2018-06 Fedco Agenda

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The Minutes of the meeting held on 2 & 3 December 2017 to be formally adopted.


3.1. KUSA Budget 2018/2019

3.2. Loss of Affiliation – Article 9

Note: The following ruling was made at Fedco 06-2017:

Effective 01.01.2018, no licences will be issued for either Championship, or Non-Championship, Shows, unless Clubs are up to date with all returns required in terms of the KUSA Constitution.

The following ruling was made at Fedco 12-2017:

Clubs that fail to comply with the provisions of Articles 9.1.3 and 9.1.4 for a period of eighteen months from the Fedco meeting where the breach was reported, will be recommended for disaffiliation.

3.2.1. Article 9.1.3 - Information will be tabled prior to meeting.

3.2.2. Article 9.1.4 - Information will be tabled prior to meeting.

3.3. Naming of Clubs (Fedco 06-2017 item 9.6)

Quote from Fedco 12-2017: 
“It was recognised that there was a need for greater flexibility in the naming of Clubs to make it possible for some Clubs to have a national reach. Federal Councillors were asked to apply their minds to a more flexible solution, based on the particular circumstances, focus and membership base of a new Club to replace the current rigid policy of geographical confinement.”

Proposal to be formulated. Work in progress.

3.4. Terms of Reference for Exco (Fedco 06-2016 item 9.1, Fedco 12-2016 item 3.13, Fedco 06-2017 item 3.6, Fedco 12-2017 item 3.8) 
Work in progress.

3.5. The Rosemary Elliott Memorial KUSA Junior Handler Fund (REMF) (Fedco 06-2017 item 3.9, Fedco 12-17 item 3.9)

Consideration of the viability of REMF as a funding mechanism for the future participation of National Junior Handlers in the Junior Handler Competition at Crufts.

3.6. Invitation - Junior Handling Final at World Dog Show – August 2018, Amsterdam

Invitation received for the KUSA National Junior Handler to represent KUSA and RSA at the above event. Closing date is 1st July 2018.

3.7. Election of Life Members – Article (Fedco 12-2017 item 3.4.3)

It was agreed at Fedco 12-2017 that the service records of Exco Members who are not already Life Members should be tabled at this meeting:

Mr RB Jenkins from 2009 (9 years)

Mr DC Sparg from September 2013 (5 years)

Mr R Zeeman from April 2014 (4 years)

Mr RD Juckes from November 2015

Motivation: The members of Exco meet once a month for one to two hours via teleconference. Prior to the meetings, they are required to study various documents sent to them by the KUSA Office and also need to be available for meetings of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee.

No remuneration is paid for these officials’ services to KUSA and it is recommended that they be rewarded with Life Membership after four (4) years’ service as members of Exco.

3.8. Revision and harmonisation of Provincial Councils’ Constitutions (Fedco 12-17 item 7.19)

At Fedco 12-2017, the following persons were appointed to undertake the task of reviewing and harmonising the Provincial Council Constitutions: GR, LW and CB. 
Work in progress. Further information will be tabled.

3.9. Amendments to DOGSPC Constitution

Proposed by DOGSPC

Clause 10.1 :

Insertions underlined and struckthrough deletions in [ square brackets ]: 

The official Representative of every member Club and, if the Club so chooses, an Alternate, [ will shall be elected by the Club’s Committee from their number and the Representative as well as any Alternate shall be members of KUSA. automatically be the Chairman except where the Chairman is also serving as the Chairman of a second breed Club and is already the representative for that Club. In such case, in order to satisfy the requirement of 10.2, the Vice-Chairman will be the official representative. 
Each member Club may appoint one alternate representative to attend meetings in the event that the Chairman is unable to attend. The alternate must be a member of the Club’s committee and a member of KUSA 

The Club will present the accreditation of its [ the ] proposed Representative and any Alternate to DOGSPC on [alternate on ] the prescribed form [ to DOGSPC ], submitted to the Secretary

Insert NEW Clause 10.3 :

An Alternate may act as Alternate for no more than two (2) member Clubs on DOGSPC, but may only act as Alternate for one (1) member Club at any particular meeting of DOGSPC, and may not serve concurrently as a Representative or Alternate on another Provincial Council. 
(Current Clauses 10.3 and 10.4 to be renumbered sequentially.) 

