Important Notice - Amendments to regulations pertaining to Registration - Effective 01.04.2019

19 February 2019

We bring to your attention amendments to Regulations pertaining to the registration of litters over 12 months of age and amendments to the Register for litters already registered. Please take note of the new requirements coming into effect on 1 April 2019.

To avoid the effects of the new Regulations, members are urged to submit any applications for “late registrations” and/or requests for amendments to the Register prior to the implementation date of the new Regulations.

Amendments are highlighted in red.

Registration of litters (Schedule 2 Reg. 4)
Without exception, the entire litter is registered at the same time by the breeder within twelve (12) months of the date of birth.

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Goldfields Kennel Club – Article 19 R&IC Report

18 February 2019

Review & Investigatory Committee (R&IC) into the governance and financial affairs of Goldfields Kennel Club (GKC) appointed by the Chairman of the Federal Council under Article 19 of the KUSA Constitution.

The R&IC concluded its investigation in January 2019 and presented a comprehensive report on its findings and recommendations to the Chairman of the Federal Council. The recommendations were accepted by the Chairman with one variance.

In summary, the following key recommendations were approved to be put into effect:

1. As a result of the finding that the Annual General meeting of GKC held on 24 June 2018 was ultra vires on certain grounds, to convene a Special General Meeting of the Club under the chairmanship of a Life Member to remove from office those who had been elected as a result of the AGM and to elect a new Interim Executive Committee.

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