Notice to Affiliated Clubs

We bring to your attention various amendments to the KUSA Articles & Schedules, most of which will become effective as of 1 January 2019.

For ease of reference, herewith please find a summary of the amendments. Please take careful note of all amendments.
Chairman and Vice-Chairman of KUSA - affiliated Clubs
As of 1 February 2019, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Clubs must be members of the Kennel Union. [Refer to Fedco 12-2017 Item 7.11]
New Specimen Club Constitution
Clubs are urged to update their Club Constitutions in order to comply with current regulatory requirements and take advantage of changes in technology to make provision for teleconference meetings etc.
Click here to download a copy of the new specimen Club Constitution.

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Notice - Beware Puppy Farming and Scammers

The sale of puppies advertised on internet websites, has increased dramatically over the recent past. The relative anonymity that certain websites offer, is unfortunately being exploited by opportunists. One of the draw cards used is the “attractive” asking price, which is usually below the prevailing price which would normally be charged by well established, reputable and discerning breeders. These adverts are usually posted on popular classified type advert websites, where adverts can be placed at no charge or for a nominal fee.

There are websites one can use to inform oneself regarding current scams and how to avoid being caught out. The following sites provide in-depth information regarding past and current scams.

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Schedule 2 Reg. 4.6 & 4.7 Dispensation for Registration granted February 2018

Posted in FEDCO/EXCO Official Announcements

Approved by EXCO at its meeting held on 27th February 2018
Published on KUSA Website March 2018

Border Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)
Litter whelped 22 April 2016, breeder Mrs H Van Beerschoten-Roschlau.

Shar Pei (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)
Litter whelped 30 January 2014, breeder Mr L and Mrs D Liebenberg.

Bull Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)
Litter whelped 18 September 2016, breeder Mr JM Le Roux.

Rottweiler (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)
Litter whelped 28 February 2016, breeder Mr EA Badat.

Bull Terrier (Reg. 4.7 Late Registration)
Litter whelped 07 September 2016, breeder Mr E Putter.