Motivation: It is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the requirements of the DOGSPC Constitution of only permitting the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of a Club to serve as the Club’s Representative. DOGSPC wishes to be in the same position as in most other Provcos where a Club may appoint any member of its Committee to serve as the Club’s Representative on Provco. Moreover, regarding the Alternate, DOGSPC wants to be able to permit its Clubs to appoint any member of its Committee as Alternate, and that the Alternate can serve in such capacity for two Clubs.

3.10. By-Laws of Provincial Sub-Committees (Fedco 12-2017 item 7.20)

The revision and harmonisation of these By-Laws were allocated to the same team charged with the revision of the Provco Constitutions. (Note: item 3.8)

Work in progress. Further information will be tabled.

Procedure to allow foreign-registered dogs to compete at KUSA-licensed events to be discussed.

3.12. Duties of Club Show Manager (Fedco 12-17 item 7.23)

Work in progress. (JH)


4.1.1. Amendments to the Articles of the Constitution to comply with Section 30 of the Income Tax Act

The necessary amendments will be circulated prior to the meeting.

4.1.2. Article 2 – Interpretation of Terms – Definition of a Specialist Club (Fedco 12-2017 item 7.6)

It was resolved at Fedco 12-2017 that the definition of Specialist Club might require amendment to provide for Grand Champion points earned at Specialist Clubs catering for breeds with multiple varieties.

Work in progress (CI)

4.1.3. Centres – Article 13 and Schedule 3 Regulation 2.1.1 (Fedco 06-2017 item 3.11. Fedco 12-2017 item 4.1.1)
Quote from Fedco 12-2017:

“Following discussion at Fedco 06-2017 on the need for Centres as currently defined in the Constitution, it was suggested that geographical provinces would be more appropriate.” 
Alterations to the Articles and Schedules in respect of reversion to geographical provinces to be finalised and tabled at Fedco 06-2018 for acceptance. 

Change to Article 13.2: 
Insertions underlined and struckthrough deletions in [ square brackets 

The boundaries of such Centres enumerated therein shall be guided by but not restricted to the ordinary geographical boundaries observed by the State for the nine Provinces of the Republic of South Africa [ or Province as the case may be as at 28 February 1997].

Change to Schedule 3 Regulation 2.1.1: 
Insertions underlined and struckthrough deletions in [ square brackets 

[Eastern District of Gauteng and Surrounds 
Western District of Gauteng and Surrounds 
Kwa-Zulu Natal (Southern Coastal Region) 
Kwa-Zulu Natal (Northern, Northern Coastal & Midlands Regions)] 

Free State 
Northern Cape 
Eastern Cape[ & North Eastern Cape 
Border & Transkei] 
Western Cape 

North West 
[Boland & South Cape] 
and such additional Centres as defined by the Federal Council [ FEDCO/KUSA ]from time to time in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of KUSA. 

4.2. Any items Relating to Disciplinary Matters –Schedule 1 

4.2.1. Disciplinary Sub-Committee (Exco) 
The following case has been finalised and full details reported to Fedco:

Case 06-2015 – WPBTC vs Mr GJ du Toit – hearing 10.04.2018 
The complaint concerns an allegation that the Respondent had fraudulently and without any permission started a Facebook page in the name of the Western Province Bull Terrier Club, an affiliated Club of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa, and had invited people to join the page and proceeded to use the said Facebook page as motivation and to gather support for a new Club in the same Provincial Council area of responsibility.

After consideration of the totality of the evidence presented, the DSC made the unanimous finding that:

Although the Respondent had initially started the Facebook page using the name WP Bullterrier Club without permission and later changed it to WP Bullterrier Association, the DSC did not believe that, on a balance of probabilities, there was sufficient evidence of fraud or of improper and/or discreditable and/or dishonourable and/or disgraceful conduct and/or conduct that is prejudicial or injurious to the interests of canine affairs or to members or officials of KUSA, or to persons who are concerned or connected with the Club, and that there was insufficient evidence to show that the Club had suffered any prejudice due to the Respondent’s actions and, furthermore, that the name of the Facebook page, WP Bullterrier Association, which was the name of the Facebook page at the time the complaint was lodged, did not infringe upon the name of the Western Province Bull Terrier Club and there was no evidence of intention to take the Club’s name. 
The complaint was therefore dismissed.

