Recall Notice - Virbac/Back Home Microchips

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Recall Notice – Virbac/Back Home Microchips

It is essential that you have your dog scanned as soon as possible

We draw the attention of our Members to the non-readable microchips supplied by Virbac and the KUSA procedure that should be followed.

VIRBAC MICROCHIP PROBLEM- Virbac has advised that there has been some evidence that the scanners are not able to read some of the microchips within batches of chips with the prefix 9000880 and the prefix 9000088 up to 900008800259208.

KUSA Procedure with regards to Virbac /Back Home Microchip recall

In the case where it is established that the first microchip is faulty and a replacement microchip has been implanted, the owner/s of the dog/s are kindly requested to notify the Kennel Union of SA, in order that we can update our records accordingly. It is very important that all the documents, as listed below, are submitted to the KUSA office. Please ensure that the full KUSA registered name and registration number of the dog is recorded on the forms by the Veterinarian. Do not use “pet” or “call” names.

1) KUSA document “DETAILS REQUIRED BY KUSA TO RECORD REPLACEMENT MICROCHIP”. (Must be fully completed, signed and stamped by Veterinarian).

2)         Legible copy of replacement Microchip Certificate.

3)         KUSA will not levy a charge for the administration fees.

Documents may be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or faxed to 021 423 5876 or posted to P O Box 2659, Cape Town, 8000.

A replacement Certificate of Registration, bearing the new microchip number, will be issued free of charge by KUSA. Both microchip numbers will be reflected on the KUSA Certificate of Registration.

5 November 2012 

Attached please find the KUSA Form to be completed by the Vet and a copy of the notice that Virbac circulated to all Veterinary Surgeons.