Doreen Powell - A Tribute by Fedco

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Doreen Powell, President of KUSA, on her retirement from FEDCO, flanked by Chris Griffith and Jenny Hubbard, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of FEDCO

Currently the longest-serving member on Fedco with some 25 years’ service, it is hard, almost unthinkable, to imagine a Fedco meeting without Doreen. As her colleagues on the Fedco come to terms with the end of an era, they stand in silent awe of her extraordinary achievements in dogdom as one of KUSA’s most revered assets.

Her leadership and guidance over many years stand as shining example of the purest and most dedicated commitment to dogsport and the unconditional love of purebred dogs. Words can neither qualify, nor quantify, the dog world’s appreciation for the countless ways in which Doreen had positively influenced and inspired her constituents on provincial level, and colleagues on national level, to counter and deal with the many challenges posed to KUSA and National Canine Organisations worldwide. She will always remain an exemplary role-model for all who had the privilege to know and work with her.

It is indeed sad for the members of Fedco and the KUSA staff to bid farewell to Doreen, who will be relinquishing her Western Cape Provincial Council and Fedco responsibilities. Her colleagues on Fedco are, however, comforted that she will remain as KUSA President and that her sage counsel will continue to be available to all who love and respect her. As an esteemed all-breeds Judge, she will also continue with her judging of Breed Shows and Obedience, through which her extensive knowledge and experience will be passed on to enthusiasts of these Disciplines.

As we reflect on Doreen’s illustrous career, the most coveted laurels on the mantelpiece of Doreen’s life will undoubtedly be the love of all who had the honour of working with her and the unreserved esteem and affection of her Fedo colleagues. Although her presence on Fedco will be sorely missed, her legacy will be cherished by those currently serving on Fedco and, undoubtedly, by those who will one day take their place.

The members of Fedco wish Doreen a happy retirement from her rigorous respossibilities as a Fedco member and many more years serving the interests of dogs and dog lovers in South Africa.

Fedco Team 2019