Boxers: Update from the Chairman and Negotiating Committee

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As previously advised, we expected negotiations with the Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa (FBCSA) to have concluded during the first quarter of 2018 and are pleased to report that we are fully on track. As of 1 April 2018, all Boxers in South Africa will fall under the aegis of the KUSA, and thereby enjoy international recognition through the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the World Canine Organisation, of which KUSA is a member.

The KUSA Breed Council for Boxers (SABOX) has been dissolved and replaced by the Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa Breed Council (FBCSA BC) under KUSA. The FBCSA BC will operate under a new Constitution approved by the Federal Council of KUSA.

What has been achieved by the reunification of Boxers under KUSA?

· KUSA has been appointed as the Registering Authority for Boxers in South Africa.

  • The processing of Registrations will commence on the 1 April 2018 for:

o FBCSA-registered take-on Boxers.

o KUSA Boxers, showing under Special Show Clearance Certificates and KUSA Boxer litter applications which have been on hold, pending the outcome of the negotiations.

· All Boxer Clubs, including those formerly part of the FBCSA, have affiliated to KUSA under new Club Constitutions aligned to the Animal Improvement Act (AIA).

  • Members of the former FBCSA Clubs will be encouraged to join KUSA.

· The FBCSA registry database will be incorporated into the KUSA K9 database.

· FBCSA Affixes will be recognised and be accepted for registration by KUSA.

· By agreement with all parties, KUSA has adopted the FCI Breed Standard for Boxers.

· FBCSA Judges, both Qualified and Candidate (Learner), will be recognised by KUSA after compliance with certain requirements. FBCSA Candidate Judges will be encouraged to join the KUSA Breed Judges’ Learning Programme, initially for the Working Group.

· All Boxer Club Shows will be held under the Rules and Regulations of KUSA and previous awards of the FBCSA will be converted in accordance with criteria agreed between the FBCSA and KUSA negotiating teams to fit in with the KUSA awards system.

There is a great deal of work ahead of the newly constituted FBCSA BC. We are, however, confident that the competent and committed people elected to serve on the FBCSA BC will be up to the challenges of drafting By-laws and harmonising procedures.

The KUSA Office has undertaken a formidable workload in processing Memberships and Registrations and the members of the Negotiating Committee are indebted to the KUSA Office for the guidance provided throughout the negotiation process. Needless to say, with an effective starting date of 1 April 2018, it will take the KUSA Office time to complete the project, but certain actions have obviously been prioritised.

Interim measures:

While finalising the registration of FBCSA-registered take-on dogs and integrating them into the KUSA K9 database, owners of FBCSA-registered dogs who wish to enter KUSA Shows need to apply for a Special Show Clearance Certificate (T Number).

Please note:

· Only FBCSA-registered Boxers will qualify for T Show Clearance Numbers after 1 April 2018.

· T Show Clearance Numbers issued to KUSA Boxers prior to 31 March 2018 will remain valid till 31 June 2018.

· Owners of KUSA Boxers with T Show Clearance Numbers are required to submit their Applications for the Registration of a Complete Litter and proof of payment prior to 31 June 2018, if have not already done so. After this date, Late Registration Penalty Fees will apply.

  • Club Secretaries will be informed of the above.

· We anticipate that, bar an unforeseen calamity, the KUSA Office will complete the processing of pending Boxer registrations, database integration and membership confirmation by 30 June 2018.

The KUSA Negotiating Committee, Jenny Hubbard and Gérard Robinson, wish to thank the members of the FBCSA Executive, Ute Füglister, Marinda Oosthuizen, Chris Levings and Uschi Wöstmann, for the good faith and forbearance shown throughout these protracted and often wearing negotiations. It has been a pleasure working with them and learning from them and we have every confidence that the FBCSA BC will go from strength to strength and that Boxers will prosper like never before.

Similarly, Jenny and Gérard thank the KUSA Boxer fraternity for their patience, restraint and support. It has been an exasperating period for all of us in KUSA, but fortunately goodwill and common sense prevailed. Let us continue along this path with confidence and passion.