The DSC ordered that the Complaint Deposit be retained in full by KUSA as provided for in Rule 11.9.

4.3. Any Matters related to the Registration of Dogs – Schedule 2

4.3.1. Schedule 2 Regulation 4.5 – Registration of dogs bred by means of Artificial Insemination

Proposal by Exco

Provision to be made for standardised international marker DNA profiles to be provided for Sires from which semen was collected after 01.01.2019.

4.3.2. Schedule 2 Regulation 4.10 – Advanced Registration Certificate (ARC)


Delete struckthrough words in [ square brackets ]:

Clause positively identified by microchip [ or DNA ]

Motivation: Should have been changed when mandatory microchipping was introduced.

(Fedco 12-2016 item 9.3, Fedco 06-2017 item 4.3.1) 
Work in progress (CI)

4.3.4. Schedule 2 Regulation 9 – Amendment to Registers

Proposal by NAPC

Delete struckthrough words in [ square brackets ] and insert words underlined:

The Kennel Union may amend any of its Registers or the Obedience and Trial Dogs Record to rectify any errors or omissions therein and every application for rectification made by the breeder, or owner, of a dog shall be accompanied by the fee prescribed in terms of Schedule 7. In the case of application to change the dam or sire of a registered litter, [ KUSA reserves the right to request ] DNA parentage verification of the entire litter must be provided.

Should the breeder, or the owner (who would have secured the breeder’s prior permission) lodging an application for rectification of a Kennel Union Register for whatever reason not have access to all the dogs in the litter for purposes of DNA profiling, the application should be made in respect of those dogs to which the breeder, or owner, does have access. Should the DNA parentage verified application be successful in respect of the dogs applied for, the balance of the litter’s registrations will be suspended by the Kennel Union until a further application is received in respect of any of the suspended dogs to rectify the KUSA Register, supported by the necessary DNA parentage verification. 

Motivation: It is becoming increasingly unpalatable for conscientious and ethical breeders to read in the Exco Minutes that permission has been granted for Sires and Dams of previously registered litters to be changed without hard evidence that the initial details provided when the litter was registered were incorrect, and that the new details are definitely correct. Changing the Sire or Dam of a litter post registration is a highly contentious issue and the only way of obviating suspicion is to call for DNA parentage verification of the litter. 

4.4. Any Matters Relating to Breed Standards

4.4.1. Amendments to FCI Breed Standards Gundog Group

Spinone Italiano (Italian Spinone)

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda

Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Waterdog)

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.

Please note name change  01.01.2019 Herding Group

Finnish Lapponian Dog

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.

Please note name change w.e.f. 01.01.2019 Terrier Group

Australian Terrier

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.

Cesky Terrier

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.

Please note name change w.e.f. 01.01.2019 Utility Group

Canaan Dog – request to change from The Kennel Club’s interim Breed Standard to the FCI Breed Standard

Request received to change from the UK interim Breed Standard to the FCI Breed Standard. There are currently no breeders. FCI Breed Standard attached to agenda.

Peruvian Hairless Dog

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.


Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.

4.4.2. Amendments to The Kennel Club Breed Standards Gundog Group

Retriever (Labrador)

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda Herding Group

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda Terrier Group

Bedlington Terrier

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda 

Manchester Terrier

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda

4.4.3. Amendment to ANKC Breed Standard

Terrier Group

Jack Russell Terrier

Revised Breed Standard attached to agenda.

(Fedco 12-2015 item 11.14, Fedco 06-2016 item 4.4.6, Fedco 12-2016 item 4.4.9, Fedco 06-2017 item 4.4.4)

Work in progress (CI & LW)

4.4.5. Neapolitan Mastiff – Change of Breed Standard from Kennel Club to FCI (Fedco 12-17 item 7.21.) 
At Fedco 12-17 it was agreed that a referendum was carried out using the same criteria as those applied to the recent Belgian Shepherd Dog referendum. Referendum document and voting paper sent on 23.03.2018 to the four breeders/owners who are current members of KUSA.

The referendum closes on 28.05.2018 and results will be tabled.

4.5. Any Matters Relating to Breed Shows & Judging – Schedule 10 & Schedule 3

4.5.1. Judges Education Council (JEC)

Insert NEW Regulation 5.8.8: 
save for the Breed Classes offered at Specialist Club Championship Shows, all dogs entered and exhibited at Championship Shows must be registered in the ownership of members of the Kennel Union.

