2014 KUSA Championship Disciplines

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  • 1st         Mrs G.M. Tang with Megan     83%
  • 2nd        Miss L. Metaxas with Coco      72%
  • 3rd         Mrs C. Smit with Fudge      59%


  • 1st         Dr J.E. Hamman with Becky    92%
  • 2nd        Mr J. Smillie with Springshot Jenny     91%  and handled by Mrs Y. Taentzer
  • 3rd         Ms S.D. Bishop with Ringo     78%

A Test

  • 1st         Miss E.G. Swanepoel with Kelsy     82%
  • 2nd        Miss E.G. Swanepoel with Dan Dan     42%

B Test

  • 1st         Ms S.D. Bishop with Sadie    80%
  • 2nd        Ms E. Gow with Ghlenairh Glendower of Lorrel    71%
  • 3rd         Ms L. Esterhuysen with Nelas van’t Rijkenspark   63%

C Test

  • 1st         Mrs S.H. Redelinghuys with Strathaven Double O’Seven    298/300
  • 2nd        Miss PZN Franzini with Strathaven Double Image     294/300 and handled by Mrs M. Franzini
  • 3rd         Mr R & Mrs V. Juckes with Mas Que Rade   293/300 and handled by Mr A. Milstein

Senior Standard Carting

  • 1st        Ms S. Bridge with Horsebo Quite Crazy for White Knight   98%
  • 2nd        Miss H.R. Haussmann with Jethro of Jasdor   97%
  • 3rd         Mrs M.J. Botha with Jessica  97%

Senior Mini Carting

  • 1st         Mrs S.C. Hartmann with Richard the Great    99%
  • 2nd        Mrs L. van Greunen with Rafiki Kumi-Simola    96%
  • 3rd         Mr F.M. Saward-Dumbris with Rafiki Sita-Wong Li    95.5%

Novice Standard Carting

  • 1st         Miss C. Mostert with White Knight Janeque Artaz   95.5%
  • 2nd        Miss M.Fourie with Thandile   90%

Novice Mini Carting

  • 1st         Ms A.M. Greyvenstein with Dunstars Dream Dancer  93% and handled by Ms E. Gow
  • 2nd        Mrs M. Strydom with Prince Alfred    92%


Mini Senior Carting

Mrs S.W. van der Molen with Kinellar Storm Warning

Judge: Mrs B. Hansen

Standard Senior Carting

Mr. F.M. Saward-Dumbris with Southernstar Safari of Rafiki


 Mrs. C. Patterson-Abrolat’s Lacey, a Border Collie - Competing in C Test