient running of the Shows Department. 

The repercussions affect several processes and procedures which in turn results in a diminished level of service provided to Clubs.
Penalty fees were instituted to encourage the timeous submission of Show Schedule documentation.
Unfortunately, the current rate of penalties levied does not appear to act as a deterrent.

Advisory Statement from the Chairman & Negotiating Committee of Fedco to the Boxer Members of KUSA

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At the December 2016 meeting of the Federal Council of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (Fedco), two members of Fedco, vested with the necessary executive powers, were tasked to open negotiations with the Federation of Boxer Clubs of South Africa (FBCSA). This resulted in a series of meetings which commenced in January 2017 and, seven months later, are still ongoing. At the most recent meeting on 12 August 2017, it was decided by the parties that this might be an appropriate time to provide their respective constituents with a progress report.

Statement on Membership

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It is both curious and disappointing that members of KUSA, who should have the best interests of the organisation at heart, express such vehement opposition on social media to Fedco’s decision to redress an historical deficiency in the Constitution by expecting owners of dogs entered at KUSA’s Championship Shows to be members of the organisation.