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FCI launches new format for its newsletter dogdotcom: http://blog.fci.be/

Dear friends,

In 2011, on the year if its centenary, the FCI decided to launch its newsletter, dogdotcom.  We have published 6 of them per year for 7 years.  The audience has been increasing since the very first edition: the last one was read by 45,000 users and followed by 20,000 subscribers.
Today, we are celebrating the brand new format of
dogdotcom.  We hope you will appreciate our evolution towards a more interactive environment, better connected to hot topics, to the FCI Facebook page and to the official website.

How can you access

through the FCI homepage: http://www.fci.be
direct access: http://blog.fci.be/

dogdotcom is…

  • about the member-national canine organisations
  • for you
  • for the global community of dog lovers
  • for the large FCI family and followers

dogdotcom is…

  • OUR communication platform
  • the reflexion of everything that WE do with and for our beloved dogs! 

Welcome to the new dogdotcom!