Goldfields Kennel Club – Article 19 R&IC Report

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18 February 2019

Review & Investigatory Committee (R&IC) into the governance and financial affairs of Goldfields Kennel Club (GKC) appointed by the Chairman of the Federal Council under Article 19 of the KUSA Constitution.

The R&IC concluded its investigation in January 2019 and presented a comprehensive report on its findings and recommendations to the Chairman of the Federal Council. The recommendations were accepted by the Chairman with one variance.

In summary, the following key recommendations were approved to be put into effect:

1. As a result of the finding that the Annual General meeting of GKC held on 24 June 2018 was ultra vires on certain grounds, to convene a Special General Meeting of the Club under the chairmanship of a Life Member to remove from office those who had been elected as a result of the AGM and to elect a new Interim Executive Committee.

2. To appoint an ad hoc sub-committee, comprising the Chairman of the IEC, Brig Gen NJ du Preez, and one of its members, Mr JL Warffemius, to review the GKC Constitution with a view to amending it to provided for, inter alia, a standing sub-committee to manage and maintain the Goldfields Showgrounds and facilities and to undertake all negotiations with the appropriate authorities pertaining to the lease of the grounds.

3. To subject the financial statements for the years ending December 2016 and 2017 to audit by Ms ML Tregoning (CA) for consideration by the Interim Executive Committee and thereafter to call a further Special General Meeting to

a. accept the audited financial statements;

b. dissolve the Interim Executive Committee;

c. elect a new Club Committee;

d. appoint the sub-committee to manage Goldfields Grounds; and

e. table the revised GKC Constitution for consideration.

4. Provided certain conditions are met, to permit GKC’s scheduled 2019 Shows to be licensed.

5. To obtain voluntary undertakings from certain members of the Executive of GKC who held office during its years of mismanagement not to serve on the Committee of any KUSA-affiliated Club, or any other KUSA-appointed Committee or the committee of any association or entity that has any agreement with KUSA.

6. For KUSA to review its internal policies, prescripts and audit mechanisms to ensure that other affiliated Clubs adhere to such policies and prescripts and fill the lacunas in their governance.

The Chairman and the Members of the Federal Council thank the members of the R&IC, Brig Gen NJ du Preez, Mr JL Warffemius and Ms ML Tregoning, for their sterling efforts in conducting a fair and thorough investigation and delivering a penetrating report.