4.5.3. Schedule 3 Regulation 24 Competition Group Winners and Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show(Fedco 12-2017 item 7.13)

Amend Regulation 24.2:

Delete struckthrough words in [ square brackets] :

At every Championship Show where dogs of more than one Group are scheduled, [ a minimum of ] two (2) exhibits shall be placed in all In Show challenges [ and, Clubs have the discretion to award further placings up to the total of seven (7) ]. Whilst exhibits must be placed in order of merit, the results may be announced in reverse order.

Motivation : At some shows four dogs are placed in the In-Show Challenges. Being placed 3rd or 4th best in a Final Challenge is a meaningless accomplishment and it is most unpleasant for In-Show judges to dismiss three unplaced dogs from the ring to go and figure out which dog would have been placed 5th, 6th and last. It is far preferable to place a Winner and a Reserve and be left with five dogs unplaced.

Fedco was united in the view that the practice by some clubs to expect four dogs to be placed in their In-Show Challenges was nonsensical and that the only way to spare judges the frustration, and exhibitors the embarrassment, caused by this unnecessary praxis would be to regulate against it.

It was unanimously agreed at Fedco 12-2017 that a proposal should be formulated to regulate that only two (2) dogs should be placed in all In-Show Challenges at Championship Shows.

Insert NEW Regulation 24.2.5 :

The various Best in Show Challenges, whether at a Group, multiple Group or All-Breeds Championship Show, shall be judged by the same Judge.

Renumber 24.2.5 as 24.2.6

Motivation : To substantially reduce the risk of beaten dogs winning Best in Show, it was resolved at Fedco 12-2017 that a proposal should be formulated to regulate that all In-Show Challenges at All-Breeds Championship Shows shall be judged by the same judge.

 (Fedco 12-2015 item 11.20, Fedco 06-2016 item 3.9, Fedco 12-2016 item 4.5.8, Fedco 06-2017 item 4.5.6) 
Work in progress (CI)

4.5.5. Show Clearance Certificates Show Clearance Certificates – Policy (Fedco 06-2017 item, Fedco 12-2017, item 4.5.9)

At Fedco 05-2002, it was agreed that Show Clearance Certificates be extended to twelve (12) months. The following note appears on the Clearance Certificate:

“Clearance Certificates are valid for twelve months from the date of issue and are not renewable.”

Fedco to review current policy.

Information circulated to Fedco by email on 13.07.2017.

Application form to be finalised. Request for extension of Show Clearance Certificate

Request for a six months extension of a Show Clearance for Exhibition Certificate for Bearded Collie Reg No PR VDH / ZBrH BEC 26380F, after the expiry date of 25 January 2018.

The Breeder is arranging the Export Pedigree from Germany and until such time as it arrives, the new owner would like to continue entering the dog into upcoming shows.

Approved by Fedco ‘round robin’.

For ratification.


5.1. Schedule 5A – Regulations for Obedience Classes – nil

5.2. Schedule 5B(1) – Regulations for Working Trials (Classic) – nil

5.3. Schedule 5B(4) – Regulations for Working Utility Dog (WUD) - nil

5.4. Schedule 5B(2) – Regulations for International Working Trials and International Tracking Trials

5.4.1. By-laws for IPO National Sub-Committee (Fedco 06-2017 item 5.3.2) 
Clean and marked up copies of amended copy of By-laws attached.

5.4.2. Schedule 5B (02) Regulations for International Working Dog Trials and International Tracking Dog Trials of the FCI (IPO) now IGP

Note change of name from IPO to IGP. Amended Schedule attached.

5.4.3. Schedule 5J (IPO) now IGP

Revised Schedule attached. 

5.5. Schedule 5B(3) – Regulations for Tracking Trials - nil 

5.6. Schedule 5C – Field Trials

5.6.1. Schedule 5C(01) Regulations for Retriever Field Trials

Revised Schedule submitted by FTLC and attached.

All proposed changes are highlighted in yellow. A clean copy has also been submitted and is held in the KUSA Office.

5.6.2. Schedule 5C(04) Regulations for Shooting Ratings (Weimaraner)

Revised Schedule submitted by FTLC and attached.

