Reporting of case of dog aggression at a KUSA Show

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In the case of a dog aggression incident having taken place at a KUSA Show, the following procedure is to be followed as described in Schedule 3 Regulation 14.
A Show Committee will have power to exclude or remove any dog which is, owing to disease, savage disposition, or any other cause, not in a fit state for exhibition. Once a dog has been refused admission or has been removed from a Show because of disease, savage disposition or any other cause, it will not be brought into the Show at any time, under any circumstances, and the Show Secretary, on behalf of the Show Committee, shall submit a written report to the Secretary within seven (7) days of the close of the Show.
14.1 On the receipt of a written report and a recommendation from a Show Committee, which has excluded or removed any dog from a Show, the Chairman of the Executive Committee shall, at his discretion, be entitled to debar such dog from entry to or exhibition at any Show held under Kennel Union Regulations, such bar to continue in force until the next but one meeting of the Executive Committee who shall, at such meeting, after consideration of any representations lodged by or on behalf of the owner of the dog, either confirm or withdraw the bar so imposed.
14.2 The Secretary shall on the making of any order by the Chairman of the Executive Committee as provided for in 14.1 above, forward to the owner of the dog a copy of the barring notice informing such owner that he will be entitled to submit representation to reach the Secretary on a date which shall be not less than three (3) days before the date of the proposed meeting.
14.3 If, on recommendation of the Executive Committee, a dog is not fit for exhibition, the Federal Council shall be empowered to debar such dog from entry to or exhibition at any Show held under Kennel Union Regulations.
14.4 In consequence of any decision reached under the provisions of Regulation 14, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to publish in the Official Kennel Union Journal, full details thereof and shall have the power to extend such publication by circulating this information to Affiliated Clubs.

Regulation 19.8 – in the event of a dog attacking the Judge: 
If a dog attacks a Judge or shows aggression towards a Judge, it must be immediately excused from the Ring and the Judge must immediately report the occurrence to the Show Manager. The Show Manager will then cause the dog to be withdrawn from all further competition in the Show. The Show secretary shall then send a written report to the Secretary of KUSA in accordance with Regulation 14 above;

The written report submitted to the KUSA Secretary should include the following and be submitted within 7 days of the close of the Show:-
The name, registration and exhibit number of the dog concerned.
The name of the registered owner.
Confirmation that the dog was removed from the Show.
An account of what happened.
A recommendation from the Show Committee, e.g. that the dog should not be allowed to enter any further shows until after it has undergone some form of training.
(Depending on the particular circumstances, it has been known for a Show Committee to recommend that no action be taken.)
Statements from owner/handler and witness(es)
A copy of the relevant page from the show catalogue.
A copy of the Judges Sheet.

18th August 2016