Agility World Ch. Team 2018

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The WUMA South African Agility Trials for AWC 2018 was hosted at Summerveld Country Lodge in Hillcrest, KZN from 7- 9 June 2018.

Officiating Judges were Mr RJ Shortland and Ms C van der Merwe.

Congratulations to the winners.

The Agility World Championship Team was announced and will represent KUSA and South Africa at the Agility Word Championships that will be hosted in Kristianstad, Sweden from 4-7 October 2018.

We wish them a very successful event in October. 

South African Championship Results:

Small Height category

1st – Gail Killan and Kimberley

2nd – Samantha Wainwright and Brandi

3rd – Nan Perold and Noodle

Prizes presented by Lois Wilson, Chairman EXCO 

Medium Height category

1st – Annaret Meintjies and Bowie

2nd – Rob Hall and T

3rd Gaby Grohovaz and Lolllie

Prizes presented by Lois Wilson, Chairman EXCO


Large Height category

1st – Rob Hall and Milo

2nd – Leandre van der Mewe and Akira

3rd – Jason van der Nest and Jag

Prizes presented by Lois Wilson, Chairman EXCO

Agility World Championships Team