5.7. Schedule 5D – Regulations for Dog Jumping - nil 

5.8.1. Schedule 5E(2) TKC Interprovincial and TKC Supreme Champion of the Year Competitions

Proposal by NAPC 
Clause 4 Host Clubs

4.1 Amend to read:

Insert words underlined and delete struckthrough words in[ square brackets]:

Until or unless this Schedule 5E(2) is amended or altered, the Host Clubs for the events described in this Schedule 5E(2) are designated hereunder: The Host Clubs for the events described in this Schedule 5E(2) are KUSA-affiliated All-Breeds Clubs which hold Championship Shows within the KUSA area of jurisdiction as set out in Schedule 3.

Delete the list of Clubs, i.e. Clauses 4.1.1 to 4.1.5 ]

Motivation: The list of All-Breeds Clubs constantly changes and the intention is that all the All-Breeds Clubs, whether based nationally or in areas, are taken into account for purposes of the qualifying criteria of dogs. 

Clause 4.2 – Amend to read: 
Delete struckthrough words in [square brackets]: 
Finals of the TKC Interprovincial Competition and the TKC Supreme Champion of the Year will be held at a Championship Show-holding All-Breeds Club selected by the TKC Kennel Club, and notified to KUSA not less than three (3) months before the holding of the Finals, or nine (9) months before where the Finals [ and ] are held in conjunction with a Championship Show. 

Clause 5.2.1 – Amend to read:

Insert words underlined and delete struckthrough words in [ square brackets ]:

those dogs which are resident in the [ a particular ] area as defined in Regulation 4.1 of this Schedule and have been exhibited at one (1) or more of the Championship Shows held in that area by All-Breeds Clubs [ as designated in Regulation 4.1.1 - 4.1.5 of this Schedule ], with the exception of Gauteng, where the postal address on the entry form shall be assumed to be the residential address unless otherwise specified;

5.8.2. Schedule 5E(06) Regulations for the KUSA IGP Annual Event

Amended Schedule submitted by NSC attached.

Note change of name IPO to IGP.

5.8.3. Schedule 5E(19) GSD Grand Victor Show

Proposal by GSDLC:

Existing Schedule 5E(19) to become 5E 19A (GSD Grand Victor Breed Show) and Schedule 5E 19B (GSD Grand Victor IGP)

Schedules attached.

5.9. Schedule 5G – Regulations for Dog Carting - nil

5.10. Schedule 5K – Regulations for Handler Classes - nil

5.11. Schedule 5L – Regulations for Agility

5.11.1. Schedule 5L – Regulations for Agility Classes

Revised Schedule submitted by NSC – attached.

5.11.2. Schedule 5L (Appendix C) Regulations for the Selection of South African Dogs to Compete at the Agility World Championships

Revised Schedule submitted by NSC – attached.

5.12. Schedule 5M – Regulations for Flyball

Proposed amendments submitted by National Sub-Committee – attached.

The amendments are based on world trends and one semantic change due to an oversight.

5.13. Aptitude Testing – nil 


6.1. Rottweiler Breed Council of KUSA (RBC)

6.2. Federation of Boxer Clubs of SA Breed Council (FBCSA BC)

6.3. GSD Liaison Council (GSDLC) 

6.3.1. GSDLC Constitution

Amended copy attached, together with letter from GSDLC regarding the definition of a Specialist Club.

6.3.2. Registration – German Shepherd Dogs (Fedco 12-2016 & Fedco 12-2015, Fedco 12-17 item 6.3.2) 
Fedco approved a proposal to legitimise German Shepherd Dog registrations within KUSA (NCO of FCI in RSA) and interested parties were given until 31.12.2017 to submit registrations and apply for current Kennel Names, after which the current KUSA regulations for registrations would apply. At Fedco 12-2017, it was recorded that this date would be extended for a further year. 

In order to be aligned with FCI Circular No 13/2018 and the termination date of the FCI-WUSV agreement, we are advised that this grace period must end on 10.05.2018 
See attached communication from Chairman of GSDLC.





December 01&02 confirmed. 

Still to be confirmed: 
June 29 & 30 (or June 22 & 23) 
November 30 & December 01 (or December 7 & 8) 

June 26 & 27 (or 20 & 21) 
December 05 & 06 (or November 28 & 29)