COVID-19: KUSA Events under Adjusted Level 3 Lockdown as at 5 February 2021

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The KUSA COVID-19 Events Task Team is pleased to announce that, based on the re-adjusted COVID-19 Alert Level 3 announced on 1 February 2021, and informed by the encouraging reduction in the COVID-19 infection rate across South Africa, KUSA has taken the decision to once again permit dog shows and events, provided they are managed in such a way that all possible precautions are taken and preventative measures instituted to protect participants from exposure to the virus.

In particular, and without exception, the following protocols MUST be put in place:

· Access to the venue MUST be strictly controlled for the entire duration of the event.

· Clubs MUST ensure that no more than 100 people are present at the event at any time if held outdoors, or 50 people if held indoors.

· Spectators may not attend, only organisers, owners, exhibitors, handlers and their assistants may be present.

· The KUSA-provided register must be completed by ALL attendees, including organisers and workers.

· EVERY person attending, including organisers and workers, MUST complete the KUSA disclaimer on arrival.

· No person may be admitted until they have completed the register and handed in their signed and completed disclaimer.

· Every person attending MUST wear a mask at all times, except when running while handling a dog in competition.

· Sanitiser must be freely available in suitable dispensers.

· Social distancing must be observed at all times.

  • Attendees must be requested to:

   o   Reconsider attending the event should they have comorbidities such as respiratory or heart disease, diabetes, TB, hypertension, etc.

   o   Not attend any event if they are exhibiting any flu-like or coronavirus symptoms.

   o   Advise the COVID-19 Compliance Officer if, after attending the event, they should develop any flu-like or any COVID-19 symptoms during the ensuing week.

Responsibility for ensuring that all COVID protocols are adhered to falls solely on the organising Clubs and they should take note of the following:

· A detailed plan and protocol MUST be submitted to the KUSA office on application for a licence. Licences will not be issued unless the plan and protocol are accepted as adequate and viable by KUSA.

· A COVID Compliance Officer and Assistant COVID Compliance Officer must be appointed and their details submitted to KUSA. The Compliance Officer must be a KUSA member, however it is not necessary that the Assistant Compliance Officer be a KUSA member.

· New versions of relevant documents will be posted on the KUSA website shortly.


Compliance with COVID protocols at KUSA events is mandatory. To ensure adherence to the regulations, random inspections may be undertaken at events and Club Officials, including the Show Manager and Officers of the Show-holding Club, will be held responsible for non-compliance with the protocols and may be liable for disciplinary action under Schedule 1 of the KUSA Constitution.