2020 KUSA Showdog of the Year

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As exhibitors are aware, COVID-19 has decimated the 2020 Show Season and thereby effectively suspended the accumulation of KUSA Showdog of the Year points.

In addition, the cancellation of the 2020 KUSA Classic Weekend has left the Competition without its regulated end-date in 2020. The Regulations for the KUSA Showdog of the Year Competition - Schedule 05E (24) – provide for the Competition to run from the day after the final show of the KUSA Classic Weekend in one year to the final day of the KUSA Classic Weekend in the following year.

Having considered the various options, the Federal Council of KUSA concluded that no Showdog of the Year awards will be made in 2020. However, all points accumulated by dogs during the period following the 2019 KUSA Classic Weekend to the present, will be retained. That means that no points earned to date will be lost, and once Championship Shows resume, points will be awarded as usual and added to the existing totals.

The end-date of the Competition will be the last day of the 2021 KUSA Classic Weekend and the winner will be declared the 2020 & 2021 KUSA Showdog of the Year.

The above solution was deemed to be the one that would cause the least prejudice to all parties. We look forward to the resumption of Championship Shows and the revival of the Points Table. Until then, enjoy the company of your beautiful dogs at home and keep yourself, your family and your loved ones safe.