08.09.21 | Message to Exhibitors and Showholding Clubs in Gauteng

Posted in KUSA News

Goldfields Kennel Club is forced to discontinue use of the Clarkson Road gate for entry to  the showgrounds. This is the unfortunate consequence of exhibitors speeding down the streets to Clarkson Road, causing safety concerns and irritation for Morninghill residents.

In aid of good relationships with its neighbours, it was decided to use only the Boeing Road entrance to the showgrounds and to insist that clubs’ Covid-19 station be placed on the dirt road approximately at the fork, where keeping left leads to the lower grounds and keeping right, to the upper grounds. This has the advantage that show holding clubs, regardless of the venue of their shows, i.e. the paddock, the arena, or the upper grounds, may share a Covid-19 station.

Johan Warffemius
Chairman: Goldfields Kennel Club